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“I’d rather kill myself”: 11-year-old Yemeni girl ESCAPES forced marriage, tells how other girls aren’t so lucky


I get three or four letters a week begging me for help from Muslims who
reject the violent texts, supremacism, and oppression of Islam. They live in terror from
their families, mosque, and community. This is one girl who escaped (so far). Most don’t.

The Right Scoop, July 21, 2013 (thanks to Edward)

This is incredible audio from a 11-year-old Yemeni girl who fled
her home because her mother was going to force her into marriage. She
said she’s never returning home because her mother ruined her life and
that she’d rather kill herself before being forced into marriage.
Unfortunately, she said, other girls weren’t so lucky and did kill
themselves by burning themselves alive and plunging themselves in the

She comes across as a very intelligent girl who wants to be educated
and to experience her youth, neither of which she said would happen if
she’d been forced into marriage.

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  • InfidelForLife

    She refuses to be culturally enriched? How odd. Surely the noisy, nasty Western feminists are all up in arms about this outrage and ready to help this girl? Right? Hello? Anybody home?
    Crickets all around. Bloody, hypocritical cowards!

  • Sarah 2

    Of course, what she describes is tragically true, even if she does seem to be reading, at least partially, from a script. I cannot help but wonder how safe she will be with her uncle. And finally, I feel for anyone subjected to this kind of twisted oppression and enslavement, while I also know that most of these innocent victims are not, or will not turn out to be, innocent when it comes to their attitudes toward infidels, reserving a very special hate Jews.

  • Lauren

    She’s not my child, but I am DAMN proud of her. She’s also lucky to have a relative who is willing to protect her

  • Coyote

    Although I agree with what’s being said, I can’t believe she is fully saying everything herself. Seems too articulate, and structured for a 11 year-old.

  • sunflowers

    Nada needs to be hired to give seminars to feminists in the free world.

  • SSmith

    Poor sweetheart, just terrible, her own mother is her worst enemy. The one person who should offer her security- in a sane society that is –
    I hope she finds happiness and safety but in Yemen I would say her chances are slim.
    These are real ” refugees” the West should be taking in and protecting ! The victims of Islam , be they such children or Christians or Buddhists.

  • Larry S.

    I have no reason to believe she does not, from the bottom of her heart, believe exactly what she is saying. You may well be correct that some of what she says was supplied to her and structured for her.
    I may regret saying this. And I cannot promise with absolute certainty that I would follow through with this. For one thing, before I make good on this, I have a bit of a domestic problem to deal with. But let me go on record here: bring this girl to the USA and I will adopt her. She would grow up to be a free woman, and she will be given the opportunity to develop her natural intelligence, something her parents appear to want to deny her.

  • VLParker

    You’re so full of hate, Pamela. I’m sure the man she’s betrothed to loves her like a ………granddaughter.
    Sigh. What a sick, pathetic religion.

  • Aussie

    What were the choices for a girl who is still a child. If she did not escape she had but two other choices:
    1. To be forced into a marriage with an older man and probably she would not last the night. In these cases the injuries that these girls sustain are so horrific that they often bleed to death on ‘the wedding night’
    2. She could kill herself like the other girls who have taken that route.
    Choice 2 is probably the least painful choice because it does not involve the violation of a child’s body.
    Girls at the age of 11 are simply too young to be forced into marriage. Their bodies are not mature enough for man’s penetration.
    However, in such a society girls are not encouraged to have an education and their parents see them as a burden.

  • Larry S.

    I do think there are people for whom the hate just does not take. Noni Darwish is one. Now she had some advantages that this girl did not, but, from her own autobiographical description, she always had a sense of not fitting in with the orthodoxy in which she was raised in Gaza and Egypt. I wish I knew what the “magic ingredients” were to create a Noni Dawish.
    Do you think an 11 year old girl like the one in this video, but who was granted the opportunity to grow up in a half-sane environment, would grow up to be some Jew hating muslimah? I am guessing the answer to that question is a resounding “No”.


    This is so sickening to the stomach. The sad part is this girl is probably not even protected after displaying this video.

  • sunflowers

    I am sad that readers doubt her truth and her feelings. I am just glad she had people to call on for help. People, you must think that this is an eleven year old girl in Yemen, what is she to do? Her need to be free surpasses everything. In the very recent past we have had examples of children like this who have simply refused to be taken over by ideology, the 9 year old boy in Egypt, Malala, acid attacked, disfigured and speaking at the UN on her 16th birthday last week. They are exceptions and I thank G-d for them. We are meant to learn from them. And yes Nonie Darwish, who refused to submit. I believe her and G-dspeed her on her way to Freedom.

  • sunflowers

    There are many pictures available of disgusting old men in the ME, one even 92 years old, with unhappy little girls married to them. Like you, I am disgusted, but it is through publicity like this that we see the horrible reality, that their own families abuse them with, and stiffen our spines to fight it. Now, we must get to our leaders in the Free World, and stop their rose coloured glasses view of the real world that that child and we live in. Long road ahead, Pamela Geller knows it. So should we all.

  • sunflowers

    Why can’t you believe it? This little girl has seen more abuse, hatred and destruction in her own family, her maternal aunt married at 14 and killing herself, than any child should ever have to see or contend with. My own sheltered 11 year old was extremely articulate, what about the girl from Connecticut who has just graduated college at 16 and is going for her PhD and has 2 home schooled sisters right behind her? There are unique individuals born at the right time and sent to help us understand the world. Nada, I firmly believe is one of them.

  • fern

    Larry, that is so lovely of you to offer this child a home.
    I wish we could save all these poor children from their sick world, if only.
    This goes on in the UK. I heard of one child older that this child, for years she knew the moment she left school, her friends would go on to further education, whilst she was to marry a man many years older than. She was so distressed and no one did anything to help her. She ran away countless times and countless times they found her. I shall always regret not doing more…..

  • Sarah 2

    Larry, Nonie went on a long journey. Have you ever heard her talk about the time she was in a shoe store with her husband and realized the shoe salesman was Jewish. She freaked. The person Nonie is today isn’t who she always was, though surely she had some inner something (as you say, wish you knew the “magic ingredient”) to spur her on to begin with. As far as your last question, of course the answer is “no.” But this girl is not growing up in a half-sane environment. So while I’m happy for her safety, in the big scheme of things, in the reality that is these times, there’s no reason to believe she will not be another hater on the larger scale. I hope not. Lord, I hope not…

  • Larry S.

    No, I have not heard Noni speak in person, and I’ve have no doubt she underwent enormous changes after coming to the USA at age 30. Nada is 11, which I think is a critical age in terms of the development of attitudes (I am no child psychologist, and have no expertise in the field).
    Nor have I heard Noni’s account of her interaction with the Jewish shoe salesman. Something about Arab culture and shoes may make that a particularly sensitive subject. Where can I find Noni’s account of this incident in her life?
    Thank you for a considered and considerate response.

  • Larry S.

    P.S. Sarah-
    My household is at least half-way sane (although sometimes I do wonder about my wife :~).

  • Shawn

    And all of this that comes from the land of a religion of peace and tolerance; so we re not supposed to be appalled at such cultural practices, lest we be labeled Islamophobic ?
    Thank goodness I don’t suffer from this social illness known as political correctness that western liberals seem to both promote and practice. They believe in the separation of church and state, and would have no problem mocking other western judeo-christians, and marginalizing them as a bunch of bible thumpers, while at the same time genuflecting at alter of political correctness to their cool new revolutionary gods; it seems that Islamism has replaced Communism for left leaning Marxists and their fellow travelers of media, academia, and the modern day western politburo.

  • Shawn

    Unfortunately this page has no editing feature that would enable us to recall our post and amend it.
    The point I wanted to make was that there needs to be greater western pressure to these countries that receive western aid, to harmonize their cultural and religious practices that outlaw these barbaric practices.
    If we’re going to let middle east migrants in, perhaps there needs to be an adoption program organized through the Red Cross & Red Crescent or through the U.N. that provides safe haven for abused children or children in crisis.

  • Bezelel

    She’s getting a Helluva education. I hope she lives to tell about. Can you imagine what she’ll have to say in 20yrs?

  • Annie

    What a beautiful girl. I hope someone starts an educational fund for her. Would love to see her seek asylum in the US…

  • Sarah 2

    Larry, I’ve followed Ms. Darwish for a long time, listening to her talks (on youtube) and reading her extraordinary books. I know that I’ve heard her tell the story in some of her talks. I’m not sure if she also recounts it in any of her books. I just don’t remember. What I recall is that she was in a shoe store (I think in L.A., but not positive) and somehow came to realize the saleman was Jewish. She ran out of the store to her husband who was waiting outside and rather emotionally exclaimed that the salesman was Jewish! The feeling seems to be one of shock and confusion. I think as the story goes, her husband was pretty nonchalant about the whole thing and asked her what the problem was, or something to that effect. I tried to google it to see if I could find it at youtube, but I couldn’t, because it would be part of a larger talk. She is truy an amazing human being and I have the utmost admiration for her bravery and, regretably, still rare, journey. (As to your last comment, have you ever heard this expression: Sometimes I think everybody’s crazy except you and me. And sometimes I wonder about you. (!)

  • Coyote

    Something just tells me this is just apart of a agenda. I believe her story, and experiences but I do think its fabricated to further some agenda. Not to knock her by any means but the reporter must have some intervention on this.

  • Sarah 2

    Ach! Realized the story I shared was not Ms. Darwish, but Wafa Sultan. My apologies to you and to Ms. Darwish for my confusion and error. Though I think the bigger picture is that it’s reasonable to assume that anyone coming from that culture would likely go through a process over time of learning, discovering, (re) educating, etc. These women are truly monumental heroines of our time.

  • bb

    For one thing, how can men be attracted to little girls? Is it that they have a juvenile mindset to begin with? I am surprised that anyone helped this girl if other people there seem to think that this is normal. Don’t women have a say in anything?
    Maybe men there are terrified of women because all of their abuse has forced women to be very clever. This girl had to assume full responsibility for herself at 11 years old. She is essentially on her own.
    A beaten dog does not make a good companion. Why do they think that a beaten woman would be? If the women hate their husbands and would do anything to get away, is murder out of the question? Is this how they are making a happy home?

  • Larry S.

    A sincere thanks for noting your mistake in this regard. Not that I would have thought any less of Nonie, but I would not have wanted to ascribe something to her that was not true. Curiously, even though I accepted your recounting, but having read “Now They Call Me Infidel”, I did find your claim just didn’t quite fit my sense of Nonie.
    In the exceedingly unlikely event that Nada came with me, she would find herself at least visiting a synagogue during services her first year or two.

  • Elena Voronin

    No woman should be forced into marriage, the age is irrelevant. Forced marriage is exactly like rape, whether the body is “ready for penetration” or not. This is the 21st century for goodness sake!!!

  • EJO

    Miss Geller;
    You are welcome.

  • C_utting_ A_merica_ I_nto_R_ibbons

    She better go get help from a bike club.. Some group capable of defending her against acid, stoning, burkhas, and rape.

  • C_utting_ A_merica_ I_nto_R_ibbons

    I would love her to explain practical islam and what happens when it takes root here to the senate and congress.

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