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AFDI Islamic Apartheid Ads Hit More DC Train Stations



Our AFDI Islamic apartheid ad campaign went up in another three stations this week:

Stadium Armory
Benning Road

These ads have been added to Foggy Bottom, Dupont Circle. Farragut West, Glenmont and U-Street. Love them? Help get them up. Contribute via (here) to

They are also currently running on NYC subway platforms:


They are also running on Metro Westchester stations:

AFDI-BC46-M10-1409316-4.29.13 (9)

And San Francisco buses:


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  • morticiaa

    Bravo Bravo Bravo,
    Finally, the truthpaste posters, enough of this crap of islamics standing on downtown street corners handing out roses, head covered women, with sweet little smiles, in the name of peaceful islam
    What a joke,
    Bravo to those who do these ads, and we must have more in every city in North America
    How, Who can put some up in Canada???????? Help?????

  • Rob

    One of busses with one of these ads drove right in front of me yesterday. What a joyful and proud moment. Thanks Pamela!!!

  • mzungu writes

    Thanks Pamela and every supporter! Excellent way of getting word out about the Mohammedan nightmare Obama supports!! Especially to the low info low attention span Democrat supporters.


    The ads, and the stations, look so much better in DC. Plus they don’t have to share space. Noticed that the bullshit disclaimer is much easier to read on the MTA ads. Way to go MTA, more PC than DC or SF.

  • Buzz

    Great job on the signs Pamela. Thank you for your courage and leadership.I hope the quislings in DC can read.

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