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Second Day of the #SchumerShutdown of the United States Government

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Large Jewish populations across three continents disappearing due to Islamic antisemitism and left-wing politicians

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Yesterday’s Nazi Youth, Today’s Young Muslims

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Muslims Refuse Repairs After Judaism’s Second Holiest Site Is Flooded

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Egypt: Muslims murder Christian for having cross tattoo, vow to “kill more Copts”

[ January 21, 2018 ]

Obama’s ICE Didn’t Follow Procedure For Checking Illegal Immigrants’ Ties to Terrorism

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FISA Scandal “Bigger Than Watergate” Corruption At “Highest Levels” #ReleasetheMemo

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L’Oréal Paris chooses anti-Semitic Amena Khan for its new campaign

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“You guys are lucky I don’t know how to build a bomb,” St. Kate’s Muslim...

Muni Plans to Keep Antisemitic Israeli Apartheid Ad Money After Surrendering Jihad Truth Ad Funds


The hypocrisy is stunning: Muni self-righteously condemned our ads that told the truth about jihad, and turned over the money to "human rights" groups. But now Muni is fully sharia-compliant: antisemitism is fine with them, and they're in high dudgeon about resistance to jihad.

Muni Plans to Keep "Israeli Apartheid" Ad Money After Surrendering "Jihad" Ad Funds SF Weekly, May 21 2013 (thanks to David)


Jim Herd

Cash money!

To date, Muni has opted to surrender $15,780 from four different runs of inflammatory ads demonizing Muslims. Now Supervisor Scott Wiener, working with the Jewish Community Relations Council has asked the transit agency
to do the same with $5,030 it pocketed after accepting bus ads labeling
Israel an apartheid state and featuring an image of a silhouetted
Israeli soldier leveling a rifle at a child. Wiener and five board colleagues yesterday sent a brief letter — which you can read here
— to Muni director Ed Reiskin and the agency's board complaining of a
double standard, and requesting the apartheid money be disgorged. Muni
spokesman Paul Rose tells us, however, that "there is no plan for these
funds to be transferred."
This brings up an interesting point:
Muni does not have a quantifiable process to determine when to keep or
surrender controversial ad money. The agency, Wiener says, "hasn't
articulated a distinction" between the anti-Muslim and anti-Israel bus
See Also
: Muni "Savages" "Jihad" Etc. Battling Mideast Bus Ads Fund Pending Study

The world of public transit advertising is a strange and terrible place. Muni reluctantly accepted the shrill ads from the American Freedom Defense Initiative rather than lose a First Amendment lawsuit as New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority did last year.Muni subsequently handed over the nearly $16,000 from those four ADFI [sic] campaigns to the citys' [sic] Human Rights Commission — for a study, in part, examining the effect of those very ads on area Muslims.
Rose says Muni isn't inclined to send $5,030 more to the Human Rights
Commission with regards to the anti-Israel campaign because "there isn't
a study to transfer those funds to fund." So, absent a pending
study on the effects of inflammatory ads on area Jews and Israelis, Muni
doesn't see any reason to not accept current and future ads demonizing
Israel; this would appear to be "the distinction.""As our
disclaimers say, we don't necessarily agree with the content of these
ads," notes Rose. Fair enough: But, in some cases they're willing to
profit from them. And in some cases they're not.
This hardly
seems to be a tenable situation
. And, in his letter, Wiener suggests
Muni alter its ad policy, just as transit agencies in Seattle and
Chicago have already done in order to avoid similar situations. The Chicago Transit Authority this month declared
it will no longer "exist as a public forum for advertisements." This
means no more "political or public issue advertising" (CTA went further
in banning ads "for adult/mature rated films, television programs, and
video games."). An end to massive Muni ads featuring videogame characters hacking each other to pieces with axes
might be nice. But the cessation of billboard wars funded by the least
nuanced and most disingenuous players from the respective Middle Eastern
camps — and Muni's tortured, convoluted rationales regarding what to
do with the money — would be a downright relief.

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  • The reality is that MUNI presupposes that a large number of muslims in the USA are prone to riots,violence, or the acts of terrorism we have seen since 1993 on US soil.
    CAIR and other Hamas linked islamic groups are making it safer and acceptable to be a misogynistic,Homophobic,jew-hater to stay mute on islamic aparteid, honour-killings and murdering 4000 Plus gays in iran. The leftist liberals can afford to ignore the death of their brothers and sisters off-shore because it doesn’t affect them right now. BUT,just wait until the gay bars in San Fan see pressure-cooker bombs , or, PRIDE parade bombs slaughtering THEM on US soil. It will be too late for the useful idiots on the Human Rights Commissions when the islamic Supremacy jihadists come for them right through the front door in Niqabs with suicide-vests because the HRC’s paved their road to hell with good intention to stop all the “islamophobia” claims by CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood friendly islamic org.’s .

  • Beagle

    No media attacking your ads actually discusses the, here, “shrill” contents of your ads. Mainly inconvenient quotations our political Islamist connected leaders prefer to ignore based on the ads I’ve seen. Truth can be shrill.

  • Liberal, but not a leftard

    The ads don’t “demonize” Muslims – ISLAM demonizes Muslims, who demonize themselves because of Islam.

  • Liz

    It would be a relief not to have these billboard wars, but I’m glad AFDI runs their ads. Someone has to. You can’t let Palestinian lies go unchallenged. However, I do resent the fact that Palestinians and jihadists have brought their hateful obsessions to America’s shores. Their need to relentlessly carry on about their hatred with billboards and other propaganda has gotten natural-born Americans obsessed with hatred of Israel, too. What a waste of energy, resources and human potential, just to get people to hate. In fact, when you think about it it’s ironic that in the last half of the previous century people obsessed about the Beatles and their message of love. Now, in the first part of this century, people are obsessed with the Palestinians and their message of hate.

  • Mark Isaacs

    I just read that Delta Airlines has partnered up with Saudi Arabian Airlines & will not allow Jews or Christian s on board their planes (headed for Saudi Arabia) if they are carrying a Bible of any kind. This is an outrage & should call for an immediate Boycott of Delta until they suspend this policy. This could be old news to some of you, but I just found out about it today. The American Center For Law And Justice has more on this story.

  • In canada the Saudi Airlines ORDERED the Canada Customs Office to NOT use females at any of their Security checks or immigration checks. The Saudi’s alos don’t want any female Canada Customs Offers boarding their planes to do checks.
    The correct response would have been to tell these homophobic,misogynistic,pro-pedophilia to get the hell out of canada and take thier Whahabism death cult with them. But no, one more Western Government bows to the murderous Prophet of islam and thinks that by appeasing the Government behind 9/11’s attack that we will be spared as griends of the fascists. There is a video of a Niqab wear person that just walked right by the Security check point to board a flight at a canadian Airport. Ex prime minister Paul Martin caved into CAIR’s demand to STOP asking Niqab wearing visitors to canada to remove the costume to match the face to the passports. Martin was the PM that withheld information of a Subway bombing plot in Toronto after the Madrid slaughter because it would cause some panic and that their was a Federal Election looming. As these nabobs and despots tell us things are safe, they beef-up their security and pad their Pensions to look after themselves in their wealthy/white/liberal well-policed neighbourhoods while the poor use public transit as die on the altar of Political Correctness.

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