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8-yr-old Afghan Bride Was Brutally Killed By Her Mullah Husband On The First Night Of Her Wedding


It is a horror beyond your wildest nightmare — and this from a mullah, a religious holy man. And Obama say, "respect it!"

8-yr-old Afghan Bride Who Was Brutally Killed By Her Mullah Husband On The First Night Of Her Wedding (thanks to Pat Dollard) Hat tip Lexion

Excerpted from Mustafa Kazemi

ADVISORY – This article includes information that may be undesirable, discomfort & upset some audiences.

The 8-years-old girl whose story you’ll read in coming lines did not
make it to the 2nd night of her wedding nor did she make it to her 9th
or 10th birthday.

Her name unknown, my source telephoned me last week at 9:30 pm to
tell me her story. At the first I thought it’s just going to be a short
conversation but later it was unveiled that the story is different.

The story came from a village in Khashrood district of Nimruz province in Afghanistan.

A medical doctor assigned in the main hospital in Zaranj city, the
capital of the province, who wished to remain unnamed confirmed that he
was “made aware” of the incident and that it was “too late to do
anything for her” as well the “remote area didn’t allow them to do

The girl was one of the several daughters of a man in his late 30s.
For an unknown reason he gave his daughter to the Mullah of their
village for a big amount of money. It is also common in Afghanistan’s
rural areas or 3rd level provinces/cities to marry young girls to old
men, and trading their daughters for their debts or other items.

The mullah is in his late 50s and is the mosque guy of the village where this incident happened.

The mullah is already married and has many children too.
The two families hold a tribal meeting, agree on the price that the
groom’s family pay to the bride’s family, and they set a date for

In rural areas like this here there are no engagements or any
ceremonies beforehand like there are some in the metropolitan and urban

The two families planned a wedding party, the wedding and Nekah (The
religious process in which a woman is officially married to a man) took
place and the 8-years-old bride became the 50-years-old Mullah’s 2nd

The celebration party was over and the sun downed – the time to have sex (not make love) with the 8-years-old bride.

The girl was just 8 years old and everybody understands the fact that
she knows nothing about sex or wedding or making love or virginity or
sexual related topics; not even at a basic level for two reasons, one
being that she’s just a child – not even a teenager and that in that
part of the country, nobody knows anything about these things nor they
are given trainings or education about a healthy sexual life.

The mullah takes off the bride’s clothes as well as his owns and with
apparent so much happiness approaches her for sexual intercourse with
the 8-years-old bride.
Because of the Mullah’s huge physique which gave him a big penis, he
threw himself on her and started to penetrate the girl’s vagina.

After several tries that led him to failure to penetrate her vagina, the Mullah was frustrated.

He failed because the 8-years-old girl who was about to die was physically thin and had a very tight vagina opening.

Sourced from the Mullah’s animal behavior, he took out the sharp
knife that he always carried with himself in his pocket and tore apart
the girl’s vagina from the clitoris side upwards as well as tore it
downwards towards her anus in order to make the vagina larger enough so
he can enter his penis into her vagina.

Naturally, she started to bleed in a very bad amount, but the mullah
was too annoyed for not being able to have sex with her, to care for
what he did or her bleeding or her wounds that he gave her.

The girl had her scarf stuffed in her mouth, crying and trying to not
raise her voice because others were there in the room adjacent to or

It is a rule in some of the areas in Afghanistan that the groom
brings out a piece of cloth that he cleaned his wife’s hymen blood with
it as a proof that the girl was virgin.

Mullah entered his penis into the girl’s severely bleeding vagina and
had sexual intercourse with her on a blood-covered bed, and then got up
and cleaned himself with a cloth.

The girl, who now has lost everything, was bleeding and there was
nobody to help her neither could the Mullah ask for help as it was a
shame for him and the girl’s family (who were sitting over a cup of tea
in the other room, would kill him).

Our 8-years-old bride bled and went into a traumatic shock because of
both forced sex as well as severe bleeding. She had lost so much blood,
this I can tell for certain.

She bled and bled as herself was in trauma shock until morning and
early in the morning around 5 when the sun was about to rise, she passed

According to the Mullah, she was pale and her eyes were open when she
died. The bed, as he described, was all red with her blood and she was
lying in her blood only. No cloth beneath her was recognizable and
everything was in dried blood because a whole night had passed on the

She was pale because she had lost all her body’s blood. Her eyes were
open as she was shivering when she died and her hands were tied in a
praying position, saying her death time prayer.

The Mullah called in the same person and asked him to clean up the
mess around and prepare a reason to tell the others for her death.
Because the man was a close friend or family of the mullah, he did
whatever he could, including every piece of cloth that was bloody.

They wrapped her in a piece of white clothes and called the others that she has passed away.

That morning her family mourned her death in the saddest manner
without looking for proper explanation about her death, and then took
her to wash her body as a religious ritual.

Because the Mullah had a great influence on the village, none of the
women who washed the girl’s body dared to ask or seek the reason for the
wounds around her vagina.

By 10 am or so they rallied the now-dead 8-years-old bride to the graveyard and buried her.

Her life ended.

The close friend of mullah, who knew everything, was very upset and
shared the story with my source that then called me and told me the

Another doctor that I asked in Zaranj said that he wasn’t aware of
the case, but he remembers that he used to treat the now-dead bride when
she was 4 or 5 years old.

This doctor also asked me to not name him anywhere but only said that
he was “deeply saddened that incidents like that still happen in

He called it one of the reasons of Afghanistan no going forward: People’s idiocy and uncivilized behaviors and traditions.

This story reached to me was told the exact way as it happened by the
Mullah to a very close friend of him after the girl’s dead body was
buried. According to the Mullah, he had a “bad conscience” about it.

Mustafa Kazemi
War Correspondent

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  • peckerwood

    Someone should manipulate an axe handle up his kazoo until he eventually dies.

  • Lauren

    As long as islam exists and women and girls are treated as property, there will be more incident like this, unfortunately

  • fern

    [Rest in Peace little one]
    Evil, sick ideology. Stop importing this filth into our countries please.
    Poor little child.

  • tamale

    What a devil!

  • the muslim knows no humanity. the muslim knows no love and therefore has no pity. shame on her parents and the islamic community.

  • Mullah was showing us an example of the “perfect man” Muhammad(shame be upon him). These lustful men are so braindead, defiled & depraved they have no sense of morality. Islam codifies sin as lawful; yet, it is ruled by the spirit of the lawless one: Satan Himself. Poor child :(

  • sunflowers

    A Christian minister did that to a child. Can you imagine the headlines for days and months and years. A mullah sexually raped, tortured, and mutilated a child until he murdered her. Married her, vomit. No stories in the MSM? Why? Decent muslims had better call out their leaders since the tipping point among decent Western people is about to be reached. I suspect soon there will not be any way for decent people in the Free Countries of the world to tell the difference between decent muslims and those who condone this disgustingness. I am asking decent muslims to shout and rage about this and if you do not, why not? Do you agree? And if you agree, do you really think you belong in a free country? I suggest you do not and you do not speak because you follow islam. If you do, you accept this heinous crime. If you accept this, then you have no place in any Free Country and we should feel free to kick you out. Enough, Free People have had enough of muslim savagery. Speak out now.

  • Time for The New Crusade.

  • Chaz

    I’m a very desensitized and hardened individual, but time and time again these sick stories out of Islam sadden me to tears and make me physically ill.

  • Debi Brand

    Beyond horrible… I pray, she is now in the embrace of the arms of the Gentle Shepherd of souls.
    It is likewise beyond horrible, and shame-worthy to an incriminating degree, for every nation who stands by and refuses to address Islam for what it is. Thus refuses to stand up against what it teaches and propagates.
    These stories are the fruits of Islam.

  • Since this is Islam, the sad thing is that this is probably a very common occurrence and we only hear bits and pieces of what really goes on there.
    What can be done when most of the free world doesn’t notice or care? The republicans had the chance to understand and then destroy Islam, but they blew up. Now we wait for a saviour.

  • Aurelious

    No normal human being with the simple understanding of a ten year-old would believe any religion would condone these things. Any normal human being has some degree, however slight, of morality, a sense of right and wrong.
    Behavior of this nature is only found in the brutal heart of depraved men. Men worthy of hell where the worm never dies.

  • Avi

    Utter savagery – someone so mentally deranged by Islam, which encourages pedophile lust and cruelty to women and children, that he has lost his natural ordinary human decency. All he cared about was getting his sexual satisfaction NOW – even it it meant destroying the object of his lust. Complete loss of conscience. This is Islam in its essence.
    If the West does not realize just WHO or WHAT Moslems they import really are, it is our daughters who will suffer the same fate.

  • Choi

    Is it possible that Ariel Castro,the Cleveland Kidnapper/Slaver converted to Islam?
    Every thing he did is “Halal” according to Islam,including Hostages and Sex Slaves,ie.” what his right hand possesses”.

  • InfidelForLife

    How can anyone “respect” this? How can anyone even utter the word “respect” in the light of such crimes?

  • It’s horrible!

  • It’s horrible!

  • ssmith

    That poor poor little mite, how terrified she must have been ! She has peace now, lets be honest, what would she have had to face had she survived ?? Little comfort, but she is safe now at least, unlike her peers with no hope born in those evil places ruled by satan himself .
    Lord above help them, and us !

  • Suzy

    People say, “We all pray to the same God.” I, myself, do not know which God they speak of. The God I serve is a God of love. Anyone who is a pedophile, Christian (by their own admission) or Muslim, does not serve the God I serve. No matter the outrage we feel about this, one day, those who practice these atrocities against our children and females will stand before God and be judged and think about this…the 72 virgins that the Muslims believe will be waiting for them when they die? Well, aren’t they in for a big surprise? All I can say for any pedophile, anywhere in this world, God have mercy on your soul cause if you are looking for it here, it cometh not! That little angel is standing in the shadow of our Saviour’s wings. She will cry no more tears. That precious baby.

  • Debra

    His Penis needs to be mutilated till there is nothing left but shreds. How sick the no good “B” is.

  • Allah and Mahound both have the blood of thousands of these poor girls on their hands…They teach their Mullah’s well, and turn them into blood craving monsters…
    Nothing, absolutely nothing is beyond them…

  • fed up


  • fed up

    not as long as i still have ‘weapons n ammo’

  • ayn fidel

    Someone has to find out that girls name. She deserves a memorial of some kind.The name of the mullah must be found too. He will face no punishment in his insanity soaked nation but the world should get to know his face so if he ever leaves justice can be done.

  • Hannah Westcoast

    60 minutes did a portion of their program on the fate of Afghanis (young men – teens) who are trying to get into the West. They made these young men look so innocent that would melt your heart. If we who are well versed in the facts of what really is happening to the countries that let them in, plus what was interesting is that no women or girls were with them, we would have believed everything 60 minutes stated. The program itself has stopped being a voice for justice in exposing the cruel injustice that happens everyday. Instead it will pander to the revisionist theories that exist and even make the enemy look like an angel. We’ve seen this over the years the decline of the program. Anderson Cooper was the “reporter” who went to interview the young boys. If 60 minutes was to be the news magazine it use to be – they would have exposed the child brides that are rampant in Afghanistan and now in the West. They would expose the honor killings that are happening in our countries; and they would expose the enemy within our borders thanks to Carter, Clinton, bushed and B.O.

  • TheDrinkingGourd

    Though few, the true Christians (I’m not talking about the liberal types or those poisoned with anti-Jewish “theology”) are not against the Jews or the Jewish State, but are actually pro-Zionist in the religious Zionist sense, which is one reason O finds them a political and real threat. Otherwise I agree with you. The Moslems don’t believe that non-Moslems pray to their “god” but they like the rhetoric because in their thinking it brings everyone’s prayers into submission to allah. When non-Moslems to say they pray to “the same god” as the god of Islam, thinking it means G-d of the Jews, they are greatly mistaken.

  • Abdulla Mumadi

    Elections have consequences. We allow 10 thousand muslums asylum monthly. 300 Christians if they are lucky and connected with the UN/Embassy staff. America is so corrupt. We speak righteously but do not act. God will give us all plenty of time to reflect while we rot in hell. After living in Egypt where the people have no power and then come here and see you do nothing when the people could have all the power. You trade your freedoms and power for abortions and obama fones. Imagine if this truly were a Christian nation again.

  • mina

    8years old girl is accountable as an Angel,,,. They are God’s Children, they need to play among there friends and cousin’s you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless you will act like a children comfort them protect them as a parental guidance is necessary. Praise the God Almighty! amen.!

  • I fully agree. Things like this are just a drop in the bucket. There should be some way to find this Mullah and scream his sin upon the rooftops. What about the girls family? If tis little girls life was worth this little to her family and the Mullah, what can you do to such people. It seems everyone excepted it and one person was at least willing to speak up, but only if his name was not used. They would probably behead him for telling.

  • Gary Grella

    I’m still waiting for President Bush to man-up and retract his statement that Islam is a religion of peace. And maybe President Obama could also man-up and declare publicly that this liggle girl was a victim of Islam.

  • I really don’t understand your point other than who and is not a Christian. Sadly there are Christians who do not live quite right. As far as the Jews they kept the oracles of God and served Him sometimes good and sometimes in failure. The reason there are Christians is because no one could keep the law of the Jews or Moses. Some self righteous,(not righteous before God), think they measure up. Jesus was the Christ or the anointed one or the Messiah as spoken by the Bible old testament and new. Only one who has given their life to Him understands, because they are also filled with the Holy Spirit. The word Christ means the anointed one, it is not the last name of Jesus. For any to enter in with God now they have to enter in the name of Jesus. Simply because He was the final sacrifice for the sins of the people. Attacking me and other Christians changes no facts. I knew no gods and through prayer, all alone I was led by the Holy Spirit to the feet of Jesus. He threw open the door to the one and only God. Islam is best studied through the same, “Holy Bible”. Abraham’s son’s and their inheritance and relationship to Abraham tells the story. Jew or Muslim have to answer for their sins and if they always pleased God. If they could be perfect with no sin at all they would be Messiah or someone like Enoch. The life is in the blood and only the blood of Jesus will cleanse those who come to Him. That is the plan, I didn’t make it up and millions still serve a man that died over two thousand years ago. Soon there will be a day when we will find out who is right or wrong. Obviously murdering or marrying an eight year old girl sealed this mullahs eternity. He might as well eat pig now because he will never see his God or mine. I suppose he could surrender his life to Jesus and ask forgiveness. I don’t think that will happen.

  • By law I have to get along if they have been allowed into my country. I can suggest to anyone that there are rifles that shoot up to a mile or so away. They shoot straight and true. I don’t own one myself, but there are many that think like I do that do own the big guns.

  • Indy Hotdog

    You are a coward. This has nothing to do with American politicians.

  • ItsJo

    Good post Avi, and so true. This SAVAGE BEAST, should have had his privates CUT OFF, in the name of Mohammad and HIS SAVAGERY of little girls and other children that become the subject of this horrendous CULT- under the guise of some religion. No GOD, EVER tells its people to harm children, and if they claim it is Allah, then they are LIARS. This CULT seems to LOVE DEATH, and they Love To Kill Their Females, (OR dogs as they catagorize them)or maim them.

  • ItsJo

    The Republicans? What the hell are YOU talking about? Obama the Muslim IN OFFICE has NEVER said a word about these attrocities-Not Once, as HE protects the Muslim Cult. This he called the “religion of peace, and the sweetest sound in the world, is the call to prayer”…Really fitna? And you want to lay this on Republicans? We fought to give you Muslims a chance at freedom, but you are apparently STILL engrainedwith the 7th Century CULT, that kills little girls, or maims them, and the wives and daughters, and YOU WANT TO LAY THIS ON SOME REPUBLICANS WHO LEFT OUR SOLDIERS TO DIE, IN ORDER TO TRY TO GIVE MUSLIMS THE FREEDOM TO LIVE “NORMAL LIVES, NOT MO’S TEACHINGS OF KILLING THE FEMALES, OR USING FGM- female genetalia mutilation on little girls Still. Don’t you dare put blame on Republicans, NO DEMOCRATS HAVE EVER STEPPED FORWARD LIKE OBAMA TO CONDEMN THIS AND MANY OTHER ATTROCITIES, EVEN THE “SHARIA LAW(excuse) OF KILLING FEMALES IN CERTAIN AREAS OF AMERICA…THAT’S OBAMA’S DEAL. WISE THE HELL UP YOU FN IDIOT, AS YOU “BLAME BUSH, JUST LIKE THE MUZZIE OBAMA”

  • ItsJo

    Pamela- I am so enraged, my post is almost all CAPS(screaming) I wish you would send THIS story Directly to Obama, as he NEVER has come out against this barbarism of Islam, and therefore to me, he condones it’s savagery. This is what ALL Muslims should BE screaming about, but there is dead silence on this CULT’S UGLY BEHAVIOR AND IT’S DENEGRATION OF IT’S FEMALE POPULATION. I detest hearing of cases even Here in America, that “Sharia Law” is allowing this behavior, and again, No Obama to Condemn-so it tells me HE IS FOR THIS, AND NEEDS TO COME FORWARD AND ADMIT IT…OTHERWISE CONDEMN IT OPENLY.

  • ItsJo

    Gary, why the phuck, don’t YOU Condemn Obama who is NOW in office, and has said so many ‘positive things about the religion of peace, and the sweetest sound in the world is the call to prayer”….why don’t You Call HIM out, who sits silently, as Wives And Daughters are KILLED BY THE MISOGYNIST MALES OF THE CULT OF MUSLIM/ISLAM HERE IN AMERICA?? OBAMA IS THE ONE WHO IS PROTECTING MUSLIMS(think of his fellow Muslim Terrorist Murderer in Ft.Hood) HERE IN AMERICA, THAT HAVE KILLED BIG TIME. YOU SHOULD BE INSISTING THAT THE MUSLIM IN OUR WHITEHOUSE “MAN UP AND DECLARE THIS BARBARISM WILL NOT STAND HERE IN AMERICA, WHERE WE HAVE FREEDOM FOR FEMALES?”

  • Redneck Woman

    This just made me sick and I can’t stop crying for this little one! To sell your 8 yr. old daughter to a man who could be her grandfather…truly demented and evil! They are no better than animals that eat their young!
    My punishment for the Mullah…Strip him down…wrap him tightly in chicken wire so that his skin protrudes through the squares…lay him down and proceed to cut off the skin protruding in one inch spaces…pouring salt on the open wounds…Do this slowly over a few days….The very last thing you do is cut off his male member that he was thinking with and stick it in his mouth so that he gags on it while bleeding to death! Sick filthy pig!

  • Mike Hutton

    And you believe this sort of garbage from an unnamed source? No confirmation. Sound reporting if you ask me. Actually, not. I’m willing to believe a lot of crap about Muslims but this goes beyond the pale. No 50 year old man in his right mind would think that cutting this child open would get him what he wants. That is without doubt one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

  • Mike Hutton

    Please name another country that does a better job? Where do you get your numbers, from a comic book? So you’re going to rot in Hell, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m not. BTW, would you care to try your last two sentences again and this time make them logical so that one might understand what you are trying to say.

  • Mike Hutton

    The girls family? They’re the ones that sold her like a head of cattle for a couple of bucks. and do you seriously believe this story?

  • Mike Hutton

    The liberal types or those poisoned with anti-Jewish “theology”. Just what are you trying to say. Liberals that believe in God are not Christians? unlike you. and what do you believe that is different than liberals? Way to separate and divide. Nice job Slick.

  • Bill Kay

    This subhuman species has no place except hell .

  • Mike Hutton

    I hate to point this out but this pedophilia you speak of was not considered such in this country less than a hundred years ago. 8 years old is of course to young even for that but arranged marriages to older men to much younger girls happened less than 50 years ago in this country.

  • Joe1938

    Mike Hutton, If you don’t think this kind of pervert activity does not happen in the world of islam you are naïve and ignorant.

  • Mike Hutton

    WOW, you really think Bush invaded two countries to give freedom to those people? You’ve got to quit drinking the cool aid. And I suppose you think WMD’s were real. Clue, they’ve never been found except in Cheyney’s delusional mind.
    Logic demands that I say this but if we hadn’t invaded two Muslim countries, would we be having this influx of Muslims to this country in the first place?
    Now for the reality. Bush invaded those countries for the oil. GEt it. A Texass politician invaded two countries for OIL. I know this might be hard for you to grasp but there it is.

  • Joe1938

    Redneck Woman, You did not mention that the sicko should be buried with 5 pounds of bacon.

  • Joe1938

    Indy, ??This has nothing to do with American politicians?? You are wrong. This has everything to do with “American politicians” because they allow the muslims here in the US to get away with the same thing and much worse.

  • Joe1938

    PS: American and politician is very close to being an oxymoron.

  • Joe1938

    Mike, To be able to understand Abdulla, one has to be able to walk and chew um at the same time.

  • Joe1938

    72 Virgins Suzy? Nah, it is not 72 virgins, it is a 72 year old virgin!

  • Joe1938

    Another leftwingnut proves that The following can not be posted too many times…
    From an expert; Liberals are clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist Dr. Lyle Rossiter. Doctor Rossiter makes case that leftist ideology is a mental disorder.

  • Joe1938

    Re “arranged marriages to older men to much younger girls happened less than 50 years ago in this country”. So, this makes it OK?!

  • Joe1938

    Yep! Nothing to do with 3,000 people dead at the WTC.
    Nor did it have anything to do with 500 tons of yellow cake transferred from Iraq to Canada.

  • Joe1938

    Ah yes! The peaceful religion where men are men and women are cattle!

  • al baker

    It is those ignorant, illiterate bastards that claim to be Muslims….we Muslims are innocent of them…. May Allah never have mercy on him….damn him to hell fire Ameen……no quick death is simple….he should be beaten for days…left to heal, cut off his penis and slice it in front of him….let him bleed for sometime, stop his blood, beat him up again…..let gay men have their way with him….beat him up, drag him in the street naked…only then he should be left up on a sharp large stick and let it penetrate him slowly to death….while all this happens, people should be singing and cheering.

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