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[ October 19, 2017 ]

UK: Straight-A Muslim student wanted to carry out jihad massacre, bring “taste of immense pain”...

[ October 19, 2017 ]

Boston Herald: “Activist Pamela Geller applauds conviction of her would-be jihadi beheader”

[ October 19, 2017 ]

Public Schools Force Student Participation in “Muslim Submission to Allah” Pilgrimage Simulation

[ October 19, 2017 ]

What really happened at Fort Jackson?

[ October 19, 2017 ]

Hamas-Tied CAIR Conducted “Islamophobia” Sensitivity Training for Philadelphia Teachers

[ October 19, 2017 ]

Spear of Jihad

[ October 19, 2017 ]

Bangladesh Child Marriage: New Law Will ‘Reduce Minimum Marital Age to Zero;’ Critics Say Loophole...

[ October 19, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim says he tried to murder woman because “I started listening to the Koran”

[ October 19, 2017 ]

French officials gave preferential treatment for public housing to mother of jihad murderer at Toulouse...

[ October 19, 2017 ]

Muslim Citizen of Jewish State: Israel Is not an Apartheid Nation, I’m Proud to Speak...

Loving Breitbart



Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit), filmmaker Andrew Marcus, Katie O’Malley, a contributor at Human Events and I got together and toasted Andrew (photo above). 

In memory of Andrew Breitbart’s death, Marcus is holding a private screening of his film “Hating Breitbart” in Times Square tonight.

nyc screening alt

There are also Facebook groups planning memorials today in honor of Andrew.

– See more at:

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  • Nat’s daughter

    So very much miss Mr. Breitbart. America sure needs his smarts, honestly, integrity and humor. RIP Andrew.

  • fern

    Breitbart was unique. We all needed him, the world needed him, truly missed.
    x Rest in Peace Breitbart x

  • Can someone tell me what came of the investigation into Andrew Breitbart’s death? And the ensuing death of the coroner connected with it? Has Andrew Breitbart been murdered?

  • Keith Gargus

    I thought there was only three stooges.

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