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#myjihad in Belgium: Jewish School Forced to Shut down


Jew-hatred in Europe. The first time was horror enough, but a second time? That is monstrous. Jewish leadership failed the Jews of Europe and Palestine during the Holocaust. Essentially they stood by and did nothing. The Peter Bergsons lost the day to the spineless, gutless Stephen Wises.

But today is different. Today we know that six million Jews were slaughtered. Today we know that Islamic doctrine teaches and commands the annihilation of the Jews, but Jewish leadership like the Jewish Federation denounces  …… me and stands with Muslim Brotherhood groups like Hamas-CAIR, ISNA, MSU, MSA. The vicious, impotent ADL has made a career of targeting proud Jews. They should be publicly and roundly condemned, these cowards. While they aid and abet the enemies of the Jewish people, the Jews of Europe are under siege. And we do nothing.

It is a European pattern, this vicious Jew-hatred. The Holocaust, while it was a German initiative, was carried out by every nation in Europe, save for the Danes.
There were Dutch Nazis, Polish Nazis. Europe as a continent decided that it
was a good idea to get rid of the Jews. Europe never learned its lessons from WWII. The lesson they should have taken away from that unimaginable slaughter was that they were  evil and they had to work at being good. That was the lesson they had to learn and didn't. Europe is still unwilling to make moral distinctions and stand up for the good
and fight evil. That is something the Europeans refuse to do.

And the same can be said of American Jewish lay leadership and their silence on Islamic Jew-hatred, which is fueling the coming of the second holocaust.

For a Jewish school in downtown Brussels, it’s relocate or shut down By Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA January 15, 2013


The main cafeteria of Brussels' Maimonides school, Jan. 9, 2013. (Cnaan Liphshiz)

BRUSSELS (JTA) — On the third floor of the Belgian
capital’s oldest Jewish school, Jacquy Wajc pauses to listen to the
eerie silence that hangs in the hallways.

Established in 1947 as a testament to Belgian Jewry’s post-Holocaust
revival, the Athenee Maimonides Bruxelles school once accommodated 600
students in its spacious building in downtown Brussels but now has only
150. Enrollment entered a free fall 10 years ago, as Jews left the area
for the suburbs and were replaced by immigrants, many of them Muslims,
who made Jewish parents believe the area was unsafe.

“It breaks my heart,” says Wajc (pronounced “vights”), president of
the Maimonides school. “I remember when you couldn’t hear a thing this
time of the day over the raucous PE class.”

As anti-Semitic attacks spiked during the second Palestinian intifada
in the early 2000s, parents who themselves were proud Maimonides alumni
enrolled their children elsewhere, citing security concerns. With fewer
students, the school went massively into debt; Maimonides now owes
various government bodies a total of $8 million.

This year, Maimonides’ staff has stepped up efforts to find an
alternative locale in the suburbs. If their bid fails, the school may
shut down later this year, Wajc said — a development that would
complete the silent exodus of Jews from central Brussels.

“The story of Maimonides is the story of Brussels’ Jewish community
and its growing unease in the city,” said Joel Rubinfeld, a Maimonides
alumnus and co-chairman of the Brussels-based European Jewish

It’s not only Brussels. Across Europe, Jews have quietly abandoned
long-inhabited neighborhoods in central urban areas for remote suburbs.

Unlike in the United States, where the Jewish flight to the suburbs
often was part of a larger migration of the affluent from increasingly
crime-ridden inner cities, in Europe the wealthier urban precincts are
typically the more central ones. But in a number of cities,
neighborhoods once teeming with Jewish life have become no-go zones for
Jews — especially if they wear a yarmulke.

The Jewish population of 80,000 in Marseille, France, has almost
completely cleared out of the heavily Muslim city center it inhabited
until the 1980s. Similar migrations have taken place in another French
city, Lyon, as well as in Amsterdam and even Antwerp — home to one of
the last European Jewish communities to live and work almost exclusively
in an urban center.

“It’s not happening everywhere but is happening in France, Belgium
and Holland,” said Dina Porat, head of Tel Aviv University’s Kantor
Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry. “Some leave to
improve their quality of living, others because they feel unsafe as
Muslims move in. For some, it’s a combination of both.”

Since the second intifada began, attacks against Jews have more or
less doubled in France, Spain and the Benelux, where a total of 600,000
Jews live. Between 2009 and 2011, the Belgian government agency that
monitors anti-Semitism recorded an average of 82 incidents a year,
double the level recorded in 2002-04. Most of the incidents occurred in

“Walking with a kippah is unsafe in many other European cities,” Rubinfeld said.

Even before the slaying last year by a Muslim extremist of three
Jewish children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in France, security was
very tight around Maimonides, Wajc said. Since then, the police have
beefed up their presence outside the school, an 80,000-square-foot
complex that looks more like a top-secret military facility than a

Maimonides has no windows and its exterior is fitted with armor
plating. Its massive metal doors have no markings. The entrance leads to
an inspection zone where security guards and cameras welcome arrivals
from behind bulletproof glass.

Such intensive measures weren’t necessary in 1945 when Seligman
Bamberger, an educator who survived the Holocaust, first laid the
groundwork for what would become Maimonides.

“He placed a table and a chair on the platform of the Gare du Midi
train station and asked random children if they were Jewish,” Wajc

Within two years, Bamberger had attracted 100 children whom he taught
in a local community center. The school was established formally in
1947 at its current address near the train station.

The area used to be “the ideal location” for a Jewish school, Wajc
says, because of the approximately 100 Jewish families who lived nearby
and sold produce in the commercial area. Dozens hung on until the early
1990s, but now only three Jewish families remain, he says.

As their children and businesses grew, the Jews of the station area
began moving to the greener and more affluent suburbs of Forest and
Uccle, says Rubinfeld, the former president of the CCOJB umbrella
organization representing Belgium’s 20,000 French-speaking Jews.

Two additional Jewish schools opened to accommodate the new arrivals:
Ganenou, the largest, with about 600 students, and the smaller Beth
Aviv. Both schools teach in French, while Maimonides teaches its
Francophone pupils in Flemish from the third grade on — an approach
that is important for bridging the cultural divide between the country’s
Flemish speakers and its French-speaking Wallonians, Rubinfeld says.

Meanwhile, Arab immigrants gradually took the place of the departed
Jews. Today, the area around Gare du Midi is considered unsafe,
especially after dark.

“The area has an immigrant population that doesn’t have a very
favorable attitude to Jews,” said Agnes Bensimon, an employee of the
Israeli Embassy in Brussels and a former member of the Maimonides
parents association. “On top of that, it’s just like any other poor
urban area.”

During the second intifada, assailants attacked Bensimon’s son,
Nethanel, in the metro station. Similar attacks were carried out against
a number of other Maimonides students. The school responded by
instructing students to disembark at a more distant station and walk the
distance to school.

Location and language are not the only differences between Maimonides
and Brussels’ other Jewish schools. Maimonides does not accept pupils
who are not Jewish according to halachah, Jewish law. With Belgian
Jewry’s estimated 40 percent intermarriage rate, this further diminishes
the population of potential students.

“The assimilation makes me very uncertain about the future 35 years
from now,” Wajc said. “But here and now it means we’re not competing
with the other schools as we appeal to parents with different
sensibilities. Only a few years ago there were enough of them.

"They will once again send their kids to us — if we get out of here in time.”

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  • Andrewro

    Stop shaming the Christian Europeans and the memory of those who fought in WWII and afterwards against Nazi and Soviet terror. Regular people in those countries did not murder Jews quit spreading such dishonoring lies about Christian Europeans who are the people who founded America. Their descendants should not be held accountable for monstrous acts that were plotted and directed by evil elites.
    It’s a bit refreshing to note that at least you admit that Jews were failed by Jews. Guess who rode into power on the Soviet tanks in Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Poland after the war? A largely Jewish and Soviet-born “elite” of ideologues, executioners and torturers who fought to destroy Christianity and the civilisation of a whole continent.

  • Choi

    In one of the Sequel “Dirty Dozen” Movies ,a Jewish-American Commando tells a Female Lt.that he would like to”give EVERY Jew in the world a machine gun and tell them to hold onto the weapon, because at some time in life, they’re going to NEED it.

  • Choi

    @ Andrewro :
    And what CESSPOOL of Europe does your JEW-HATING Ancestors come from.
    Your reference to the Soviets narrows it to Eastern Europe,perhaps Poland?
    Here’s Poland re: The Jews ,from of all places, the NYT
    Plenty of NAZI COLLABORATORS entered the U.S. with LEGITIMATE Refugees,scared Sh!tless of the Russians and their own countrymen.
    Sound like something you might have a familiarity with?

  • W G Goldberg

    Where sensible people debate with facts and opinions Choi’s communication skills only reach the level of quoting fictional lines from a rubbish movie as evidence plus personal insults.

  • bubbah

    “the second time” …where have you been ?

  • Choi

    @Self-Hating W.H.Goldberg:
    Because they were scripted into a WWII movie DOESN’T make them untrue.
    In fact, the FACT that it is TRUE is probably why it was in the script.
    Furthermore,I’m NOT interested in “debating” an Anti-Semite,who has NOTHING but LIES & DISTORTIONS,but rather exactly WHAT I did post.
    And the link I posted re: Poland is NOT FICTION.
    FOR DEFENDING the Anti-Semite,You “Goldberg”,are worth even LESS courtesy than “Andrewro” “,especially IF your name is REALLY Goldberg.

  • Hey, the Swiss are OK. And, even today, Switzerland is still a decent European country. The synagogues there are mostly Orthodox, though; I don’t think there are any Reconstructionist synagogues.

  • Joe

    I can understand the anger but equating all Europeans to nazis is a bit extreme. Yes, there were collaborators everywhere in Europe but there were also resistance fighters. The majority of the people did nothing but they were busy trying to survive a war. And there were plenty of nazi sympathizers in the US prior to WWII. Rockefeller financed euthanasia and genetic projects in pre-war Germany. Grandpa Bush ran a nazi bank which moved money stolen from Jews to the US. Wallstreet invested in pre-war Germany. Anti-semitism is unfortunately universal because people apparently and regretfully need a scapegoat.
    The horrible situation right now in Europe and in America is that these places are being run and ruined by dhimmy PC politicians. Under the banner of ‘don’t repeat the mistakes of the past with intolerance’, they are repeating the mistakes of the past by allowing an intolerant ideology to get a foothold in Europe and America.

  • Judi

    @ Choi -‘ WH Goldberg’ is probably a pseudoname for Ahmed or Mohammed. Same as ‘Andrewo’ They occasionally take time out from watching stonings and beheadings on Youtube,, and think they can make illiterate comments here.
    Shalom and Gd bless ISRAEL!

  • Nat’s daughter

    Judi and Choi, AMEN!!!

  • Kufar Dawg

    Who doesn’t think that this is coming to the US? Of course, there have already been islamofascist terrorist attacks in the USA that deliberately targeted Jews.

  • FreeMind

    Weapons do NOT kill people.
    Insane, ataractics eating people kill people.
    Others just use it for, the god given right, of self defense!
    So people kill people, no need for a weapon – hand, fists, foots, knifes, wooden sticks and cars can be weapons too, but would a clear minded human ever consider to forbid them?
    To forbid something doeas NOT work – consider the prohibition of alcohol.

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