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Obama Cold to NASA’s Planned Deep Space Station — NASA Should Be Working On Making Muslims Feel Good


How bad is Obama's obsession with ceding the free world to the umma
(the Muslim world community)? It's positively scary. Not only did he slash NASA's key programs and cut space exploration, but also he told them to redirect their efforts towards Muslim countries.

But wait, it gets worse: now he is withholding approval of a planned NASA deep space station. Maybe he is unhappy with NASA — maybe they haven't made enough Muslims feel good about themselves.

I first wrote of Obama's stone age at The Thinker back in April 2010.

NASA's Planned Deep Space Station Does Not Have Obama Approval By Mark Whittington | Yahoo! Contributor Network, Dec 4, 2012
(thanks to Choi)

A story published in suggests that NASA's plans to build a deep space station at the Earth/moon Lagrange 2 point may be more hope than reality. The Obama administration seems actually cold to the idea. 

Deep space station not approved by Obama administration, quoting an unnamed administration official, contradicted
recent media reports that a deep space station, designed to be a gateway
for expeditions to the asteroids, Mars, and perhaps the lunar surface,
had not been approved by the Obama administration. The unnamed official
hinted that the stories in the media were part of a gambit by NASA to
garner support for the project from the Congress. In any case, no
funding for the deep space station has been requested for the current or
the upcoming fiscal year.

Media speculation rampant on NASA deep space station

The Orlando Sentinel reported
that NASA had proposed the deep space station as part of its
exploration strategy in a September story. The idea was that the station
would serve as a practice run for deep space
missions to the asteroids and Mars as well as a base for the robotic
exploration of the moon. The station would be located at the Earth/moon
Lagrange Point 2, where the gravities of the Earth and moon tend to
cancel one another out about 38,000 miles beyond the lunar far side. The
facility would be deployed by the heavy lift Space Launch Vehicle and
would be visited by crews of astronauts riding the Orion Multi-Purpose
Crew Vehicle. Eventually, the facility might become a refueling stop,
perhaps with rocket fuel refined by lunar water, for spacecraft headed
deeper into the Solar System.

Space policy confusion at the White House?

President Obama famously cancelled President George W. Bush's Constellation program and instead, in an April 2010 speech, pointed NASA's exploration efforts toward an Earth-approaching asteroid and, eventually, Mars. Congress, in the 2010 NASA Authorization Bill,
not only added the moon back on the list of destinations, but mandated
the development of the heavy lift Space Launch System and the Orion has
two elements of that space exploration
program. The idea of a deep space station at the Earth/moon L2 would
seem to help address the conflicting priorities of the White House and
the Congress, providing some flexibility and experience in the relative
short term for NASA's space exploration program.
If the White House is resisting the funding of the deep space station,
the question arises whether it is actually serious about its own space
exploration program.

Fiscal cliff may derail NASA space exploration.

If budget talks fail and the federal government goes over the fiscal
cliff with the preprogrammed tax increases and budget cuts, NASA's
dreams for space exploration would almost certainly suffer. Bill Nye,
the CEO of the Planetary Society, warned about possible cuts to research and development, including NASA. Planetary Society member John Livingston, writing for the Patriot Ledger,
agrees, suggesting that NASA space exploration is especially vulnerable
to fiscal cliff brinksmanship. The confusion and uncertainty on the
part of the White House concerning space policy may therefore be part of
a wider problem.

  • Chris Wolf

    We couldn’t “make muslims feel good about themselves” even if JFK announced that we would do it by the end of this decade not because it would be easy but because it would be hard.

  • AmericanMe

    Truly we are going backwards at warp speed. God help us please!

  • Gleaner1

    I remember a few years back, i had a good laugh at the prospect of a muslim from Malaysia going for a jolly on the space station.
    The funny part concerned which way he would face, and how many times in every 24 hours, when doing his 5 a day bit for Allah.
    Some wag sugested he would render himself unconscious slamming his head down so many times.
    I don’t see how muslims can expect to have an interest in the heavens, when you cannot watch your toes wiggling in the sand and look up at the stars at the same time.

  • Chris Wolf

    The only interest they have in the space program or any other Western achievement is sabotage.

  • Thomas Wells

    Islamites have enough space-between their ears.

  • Ago Solvo

    75% of jews voted for this monster. Makes me want to stop going to temple! I’m sick.

  • NASA should build a space ark for all the muslims on the planet, then persuade them that the planet is imminently doomed to be eaten by an enormous mutant star goat (or one of the other reasons) and they as the best of mankind have to go first. Load them onto the “D” ark. (h/t Douglas Adams).

  • Max Modine

    F**k me!! Who the f**k is this idiot!! I want to scream over and over, listening to this cretin. The country regresses. If this clown was presented to me as my leader, I would quit. His english language skills are high school at best. And you expect scientists and intellectuals to be motivated by this azz licker. He and Sheikh Barry are going to lead us into space? F**k me!! The dumming down of America continues. This is the future of America under Islam. F**k me.

  • LeChat

    Sad to say, this is all part of the decline that Americans voted for. Stupidity and election fraud are bringing this nation down. Obama is not a friend of the United States.

  • yes, that right, but my friend all ways said it is not, but i know you and me are right.

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