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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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Moderate Islam in America: Anwar al-Awlaki leading Muslim prayers on Capitol Hill, 2002


Today's moderate is tomorrow's mass murderer. What's the difference? Good PR and a lot of propaganda served hot by a jihad-aligned media.

“Jihad is becoming as American as apple pie and as British as afternoon tea”  Anwar al-Alwaki, Imam

Muslim supremacy

Anwar Awlaki was the go-to imam that the media went to (the "moderate" imam) for all things Islam right after 911. And so did the 911 hijackers for spiritual guidance.

He dined at the Pentagon for lunch. He supped there as well. Devout Muslim
Awlaki also provided succor and Islamic spiritual guidance to the 911 jihadis, the Christmas ball bomber. He was imam at the respected Dar al Hijreh.

Flashback: Anwar al-Awlaki leading Muslim prayers on Capitol Hill, 2002 Jihadwatch 



In 2002, PBS produced a documentary on the life of Muhammad, Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet. I wrote in a National Review article
at the time that the documentary presented an "attractively packaged,
sanitized version of Islam." It features Islamic apologist Karen
Armstrong; Daisy Khan, the deeply deceitful "moderate" who shot to national prominence in the Ground Zero mosque controversy, and others of that ilk.

But now Jihad Watch reader Carolynn has alerted me to the fact that
it is also noteworthy for capturing the slain jihad terror mastermind
Anwar al-Awlaki, who was in contact with Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort
Hood jihad mass murderer; Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Christmas
underwear jihadist; and others, leading Muslim prayers on Capitol Hill.
Screenshots above show the minute mark where you can see him in the

Of course, the New York Times
hailed al-Awlaki on October 19, 2001 as one of "a new generation of
Muslim leader capable of merging East and West," and so he was widely
reputed to be a "moderate" at the time, but that's just the point. One
of the supposed "gotcha" quotes that Leftists and Islamic supremacists
like to use against me is one in which I said that there is "no
distinction in the American Muslim community between peaceful Muslims
and jihadists." This video, however, shows that to be absolutely true:
no one was getting up and walking out on al-Awlaki, or saying he
shouldn't be preaching or leading the prayers. Many argue that al-Awlaki
really was "moderate" then and became "radicalized" later, but even
then, there is no record of his former friends and associates
repudiating his new "radical" views.

What we do not see is Muslims in the U.S. pronouncing takfir on those
who believe in the Islam of al-Awlaki — that is, declaring them
non-Muslim and excluding them from Muslim communities. The reality is
that one who holds to the idea that jihad (violent and non-violent) must
be waged against Americans in order to impose Sharia upon them is not
put out of American mosques, and those who by their actions earn the
media title of "extremist" move freely among Muslims in the U.S. until
they commit their act of "extremism."

More evidence comes from the same PBS documentary. For also present
for al-Awlaki's sermon was Hamas-linked CAIR's Nihad Awad, and I believe
that the gentleman to Awad's left is his henchman Ibrahim "Honest Ibe"


Awad and Hooper, of course, are routinely cited in the mainstream media
as if they were "civil rights leaders." And also present was another man
who had been an employee of Hamas-linked CAIR: Randall Todd "Ismail" Royer, who is now serving a 20-year sentence for jihad terror plotting. In this screenshot he is on the right:


So if there is a distinction in the Muslim community between peaceful
Muslims and jihadists, it certainly wasn't evident at this Capitol Hill
prayer meeting, where a jihad mass murder mastermind preached the
khutba for a group containing a jihad terror plotter, two leading
"moderate" Muslim spokesmen, and a congressman's chief of staff.

Full video:

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  • Chris Wolf

    Obama having Osama killed is historically analogous to Lenin having Trotsky killed.
    They’re both, both on the same team.

  • Chris Wolf

    Sorry, Stalin.

  • Gleaner1

    Now i understand everything.
    That was the film i and more than 40 other people sat through in a hall in my home town nearly 8 years ago as a PR exercise after an incident outside a “mosque”.
    Those brainwashed ones must be reading from the first half of the hate book. The realities of islamic societies is living proof of the poverty of their lives. Those with eyes to see LET them see because when they have, they will wonder no more.
    Islam is nothing more than a forth class ticket back to the 7th century. Only losers go there.

  • blindreason

    Kant had a dictum that if it’s not OK for everybody to do something then YOU probably shouldn’t do it. Maybe other religions, real and fictional, should get in on the annoy-other-people-with-your-religion act, with Catholics shutting down major thoroughfares to hold mass there and the Pastafarians insisting that the White House Christmas tree include strands of spaghetti along with the traditional tinsel.

  • Chris Wolf

    Obama is arming drug cartels and jihadists everywhere in the world, while he’s trying to infringe our Second Amendment rights.
    He’s not on our side.

  • KKKK

    wasn’t the Capitol building where Flight 93 was headed to? maybe they should’ve destoryed the Capitol…maybe a few mroe people might have been wakened up by the traged of 9/11 to the REAL Islam if the Flgiht 93 hijackers had had their way…
    Of couse my sorry for any who might have been lost in the attack.

  • Morgan Michaels

    Kant was s social subjectivist and the grandfather of polylogism and epistemological anarchism. By which arguments, the Muslims claim their ineffably arrived at ‘truth’ is valid for the ummah because the ummah must believe it (or be executed for apostasy, as it happens), while simultaneously claiming protection for their ‘rights’ according to our Constitution (which they reject out of hand as un-Islamic).
    Of couse I fully support the Pastafarians and all differently-real believers in achieving full acceptance and participation in our multi-cultural society.

  • know why mooses’ pray with their heads in the ground? ’cause Moose-hammed is in hell. The reason they are head to butt is so they can sniff out their partners the same way a dog does.
    no damn Muslim has the nerve to cast any amount of terror in my heart. I wipe with the Quran and there’s nothing the diaper heads can do about it. I live in Longwood, Fla and thats a fact.

  • Betty

    yes would like have been their with a board with a few nails in it would show you how fast they would stop praying to satin.

  • Thomas Wells

    Allata akbarf.

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