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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Europe’s New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

Imam: Clitoridectomy (Female Genital Mutilation) is an Islamic right


Another “divinely ordained right of a woman under Islam” ….. their special brand of women’s rights under Islam:

“Female circumcision is a right, says imam” The Australian, December 24, 2012 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

A MUSLIM leader and outspoken opponent of female genital
mutilation says female circumcision, which he defines as the partial
removal of the clitoral hood, is not only an utterly distinct practice,
but the “divinely ordained right of a woman” under Islam.

Sydney-based Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human
Development founder and president, Imam Afroz Ali, appeared on the
ABC’s 7:30 program in October, condemning female genital mutilation and
saying he had been told by community members of its occurrence in

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  • Gleaner1

    Because this is SUCH a defining issue no latitude should be allowed in the West. Prosicute and jail – No Parole 7 years.
    Laws are passed, and routinely flouted because of “Community” solidarity. Holy men supporting this – Summery Execution.
    When you wish to break the hold of the mosques and jihad, thats how you do it.

  • MA02169

    Only the sickest of sick bastards would think that female genital mutilation is a good idea.
    A “right?” Is that like our Bill of Rights? A woman has a “right” to have someone cut off her clitoris? Are Islamic women lining up voluntarily to have this done to them?
    Sick! Sick! Sick!

  • Chris Wolf

    This barbaric tyranny is so much more than a simple act of torture and mutilation.
    The implications across humanity and under God are practically incalculable.
    And we see women — “liberal” women! — not to mention “liberal” men and fools of all kinds throughout our insane society speaking even tepidly or apologetically in support of this. They should all be incarcerated in the prison of shame — where they can’t do the rest of us any more harm.
    To sentence them all to actually live with muslims in a muslim culture would be too cruel and unusual.

  • Chris Wolf

    When I think about it I know that “liberal” men and women in the West don’t support or defend this atrocity.
    But I still feel angry at them because they want us to save every poor female child, and indeed those entire barbaric societies, by taking responsibility for the crimes of others. What “liberal” men and women fail to understand is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and to whatever extent we consent to pay the dues for the crimes of Islam we must absorb and take on those burdens ourselves.
    And we can’t afford that: When we take products of barbarism into our society we thereby go backwards.
    We should oppose Islam and all it’s failings by shunning it vigilantly, completely and without apology.

  • Mrs. Smith

    Burkhas, no education, no job, no driving an automobile, forced marriage, no rights, no vote, no freedom – these are the privileges of females in Islam.

  • Mrs. Smith

    The Peace Corps has finally gotten a clue about the utter lack of respect muslim males have for females…and have stopped sending females to those countries. They happen to all be Islamic countries…or where the black death of Islam has festered and metasticized.

  • allahobama

    The slice ones own head off is a holy right in islam. This needs to be a fat wad dictated by all imams.

  • Chris Wolf

    I can scarcely believe I live in a United States of America where the president and the lamestream media are all talking openly and with straight faces about aiding and supporting the savage Islamists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army.”
    This country is literally applauding as Obama gives everything we have and our futures over to the savage muslims who practice genital mutilation of their female children.
    I literally can’t believe the idiots, hypocrites and fools like Anderson Cooper.
    At least Obama is a brazen double agent and Arwa Damon is a rebel herself, while Cooper is simply a fool.

  • t.c

    It is not a right. It s mutilation.

  • Bohemond_1096

    Of course. The muslim men’s manhood is threatened by any strong, independent woman (like Ms. Geller). The only way the savages can remain in power is by intimidating, terrorizing and beating them into submission when they are young.

  • vincent bruce

    Mutilate every muslim man on the planet who wants to force islam on anyone, hang them by their scrotums, until they tear apart, and let every male muslim know that this will is their only muslim rite, and it will be vigorously enforced by the declitorized victims of islam, with the aid of all non-muslim men around the world.

  • wally

    What really makes this such a tragedy is that it is the ultimate in Stockholm Synrome. The majority of this is done by women to their daughters, often without even the knowledge of the father. The women are passing this crime against them down to to their daughters, by commiting it against them.
    I have had a few friends whose daughters were circumcised against their specific direction to their families that they do not want this for their daughters. While they were at work their wifes and mothers brought in a cutter and did it behind their backs. I can’t say I have talked to a woman about why she did it to her daughter, but it appears to be a belief that it is a link in a chain, protecting their daughters from untoward sexual desires. How to break the chain, is to educate women in general.
    How to stop it? Only when the Imams start preaching against this, instead of looking away. I do not understand this guys statement. If he is against this, and in truth the majority of men are, then he should be trying to break this from Islam.
    I live in a Muslim country, and can tell you that this is defintiely wide spread, even in places I would not expect you find it is pervasive.

  • valhalla

    The women are indoctrinated and it is passed down from one generation to another,why do they allow this and so unheigenically- with the use of primitive tools -you would think they would want to spare their girls from this barbarism.
    These -evil women hating -Imams who spew out their vile venom are mainly to blame as the men can’t think for themselves-these poor women suffer -agony from infections and in child birth- this depravity being forced on women deprives them -as intended -from any sexual enjoyment and in doing so their men are sexually frustrated and yearn for the 72 virgins?they have been promised in paradise-it’s so weird and sick.

  • dad

    “liberal” men and women in the West support and defend this atrocity.
    They just don’t know it. We need to throw it in their face and tell people what they are supporting. Obama says respect it. Guess that says it all/.

  • “A MUSLIM leader and outspoken opponent of female genital mutilation says female circumcision, which he defines as the partial removal of the clitoral hood, is not only an utterly distinct practice, but the “divinely ordained right of a woman” under Islam.”
    There is so much BS in this sentence it makes your head spin.
    This so-called ‘Muslim leader’ is no opponent, he is a proponent of FGM. Besides, he presents himself as some kind of expert on the subject; dating back to April 26th 2012 he wrote this:
    So if he was on TV in Sept. (?) condemning female genital mutilation and saying he had been told by community members of its occurrence in Australia he is lying through his teeth, in his earlier writings he confirms that he is a supporter of the practice.

  • Georg von Starkermann

    Just think that if we in the West practiced this FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION on all Negroes and all Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans, there would be the large welfare problem in the Western World due to these mud people having less sex and consequently less children. Think of the money we all would save by using this practice. God… I sound like a Jew here…talking about money.

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