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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Europe’s New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

Devout Muslims In Indonesia Push for Female Genital Mutilation


We're constantly admonished that female genital mutilation is a "cultural" practice that has nothing to do with Islam. It's just another lie. Even the story below, while telling us that the practice is widespread, tells us that it "is not a rule set in a rigid manner by the precepts of Islam," and that it is only widespread because of the actions of "the more extreme and integral fringe." The fringe made it widespread? This is just more whitewashing of Islam's human rights abuses. The practice is fundamentally Islamic:

“Circumcision is obligatory (O: for both men and women. For men it
consists of removing the prepuce from the penis, and for women, removing
the prepuce (Ar. Bazr) of the clitoris." Page
59, Umdat al-Salik  (“Reliance of the Traveler”), a manual of Islamic jurisprudence certified as "reliable" by Egypt's very own Al-Azhar University

Obama say, "Respect it!"

"Java, radical Islam in favor of female genital mutilation" by Mathias Hariyadi Asia News December 7 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

(AsiaNews) – In rural areas and more remote areas of Indonesia,
particularly the island of Java, female circumcision is still a
widespread traditional practice. Although it is not a rule set in a
rigid manner by the precepts of Islam, it resists in the most populous
Muslim country in the world thanks to the favorable opinion of a large
part of society, due to the more extreme and integral fringe. Over the
years, activists and politicians have launched campaigns and appeals in
an attempt to eradicate the popular custom, which puts the physical
health of girls at risk. However, efforts to stem the "tetesan" – as it
is called in the country – have so far been a vain war fought on "two
different fronts", at a governmental level and on a purely religious
Renowned experts of Islamic law in Indonesia, interviewed
by AsiaNews, stigmatize the practice of female circumcision as
"damaging", even if it continues the comparison – which in many cases
results in open clashes – between the fuqaha extremists and moderate
Muslims leaders. With the first in favor of mutilation, while the latter
engaged in campaigns to put an end to the phenomenon.

The the
Muslim intellectual Sumanto Al Qurtuby says the faction that supports
tetesan is linked to the Salafi and Wahhabi community, which together
with other fundamentalist groups are concentrated in Bandung and Aceh.
They believe that circumcision is "morally" encouraged by Sharia, or
Islamic law, and reiterated in the hadith, in anecdotes related to the
life of the Prophet Muhammad. However, the expert adds, while the
practice is "suggested" it is not "mandatory" and there are no moral
foundations of Islamic law that state it should be perpetrated. There
are in fact six different drafts of the hadith – better known as "Kutub
as-Sittah" – and only one of these "calls for" the spread of female

Together with the moral issue, there is also a
health and a pyscological aspect. The practice of FGM, in fact, results
in the loss of sexual pleasure and is often practiced in contexts far
from sterile, in which there is a clear risk of infection or
post-operative consequences. This is why human rights activists,
citizens and a large part of civil society have fought for and end to
this practice – especially in rural areas. An act, they describe as
"dangerous" and "contrary to the health care."

The author of this
article in his youth, when he was about eight years old, witnessed
firsthand circumcision practiced on a young girl, forced by her parents
(Muslims) to submit to the "Islamic ritual." Rather than doing it in a
private and appropriately sterilized room – as I recall – the act of
female circumcision was carried out in the open air, her feet on the
ground, while the genital organ was removed with a razor blade. The
little girl began to scream in pain, as a stream of blood oozed from the
wound. At the end of the rite, I remember that the family offered a
kind of celebration of the "thank you" to neighbors, for taking part in
the "Islamic ritual."

An opinion poll carried out by the
government in 2003 confirmed that the practice of female genital
mutilation is still widespread in rural areas. In 2006, the Ministry of
Health tried to intervene to stem the tide, without any substantive
results regarding what is defined by a number of fronts, especially
among female movements as, "an example of domestic violence." Throughout
Indonesia at least 400 non-governmental organizations have arisen that
are fighting against the practice. The movements in unison, recall that
Jakarta is one of the signatories of the Convention on the Elimination
of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW Convention) and is
called to make every effort to reduce the social impact of this


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  • Are you serious about those news?
    Yeah… as if cutting part of your own penises would not be a mutilation…
    What happened back there? People stared too much to the sun? Who came with such abnormality? Were we created the image of the gods? But “He” Almighty forgot that little defect!
    C’mom! I’m rolling on the floor laughing here!
    This will be an interesting afternoon!

  • FreeYourMind

    Whatever happened to the feminists of “The Vagina Monologues” who loudly decried what happens to women but never stands up against this practice where and when it counts. Melissa Etheridge, Whoopi Goldberg, writer Eve Ensler – they all participated along with a lot of other Hollywood types. But not a word against a Muslim. Not a word in favor of George W. Bush, who attempted and succeeded in liberating multitudes of Muslim women.

  • Gleaner1

    I suppose for many young muslim girls, this is their second introduction to the discipline of Islam after being forced into the head bag, and likly to be the most remembered.
    That the girls are created whole and perfect seems to be of no concern either to their mothers or Western authorities who have a DUTY to wage a relentless war against these horrible practices.
    It’s this moral ambivalence by western authorities that fuels Jihad. One concession leads to another and so on until one day, BOOM.
    To show the limits of the appeal of islam,absolutly no accomodation to cultural sensitivities should be shown where these backward customs can be used by offshoring the practice. If all this is NOT stamped out, can we continue to call our societies compassionate and advanced? Why should muslim girls belive WE have a better model if we allow them to suffer this outrage?

  • If you are going to mention Bush you will lose the argument.
    At least mention the ones who were pulling his strings.
    Before venturing abroad:
    We should fix our deficit.
    Create some jobs in America.
    Learn to co-exist.
    Then we would look overseas and help LEGIT CAUSES.
    Let other countries solve their own problems. If they want castrate their women, they are still sovereign in their lands… I hope these women could run tho.
    I would be the first cutting the penis of a guy who hurt a woman… but right now, LETS KEEP THE FOCUS AND FIX OUR HOUSE because we already know WE CANNOT SAVE THE WORLD or the whales or the pandas…
    It’s sad but that’s how it goes. People have been doing cruelties to others before men could stand on their feet. Entire races vanished. Our ancestors did the same and I never heard about an Indonesian King visiting us to put an end to that cruelty… because it was not his business.

  • Jackson Pearson

    Meanwhile, female and women’s rights groups, are disgustingly shivering, and hiding under their beds. Oh the silence. /Sarc

  • Pilot

    Alexander are you into planes and trains?

  • Just Trains.

  • Truly only savages would embrace something as repulsive as FGM.I wonder how many of these dress wearing(cross dressing is more like it)camel lovers would try to have that done to any woman in a western country.All that they use their women for is for factories to fill up suicide vests.They spend so much time around all of their jihad buddies,they just get their loving at the mosques,go home & beat their wives & then go back outside to their camels.

  • Pilot

    there is a post to you alexander on the egypt thread waiting for your response

  • InfidelForLife

    Don’t worry Pilot, it won’t be coherent anyway. Our deluded friend has many words to offer, but almost nothing to say. Would be one hell of a “progressive” politician.

  • NoGroundZeromosque

    FGM – The truth about the horror – You ugly Islamic pigs!

  • Mama Grizzly

    Well, you know…. when they do this, the female DRIVES are still intact because they don’t remove the ovaries or uterus. It’s just that the nerves and organs necessary to adult sexuality are removed and destroyed. The desire is there, but no way to find peace. LOTS of frustrated, bitter, unfulfilled women out for revenge… Why they perpetrate it on their daughters.

  • Rocket Town

    Indonesia. So does that mean that Barry Hussein-0 Bama is still enact? Or did he get clipped in Kenya?

  • Max Publius

    We need to address the lesser of two evils also. If the below two articles don’t make one think, then one might as well be a jihadi.
    The Mutilation of Male Sexual
    Male Circumcision (Part 2) – Much More Than The Mutilation of Sexual Pleasure

  • dumbledoresarmy

    Those male posters above who wish to ‘hijack’ the thread to make it a discussion and a condemnation of male circumcision rather than a discussion of clitoral excision (which, I would remind them, involves ripping the whole thing out right down to the pubic bone underneath, then sewing up the gaping hole; and is usually combined with the slicing off of the inner, and even also the outer labia to produce, between the woman’s legs, *if* she survives massive blood loss and infection and shock, a blank wall of rock-hard scar tissue with one tiny opening for both menses and urine) ought to rethink. Much may be made of ill effects of male circumcision but there is, to be blunt, no real comparing of the two procedures in terms of what is physically done, and the health repercussion.
    The health complications for women who have been excised are *commonly* life-threatening: not only from infections and catastrophic blood less when or just after the procedure is carried out, but lifelong as a result of the ‘backing up’ of urine and of menses, making the woman prone to chronic pelvic infections and urinary tract and kidney infections, and as a result of difficult or obstructed labours (all the scar tissue prevents the baby from being pushed out easily). There are men who get infections when circumcised, and men who if it is botched may have some problems urinating, but to try to compare the effects on health of the two procedures as if they were similar in magnitude, is …frankly…ridiculous; it’s like pretending that losing the tip of your finger is just as bad as having your whole hand cut off at the wrist. Or that ‘bobbing’ your nose is the same as having it cut off altogether.
    Circumcised men (whatever may be contended about uncircumcised men having it ‘better’) do reach orgasm and seem to have a pretty damn good time – I am married to one, so I *know* – but a woman whose clitoris has been chopped out right down to the root is the equivalent of a man whose penis has been removed..**all** of it. There is no way she is going to feel *anything* down there…except PAIN from all the scarring.
    The male equivalent of clitoral excision – and that is *actually* what is referred to in the ‘Reliance of the Traveller’, the English translator *deliberately* fudged the translation – would be chopping off not just the prepuce but the entire penis right down to the base, since anyone who knows embryology knows that the clitoral structure (of which more is ‘buried’ than is visible – that is *why* the Muslims ‘cut it *out*’, why the cutter digs down into the flesh to get every last bit) corresponds to the whole of the male penis, both shaft and glans.
    So quit complaining, guys, and quit trying to hijack the thread.

  • Max Publius

    First things, great posts on JihadWatch. Second, I had thought you a male all these years. I’m assuming you’re female if you’re married to someone with a penis, although that could be wrong too these days I suppose.
    Last, no one is trying to highjack the thread. Did you read the linked articles? I doubt it. They are from Frontpagemag, one of the strongest counterjihad sites out there, which incidently sponsors JihadWatch, as you know.

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