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A Brief History of Political Correctness and Its Origins


A Guide for the Perplexed:
A brief history of political correctness and its origins.
by Cartes A. Jouer

When I was a student at the International School of Tanganyika in Dar
Es Salaam, Tanzania, in my teenage years, I attended my ‘Humanities’ class that
took place on Tuesday mornings. 
The topic of the day was the ’Industrial Revolution’.  After discussing the historical climate
of how the industrial revolution emerged, my teacher gave a brief overview of
who Karl Marx was and the ideas he had formulated, to explain this monumental
historical event.  She explained to
us that he was the most “profound thinker” whose ideas changed the direction of
history.  He did indeed.  My teacher also noted that his theories
were so complicated that many people easily misunderstand him and warned us to
take his critics with a “grain of salt”. 
I put my hand up and asked my teacher if she would agree that Bolshevism
and Maoism had caused the deaths of millions in their attempt to bring about
Marx’s Utopian ideas to political reality. And that both Lenin and Mao where
avowed Marxists.  It seemed that my
questions made her see red (no pun intended).  Slamming her hand on the desk she lividly responded “But
they were not TRUE Marxists!!”

I am a Canadian University student, born in Africa and raised outside
of Canada, largely in various East African countries and parts of the Middle
East. I attended both British and “International Schools”, the former following
the UK standard curriculum while the latter adheres to the International
Baccalaureate or for short the IB. Just to note, the IB is a recent educational
curriculum that I have discovered is becoming quite popular at the growing
number of private schools that are popping up in Canada and the United States
(and in the West in general). 
These schools are where the middle class (when they can afford it) and
the wealthy send their children to receive an, allegedly, elite education.  What many parents do not know is that
when they send their children to most schools nowadays (both public and private
throughout the Western World) they are indoctrinated with an insidious form of
Marxist education known as ‘Cultural Marxism’ that inculcates students into a
worldview that renders their unable to think critically about any important
intellectual issue in the social sciences, both in the present and the
past.  The west must be thankful
that the sciences are still relatively untouched by this worldview, but that is
also, unfortunately, changing. 
This, however, is another can of worms best put aside for now.

Since the 1960’s, ‘Cultural-Marxism’ has been consistently and ardently
spoon-fed to students from the earliest days of their educational experience.  It has taken over and gradually
dominated western institutions for the last sixty years.  On top of that, it is important to note
that this worldview has now found its way throughout all of the most important
institutions in western societies and is continually making strides to further
its dogmatic agenda.  It is through
the educational system (specifically universities) that this ideology first
made its headway in North America. 
Today it is rampant both in public and private schools.  It is also found throughout most of the
public K-12 education levels and without a doubt most powerfully at the post
secondary level. It has also, unfortunately, found its way into many of the
most important bureaucracies and institutions of western countries, such as the
Police, the Military, and almost all forms of mainstream media.  Political correctness has become the
ideology of an overwhelming majority of the political class, regardless of what
western country would be discussed. 
This is why, for example, in Canada two of the major political parties
(the Liberals, and the NDP) attempt to shape policy guided by political
correctness. In the United States government the Democratic Party, the State
Department, many other government institutions and certain old guard Republican
circles also frame policy motivated by political correctness, or what might
otherwise be called ‘progressive politics’ also known as ‘progressivism’. 

How is it that the children of the rich and the successful of liberal
democracies that live in political orders dedicated to capitalism and
individual liberty are imbibing a Marxist worldview that is dedicated to ending
their way of life?  In order to
understand how and why this is taking place, we must explore the phenomena of ‘Political
Correctness’. To do so we must ask a number of fundamental questions that help
shed light on the history of this dangerous and insidious ideological

1) What is ‘Cultural Marxism’, how does it differ from
‘Economic-Marxism’, and how does its educational dissemination lead to a
‘politically correct’ worldview? 

2) What is its intellectual history?

3) Who were the leading figures responsible for it? 

4) What theories did they each contribute to the success of this

In order to understand the true meaning of the politically correct
frame of mind and how it effects society it is important to examine the
ideological origins that cause individuals, organizations, universities,
government agencies and media outlets to aid and promote it.  ‘Political Correctness’ is a frame of
mind.  Or in other words, it is a
lens through which either individuals or organizations are made to see the
world.  Those who are ‘politically
correct’ must be understood to be under some of the many forms of influence of an
ideological framework called ‘Cultural Marxism’.

The cultural Marxist agenda is single handedly traceable to an
individual by the name of Antonio Gramsci.  Gramsci was an Italian Communist who was disappointed to see
that Bolshevism had failed to sweep across Europe at the end of World War I.  He wrote a book while in prison that
essentially called on dedicated Marxists to change the means by which to
achieve the reality of their socialist-marxist utopian political dream in
western countries.

In his ‘Communist Manifesto,’ Karl
Marx had argued that only when a violent revolution led by the proletariat
(factory workers) who would rise up and kill off the bourgeoisie (factory
owners) could a classless society truly emerge.  He argued that this revolution would take place in
capitalistic industrialized countries (such as England and those like it that
had spearheaded the industrial revolution).  Marx was wrong and the rest is history, at least to those
who are willing to see it.

Gramsci, however, pioneered a new means by which this Cultural
Revolution was to take place.  It
was not by the use of guns and violence, but by education, through which the
gradual erosion of the fundamental ideas that undergird western capitalistic
societies would take place.  Gramsci
and his peers pioneered a new form of “Social Research”.  Ideas that would be under attack by
Gramsci and his followers are those such as the traditional western identity of
the family, marriage, religiosity and sexual norms, just to name a few. Their
goal was to invert the traditions of western societies in order to achieve
their revolution.  Gramsci,
however, is not the only individual responsible for the successful
dissemination of Cultural Marxism; he simply laid down the foundation.  Through the educational institutions,
these cultural Marxists sought to impose orthodoxy of thought and behavior that
is totalitarian in nature.

It is important to understand that there are four major parallels
between classical ‘Economic Marxism’ and ‘Cultural Marxism’.  ‘Cultural Marxism’ (that causes
‘Political Correctness’) shares with ‘Classical Marxism’ the dream of a society
that is “class free” or “classless”, where all are equal in condition, not in
opportunity.   The second
parallel between the two forms of Marxism is that both explain history through
a single lens.  ‘Classical Marxism’
argues that history boils down to those who own the means of production, whereas
‘Cultural Marxism’ argues that certain groups of people have power over
others.  The third parallel is that
both ideologies divide society into two opposing groups:  One group that is morally good, versus
the other that is considered morally evil.  Or in other words, that society is divided between those who
oppress and those who are oppressed.  Finally, in ‘Classical Marxism’ this is expressed in the
distinction between the proletariat (factory workers) and the bourgeoisie
(owners of the means of production).

For ‘Cultural Marxism,’ the distinction is no longer simply class, but
a conflict between the Western Man and the ‘other’ (Muslims, feminists,
homosexuals, natives, Jordanian refugees aka Palestinians …etc), with Western
man being the oppressor and all the other peoples the oppressed.  Binding the two kinds of Marxism at the
deepest level is the authoritarianism they both advocate in order to solve the
alleged social ills they see taking place.  For ‘Economic’ or ‘Classical Marxists,’ it is the violent
overthrow of the capitalists at the hands of the proletariat and the
cold-blooded murder of anyone who opposes their agenda (refer to the history of
Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the purges that took place).  For the ‘Cultural Marxists’ it is the
assumption of the moral authority of those groups that they arbitrarily decide
are “oppressed” and which they advocate and support.  While ‘Cultural-Marxists’ support the allegedly “oppressed”
groups, at the same time they ostracize, demonize, intimidate, often threaten
physically, and engage in vitriolic libel against anyone who disagrees with the
way they see the world.

A most striking example of ‘Cultural Marxism’ at work today is case of
the Muslim American Military Psychologist Nidal Malik Hassan.  On Nov. 5th 2009, at one of the biggest
American Army bases, Fort Hood, Nidal Hasan murdered 13 American servicemen and
women and wounded 29 others while shouting “Allah Hu Akbar”.  Witnesses prior to the event noted that
he was handing out Qurans outside of the local convenience store that he
frequented.  The business owner
submitted security camera recordings that corroborate the statements made by
witnesses.  He was also wearing the
traditional Muslim garb.  These are
actions that many Islamic Jihadists engage in before going on their martyrdom

As the event subsided from public awareness, the head of the
Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano said the following at a press
conference held in the United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi:

“Obviously, we object to — and do not believe — that anti-Muslim
sentiment should emanate from this”. 
She continued to explain that Nidal Hasan was “an individual who does
not, obviously, represent the Muslim Faith”.  Unfortunately her statements could not be further from the
truth. Nidal Hasan was a military psychologist at Fort Hood.  His responsibility was to mentally
prepare soldiers for deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq.  His reputation, however, was a concern
to those who attended his presentations.

A year before Hasan perpetrated the massacre, he gave his classes a
comprehensive presentation on Islamic Law and why American Muslim soldiers
should disobey orders and refuse to be shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan.  In his presentation he explained that
according to Islamic law, Muslims must be faithful to their religion even if
they find themselves under the legal authority of a non-Muslim political
order.  This was confirmed by blogger
and human rights activist Pamela Geller, whose research uncovered the acronym
of “SoA (SWT)” found on Nidal Hasans business card.  The acronym is short for Soldier of Allah, hence the SWT
acronym that follows.  SWT is the
phonetic transliteration of the Arabic invocation that Muslims often say after
uttering the word “Allah”; it means ‘may he be glorified and exalted’.  The presentation, to those who where
familiar enough with Islamic law and the history of Jihad, was essentially Nidal’s
public message to those around him that he was going down the path of other
Jihadis.  It goes without saying
that all the evidence points towards the fact that Nidal was acting pre-meditatively
and in cold blood.  He was motivated
by his devout Muslim conviction to follow the classical understanding of
Islamic Law and to act upon it.

Senior Law Enforcement officials reported that after reviewing Hasan’s
computer and email accounts, it was evident that he had visited numerous
websites that espoused classical Islamic ideas on Jihad and encouraged Muslims
in non-Muslim countries to wage violence against their ‘Kuffar’ (non-Muslim)
oppressors.  Despite this bald fact,
the Obama administration went so far as to deny the true Islamic motivations behind
Nidal’s actions labeling the incident an act of “workplace violence”. And so we
see here a clear example of the case of Nidal Hasan and his Fort Hood massacre as
just one example of the endemic political correctness that has made its way
into the United States military and the Department of Homeland security,
especially under the authority of the Obama administration.

According to the Daily Caller, Obama himself in November 2011 demanded
that all training materials used for and by law enforcement national security
communities that in any way correlated Islam with violent behavior be dropped, so
as to not “offend” Muslims.  After a
discussion with Attorney General Eric Holder, Dwight C. Holton said “I want to
be perfectly clear about this: 
training materials that portray Islam as a religion of violence or with a
tendency towards violence are wrong, they are offensive, and they are contrary
to everything that this president, this attorney general and Department of
Justice stands for.  They will not
be tolerated”. 

With little effort and a simple understanding of the motivation behind
Islamic terrorists, the Fort Hood tragedy could have been averted.  It would have taken a simple examination
of Hasan’s presentation to notice the glaring conflict of interest that existed
by allowing an individual who was publicly a devout Muslim to serve in the
military and who was given immense responsibility, daily access, and authority
over pre-deployment soldiers.

The most important principle that underlies the two systems of
‘Classical Marxism’ and ‘Cultural Marxism’ is an accepted methodology that is
used to “prove” the “truth” of their dogma.  For Economic Marxists, the analysis is strictly economical,
while the Cultural Marxists use what is called the “deconstruction” method of
“critical theory” (simply defined as negative criticism of all they
dislike).  Deconstruction
methodology is the understanding that social inequality comes from specific
social forces that are used to oppress minorities.  The linguistic, sexual, or economic forms of Marxist
analysis are employed to explain the alleged inequality (whether it is the
oppression of women by the nuclear family structure, or Muslims by the alleged
‘islamophobic’ dominant society).

The historical roots of ‘Cultural Marxism’ that is the source of
today’s political correctness emerged from the thinkers that came out of the
Frankfurt school.  It was
originally called the ‘Institute for Social Research,’ founded in Frankfurt
Germany in the year 1923 by Carl Grunberg.  Grunberg was a Marxist professor of Law and Politics at the
University of Vienna, which at the time was an adjunct school to the University
of Frankfurt.  In 1929 Grunberg
retired from the Frankfurt school and handed over its leadership to Max
Horkheimer, who would become an instrumental figure in the future of the
institution.  The school’s earliest
origin goes back to Felix Weil, the son of an industrialist who helped secure massive
private funding from his father. 
This fund was used to found the Institute for Social Research (later to
become the Frankfurt School).

Weil was a young Marxist who studied politics at the University of
Tubingen, then Frankfurt.  As a
student he became enamored by the ideas of Karl Marx and went on to finance the
‘First Marxist Work Week‘ (Erse Marxistische Arbeitswoche), a social club composed
of individuals who all shared a passion for Marxist social research.  These included such later famous
Cultural Marxists such as George Lukacs, Karl Korsch, Herbert Marcuse and
others who would also become leaders in Marxist social theory and contributors
to the Frankfurt school.

The Frankfurt school was the first of its kind in Germany.  It was dedicated to disseminating and
developing a new form of Marxist-oriented research.  Weil, with the help of his father, negotiated with the
Ministry of Education and secured for the institute an official state license
that enabled the institution to be recognized as a formal educational
institution.  Despite their clearly
authoritarian academic agenda, the founders of the school found themselves, at
the beginning of the 1930’s, confronted by the emergence of Hitler’s National
Socialist Party.

Ironically at the same time, the Bolsheviks were already sending
people to the gulag.  So that
historically within the same period two parallel political movements motivated
by socialist ideas began imposing their totalitarian political will.  So under the growing shadow of Nazism,
the founders of the Frankfurt school left Germany and continued their work in
New York City, where they would flourish today, continuing their institutional
agenda dedicated to destroying capitalism by way of the Ivory Tower.

As the Frankfurt school moved across the Atlantic, they made easy
headway throughout the universities of the United States.  They gained the support of their
students, who were too naive to understand the nature of what they were being
taught.  These students who studied
under Frankfurt school professors would later come to fill the teaching jobs in
many of today’s universities.

In the 1930s Western societies had not yet experienced and witnessed
the devastation that political orders inspired by Marxism could cause.  So a group of European academics who
sought asylum from a dictatorial German regime went unnoticed and were allowed
to flourish as academics, and to continue their nefarious work as one of their
most famous proponents, Herbert Marcuse wrote, within the “belly of the
beast”.  Using their new
methodology, the advocates of the new school furiously developed an entire
system of thought that aimed at undermining the entirety of American
traditions.  This system of thought
is known as ‘Critical Theory’ or ‘Deconstruction Methodology’.  It is a synthesis between Marxist
thought and specific social sciences (such as psychology, sociology, history,
anthropology, etc.).

Let us now examine and outline briefly the major founders behind the
Frankfurt School who pioneered ‘Critical Theory,’ and are responsible for its
successful dissemination.  The
following individuals are, in my opinion, the most important of many other
figures that emerged from the Frankfurt school.

1) Antonio Gramsci – An Italian communist who visited the
Soviet Union after the Bolsheviks took power in 1917.  He made the astute observation that a Bolshevik-style
uprising could not succeed in Western countries as it had in Russia, because of
the Christian traditional values that dominated them.  He became the leader of the Italian Communist Party that
eventually led to his imprisonment by Mussolini in the 1930’s.  It was during his imprisonment that he
wrote the ‘Prison Notebooks’.  He
came up with the idea that Marxists must begin a long-term attack on capitalism
and its traditions through the educational system.  Gramsci laid down the foundations that paved the way for the
mass scale re-education of American students.

2) Herbert Marcuse – Like other Frankfurt school founders,
Marcuse came to the United States in the 1930’s to flee from Hitler’s National
Socialism. In 1955 he published a book titled ‘Eros & Civilization’ that
became extremely popular in the counterculture that began in the 1960’s.  He argued that the singular way of
escaping the “one-dimensionality” of the modern industrial society was to
liberate the erotic side of man, the sensuous instinct, in rebellion against
“technological rationality”.  This
“erotic liberation” was to be embodied in what he called the “Great Refusal,”
with which he called students to reject all forms of capitalism and traditional
views of sexuality, because conforming to them was holding them from true
liberation.  He also coined the
phrase “Make Love, Not War”. Clearly he was not a fan of the nuclear family and
the local community so beloved of De Tocqueville.

3) Theodor Adorno – He was an American Marxist revolutionary
and another member of the Frankfurt school to come to the USA in the
1930’s.  Adorno wrote a book titled
the “Authoritarian Personality,” which he published in 1950.  His argument was that there was an
“authoritarian character”.  This
‘character’ was a direct result of capitalism, Christianity, the patriarchal
family and other Western values. 
The grand scheme of Adorno’s message, along with his other
co-conspirators, was to fundamentally rearrange the values of Western nations
so that school children and youth would become walking mouthpieces of the
Frankfurt school revolutionary characters, thereby bringing about the new man.

4) Eric Fromm – Like many other Frankfurt school characters,
Fromm also ended up crossing the Atlantic to flee from national socialism.  He published a book in 1941 titled
‘Escape From Freedom’.  It is
similar to WIllhelm Reich’s (another Frankfurt school personality) book titled
‘The Mass Psychology of Fascism’. 
They both go hand in hand. 
In ‘Escape From Freedom’ Fromm argued that capitalism resulted in a
society that emulated Calvin’s Theory of Predestination that reflected the idea
of the natural inequality of men that the Nazis revived in full force in their
ideology.  Fromm argued that the
authoritarian character experiences only domination or submission and that
“differences, whether sex or race, to him are necessarily of superiority or

Fromm also argued that ‘Positive Freedom’ suggests the idea that there
is no higher power than the unique individual being; and that man is the center
and purpose of life; the growth and understanding of man’s individuality is an
end that can be subjected to purposes that are supposed to have greater
dignity.  The true meaning of ‘Positive
Freedom’ for Fromm is clarified in his other book ‘The Dogma of Christ’.  In it he defines a revolutionary
character such as himself as the man who has freed himself from the ties of
blood and soil (nationalism), his mother and father (family bonds) and other
loyalties to the state, party or religion.  His revolutionary goal is clear in ‘The Dogma of Christ’ when
he says that “we might define revolution in a psychological sense, saying that
a revolution is a political movement led by people with revolutionary
characters, and attractive people with revolutionary characters”.

The brief outline of the aforementioned cultural Marxists clearly
shows that their intent was singular and well planned.  It should come as no surprise to see
their ideas embodied in the postsecondary educational institutions. If one were
to examine the curriculum of every major Ivy League or non-Ivy League university’s
social science departments, one would see the overabundance and dominance of
the deconstructionists and their adherents.

Here are a few examples of educators who teach at the top universities
in the United States and around the world, illustrating the utter dominance of
the cultural Marxist agenda throughout the social sciences and universities:

In 2008, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation handed a ‘Distinguished
achievement award’ to Judith Butler.  This award is valued at approximately
$1.5 million dollars for her “significant contribution to humanistic
inquiry”.  What exactly has she
contributed to ‘humanistic inquiry’? 
She is one of the leading gender deconstructionists, arguing that Gender
is simply a western social construct that is coercively imposed on the majority
of the population to maintain the hegemony of Western social norms.  She argues that these Western norms
constantly attempt and succeed in commoditizing women’s sexuality, as an object
to capitalize upon for profit.  A
perfect example of her naïve and dangerous intellectual influence that is in perfect
congruence with the ‘cultural marxist’ agenda is her rationalization of the burka.  It is form of Muslim garb that Muslim women are forced to
wear in order to maintain their ‘honor’. 
Here is what Judith Butler believes the burka truly means:

“But in actuality, the burka … can be a sign of private faith; it can
be a way of signifying a certain belonging to a community; the burka can be a
way of negotiating shame and sexuality in a public sphere, or preserving a
woman’s honor, and even a way of resisting certain western modes of dress that
signify a full encroachment of fashion and commodity dress that signifies the
[western] cultural efforts to efface
Islamic practice”.

Butler has one thing right in her understanding of the Burka.  Ironically, however, she reverses the
meaning behind its significance. 
It is a protest against
western norms.  But the alleged
protest is not a choice and definitely does not
in any way signify the freedom she believes women who wears it in actuality
have.  In every Muslim country
(that is a country that has Sharia Law as its legal framework) if any woman,
Muslim or non-Muslim, voluntarily choses not to wear it, she puts herself in
harm’s way and could expect to be legally and most cruelly physically punished
for not wearing it.  That is why
when western female journalists or politicians travel to Muslim countries, they
almost always wear some form of head cover, so as to not ‘offend’ their host
countries.  It is tragic to think
that Butler was the recipient of 1.5 million dollars.  A more productive and humane use of the money she received
could have been to help pay for the medical treatment of the thousands of
female victims of acid attacks in Afghanistan who simply tried to live life
freely and make choices for themselves. 
It is not surprising that Judith Butler has rationalized the oppression that
those innocent Afghani women face in their day-to-day lives.

Unfortunately, Judith Butler is not an anomaly or a minority in the
academic world of the arts and science in western higher education.  There are thousands upon thousands (and
that is a conservative value) of examples that are similar in nature.  Just a brief google search on the
following names will suffice as examples:

Note: These examples come from an authoritative book titled ‘The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous
Academics in America’
written by David Horowitz (a former Marxist) on
progressive educators in Western academia.

  • Professor
    M. Shahid Alam [Northeastern University]
    • An Economics professor.
    •  Compares the 9/11 terrorists to the Founding Fathers of the
      American Revolution arguing that both ideologies have equal moral grounds to
      die for their way of life.
    • Argues that Al Qaeda’s Jihad is a
      defensive response to Western aggression against the Muslim world.
  • Professor
    Hamid Algar [University of California, Berkeley]
    • A professor specializing in
      Islamic/Persian studies. 
    • Is a supporter of the Iranian
      Revolution (1979).
    • Argues that the war on terror is an
      imperialistic American agenda.
  • Professor
    Lisa Anderson [Colombia University]
    • A professor of Political Science.
    • Also argues that America’s war in
      Iraq and Afghanistan are acts of unprovoked aggression.
    • Ignores the crimes committed by the
      Taliban against its own people in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda’s in Iraq. 

 These are just the tiny tip of an iceberg that in today’s western
academia is unfortunately gigantic. 
For the rest of the list please refer to Horowitz’s excellent book, ‘The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous
Academics in America’

With that said, it should not be surprising that there are, by now, generations
of students who since the 1960’s have been sent to universities by their
parents and return hating the very way of life they grew up in.  It has come to the point where the
deconstructionists have made such headway that the their educational paradigm has
reached even the level of kindergarten.  In most urban kindergartens in North America, one will not be
surprised to see the rainbow flag sticker on the front door (the symbol for so
called ‘safe places for Homosexuals).  If one does not see what is problematic with that scenario,
one should consider if is it really appropriate for any form of sexuality to be
discussed and taught to pre-adolescents. 
Books grace the shelves in which children learn about the “normal”
homosexual disposition at the youngest age.  I could give reams of examples and excerpts from a broad
range of educational materials across the Anglosphere, but my goal in this
piece is simply to alert the reader to the ideological origins and attitudes of
the intellectual founders of “political correctness’.  Hopefully this article will be used as a starting point for
those whose curiosity has been sparked by the information contained herein.

This is what they want to destroy, and they say so: the nuclear
family, the moral authority of the Judeo Christian ethic, monogamy, freedom of
speech, the validity of the American Constitution, English common law, the free
market and representative democracy.  I am not making this up. You can find it amply illustrated in
their writings. Despite the myriad differences between the two candidates in
the upcoming American election, after you look carefully one can be sure that
one of them is a cultural Marxist who studied with adherents of the Frankfurt
school, and it is not Mitt Romney.  About this you should not be perplexed.

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UPDATE: "Breaking
News: On Aug 30th 2012, Judith Butler wins prestigious award in Germany
(of all places). 

In complete congruence to the 'Cultural Marxist'

Judith Butler just won another prestigious award in
Germany (of all Places).  Ironically the award is named the 'Theodor
Adorno Prize' .. He is one of the four deconstructionists that was
discussed the above article.  The
timing is almost providential !!  Interestingly though, it seems Adorno
expressed his public support for Israel in the period of the 6 Day War. 
The fact that he did not foresee that his own academic ideas would be
used to undermine the State of Israel and also forward the 'cultural
marxist' agenda for generations in to the future, is no excuse to be
sympathetic to him, despite his public support for the endangered Jewish

  • Alain

    What a perfect description! I must say this is the best summary of the situation I have seen.

  • RCCA

    I think your broad and far reaching essay somehow becomes overly concerned about homosexuals and fails to acknowledge that many homosexuals are private business owners, some are even Republicans, and they are patriotic Americans regardless of political party. Because some academics like Judith Butler want to examine gender as a project of “cultural Marxism,” as you call it and deconstruct it, does not mean that all or any living individuals are actually defined by arcane academic concepts. There is nothing anti-American or contrary to Christian/Judeo ethics about LGBT rights, especially since the US Constitution guarantees the separation of church and state, you are free to interpret the Scriptures as you wish, and all citizens are expected to abide by the law.
    Some intellectuals like Judith Butler are completely out of touch with reality, but their intellectual activities do have some value because they stimulate people’s thinking, for instance about identity and what gender is. There is something liberating and beneficial about deconstructing those absolute gender roles as they have been passed down, and questioning people’s phobias and prejudices about homosexuality as well.
    One final minor point, the jihadi Major Hasan is a psychiatrist, not a psychologist as you mentioned.

  • @Alain, Thank you for the comment. Much appreciated !!
    @RCCA ..
    With all due respect my friend, out of 5000 words I used the word ‘homosexual’ 3 times in 2 different paragraphs where the context was most important and necessary to discuss (in light of the ‘Cultural Marxist’ Agenda which you insinuate does not exist .. shown by your quotation signs that wrap the words as such > “Cultural Marxist”)
    Your comment ignores any of the main issues I brought up in the article and is dedicated in smearing me as a homophobe who denies basic human rights to gay people by criticizing the LGBT rights movement .. of which there is MUCH to criticize.
    In your comment there are only two points I will respond to. Your comment suggests that:
    A. If I do not accept LGBT rights and what they advocate I am a homophobe that dehumanizes homosexuals.
    B. You begin to say that Judith Butler is indeed “completely out of touch with reality”. But then contradict yourself in saying that her ideas have value because they “stimulate peoples thinking” about gender identity and its meaning.
    Ironically you blame me for becoming “overly concerned” about homosexuality when almost your entire response is dedicated to the subject. Seems like I hit a nerve there. I never denied or attempted to deny the fact that there are homosexuals who are hard working, successful, private business owners, Republicans and patriots. I do know, however, that republican men are far less likely to be gay than men who vote democrat this is an undeniable fact (In the homosexual community the vote swing goes as such .. upwards of 80% vote democrat whereas 20% vote republican as seen in the 2004 presidential election). It is a tragic one albeit .. with exception to GOProud there are VERY VERY few homosexual organizations that ally themselves with conservative/patriotic political movements. Most buy into the socialist (liberal) politically correct agenda.
    Also, I did not go into the details of it in this essay but there is, unfortunately, an aspect of homosexual behavior that goes against the Judeo/Christian ethic. Hence both Religious systems (Judaism and Christianity) try to discourage their adherents from engaging in homosexual behavior. Pederasty is law abiding but not moral, that form of sexual relationship is endemic within the gay community and in no way should be encouraged.
    If you cannot see the contradiction in your own words then there is not much else I can say to you except thank you for the comment. Best of luck.
    And on a final note, ‘Cultural Marxism’ is not an arcane academic concept .. it thrives in almost every major educational institution social sciences department in the West.

  • rhcrest

    Great article Carter! I went to BU back in the 80’s and became somewhat brainwashed by cultural marxism, especially concerning feminism – i am a woman. However, thanks to Barack Insane Obama, I started being interested in politics and started voraciously reading all sorts of things, mostly on the net, and now am a staunch conservative and not afraid to be un PC. I know who these people are and will fight them at every turn. And i will not let my children become indoctrinated with their garbage. They are school age now and every day i ask them what liberal garbage they learned at school today and then i set them straight. Education begins at home.

  • Pumba

    You deliberately misinterpreted Butler’s statements about the Burka, which are a lot more watertight than you may have thought (no pun intented).
    Even in secular countries, like Turkey and many EU states, it has become hip for young Muslim women to wear head coverings as a sign of political protest.
    At Universities in Turkey, where one is not allowed to cover one’s hair, some women do so anyhow in order to fight for their religious freedom.
    A family friend of mine in Germany, a Muslim-German girl who wore miniskirts last summer, has now decided to start wearing a headscarf and dressing in an orthodox muslim fashion. I’m not sure why she does it, but I assure you that it isn’t because she is being forced to by anyone… perhaps she just wants to spite people like you, who assume the worst about muslims?
    It seems to me like all that Butler was saying was, that it ‘can’ be a positive and spiritual to wear a burka, which I would have to agree with… just like starving yourself, nailing yourself to a cross, etc, can probably feel pretty spiritual to some people. Who am I to judge? And who are you?
    I know who you aren’t… someone who gets money for their writing… and there’s a reason for that… do you know what it is?

  • Madeleine

    How does one nail themselves to a cross? Muslims during Ramadon starve themselves all day long.

  • Arjun

    These cultural marxists are also hostile to other non-Muslims, non-Christians, non-whites. You will see when there is a conflict between Muslims and Hindus, or Muslims and Buddhists in Asia, they always take the Muslim’s side. Communists and Socialists in India have re-written the Indian history books to white wash the atrocities of Islamic imperialism and Hindu genocide (completely removed), and make it seem Islam only spread by hippie Sufis. Sufis by the way were not in reality hippies but mystical fanatics who also believed in jihad and subjugation of the infidel and destruction of infidel houses of worship.

  • Most people are unaware of PC and Cultural Marxism.
    These diseases are becoming part of our daily lifes and nobody
    is talking about them.
    I am spreading articles like this so we can fight the MSM, Academia and Governments.
    The Left is the Evil.
    Time is running out.

  • Andy

    the Philipino Catholics I’m referring to obviously don’t hammer the nails in themselves but have their priests do it for them, thats not the point. Sure, muslims fast during ramadan, but virtually all religions have fasting traditions. All religions have extreme followers who follow varying forms of extreme worship. Cultural Marxists defend Islam over all other religions? People like you mess with Islam over all other religions, lol. I’m sure that if people like you stopped picking only on Islam then people who want spirituality to be evaluated with honesty would move on to another topic too.

  • Madeleine

    Muslims have extreme fasting traditions. A whole month really? Then in the night they pig out like slobs. I am waiting for the other religions to drive planes, in the name of their god, into high rise buildings, so you can be right.
    I have yet to see a Christian or Jew covered from head to toe in a black sack while on the beach in 90 degree weather.
    I have lived here in New York my entire life and have yet to hear of a Christian or Jew beheaded by their husband in the name of honor.
    It’s illegal here in the USA to marry someone under the age of 18. I just spoke to a palestinian woman of 7 children the other day whose husband married her at 16, they were cousins.
    This is not spirituality, this Islam cult is dedicated to the oppression and subjugation of woman. As a western woman, and mother, you better believe that I will “mess” with Islam over all other religions when it comes here to the USA and makes a loud and annoying and often dangerous and ugly demonstration like it’s their job.
    It’s 2012, heck even OBAMA’S message is FORWARD ironically. Not backward, which is what Islam is… A backward 13 to 14 century oppressive cult.

  • Andy

    whoa, why you so angry?
    is it a crime to pig out? Cause if so, then we’re all criminals. Or is fasting for a month a crime? Cause Jesus did that in the desert.
    Show me where in the Quoran it says that Muslims should fly planes into high rise buildings? Show me where in the Bible it says that Christians should execute 77 left wing children because of a “Christian war to defend Europe from the Muslims”, as Anders Breivik did? Nowhere, because crazy people and criminals will use any excuse to defend their actions, and religion, unfortunately is a popular excuse.
    yeah, I think its funny too that someone would go to the beach dressed like that, but to tell you the truth, that woman has the right to take her children to the beach if she wants to, and by judging her for the way she is dressed, you’re just making her life more difficult.
    Who was beheaded in the name of honor? You’re making that up. Don’t get me wrong, honor killings do happen from time to time, but Muslims don’t commit any more or worse crimes than Christians and Jews do. Just look around the internet with honesty, and you’ll see.
    And uhm, no, its not illegal in the US to marry someone under the age of 18… Courtney Stodden, 16, Doug Hutchison, 51. Admit it, you just need someone to demonize, but actually have no clue.
    Islam is not a cult that is dedicated to the oppression and subjugation of women, it is one of the three Abrahamic religions, along with Judaism and Christianity. The Quoran tells and accepts and teaches the stories from the Torah (such as the one of Adam and Eve) and from the New Testament (Jesus is a prophet of God in Islam).
    Maam, as a western woman, and a mother, you should try and represent the good in the world and not the hateful and angry, so that things can get better for everyone.

  • Madeleine

    It’s known as glutteny. So if these people are so spiritual, glutteny is one of the seven deadly sins, just so you know. Fasting for a month is not supposed to be advertized, the Lord wants your humiliation to be between him and you, that’s it.
    Muslims advertize it.
    I don’t need to show you it in the koran, Soldiers of Allah did it in the year 2001 on 9/11, a date in American history that people like you wish you could wash away with your famous mantra of “everything is relative” BULL!
    Anders Brevik is your go to guy for moral relativism, why didn’t you choose the
    tired Tim McVeigh, too overdone for ya?
    It’s funny, and she has a right? Did it ever occur to you that she has no rights?
    I didn’t speak to the woman, I pitty someone so oppressed in 90 degree weather who is covered from head to toe.
    Yes, you’re right, I made it up. I spend my life trying so hard to find fault with Muslims so I lie about a man from upstate New York, owner of a Muslim TV station who beheaded his wife in cold blooded murder. You got me, that’s what I love to do.
    It’s called statutory rape Pumba.
    The fact that you believe this stuff proves to me just how possessed you are, and that I am bothering to engage YOU is just making your life more difficult.
    Truth is for some extremely uncomfortable.
    Hate is an appropriate response to anything that I dislike intensely. Things will get better when evil is not considered ever again. When evil is given consideration, the world is a dark and frightening place. I will always hate evil.

  • Andy

    actually its known as gluttony, not glutteny, and although its one of the seven deadly sins (which is Christian and not Muslim, so you can’t expect them to follow it any more than you can expect Buddhists or Taoists to), even Christians engage in it whenever they order a super sized meal at MacDonalds. And thats ok, whatever. Some subsects and inividuals in Christianity self flaggelate (like the Opus Dei), or engage in polygamy with minors (The Mormons), or wage religious wars and kill children…
    Soldiers of Allah? Just because they say they were, that doesn’t make them soldiers of God. Do you know how many people have called themselves soldiers of God throughout history and done horrible things? That doesn’t mean that they are soldiers of God or represent their religion.
    I mentioned Breivik because Tim McVeigh didn’t claim to have done what he did for Christianity, and Breivik did… 77 children Madeleine… children…
    Of course she has rights, don’t be ridiculous. If she had no rights, she wouldn’t be living it up at the beach. She just happens to be extremely religious and to have married an extremely religious man. And if she’s depressed, its because you were staring at her and shaking your self righteous head.
    That guy from upstate New York wasn’t a practicing Muslim. Apparently his wife was more religious than he was. He just went crazy. And where’s your outrage about all the other murders that happened in New York that year? Some of them just as gruesome and also involving female victims? They far outnumber the ones committed by Muslims.
    No its not called statutory rape. In the states, its not illegal to marry someone under 18. Are you sure that you’re from the states? Look up Courtney Stodden, there’s plenty of interviews of her on E entertainment and other shows, plenty of pictures of her on magazine covers. She actually got famous for being a child bride, lol.
    No, you’re not making my life difficult, I used to argue with people all day long about this kind of stuff, but now there’s just a few people left who share your views and so discussion partners are becoming scarce. Thank you : )
    Yes, the truth can be extremely uncomfortable. I think you have felt uncomfortable a lot, haven’t you?
    Yes, I hate evil too. But this isn’t star wars or the lord of the rings hon. There’s no good side and no bad side. The only thing we have to guide us is what modes of operating have brought us forward in the past and which have brought us backwards. Thinking the way you do (closed off and hateful) has brought us backwards in the past, and thinking like I do has brought us forwards. I’m sorry… thats just the way it is.
    And I’m not a moral relativist. Some ideas are more beneficial than others. Beneficial ideas that will surely further the human race are: democracy, freedom of speech, gender equity, multi culturalism, secularism. Ideas that threaten to bring the human race back to the dark ages are: totalitarianism, censorship, the abolishment of racial and gender equity, and religious fanaticism. By suggesting the imposition of your own “Madeleinean” (lol) personal religious views on Muslims, you’re not being part of the solution, you’re being part of the problem. The main reason that women have become emancipated in the West over the last 60 years or so (not long at all yet is it?) has been modernity, which was ushered in by the Industrial Revolution and led to higher standards of living and education, and thus a move away from traditional values and a move towards secularism and individualism. You are championing against secularism even though you are saying that you are for secularism, and you are championing against individualism by suggesting that Muslims do as you say. I say, lets do what has worked in the past… be their friend, lead by example, educate them and trade with them…
    Pumba out

  • Morty62

    Nice overview. But I did want to point out that Frankfurt School Critical theory is very distinct from deconstuction, the invention of Jacques Derrida in the late sixties. The Frankfurt School is thoroughly Modernist in its approach, believing in human autonomy and agency. The goal of the Frankfurt School theorists, misguided as it was, was to guide man towards a new, more authentic mode of being. They were trying to destroy Western tradition in order to create a new, revolutionary man who would be open to the values they saw as necessary in order to develop an egalitarian Utopia. Basically, it was a new wineskins for new wine approach. The postmodernists and deconstructionists want nothing to do with that project. They are more interested in textual analysis and in ferreting out contradictions within existing narratives, not to get to some deeper “truth” but to show that truth doesn’t exist. They are nihilists and radical relativists, not revolutionaries. true, their project does dovetail in places with the Frankfurt School Marxists. But that is mostly because both are trying to show the bankrutcy of the existing order and the foundations on which it claims to rest. Theoretically speaking, the postmodernists, Lyotard, Baudrillard, Derrida, have nothing in common with Marcuse, Fromm or Adorno. I point this out because I do notice that many on the right conflate the two movements fairly regularly, which opens one up to criticism.

  • @Pumba
    You cannot simply accuse someone of misinterpreting another persons words and then give no example or explanation of how. That being said I actually did not miss-interpret her words at all. She subtly uses the so called ‘religious freedom’ of Muslim women who supposedly ‘chose’ to wear the Burka in the west to attack western sexual norms and ways of life.
    Ironically women in the west who are muslim who tote the Burka/Niqab/Hijab or other muslim garb do so for two reasons:
    a. They wear it as a public form of protest against Western social norms. Also part of this is the superficiality of their ‘modesty’. When muslim women chose to wear it in western countries they do so because they believe themselves to be morally superior to the Non-Muslim women who do not.
    b. Many muslim women in western countries actually DO NOT CHOSE TO WEAR it. They face immense social pressure from within their family and community to do so and fear the consequences of not abiding by their communities standards. That is why many muslim women in the west live DOUBLE LIVES. Many muslim women take off the garb when they are away from their families and communities. How do I know this? BECAUSE I SOCIALIZE WITH MUSLIM WOMEN WHO MAKE THOSE CHOICES. When they are at school and are surrounded by mostly Western people their fear subsides and they take off the garb and enjoy the freedom of the western way of life. If you don’t accept the facts I present to you, please take it upon yourself to read about the Honor Murders perpetrated by Muslims WITHIN Western countries .. you will see when reading the accounts of the victims (who are always women in their teens or early adulthood that wanted to live non-muslim secular lives) that these girls lived double lives and feared their immediate family and community doing everything they can to avoid being caught living a western life.
    Now you also claim that in Turkey it is becoming “hip” for women to wear the burka again? Yea just like its “Hip” in Saudi-Arabia for women to live an Gender segregated cities because it allows them to be more EFFICIENT domestically. What a joke. You also claim that Turkey is a secular country? Unless you seriously believe this you must also be joking. But let me explain to you that it is evident you have no idea what is going on in Turkey. It is no longer a secular country anymore. Ever since Recep Tayyip Erdoğan came to power on the 14th March 2003 Turkey has been spiraling back towards its former Islamic nature (he has publicly admitted to being a member of the Iqwan or Muslim Brotherhood. An organization that was created directly in response to the abolition of the Caliphate after the Ottomans lost in WWI so that it can be re-established). All the reforms Kemal Atatürk initiated that brought about Turkey’s modernization and prosperity are being and have been reversed. Secondly, despite the secular nature of Turkey till the last decade. Turkish society has always had the abominable instances of Child Marriage condoned by Islam and practiced throughout the Muslim world. Ironically you paint Turkey to be a bastion of egalitarianism and secularity which it is neither. You equate it with the true secular states of Europe (that, unfortunately, will eventually end as well since EU has let in millions of Muslim immigrants) but you are wrong and clearly a Muslim who is rationalizing the barbarity of your civilization. Good luck to you.
    So my friend, it is not I who is engaging in sophistry and lies it is you.

  • Madeleine

    Thanks for the Monday morning quarterbacking of my spelling, when in doubt, make a rub about someones spelling. Another old and tired practice from self loathers.
    You assume a lot. In your first reply you stated she brought children with her. In your second reply you state that I stared at her and made her depressed. And that she was living it up on the beach. Someone dressed from head to toe in black on a 90 degree day isn’t “living it up on the beach” PUMBA. Holy Mackerel! That one sentence ANDY, proves EVERYTHING I have been saying.
    The guy wasn’t a practicing Muslim? Suddenly you know whom I’m talking about?
    I thought I made the guy up Pumba? Now you’re an expert about him because you did a google search? Sorry, I live here in New York, and when this story broke. The guy is so Muslim that he opened a Muslim TV station called Bridges. His own children testified against him. But as usual, when in doubt, just lie. Taquia or Tacquia, or just full of shit! He didn’t just flip out and cut off his wifes head.
    By the way, it’s statutory rape alright. Ever watch a program called Dateline?
    Well google search this PUMBA “Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen catches an Egyptian Muslim predator trying to seduce a 13-year-old girl”. watch the video of this Muslim pig. I wish I was there to kick his gross teeth in. Keep it in your neck of the woods. You’re right, here in the USA we have enough of our own sick in the head low life scum, we don’t need to invite and welcome yours too. Tim McVeigh by the way has been labled over and over again as a Christian domestic terrorist, your google fingers need to dig deeper.
    This is the year 2012 PUMBA. Stick with the past 50 years,I can relate to that.
    I’m not here to have a discussion about history. I am worried about the here and now. In the years since 9/11, muslims are responsible for over 19,000 Islamic attacks.
    My country is slowly being invaded by people who like to call themselves the religion of peace. They come here, spread out, put up Mosques (recruitment stations) and think dogs are dirty.
    Is it also going to be hip to get a clitorectomy too? It’s all the fashion.
    Don’t worry I know that you just can’t wrap around your head how vile and scary and rotten evil to the core this sick religion is. Your Mohammed was a child rapist.
    It’s gross.

  • Louis Gamber

    We are living in a dictatorship now!

    There is NO FREE SPEECH allowed on fakebook

    This is treason and calls for bullets in
    the head!

  • Louis Gamber

    America is WAKING UP!
    Pick the BEAUTY? Spot the Ugly!

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