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Workplace jihad: Muslima sues Disney over hijab


Disney Headscarf_ Muslim Employee Suing Disney Over Right to Wear Headscarf - ktla.com_1344867159510
A Muslim woman who worked as a hostess at a Disneyland restaurant is suing Disney. Imane Boudlal wears the traditional headscarf, or hijab, but the garment violates Disney’s dress code. Disney offered up a compromise hat for her to wear, but Boudlal refused, of course. It’s not about hijab; otherwise that cute cowboy hat would be fine (everyone on the floor at Disney wears costumes). It’s about imposing Islam on the secular marketplace.

Notice how Islamic supremacists always target and sue American icons — Disney, Wal-mart, Target, Heinz, Hertz, et al.

And in all these cases, the company bends over backwards to accommodate these supremacist demands. But that’s always taken as a sign of weakness, and accommodation gives way to more demands.

…”The Constitution tells me I can be Muslim, and I can wear the head scarf. Who is Disney to tell me I cannot?”…

Then don’t work at Disney. It’s just that sinple.

“Former Hostess Suing Disney Over Right to Wear Hijab” KTLA August 13, 2012

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — A Muslim woman who worked as a hostess at a Disneyland restaurant is suing Disney, claiming the company wouldn’t let her appear in front of guests while wearing her headscarf.

It’s a dispute that’s been going on for about two years, but now the American Civil Liberties Union is getting involved.

It all started in August 2010 when Imane Boudlal, a Morocco-born U.S. citizen, worked at the Storyteller Cafe in Disney’s Grand California Hotel.

Boudlal wears the traditional headscarf, or hijab, but Disney said the garment didn’t comply with its strict dress code.

Disney offered up a compromise hat for her to wear, but Boudlal said it made her look like a joke.

“The hat makes a joke of my religion and draws even more attention to me,” Boudlal told KTLA at the time.

“It’s unacceptable. They don’t want me to look Muslim. They just don’t want the head covering to look like a hijab.”

Boudlal had worked at the resort for two and a half years, but only realized she could wear her hijab to work after studying for her U.S. citizenship exam.

She became a citizen in June 2010, and decided to challenge the Disney dress code a couple months later, on August 15. When she wore her headscarf to work, Boudlal says she was told to take it off, work in the back where customers couldn’t see her or go home.

She chose to go home, but reported to work for the next two days and was told the same thing.

Boudlal subsequently filed a complaint against Disney with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In a prepared statement, Disney spokeswoman Suzi Brown said the company “values diversity and has a long-standing policy against discrimination of any kind.”

“Typically, somebody in an on-stage position like hers wouldn’t wear something like that, that’s not part of the costume,” Brown said.

“We were trying to accommodate her with a backstage position that would allow her to work. We gave her a couple of different options and she chose not to take those.”

But Boudlal maintains that wearing a headscarf is her constitutional right.

“My scarf doesn’t do anything to harm Disney or the guests,” she told KTLA.

“The Constitution tells me I can be Muslim, and I can wear the head scarf. Who is Disney to tell me I cannot?”

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  • Quran 4-101

    Their fault for hiring a muslim. I say let them get sued and I hope they lose millions over it, it’ll hopefully finally set an example: don’t hire muslims.

  • bigunk

    The scarf DOES do harm to Disney and its guests. It allows the public to see, in stark relief, that muslims think they set the rules and nobody else gets a say.

  • Mulder

    Their fault for hiring a muslim. I say let them get sued and I hope they lose millions over it, it’ll hopefully finally set an example: don’t hire muslims.
    You took the words off of my keypad.
    There’s ZERO upside in hiring one. If I had a business, I wouldn’t employ any of them.
    As Pam as pointed out, when hired by these companies, they DEMAND the right to breaks so they can pray 5 times a day. They don’t get or demand that time at companies in their countries.

  • MItch

    I’m sure that Eric Holder and Obutthead will figure out a way to impose Muslim hiring quotas on American companies as part of their economy-destruction policy. Just wait.

  • Haven’t we had this fight before and the Islamo-fascists lose!

  • Wearing the hijab is not a requirement in the Quran (See Surah 24:31), but the hijab began to be used as a gang symbol in the 1975 Lebanese civil war. Would Disney be sued if some Crips wanted to wear cut-off gang pants or if Democrats or Republicans wanted to wear campaign shirts while working a the resort? Guests at the resort have a right to be protected from such in-your-face political statements. This lawsuit is a shake-down of a deep pockets employer for a political agenda. The contempt some Muslim attorneys have for U.S. laws was revealed in a 2008 fatway by the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America that insisted, among other things, that Muslims be hostile to the courts which use man-made laws and to have hatred in their hearts for the courts. (Source: )

  • Laurie

    The muslims are “heaven bent” pun intended, with their plethora of virgins, to overtake the entire globe with their backwards view on life. How would muslim men like walking around like a ghost all day? They should wear chastity belts if they cant control themselves! I am soooooo thrilled to see others see this Barac Houssein Obamma stealthy attempt to weasel Islam and the muslim brotherhood into the country! OBAMA MUST GO, OMG!

  • Patti

    Totally agree with Laurie!

  • I laugh when I read asinine Islamaphobes claim, “….they DEMAND the right to breaks so they can pray 5 times a day. They don’t get or demand that time at companies in their countries”.
    First & foremost, no one works a 24-hour shift. The first of the 5 prayers is just before sunrise (times vary) and the 5th prayer is almost 10 pm. At most, any employee would only have to arrange to take a break 2 – 3 times (for periods of 5 – 10 minutes) during later shifts; once during earlier shifts. For example, I prayer fajr this morning, came to work,I’ll pray again ~1:15 and my 3’rd prayer (asr'” just after 5). And since I’m fasting for Ramadan, I’m not taking lunch breaks, so me stepping away for prayer is a benefit to my employer!
    Secondly, in regards to Muslim “get or demand that time at companies in their countries”, you’re wrong….AGAIN!!  In Islamic countries, all businesses shut down when the athan is called (the call to prayer). They don’t have to ask. In fact, their supervisors would be locking them in the shops as their beatin’ feet to head out to the mosque, themselves!
    But thanks for showing that the ignorance of the Islamaphobes is still prevalent.

  • InfidelForLife

    The 3 (sole) inventions of Islam: provoking, whining, violence. A track record to be truly proud of.

  • allahobama

    “SINple” EXCELLENT!!!

  • alyn21

    Disney has a dress code. It has always existed. Unless the muslims can prove that the dress code was somehow specifically designed to discriminate against them then it cannot be called discrimination.
    The fact that Disney even tried to accommodate this woman’s demands is further proof of their lack of discrimination policy.
    Dress codes have existed in offices and other public institutions long before we had the muslim problem.
    So lady, either get with the program or go elsewhere, (preferably another muslim country).

  • Kufar Dawg

    “The Constitution tells me I can be Muslim, and I can wear the head scarf. Who is Disney to tell me I cannot?”
    The Constitution might say you can wear a bikini, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to wear it at Disneyland does it?

  • Jamadagnii

    The Constitution says that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, which also means that no one can force Disney to be Islamic compliant. Right?

  • Lysy

    that bitch should be sent back to the desert where she will go back to milking f’n goats and delivering a new terrorist every single year !
    I am sick of this sh.. !!!

  • Lysy

    …”My scarf doesn’t do anything to harm Disney or the guests,” she told KTLA….
    WRONG !!!! It scares the SH… out of me! There is a Walmart in my town where the muslimas in ‘shmatas’ work…I stoped shopping there FOR THAT REASON, I drive 15 extra miles to do my shoping.

  • jerry Hill

    its our fault, not guiding the court system into a direction that dissuades this sort of legal manauver. How do we change the system so that frivolous lawsuits are not part of the courts purveyence? I ask anyone??

  • Linda Rivera

    Daily, I am unable to forget, with very great bitterness, that non-Muslims – Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and others suffer terrible atrocities and very severe persecution in majority Muslim countries. But instead of importing these horribly persecuted non-Muslims, who live in daily fear of Muslims, the UN Agency and our Western countries have imported many millions of Islam’s foot soldiers who are dedicated to obey the command in the Quran to wage jihad and conquer all nations.
    God will judge our leaders.

  • Laminin Cross

    Again, don’t immigrate if you are not willing to assimilate.

  • Gleaner1

    We had this nonsense in a hairdressers a few years back, baghead took the owner to court for REFUSING her a job. As for prayer breaks, my motto is “in your own time Abdul”, I pay you for 8 hours work generating revenue and or giving a service, I expect 8 hours work out of you-NO debate.

  • Cate

    One more reason why employers should NEVER hire muzzies for any reason. I won’t work with them, hire them, go their stores or restaurants, or spend ANY money that would benefit them. And I make that a point, no matter where I am.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Disney is not interfering with her practice of religion.
    But business establishments can have dress/hair/smoking/makeup/jewelry codes if the business demands it.
    Her hijab would be the same as a jew wearing a GIANT star of David or a Christian wearing a GIANT cross. It isn’t part of the costume, and to work for Disney you wear a costume. She doesn’t want to wear a costume. Okay. She doesn’t have to work there.

  • Louise

    OK … so is this the new plan? Get a visa to the USA … work for awhile … apply for citizenship … then “suddenly” decide that you might be able to get some big bucks if you sue for discrimination. Anyone want to take up a collection for a one-way ticket to Morocco? People who are looking for a better life and are willing to work for it should be welcome … people who want to change our culture or who come for freebies should be booted out. Haven’t checked Morocco yet but Saudi Arabia won’t let women drive … and won’t allow visitors to bring the Bible or other religious books with them. So, to you folks from other countries … if you don’t like it here, please leave but don’t expect us to change our ways for yours.

  • Asha108

    The whining muslima should take a boat and go back to an Islamic hellhole like Pakistan, and embrace Hindus who want to wear a bindi and sari publicly.

  • The odd thing about the the head dress is Mohammad never said a woman needs to cover her head, face or hair. He said all women should dress in a modest way. So how is a head covering a religious belief? St. Paul said the same thing as Mohammad about the way a woman should dress ( only he said it about 600 years earlier). Does this mean any Christian woman who wants to some sort of head covering in the work place be legally allowed? Perhaps this needs to be tested out. Christian woman should sue for the right to wear a hat (even baseball cap) to work and or school so that most of their hair is covered and claim its a religious belief based on the Bible.

  • 1571_my_favorite_year

    She will most likely lose because Disney defines most of it’s staff as cast members(aka actors). Disney can dictate what it’s actors will wear.
    If they lose, I suggest they make her where the hijab in a furry bear costume stationed for eight hours in the hot Florida sun.

  • Radegunda

    “Boudlal had worked at the resort for two and a half years, but only realized she could wear her hijab to work after studying for her U.S. citizenship exam.”
    In other words, she didn’t really consider the hijab a necessary part of her religious beliefs — until, most likely, someone encouraged her to be a sharia attack-dog against a private company.

  • Isabellathecrusader

    Let’s be honest here folks. This Muslima puppet is not the real one suing Disney. CAIR is, but they needed the puppet to make it look legit.
    CAIR be damned.

  • ana beavenhouser

    Where exactly in the Constitution does it say “Thou may wear headscarfs”? We have freedom to worship the religion of choice, not freedom to implement a new ideology or overstep the Constitution with a new law…..Sharia Law! Until people and government realize that Islam is not a religion, but a way of life, a system of laws….an ideology and that it cannot live in harmony with our Constitution, this insanity will never end!

  • Akingu

    If those turd world pieces of sh*t want to worship their bullsh*t religion and impose their bullsh*t laws on US, then they should have stayed in whatever turd world country they came from! How about we behead mozzies like they do to infidels and then we have two problems solved: no more turd world anti-American ingrates and no more mozzies trying to impose their laws in OUR country!

  • VD

    If you are a parent and not deathly afraid of Obama’s plans for our country and how it may affect your children you are a victim of his already. This woman needs to return to the middle east where she can dress as she chooses if she can find a company that hires women.

  • Robert Galloway

    If I take a job that specifies white shirt, white trousers and black shoes but I decide I’d rather wear a speedo and flip flops, does the employer have a right to tell me to go get dressed of don’t come back? Working on a ward in the State Mental Hospital gave me those working instructions.

  • Andrei Bilderburger

    Disney was stupid. There are lots of traditional folk costumes where the woman’s hat does cover everything that a hijab covers. E. g. a puritan hat.

  • DJ Cross

    No where in OUR Constitution does it say that she can wear her Hijab.
    The Hijab is NOT Required in Islam.
    Today, in the 21st century, most mosques around the world, including in the United States, deny Muslim women, their Islamic right to pray without a headscarf, discriminating against them by refusing them entry if they don’t cover their hair.
    Islam means Submission & Islam FORCES women to submit to a cult like atmosphere.

  • DJ Cross

    The mandate that women cover their hair relies on misinterpretations of Koranic verses.

    In Arabic dictionaries, hijab refers to a “barrier,” not necessarily between men and women, but also between two men. Hijab appears in a Koranic verse (33:53), during the fifth year of the prophet Muhammad’s migration, or hijra, to Medina, when some wedding guests overstayed their welcome at the prophet’s home. It established some rules of etiquette for speaking to the wives of prophet Muhammad: “And when ye ask of them anything, ask it of them from behind a hijab. This is purer for your hearts and for their hearts.” Thus, hijab meant a partition.

    The word hijab, or a derivative, appears only eight times in the Koran as an “obstacle” or “wall of separation” (7:46), a “curtain” (33:53), “hidden” (38:32), just a “wall of separation” (41:5, 42:52, 17:45), “hiding” (19:14) and “prevented” or “denied access to God” (83:15).

    In the Koran, the word hijab never connotes any act of piety. Rather, it carries the negative connotation of being an actual or metaphorical obstacle separating the “non-believers” in a dark place, noting “our hearts are under hijab (41:5),” for example, a wall of separation between those in heaven and those in hell (7:46) or “Surely, they will be mahjaboon from seeing their Lord that day (83:15).” Mahjaboon is a derivate verb from hijab. The Saudi Koran translates it as “veiled.” Actually, in this usage, it means, “denied access.”

    The most cited verse to defend the headscarf (33:59) states, “Oh, Prophet tell thy wives and thy daughters and the believer women to draw their jilbab close around them; this will be better so that they be recognized and not harmed and God is the most forgiving, most merciful.” According to Arabic dictionaries, jilbab means “long, overflowing gown” which was the traditional dress at the time. The verse does not instruct them to add a new garment but rather adjust an existing one. It also does not mean headscarf.

    Disturbingly, the government of Saudi Arabia twists its translation of the verse to impose face veils on women, allowing them even to see with just “one eye.” The government’s translation reads: “O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed, and God is most forgiving, most merciful.”

    Looked at in context, Islamic historians say this verse was revealed in the city of Medina, where the prophet Muhammad fled to escape persecution in Mecca, and was revealed to protect women from rampant sexual aggression they faced on the streets of Medina, where men often sexually harassed women, particularly slaves. Today, we have criminal codes that make such crimes illegal; countries that don’t have such laws need to pass them, rather than punishing women for the violent acts of others.

    Another verse (24:31) is also widely used to justify a headscarf, stating, “… and tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their chastity, and do not reveal their adornment except what is already shown; and draw their khemar over their neck. . . .”

    In old Arabic poetry, the khemar was a fancy silk scarf worn by affluent women. It was fixed on the middle of the head and thrown over their back, as a means of seducing men and flaunting their wealth. This verse was revealed at a time, too, when women faced harassment when they used open-air toilets. The verse also instructs how to wear an existing traditional garment. It doesn’t impose a new one.

    Reclaiming their Islamic religion

    Asra Nomani talks to audience members in 2009 after Doha Debate in which she argued for the right of Muslim women to marry anyone they choose. (Photo courtesy of the Doha Debates) Asra Nomani talks to audience members in 2009 after Doha Debate in which she argued for the right of Muslim women to marry anyone they choose.

    In 1919, Egyptian women marched on the streets demanding the right to vote; they took off their veils, imported as a cultural tradition from the Ottoman Empire, not a religious edict. The veil then became a relic of the past.

    Later, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel-Nasser said in a speech in the early 1960s that, when he sought reconciliation with members of the Muslim Brotherhood group for attempting to assassinate him in 1954, the Supreme Leader of the Brotherhood gave him a list of demands, including, “imposing hijab on Egyptian women.” The audience members didn’t understand what the word hijab meant. When Nasser explained that the Brotherhood wanted Egyptian women to wear a headscarf, the audience members burst out laughing.

    As Americans, we believe in freedom of religion. But we need to clarify to those in universities, the media and discussion forums that in exploring the “hijab,” they are not exploring Islam, but rather the ideology of political Islam as practiced by the mullahs, or clerics, of Iran and Saudi Arabia, the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Islamic State.

    In the name of “interfaith,” these well-intentioned Americans are getting duped by the agenda of Muslims who argue that a woman’s honor lies in her “chastity” and unwittingly pushing a platform to put a hijab on every woman.

    Please do this instead: Do not wear a headscarf in “solidarity” with the ideology that most silences you, equating your bodies with “honor.” Stand up with instead with moral courage against the ideology of Islamism that demands you cover your hair.

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