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Bomb Threat made against courthouse after ruling against Mufreesboro mega-mosque


Who decides what's news and what's not? Who decides? Did you know there was a bomb threat made to the courthouse just days after the ruling was entered to stop construction of the Mufreesboro mega-mosque? Related? perhaps.

If a bomb threat had been made to the Murfreesboro mosque, the American people would have been beaten to a pulp with it. Who decides which bomb threat is newsworthy?

The day after a Tennessee judge ruled to halt construction on the mega mosque going up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the Rutherford County judicial building was evacuated due to a bomb threat. A search of the building was conducted while officials blocked off the street and the area surrounding the building.

Islamic apologists and their leftwing tools were rabid. The Puff Ho (Huffington Post) went so far as to run the judge's name in their headline. When have you seen that before? Talk about putting a target on someone's back. The Puff ho knows what they are doing when they do that.

Murfreesboro Mosque Construction Will Be Stopped, Rules Chancellor Robert Corlew_1339016366173

Here's more:

On May 31, 2012…the day after the Final Memorandum in our favor was entered, there was a bomb threat at the Court house. Streets were blocked and the Court house evacuated. Official word was that the threat was directed to another judge, but our Chancellor was also protected.

A day or two later, a bomb threat was directed to the Social Security office. Unconfirmed reports said the threat came from someone on the terror watch list in the Murfreesboro area. No idea whether it was related or not.

The good people of Murfreesboro have been the target of a vicious smear and defamation disinformation campaign. May they continue with their fight. The silent majority is behind them.

After the ruling was made public, the Council on American-Islamic Relations called on the U.S. Justice Department to intervene to protect the rights of Muslims in Tennessee if the Planning Commission does not immediately issue new construction approvals.

"The judge's ruling is apparently based on a fictitious `heightened standard for public notice when Muslims are involved," staff Attorney Gadeir Abbas said in a statemen

Fictitious to Hamas-CAIR, as their law is the sharia. American jurisprudence is "fictitious" to Islamic supremacists.


(Murfreesboro, Tennessee). Chancellor Corlew ruled today that the approval of the site for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro (“ICM”) was “void ab initio” meaning it is voided as of May 24, 2010 – the date of its approval by the Rutherford Count Planning Commission. The Chancellor declined to decide whether the Murfreesboro Post, which carried the notice of the meeting and had intervened as a Plaintiff in the lawsuit, was a newspaper of general circulation.

The ruling by the Chancellor noted several deficiencies in the notice by the County:

  • –  The Murfreesboro Post had virtually no paid circulation at the time of the advertised notice of the meeting. 13,000 free newspapers were place in Murfreesboro City driveways, 8000 were placed in racks with the cities of Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Lavergne, and Eagleville and unincorporated areas of the county. However, no papers were delivered to the area where the ICM site was to be located. Only 196 papers were placed in racks in the unincorporated areas of the County, despite the fact that approximately one-third of the county’s citizens – over 81,000 people- live in that area. Plaintiffs’ expert testimony said the notice reached less than 1⁄4 of 1% of the citizens subject to County zoning. Additionally, there was no distribution in several other zip codes and communities, including Readyville, Milton, Fosterville, Nolensville, or Mount Juliet.

  • –  The County operates a cable television station, but carried no notice of the meeting. Although it was a practice to advertise Commission meetings on the internet, due to an oversight, there was no publication of the meeting or an agenda for the meeting on the website.

  • –  The meeting was one of “pervasive public importance.” Many County officials had no knowledge of the matter being considered. Only nine (9) of the county commissioners received the Murfreesboro Post on a regular basis, and of these 9, eight (8) of them received home delivery and only one used a distribution rack. The nearest distribution rack was some three (3) miles away for those living near the proposed ICM site. Although the Murfreesboro Post had a website, the Court accepted the testimony of Tim Cummings, Plaintiffs’ expert, that only some thirty-five (35) persons could have viewed the internet section with the notice within the 30 days before the meeting.

    The Court concluded that “certainly in the current political climate, the laws regarding notice of open public meetings must be construed in a manner which will provide substantial notice to citizens of the workings of their government.” The Court ruled that since the issue in this

1 meeting was one of “major importance to the citizens,” notice not only of the meeting, but also the particular issue before the body, was reasonably required.

“All Murfreesboro citizens and officials, not just the Plaintiffs and their neighbors, who knew nothing at all about the pending ICM 52,000 square foot site approval last year, will benefit from the Chancellor’s decision today,” said Joe M. Brandon, counsel for Plaintiffs. “Approval in smoke-filled rooms behind closed doors is not the law in Rutherford County or Tennessee, and we are grateful for the Chancellor’s ruling for the citizens under the Sunshine Law.”

Gary Kreep, head of the US Justice Foundation of Los Angeles, and co-counsel for the Plaintiffs with Joe Brandon and J. Thomas Smith, said: ”Local counsel did the community a great service. Testimony that the site was a pig farm for almost a century could be a shock to religious Muslims who have lived there for years. If the Islamic Center leaders do not share those beliefs, and have another agenda that is not religious, then the citizens can now discover that if the County takes the time it should for a proper review.”

In addition to the thirteen (13) immediate neighbors of the Islamist training center, the original Plaintiffs in the case are Henry Golczynski, “gold star” father of fallen Marine hero of the second Iraqi battle for Falujah, Marcus Golzynski,; Lisa Moore, a Jewish messianic believer targeted by Fatwahs from Jusuf Qaradawi and the Islamic training center calls to kill Jews in martyrdom for Palestine; and Kevin Fisher, an African American leader in the Murfreesboro Community who opposes Islamic treatment of blacks as subordinate citizens where Sharia law is practiced.

  • Cheryl S.

    I pray that the judges do not back down from their ruling to halt construction of the mega mosque. If they do, it will have a profound ripple affect across America and islam’s march to take our country down will only intensify.
    Shame, shame, shame on the huffington post for their consistent acts of treason against this country.
    America was so good to Greek immigrant, Arianna Huffington. She is powerful and rich beyond her wildest dreams with the freedom to say anything she wants afforded to her by the greatest document ever written, The Constitution…that she hates!
    How ironic!
    And, how does she repay all the good she has received? By doing everything in her power to bring America to her knees.
    Arianna Huffington is a traitor and a disgrace to our country.

  • Choi

    “Islamic apologists and their leftwing tools were rabid. The Puff Ho (Huffington Post) went so far as to run the judge’s name in their headline. When have you seen that before? Talk about putting a target on someone’s back. The Puff ho knows what they are doing when they do that.”
    They sure do.
    And the Puffho,imo,would be complicit in any threats,etc.

  • Brandy

    Wonder if we’ll ever know who did it? The authorities may know but I doubt they’ll tell the public.
    Let’s hope the judge is safe and stays that way.
    And you know, I tell everyone I know about CAIR and who they really are!! It makes me sick knowing they can walk around, spout their lies and get away with it!

  • Well, this certainly wouldn’t the fault of Muslims because Islam does not condone violence against others, doncha know.
    Why can’t conservatives get control of a major news network? Someone out there knows how to raise the money and make it happen. Step up to the plate, for the good of your country, please.

  • alyn21

    The Murfreesboro situation is a good test of American law. Here you have a muslim group that is blatantly ignoring a judge’s ruling.
    How this matter is settled will be seen as a test case for the rest of the country.
    If these people can ignore an American judge then why should any of their fellow muslims obey American law??

  • Walter Sieruk

    With the information of the above article, it may therefore be interesting that the former Muslim ans Hezbollah member who is now a Christian,Daniel Shyesteh, wrote om page 99 in his book ISLAM THE HOUSE I LEFT BEHIND “The mosque is vital for establishing Muslims as sovereign over non-Muslims in a non-Islamic society. Building a mosque in a non-Islamic society or counrty symbolizies Islam claim over that sociery or country,even with a non-Muslim majority.”

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