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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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Muslims Threaten, Bully, Intimidate Senior Neighbors in DuPage County in their harassment campaign to build illegal mosque on quiet street


After this week's huge victory in DuPage County, where the town rejected a Mosque/Islamic center in a house on quiet residential street, some of the ongoing stories of abuse and intimidation are finally being told. I am not publishing the names of the victims — they have to live there, and the Muslims make their lives miserable.

The Islamic Center of Western Suburbia (ICWS) wants special accommodation and special permission to put a mosque and Islamic Center on a small, quiet residential street in pastoral DuPage. Their request for a conditional use permit for this rabat was rightly denied this week.

CWS vs DuPage Cnty:
Early on one of the neighbors reported she was out in her yard and one of the Muslims asked her "Do you have insurance on your house?  She asked why he wanted to know that and he said "You never know what might happen."  She had been complaining to the County about all the cars parked all over and in her driveway so they tried to intimidate this elderly woman.

Since June of last year when Mark Daniels became the lawyer for ICWS, there has been no activity on the property.  Daniels told ICWS to stop all activity and he told us he told his clients that.  The States Attorney finally took them to court and in the end, they had to pay $7,000 in fines.    So, the neighbors have reported that since last June, it has been nice and quiet over there, like it use to be before they bought the house. 

Before that and for 3 years, ICWS continued to violate the red tag violations put on the property.  So they violated our zoning laws while enjoying tax free status.  That is one thing I have never understood.  Why were they ever granted tax free status for worship service/food pantry purposes when the property address listed on that IRS form was not zoned for that purpose???!!!  Kevin has a copy of the actual application and I actually spoke to the IRS employee with the Illinois Dept of Revenue who signed off on the approval.  He told me their paperwork was in order and that is why he granted them tax free status.  I said so I pray and in my house and we pray before each mail, do I get tax free status too and his reply (rudely) was you can apply for it, that doesn't mean you'll get it.

I thought the saddest testimony given at this last hearing was the lovely neightbor who talked about how that property use to have horses on it and now they are gone and they had removed the kitchen out of the house so the house it use to be was gone.  It wasnt' a home now.  That broke my heart listening to her.

I strongly urge the good people of Brookfield County who are fighting a similar fight to document the abuse and intimidation that Islamic supremaicsts may heap upon them.

Here's the latest on the Brookfield rabat.

If you are a Brookfield resident, or have private or business ties to the city, and are concerned about the plan to build a mosque in Brookfield, due to traffic and safety risks for the intersection of Calhoun Rd and Pheasant (at the RR tracks, on the same block as the First Student bus company), please consider electronically signing one or both of these petitions: here

This petition requests the Brookfield City Council to table the conditional use permit decision until the City Council answers five *traffic and safety questions, to the satisfaction of the city's residents. Petition here.

The second petition is "looking for one hundred mighty men that are called to stand up against intimidation tactics and come to the Common Council Meeting in Brookfield on May 15, 7:45pm."  The tactics were apparent at the Public Hearing on May 7 and are expected again at the Council meeting.

Please forward, or copy and paste, on to other Brookfield residents who share our concerns.
All interested citizens (Brookfield and surrounding municipalities) are welcomed at the May 15 Council meeting.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • mzungu

    They are horrible citizens those Islams. If that doesn’t convince DuPage that they made the right decison I hope so. Hooray for DuPage county! County of my ancestors!

  • fern

    Uncivilised, medieval inbreds.

  • Harry the Horrible

    Hell, isn’t this sort of crap what laws on extortion were created for? And RICO?

  • karl anglin

    It is foolish to bring Muslims to America!
    They do not respect the US Constituition,
    only shariah law. All they care about is
    what benefits Muslims and Muslims only!

  • BADKarma

    Pray remember, good citizens, that any attempt to make our “Peaceful” brothers and sisters actually follow U.S. law in any way, or for any reason, is now officially designated as “Islamophobia” by His Exalted Caesarhood, Caliph Hussein (Barrack) Soetoro Obama and His Exalted Minion, Eric “The Great Cracker Killer” Holder.

  • Laura

    The second petition is “looking for one hundred mighty men that are called to stand up against intimidation tactics and come to the Common Council Meeting in Brookfield on May 15, 7:45pm.”
    Is it even possible to find nearly that many men of such caliber. I hate to say it but western males are castrated.

  • Crombouke

    …just another example of the effects of Mosque Blight – coming soon to a neighborhood near you

  • shane

    Hope they find their ”mighty men!”

  • cjk

    Please rename how all the authorities voted on these measures so that the people know who to throw out regardless of party or any other affiliation.

  • Tim

    They should follow Spain’s example and slaughter several dozen hogs and bury the corpse have in and have out of the ground. Saturate the ground with Pig Blood. When dealing with medieval ideology , its time to get medieval .

  • Michael McAllister

    Brookfield Common Council voted 14:0 for the Conditional Use Permit to allow the Islamic Society to build a 13,000 sqft mosque in Brookfield Wisconsin, despite numerous people clearly indiceted at the the meeting on May 15, 2012 that they did not feel that the city and ISM had answered all their questions to their satisfaction.
    Two peple publically criticized Mr. Atta’s address at the Planning Commission one week before, when he made a “veiled threat” (in the last paragraph of his address) towards the council that the Justice Department would get involved if the mosque would not be approved.
    Here is the entire transcript of Mr. Atta’s address from May 3, 2012:
    Othman Atta, Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee on May 7 before the City of Brookfield Planning Commission:
    “I have just a couple points that I want to make actually in response to some of the issues that have been raised by a few of the people with regards to the allegations they have been made about the Islamic Society on the Southside and concerns that they have expressed that something similar would occur in Brookfield here.
    First they indicated that there were some [vehicular] parking around the center and there was on the streets and so forth and in fact that is true. That is why the Islamic Center has purchased a lot, that’s why the Islamic Center is currently in negotiation with the State of Wisconsin because there is some excess land after the highway construction. Every church and every organisation and other things that have facilities have always issues with traffic at certain times. We addressed it, we make it very clear to our members that they have to follow the laws, if they don’t follow the laws ehmm we actually work with the police department and tell the police that feel free to ticket those who who do not obey
    -My comment: Here you have it on video record: Atta tells you exactly what Islam is, a supremacist ideology that is above the laws of the land and he grants permission to exercise the laws of the land onto the members of the Ummah –
    In regards to the capacity of the Islamic Center someone indicated that there were photos and that we constantly exceed our capacity. In fact we never exceeded the capacity of the Islamic Center, we have a large capacity. The photos that the person apparently must have seen were pictures that were taken at State Fair Park at a holiday prayers. We did not exceed the capacity of State Fair Park either.
    – My Comment: Not mentioned were the pictures taken at Waukesha Memorial Hospital that show at 2011 Tarawih which were taken down from the ISM West website because they reveal too much truth about the real congregation size in Waukesha County; there are more than 100 people in the center photo and people cut off to the right and the left. There are really about 120-130 people present. So they won’t fit into the still to be built center without using the overflow area –
    I do wanna mention, you have seen the diversity of our community. I especially wanted to point out one individual who I have known for a very long time. He’s actually one of the founders of our foundation Dr. [GM] Shah, he’s a retired professor, he’s been here as he indicated for forty-one years. And he again was instrumental in founding the organization which I am proud to be a part of.
    One final thing I want to say, I do want to thank all of you for the process and the due diligence and the thoroughness which which you have worked. By my profession I am an attorney and just last week I received a call actually from Washington DC from the US Attorney’s Office Civil Rights Division I can share with you off the record the name and number. She represents RLIUPA which you are aware of are the religious land use emm emm act and she wanted to know, they had heard through the grapevine there were a lot of people in opposition or heard that there were opposition and she wanted to know what, where things stood and aah she indicated to me that they don’t have standing until there is actually a denial by a governmental agency and what I told her was I this entire process has been entirely professional. The people in the city have been …. they have done everything properly, they sat down with the community we’ve gone back and forth we wanted to address the the concerns with the citizens of Brookfield related to traffic and zoning and storm water and everything else. I told her there is absolutely no problem I told her I don’t think you need to worry about us and if we have a problem we will contact you, but I don’t expect to contact you, so again want to thank you all for the process … and of course I support the mosque.”

  • Michael McAllister

    to Laura:
    we had eight showing up at the meeting. We have signed on eleven more since then. So we’re 19 already.

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