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[ September 20, 2017 ]

Albanian Lobby Working On Trump For Kosovo

[ September 20, 2017 ]

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[ September 20, 2017 ]

Two Muslim Migrants Arrested for Raping 16-Year-Old on German City Street

[ September 20, 2017 ]

UC Berkeley battling to shut down Milo’s Free Speech Week featuring Pamela Geller

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Deleting Popular Ex-Muslim’s Arabic Material Critizing Islam

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White Powder Sent to Israeli NYC Consulate for Second Time in Four Days

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Clinton Moved $800,000 From Her Campaign to Help Fund Antifa

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Australia: Devout Muslim butchered wife, mutilated her body, gouged her eye out

[ September 19, 2017 ]

Muslim leader and followers publish “dead or alive” wanted notice for President Trump

Where are the Million Hijabs Against Honor Killings?
Shaima Alawadi’s Murder Not a “Hate Crime” — likely Honor Killing


Not. a. hate. crime.

Immediately after the media jumped all over the murder of a Muslim woman as a hate crime, there were calls for One Million Hijabs for Shaima Al Awadi. Where was the media on the honor murders of Noor Alamelki, Jessica Mokdad, Amina Said, Sarah Said, Aasiya Hassan, Aqsa Parvez ……?  Where were the One Million Hijabs Against Honor Killings?

I surmised that the murder of Shaima Alawadi appeared to be Islamic, rooted in Islamic teachings and culture, and not a hate crime. The family called it a hate crime (that relentless fictitious nonexistent meme) and the Muslim Brotherhood operatives have been feeding the lie from their propaganda mills that the media so readily eats up. These are the Muslim groups, i.e. CAIR, that share, espouse, and advance  the very same teachings and motivations that the Jew-killing jihadi, Muhamad Merah had. Close your eyes and CAIR and Merah are interchangeable.

Hamas-linked CAIR, one of the top five Threats to Freedom on AFDI's Threats to Freedom Index, has frequently echoed the same rhetoric about Israel and the Palestinians that Mohamed Merah used as justifications for his murders of Jewish children and a rabbi in Toulouse. Mousa Marzook, a senior member of Hamas, was a founder of the Islamic Association for Palestine, CAIR's parent group. CAIR's cofounder Nihad Awad has declared his support for Hamas, and CAIR frequently echoes Hamas propaganda regarding alleged Israeli atrocities. CAIR and Mohamed Merah share the same ideological perspective on Israel — one which, Merah proved, can easily lead to the murder of innocents.

The brutal killing of a California Muslim woman is not a "hate crime," but rest assured that there will be no media stampede to correct the deliberate lie. For the Islamic supremacists and the media, this poor woman has served her purpose.

For Islamic supremacists and their useful idiots in the media, Shaima Alawadi has served her purpose. Add her to the pile of dead Muslim women and girls whose murders are covered up and swept under the rug.

Join us April 29th  at the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on Honor Killing being held in Dearborn, Michigan.

Police Records Cast Doubt on California "Hate Crime" Answering Muslims

For years, the media have assured us that Americans are suffering from a mental disorder called "Islamophobia." Oddly enough, the only evidence they've ever been able to produce for this charge is that many Americans believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, women's rights, etc. (values not shared by Muhammad and his companions).

Recently, however, the media finally found the proof they've been waiting for. A Muslim woman named Shaima Alawadi was brutally murdered in her California home. A note was reportedly found beside her body, calling her a terrorist and telling her to go back to her country. Her family said that she had received a similar note a few weeks earlier. Clearly, Shaima was murdered by racist, Islamophobic bigots who spend their days reading articles at Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs (but who somehow manage to ignore Spencer and Geller's repeated calls for peaceful activism).

Even before the facts were in, the media leapt at the chance to expose the bigotry and intolerance so prevalent in America. They assured us that Shaima was killed because she chose to wear the hijab, just as Trayvon Martin was killed for wearing a "hoodie." Women around the world have been posting pictures of themselves wearing the hijab, in a movement called "One Million Hijabs for Shaima." Muslims and non-Muslims have gathered at vigils to remember her.

But facts are beginning to emerge, and things aren't looking good for the media. Shaima was planning to divorce her husband and move to Texas. Her daughter Fatima was distraught over an impending arranged marriage with her cousin. As Fatima was being interviewed by police, she received a text message, which said: "The detective will find out tell them cnt talk."

Of course, it's always possible that further evidence will prove that Shaima was the victim of an anti-Muslim hate crime. In the meantime, the only "evidence" we have that this was perpetrated by "Islamophobes" was the note left by Shaima's body, which turned out to be a photocopy. All other evidence points in an entirely different direction.

EL CAJON — Search warrant records obtained Wednesday in the beating death of an Iraqi-American woman show a family in turmoil and cast doubt on the likelihood that her slaying was a hate crime.

Shaima Alawadi, a 32-year-old mother of five, was apparently planning to divorce her husband and move to Texas when she was killed, a family member told investigators, according to the court documents.

The records obtained at El Cajon Superior Court also reveal Alawadi’s 17-year-old daughter, Fatima Alhimidi, who called 911 to report the attack, was distraught over her pending arranged marriage to a cousin.

A search of Fatima’s cellphone records shows that while she was being interviewed by investigators hours after the attack, someone sent the teen a text message that read, “The detective will find out tell them (can’t) talk,” the affidavit states.

Fatima and her mother were the only ones at their El Cajon home on Skyview Street when the attack occurred about 11 a.m. on March 21.

Alawadi’s husband, Kassim Alhimidi, had reportedly left to take the couple’s other younger children to school, although police state in the March 27 affidavit that his whereabouts had not yet been confirmed. . . .

The sheriff’s crime lab determined a threatening handwritten note found near the victim was a copy, not the original, the records state. . . .

Some of the search warrant records remain sealed by a judge.

During a search of the home and the couple’s vehicles in the hours after the attack, police found court paperwork to file for divorce in Alawadi’s Ford Explorer. The packet was not filled out, but a form requesting a court fee waiver was filled out in handwriting with Alawadi’s name, address and phone number.

Majhed Alhasan, secretary for the Islamic Center of Lakeside and a close friend of the family, said Wednesday he had never heard that Alawadi had been thinking about a divorce and moving.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of it,” Alhasan said. “About a month ago, her mother, non-married sister and two non-married brothers moved to Texas.”

He said a married sister of Alawadi already was living in Houston.

Police also searched computers, cellphones and other devices. Among the evidence they were searching for was an earring matching a bloody one found near Alawadi. Family told investigators that she usually wore four earrings, according to the records.

Detectives were also seeking any other notes, a weapon similar to a tire iron and any forensic evidence.

Investigators also learned of a previous police contact with Fatima.

On Nov. 3, police found Fatima with a 21-year-old man after responding to a report of two people possibly having sex in a car, the documents state. Officers called her mother, who came to the location and picked up the girl. As they were driving away, Fatima said, “I love you, mom,” before jumping out of the vehicle onto Mollison Avenue at 35 mph.

She was taken to a hospital with several injuries, including a possible broken arm. She refused to talk to police at the hospital but reportedly told paramedics and hospital staff that she was being forced to marry her cousin and didn’t want to. (Read more.)

UPDATE: From Spencer: Murder of Shaima al-Alawadi, touted as an "Islamophobic hate crime," now revealed as likely honor killing


Will hate-filled clowns like Reza Aslan and Justin Raimondo, and a thousand Islamic supremacists who wrote me on Twitter about this killing, now apologize for trying to frame me and Pamela Geller for this murder? Let's just say I won't be holding my breath. Their Goebbels-like Big Lie and manifest dishonesty, however, is clear for all the world to see.

  • It’s a two-fer for jihad: do an “honor” killing, and then use it as an islamophobia case. Win-win for the barbarians.

  • fern

    Well, I am absolutely shocked and in disbelief that this is not looking like a hate crime after all! NOT!
    Doesn’t take a great deal for Raza to look a t*t, he’s had years of practice!
    All so tragic and cruel. Poor Shaima.

  • fern

    Poooop. Shoves up an ‘e’ and grabs back an ‘a’.

  • fern

    i>”A neighbor reported seeing a skinny dark-skinned male running west from the area of Alawadi’s house. He was described as being in his late teens to early 20s, 5 feet 7 inches tall, 150 pounds, wearing a dark blue or black hooded sweatshirt and carrying a brown doughnut-shaped cardboard box
    “An autopsy noted the assault was “extremely violent” and showed Alawadi had at least six hits to the head, with at least four skull fractures. The injuries were possibly caused by an object similar to a tire iron, with a striking edge that is narrow and made of a hard material, according to the records.”
    The other day I was trying to imagine what could a “doughnut shaped cardboard box” hold. Shouldn’t think a round cardboard box with a hole in it, is commonly seen. Nobody has mentioned how big the box was, anyway…………
    Could it hold something like a wheel rim? ????

  • Brandy

    This was suspicious from the get go. The family wasn’t very smart either. They screwed up every time they opened their mouths.
    I was scrolling through CAIR’s facebook page and had to keep hitting “see more posts” to find the ones about this honor killing. Of course they have nothing to say now.
    They must think we’re as stupid as the family of this poor woman.
    As for Aslan, well, what can ya’ say…what a waste.

  • It is still a hate crime (as far as I can see). Hatred of women. This term ‘honor killing’ is misleading. It is a hate crime driven/motivated by a need to control women,

  • JamestheFin

    Here’s another interesting aspect of this case; you have a 32 year old mother and a 17 year old daughter. Add in the 9 month pregnancy period and you’ve got the mother being impregnated at around age 14.
    Age 14.
    Who needs to go to the Barbarian 3rd World, when the Barbaric 3rd world is now your next door neighbor.

  • The prime suspect, with his victim’s body in tow, is allowed to leave the country? The entire family should be banned from returning to civilization.

  • Benie

    Reza Aslan is gay as a fiddle. Maybe closet but gay nevertheless. His own religion would execute him without delay, where he not lucky enough to be living in the United States.

  • To everyone on this thread and every other thread who is absolutely sure they know what happened here, I’ve got two words for you: Chandra Levy. Remember her? Remember how absolutely sure every armchair detective in the country was that we knew who killed her and why? Well, turns out that she was a victim of a serial rapist/killer, and that while an innocent man’s career was being destroyed, the actual killer probably claimed a few more victims. I also suggest reading Tom Wolfe’s “Bonfire of the Vanities.” A media circus that appropriates a tragedy for political reasons, left or right, anti-racist or unapologetically racist, seldom serves the cause of truth. For all we know, what happened here was something off everyone’s radar. Maybe this woman surprised a burglar. We just don’t know.
    By the way, I have never seen a “donut shaped box” but have seen a lot of boxes that look as though they contain or did at one time contain donuts, because they have the words “Dunkin” or “Krispie Kreme” on the outside. Not a bad receptacle for, oh, say, burglar tools, don’t you think?

  • Gosh

    This is the most ridiculous, stupid article that I have ever read.
    You’re trying to set an impression of an intellectual, deep-thinking, read-between-the-lines writer when your article screams the most obvious mistakes, it’s laughable. And it’s a shame you choose to address these silly mistakes at the feet of an unfortunate case involving the death of an innocent woman.
    1) ISLAM IS NOT A CULTURE. It’s a religion and a way of life. So before you go around spewing rubbish like this, get your facts straight! It has NOTHING whatsoever to do with culture! It is a religion shared by millions around the world. A RELIGION.
    2) Honor killings are NOT religious. They are CULTURAL. This point is tied to my point above – ISLAM IS NOT A CULTURAL THING, BUT HONOR KILLINGS ARE A CULTURAL THING, THEREFORE THE TWO ARE NOT LINKED.
    3) Honor Killings happen all over the world: in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe – even North America. And what do you know? It’s not Muslims behind every case. They are cultural. Cultural. Cultural. These disgusting murders happen when a woman has bought ‘shame’ to her COMMUNITY – not her religion. Or when she does something that defies her heritage – CULTURE. Not religion.
    4) If this woman was unfortunately murdered because of the divorce or the case in November regarding her daughter, then it wouldn’t have anything to do with an honor killing. Honor killings don’t happen because of divorces. What about that 19 year old yesterday who murdered his ex-girlfriend’s Mother as a form of revenge? Was that an honor killing? No one called it an honor killing because he WAS NOT MUSLIM.
    5) If it was an honor killing, wouldn’t the daughter be dead too? She had an intimate relationship with a boy she was not married to, wouldn’t her Father kill HER too? He hasn’t because it’s not an honor killing. If the Father has murdered this woman, then it’s not an honor killing. It’s revenge.
    6) Islam is against honor killings and the murders of women. Research how Arabs (in pre-Islamic times) would murder their daughters. When Islam was established in Arabia, Muhammad (saw) forbade the killings and ordered them to be stopped at once.

  • Kufar Dawg

    I think your Al Taqiyya lies need a lot more work. The percentage of honor killings committed by non-muslimes is practically nil. In you islamonazi pigsties however, it’s practically a time honored tradition and I don’t notice your muslime brethren holding mass demonstrations anywhere against it.

  • “islamonazi pigsties?” Gee, I can’t imagine how language like that could foster an atmosphere of violence. And as for those mosques that have been torched, and those three other people in this woman’s neighborhood who were beaten so badly that they had to be hospitalized, well I’m sure Gellar’s and Spencer’s calm and reasoned arguments and their alleged advocacy of “non violent protest” against the rights of other American citizens to live in the United States and to exercise their freedom of religion had nothing to do with those. The Party of Personal Responsibility is absolutely convinced that sermons the President might have heard a couple of decades ago, or the views of a Harvard law professor who taught him even longer ago than that, will make him eventually establish a Communist regime, but they acknowledge no connection at all between their own words and anyone else’s actions.
    Give me a break. We don’t know yet who killed this woman or why, but vicious, dehumanizing epithets like the ones you spout contribute nothing, and don’t speak well for your own capability for civilized conduct.

  • Kufar Dawg

    @Susan Wood
    Then pack your stuff up and move to the nearest islamonazi pigsty sweetheart and enjoy the freedoms and liberties not practiced in any of them.
    “Dehumanizing epithets”? Aw gee, we’re using our advanced, amoral, brain dead, liberal education now eh? Why don’t we talk about the “dehumanizing epithets” used to describe unbelievers and Jews in the holy Quran? Or in the MSM of practically ANY muslime state.
    LOL, it doesn’t take my “language” to “foster an atmosphere of violence” in islamonazi pigsties sweetheart, muslo-nazi apes have been carrying out violence all on their own for the past 1400 YEARS.
    Get stuffed, hard.

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