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VIDEO: Muslim Gets Violent Over Burka-Clad Men


Muslim loses it with protesters wearing burqas.

Ugly scenes erupted between a group of burqa-clad protesters and a Muslim man outside NSW State Parliament in Sydney today 9News (hat tip Cynthia)

A group of men dressed in the veiled female garb as a publicity stunt to try and get the outfit banned. Members of the group Faceless ventured into a Sydney CBD courthouse, pub and bank without drawing much reaction, but faced a stronger backlash later outside parliament.

"It's got no place in Australia — it's a front to a civilised country like Australia," Faceless member Nicholas Folkes said of the burqa.

Nine News filmed a man outraged by the protesters, shouting in their faces and pulling off their veils.

"That's what I think of you," the man said after spitting on the ground.

The argument became more heated when a man connected to Faceless referred to the prophet Mohammed as "a rat".

No one will be charged

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  • pete

    Animals! Evidently, there weren’t any real men around to protect the old guy from that low-life. Once he laid hands on that man he needed to be decked-out and/or arrested. BTW, love how the Sydney police did absolutely nothing.

  • cassandra

    This is just the beginning, everywhere is a tinder box ready to go off! How dare that muzzrta scum touch those guys?? If that had been me, even as a no longer young woman, I would have launched myself at him!! And screaming: Don’t tell me what to do! After demanding THEY do what he wants!!

  • Frank Scarn

    As ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, it is the Muslim who is the aggressor.
    Throughout history.

  • wally

    Hurray for these guys!!!! Stick in their face and let them deny the truth.

  • Those are guys???
    Who can tell? The burka is almost andrognyous…

  • Mama Grizzly

    They are right.
    You know what makes this whole burka thing so incredibly STUPID?
    They are imitating the garb of Byzantine Orthodox nuns, who would wear full coverings outside the convents/monasteries to announce to the world that they were not available as women/wives. The coverings are supposed to communicate “death” in a certain way, in that the person is “dead to the things of the world” in the basic sense.
    An example:
    Now . . . what is SO DISGUSTING, is that these Moslem pigs are dressing their women as Orthodox Christian nuns and then having sex with them, and usually sex which is in actuality very close to rape. To put a women in such an outfit is an insult to Christians, and most likely how this got started among Moslems in the first place, way back when.
    End game: the Moslems are embarrassing Orthodox nuns by having their sex-slave wives dress like them.’
    I also find it superbly ridiculous that the Moslem women are “hiding” in this garb. Then there’s the infibulation issue.
    Orthodoxy does NOT denigrate sexuality this way.
    So . . . .not widely known, but Mohammad was put out of an Orthodox Byzantine monastery because he was so off-base and wouldn’t change after much patience on the part of the monks.
    After he left, he went on his murderous rampaging when his little religion wasn’t appealing to people.
    Ta-da: THAT’S Islam.

  • George Smith

    Typical moslem aggresion…..Islam demands special treatment mot equal treatment!!! nfse!!

  • Mama Grizzly

    What I meant by “his little religion” is that he had invented a cult, but it wasn’t “taking” with the people.
    Mohammad was a totally sick guy. I mean mentally ill. He would be locked up these days.
    Sometimes I think Moslem defend their religion because Mohammad tried to incorporate things from Orthodox Christianity–just bits and pieces of Scripture from the Testaments. Perhaps some Moslems identify with it. Who knows . . .

  • KKKK

    if Muslism wnat to pratice sharia law, why dont they stay in/or move back to their own Islam-Occuiped Lands? there theres pleants of sharia…more than anyone could ask for!

  • That’s a great idea! We should do that here. Makes me so proud of my Australian blood, real dinky-die! Hey, matey, you want a go Waltzing Matilda with me? I woulda punched that dude out.

  • drummerman

    I found myself screaming at the computer and this low life M___er F___ker. This is what we will be up against and what kind of confrontations/assaults to expect. My training in martial arts in the past tells me that this s__bag was not an idle passerby. This is someone who is a trained fighter/killer. He was ready for a fight the SECOND he started screaming. These “peaceful” protestors had no chance with this twenty-something, self righteous, delusional, psychotic religious Islamofacist pig.
    It’s becoming more and more obvious to me that they have been training for war here and elsewhere for a long time while our twenty something guys from Brooklyn, Texas, the South (either the South Bronx or the real South) are asleep or oblivious to what’s coming. Wake up before it’s too late! Our Fathers (WWII generation) would have never up allowed these s__ bags to get this far without confronting them FIRST. The best defense is a strong offense. There is a fight coming to the streets of the USA. THEY are here already. They are just waiting for the right time. These Islamofacists have martial arts training, AK47 assault weapons, terror training and the WILL to dominate because of their perverted religious fervor while our young men are busy with college, tv, sports and other diversions (excluding, of course, our brave heroes in the military). In 9/11 they declared WAR on us.

  • Sol Hachuel

    Anybody remember the Monty Python sketches where the actors were in drag? First thing I thought of. This is a hysterically brilliant tactic. And the men are very brave to risk their lives like this.

  • Kufar Dawg

    I can feel the peace and tolerance of the muslo-nazi apes in AUS all the way here in the USA.

  • Karen

    The media didn’t bother to report on the many people who supported the stance against the burka

  • Stephen Gash

    Peace and Islam are mutually exclusive. Or more accurately, peace and Muslims are mutually exclusive. They must all be deported and all contact between the West and Muslim countries ceased.

  • Burnley Express April 3rd 2012
    Armed gang behind £30,000 Burnley jewellers raid get 42 years.
    Guess what? Muslim men robbed a muslim jeweller, and one of them dressed in a burqa to trick his way into the store.

  • fern

    I watched this earlier, my heart was in my mouth, hoping the elderly chap would not get hurt, and the others. Made me so furious. I would have kneed him in the cr*tch.

  • So, it’s ok for us to yank off a muslimas horse blanket any time we happen to be near one? Would I be arrested for assault?

  • Gerald

    The Tuaregs of the Sahara are turbaned and veiled. The protesters should dress themselves as Turaregs in future.

  • jimmmmybrady

    The subtext of what the Muslim dunce was saying is “we’ve escaped from muslim ruled countries to be free in other countries,where we can EVENTUALLY remove freedom from those countries as well.”The ONLY thing to stop this violent cult is the TRUTH.Islam is the ACTUAL Antichrist Beast,warned about all through the Bible.

  • A Muslim lecturing about freedom and tolerance while assaulting someone. Classic.

  • wtd

    Having watched this video clip and reading the descriptive paragraph about it we know the identity of only one of the people involved:
    1. Faceless member Nicholas Folkes (good on him)
    2. The aggressor in this video is only identifiable by his antagonistic and increasingly hostile behavior, a Muslim (typical coward who won’t identify himself by name).
    3. The two visible yet unidentified Aussie police are cowardly dhimmis who would rather be identified as such than to properly do their job and maintain the peace at the risk of being called ‘racist’ (s-t-u-p-i-d).
    4. The “free country” argument used by the beligerant Muslim is only applicable to other beligerant Muslims apparently since his primary concern was disrobingburkha’ing the non-Muslim MEN (luv them!) conducting their experiment.
    MommaGizzly – “imitating the garb of Byzantine Orthodox nuns” . .. I’ve often thought the same thing since the ‘habit’ of Christian nuns was a symbol of a virgin marriage. Mohammed confiscated many such symbols in his fantasy of Islam .

  • Mama Grizzly

    MommaGizzly – “imitating the garb of Byzantine Orthodox nuns” . .. I’ve often thought the same thing since the ‘habit’ of Christian nuns was a symbol of a virgin marriage. Mohammed confiscated many such symbols in his fantasy of Islam .
    Not sure about the “virgin marriage” idea in Orthodoxy for the nuns, but the monastics did consciously and visibly REMOVE themselves from the world, and have worn this garb since way before mohammad. Once-married women (widows etc) could become nuns in Orthodox Christianity, so not just for unmarried–this may be one way Orthodox monasticism differs from the Roman Catholics, but I don’t know.
    Interestingly, the traditional garb of male monastics (monks) is quite similar to that of the females. But these moslem “men” who dress in comfortable modern clothes, then walking next to their wives made to look like Orthodox monastic nuns–too weird.
    The other interesting thing I’ve run across, is that among the eastern Orthodox monastics, there is still the understanding that mohammad was very “fleshy” and obsessed with sex, as well as being violent and repulsive in many other respects. Because they are more familiar with him, they have not fallen into the trance that Islam is somehow a “great religion” as have so many ignorant but well-meaning people in the West.
    I so feel a bit sorry, though, for the “masses” of moslems who don’t really know much about what they purport to believe and are being tricked by their slimy leaders to this day. I’m sure there are those among the moslems who seek the true G-d, but cannot make their way out of the maze of Islam. I’m talking of the regular people here, not the committed crazies.
    Anyway, I wonder what they would do if they realized they were dressing their women up like a bunch of ultra-religious, unmarried CHRISTIANS. Probably they’d just deny it.

  • Fearless

    We need to have an Australian “Blokes wearing Burkas Day”.
    Friends and bosses would not know who participated because of the burkas.
    It would really get up the muslims noses.

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