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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

Germany: Iranian Spy Network Targeted Jewish Institutions for Strikes

Hamas-linked CAIR goes in for the kill, demands multi-state records on law enforcement training that tells the truth about Islam


Hamas-linked CAIR is stepping up its war on the truth. Anyone who tells the truth about Islam is in Hamas-linked CAIR's crosshairs. CAIR was named to AFDI's Threats to Freedom Index, and this is one major reason why: they want to make sure law enforcement tells agents nothing but smooth lies about Islam, leaving them totally unprepared to deal with the jihad terror threat.

CAIR Files Multi-State Records Requests on Anti-Muslim Law Enforcement Trainings

WASHINGTON, Nov. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced today that 15 of its chapters nationwide have filed 87 separate public records requests about possible Islamophobic training of local, state and national law enforcement personnel.

CAIR is seeking information about state-level trainings that may have used federal taxpayer dollars to fund anti-Muslim trainers, a phenomenon highlighted in recent research and media reports.

Attorney General: FBI Hurt Terror Fight with 'Violent Muslim' Training

In a statement, CAIR said:

"CAIR's public records requests seek to ensure that law enforcement agencies are using qualified trainers who present objective and unbiased information to help protect Americans from violent extremists of all types. We firmly believe that good training leads to good investigations, while biased training leads to biased investigations. We are particularly concerned with ensuring that taxpayer dollars are not wasted on training that is agenda-driven, inaccurate or Islamophobic."

Both Attorney General Holder and FBI Director Mueller have acknowledged that the Department of Justice and the FBI are reviewing their training materials to remove inaccurate and biased information.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which provides most of the Federal funding for state and local training, recently issued a set of recommendations for countering violent extremism training.

SEE: Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) TrainingGuidance & Best Practices

CAIR has in the past called on the Obama administration, DHS, the Department of Defense, and Congress to provide oversight for apparently widespread anti-Muslim bias in the training of law enforcement, security and military personnel nationwide.

SEE: CAIR Asks Sec. Napolitano to Probe Use of Islamophobic Trainers Video: CAIR Decries Anti-Muslim Police Trainers

Trainers for American law enforcement and military personnel have included Islamophobes such as Robert Spencer, co-founder of Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), and "former terrorist" Walid Shoebat.


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  • Cletus Taylor

    The truth about Islam is; Islam is the most dangerous threat to the United States and the World today and a moderate Muslim does not exist. Their main goal is to kill all non-muslims.

  • to be His masterpiece once He’s finished?? How He adores you and longs for you; how he waits upon you to renew you and refresh you

  • Frank

    To be “tolerant” of Islam means one must have an ignorance of the real teachings of Islam. Ignorance of real Islam and “tolerance” of Islam go hand in hand. To be accused of being “Islmophobic” means one must know a lot about the real teachings of Islam.


    Pamela… GREAT SITE!! Not sure how I found it but I do have a ritualistic smile now.. As for the “Hamas Linked…….” article, there is only one word that will sumarize my thoughts. PATHETICISM!!! The fact that we, the United States of America, must incorporate Islamic understanding into our American way of life is just plain ignorant and pathetic. My thoughts on Islam and muslims in general, (are not of the politically correct wing of America), are of common sense and logic as well as moral, ethical, and patriotic values. 9/11 was/is solid proof that Islam is completely about religious and ethnic cleansing. To force American law enforcement (municipal, state, and federal), as well as our military, into appeasing the rights and priviledges of Islam and its followers is nothing more than a government (U.S.A), falsely and covertly, adhering to sharia law. Israel is on the verge of running solo and the idiotic womb rejects in the White House openly play russian roulette with American and Israeli lives and values. Muslims worldwide,(both young and old) encourage the belief that Israel is of no human or global value. The distinction between Islam and most other “religions” is that only Islam portrays a relevent religion or a sort of iconic value upon the demise and disrespect of “other than”. Media, including FOX and other cable outlets, prescribe a soft tone when it comes to Islam and its deriliction of human duty and responsibility. The ratings game is more important than facts, as blunt as they should be, and supposes an ignorant audience of puppets will be of the willing mindset. When issues of Islamophobia become news events, Americans must become a “bleeding heart”. Why?? It is time that Islam be told exactly what it is… “Satans Legacy”.

  • Why is this Hamas-Linked organization still allowed to operate in the United States. This is just IAP dressed in different clothes. Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad should be dropped off in the Sahara with some dates and a camel. I know, I know, it is us patriotic Americans, veterans, freedom fighters who are the real threat to this country.
    This latest gig by CAIR is not insanity, it is beligerent and obnoxious. Like Pamela says, They Must Be Stopped!

  • Rob

    This is only half of the story. On Politico, it says that the “Muslim group’s suit for FBI manual hit a setback”.

  • As Pres. Obama gives CAIR a blank check, and shuts down the truth to govt. employees, we still have the Internet to spread the truth. To be more effective it’s important to study the Muslim World including in America to become aware of all the orgs. and leaders and their connections. The best place to master all the facts fast and free is the Historyscoper’s Muslimscope:

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