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[ January 21, 2018 ]

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NYC: Devout Muslim Cab Drivers Impose Sharia on Taxi Tops, “We are Muslims, and we do not like the ads” TLC Caves


Last year I created a taxi top ad campaign for the victims of honor killings. More on the SIOA Honor Killings Taxi Campaign, scroll here. Muslim cab drivers protested (in obvious support of the sharia) and were taking the signs down. Yellow Cab CEO Michael Levine said at the time, "when Yellow Cab became aware of the ads three weeks ago, we immediately called the advertising company and asked to have the ads removed."

The taxi jihad continues. Today the NY Post is reporting that the TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) has submitted to Islamic law. Devout Muslim taxi drivers are now allowed to impose the sharia yet again on taxi tops and can veto strip-club roof ads.

The great religious war, waged on top of yellow cabs, has ended. Devout Muslim hacks — who were crouched behind their steering wheels in shame while driving with ads for strip clubs atop their taxis — won a major victory yesterday in their war on roof smut.

And NY Mag has this:

The Taxi & Limousine Commission has ruled that if a cabby owns his car, he's allowed to opt out of the ads that sit atop it, striking a blow against gentleman's clubs citywide. As the rules stood previously, the owner of the taxi medallion, not the car, had the final say bout the contents of its roof ad, much to the dismay of religious or conservative drivers. "We are Muslims, and we do not like the ads," said a man who was forced to ride around with a Flashdancers sign all day. One cabby said he had to walk to mosque rather than be seen with "disgusting things."

The media loves to use the word "conservative" when describing jihadists. The idea that advertising must conform to the sharia is part of the islamization of America (fight it. Get this book.).

This is hardly the first time that taxi drivers sought to impose Islam on the secular marketplace. Taxi drivers in one of the country's largest airports refused service to passengers carrying alcohol or those who had guide dogs.

When I ran my honor killing campaign, the Huffington POS reported that the taxi ads that I created to help girls whose lives were in danger were pulled off taxi cabs in Chicago, despite the fact that the entire ad campaign had already run in full.

Our campaign was directed at women trying to escape fundamentalist households who have no resources, no network or safe place (like Rifqa Bary). No ads were pulled except those taken down by Muslim cab drivers who …. support death to apostates. The ads were designed to stop the spike in honor killings in the West, i.e. Noor Almaleki, Aasiya Hasan, Fatima Abdullah, and the near death beating of Harry Potter movie star Afshan Azad. (Azad's parents were born and raised in London. She was dating a non-Muslim boy. So much for the cultural differences meme.)

Taxi honor killing lincoln center (2)

The Huffington Post wrote, "Pamela Geller, who has been dubbed the 'Queen of Muslim Bashers'" — uh, dubbed by whom? Yes, you guessed it, The Huffington Post.

91 percent of honor killings worldwide are done by Muslims. 84 percent of honor killings in US done by Muslims. And according to one expert, honor killings are on the rise. And while we see them in rare instances in other cultures, it is clear that the Islamic legal toleration for honor killings leads to an increased rate of such killings among them.

This is a growing problem that is being hidden and obfuscated by the big liberal press. The West is reluctant to speak of it, media whitewashes it. But that cannot stand. 

Here was the derangement syndrome over at the Huffington Post (Puff Ho):

Yellow Cab Will Stop Running Anti-Islam Ads

Earlier this summer, the leader of the group "Stop the Islamization of America" took out ads on 25 Chicago taxi cabs–and as of Tuesday, all of them will be removed.

Pamela Geller, who has been dubbed the "Queen of Muslim Bashers" and leads the "Stop the Islamization of America" movement, claimed the ads were directed toward Muslim women wanting to leave Islam–but ended up offending both cab drivers and passengers.

Today, Yellow Cab CEO Michael Levine issued a statement announcing the removal of the ads:

"Recently, the head of the group 'Stop the Islamization of America' took out ads on Chicago-area taxis. The ads in question were carried by independent affiliates of Yellow Cab Affiliation. The fleet owner was contracted and paid by an independent advertising company specializing in taxi top advertising."

"When Yellow Cab became aware of the ads three weeks ago, we immediately called the advertising company and asked to have the ads removed. We were told that they were taken down, but we found out today that three such ads were still running. They will be removed today. Yellow Cab does not regularly approve advertising content carried by our affiliates, but we do reserve the right to ask them to remove ads that offend either the drivers or the public."

And of course, the Ground Zero mega mosque developers appear to support the death fatwa on offspring as well:

Park 51 tweet

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Honor killing by arson in England, including burning to death a 15 month old boy:

  • lane

    After parsing through your mangling of English. I think that you are saying that you want people who own their own property to be forced to display ads they don’t like, yah?
    You’re an illiterate moron. Keep writing; you’ve hit the bottom of the hole and yet you keep digging. (that is a metaphor, if you didn’t quite understand)

  • Choi

    That’s NOT a “metaphor” you POS TROLL,IT’S A THREAT!!!
    And she has your IP
    Get your feeble brain around THAT you MF!

  • AuntieMadder

    Why didn’t Christian cab drivers who don’t/didn’t care for ads promoting topless bars, for example, think of this? Or how about recovering alcoholics who don’t/didn’t care for the liquor ads on their cabs?

  • AuntieMadder

    Beginning with a sentence fragment (“After parsing through your mangling of English.”), you accuse another of being an English-mangling, illiterate moron.
    Are you familiar with the metaphor about the pot calling the kettle black? You should be, Mr. Pot.

  • It is possible to parse a sentence, but not a “mangling”, and you parse a sentence not “through” a sentence. Lame, you can claim superiority in neither intellect nor literacy.

  • Warren Terra

    Angry fanboi sez what?

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    Of course I am a troll. You’re both too stupid to understand it, but, live on.
    Threat. No. And I don’t give a wet-slap if she – or anyone- has my posting addy.
    It all demonstrates your idiocy.
    I laugh at you, and your response. You didn’t get the point and you never will. Live in your ignorant bliss.
    But, note that I post post with my name, Tom, did, auntie madder did not.

  • lane

    Oh, and the really cool thing is, for you statist freaks, I had to give a ‘legitimate’ e-mail addy. It lets the state track me (and you) so good.

  • In Orange County, CA, the majority of taxi drivers are muslime and I don’t think it’s by accident either, I think it’s an example of islamonazi ethnic cleansing…

  • “It lets the state track me (and you) so good.”
    Sounds like something an islamonazi pig would like…

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