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N.J. schools will offer lessons in “tolerance” about 9/11 attacks


"Emphasize the good that grew out of the tragedy"

"The suggestions range from creating art about tolerance"

Mychal F. Judge, the Franciscan Friar who was Chaplain of the Fire Department of New York City.


Here it comes. Liberal pablum in the classroom. School lessons about 911 should be accurate and fact-based. Children should be schooled in the motivation behind the largest, bloodiest attack on American soil in our nation's history. Students should be taught the bloody and merciless 1,400-year history of Islamic jihad. Mumbai, London, Bali, Baghdad, Madrid, Beslan, Jerusalem, Sderot, Nigeria, Indoneisa, Somalia … the list is endless. Instead, the schools are enforcing the blasphemy laws under the sharia: do not insult Islam.

911 is not about teaching our children that the "tragedy" taught the victims of this mass murder "tolerance," nor is it about Bruce Springsteen's song "The Rising." And it is not a "tragedy." A car accident is tragedy. A terminal illness is a tragedy. This was an open declaration of war. Nowhere in this article or in the school teachers' and official's remarks does anyone dare mention Islam or Islamic jihad.

That is the lesson being taught. That we surrendered.

N.J. schools will offer lessons about 9/11 attacks Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TRENTON — Students in New Jersey, a state that lost about 700 residents in the Sept. 11 attacks, can soon get classroom lessons on the attacks, from the history of terrorism to the heroics of regular people.

Acting state Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf is scheduled to join with a volunteer task force Thursday to unveil a curriculum revolving around Sept. 11.

Implementing the curriculum, which features lessons for students from kindergarten through high school, will be voluntary and open to schools public and private, in New Jersey or elsewhere. Schools in France and Missouri have expressed interest, organizers say.

Donna Gaffney, a co-founder of the 4 Action Initiative, which put the lessons together, said they fit in with New Jersey's school content standards.

"It's important for the kids to be able to understand what happened. This was a national tragedy. So many lives were lost. It's important that we remember not only those people who lost their lives but also had people came together," said Dena Ann Drobish, a third-grade teacher in ParsippanyTroy Hills who helped developed the lessons and has tried them out over the past two years.

The project was conceived by Maryellen Salamone, a co-founder of Families of September 11. Former Gov. Thomas Kean, the co-chairman of the federal Sept. 11 Commission, suggested the tone for the lessons.

It's not the first set of lessons about the attacks, but it's aiming to be particularly expansive.

The curriculum seeks to look at many aspects of the attacks in age-appropriate ways, mostly leaving out the grisly images of the day. There are 56 lessons geared to different age groups.

In the first days of school, for instance — which will fall right around the 10th anniversary of the attacks — Drobish plans to use a lesson about a retired fireboat that was used to help fight the fires at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

The students who will be in her class this fall were born after the attacks. Some of them know details, she said, and others don't. And in her area, only about 25 miles from Manhattan, there are families who lost people in the attacks.

She said she likes the lessons because they emphasize the good that grew out of the tragedy, which she says is needed for students as young as the ones she teaches.

Gaffney said older students will have more complicated lessons, including examining the history of terrorism and examining "The Rising," the song Bruce Springsteen wrote in reaction to the attacks.

The lessons recommend some kind of action. The suggestions range from creating art about tolerance to planning service projects to honor or remember people from their school communities.

"The lesson is that extremism and hate can lead to the ultimate consequence of thousands of innocent people being murdered," said Phil Kirschner, who chairs the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, part of a coalition that developed the curriculum. "We try to teach our students to be what we call 'upstanders,' and not bystanders. If you see hateful speech or actions, you need to confront it."

Drobish, the teacher, said that before she had the lesson plans, she had another approach to talking with students about Sept. 11: "very carefully."

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  • This sounds to me like 9/11 will now morph into lessons on diversity and the beauty of multiculturalism.

  • just fking brazen and craven

    boy, they just couldn’t even wait a generation, could they?
    what are going do? just deny the existance of ALL the World Trade Center buildings, St. Nick church, BCF?
    Obviously, they didn’t have any problem denying the Holocaust, but that took a couple decades, didn’t it?

  • “The lesson is that extremism and hate can lead to the ultimate consequence of thousands of innocent people being murdered,”
    – is that an attempt to make people think that “extremist Islam” can kill? Or that Atlas Shrugs can kill?

  • 911 as a lesson in tolerance….
    Liberals are insane self hating creeps. They truly believe that 911 was America’s fault. That it was “victims hitting back”…..what should we expect from Muslims when our own are driving this agenda.
    Seriously …

  • livingengine

    9/11 is about America, and those who believe in free speech, freedom of conscience, equality of all people before the law, the Bill of Rights, and so forth. It is NOT about being nice to other people.
    This past 9/11, I looked for events to leaflet in opposition to the GZ mosque, and there are no observances out here in the SF Bay area; stair climbing exhibitions by fire fighters does not count, nor do early morning silent candle lightnings that end before scheduled.
    It seems that you can remember 9/11, but don’t think too much about it, or get angry, and say what EVERYBODY knows; 9/11 was an act of war committed by devout Muslims engaging in jihad, and you, and I, our families, our friends, our pets are all soft targets. The fact that our schools, elected leaders, military, and media don’t know how to talk about this is not good news.
    Well, you can take comfort in knowing that you are a superior human being. You give a damn, and you didn’t forget. There is a through line from the beaches of Normandy to the morning of 9/11; there are forces afoot that want to end my life, and destroy my country, and will never forget something like that.

  • pamela:
    this is just pathetic.
    mollusks. incapable of moral assessment or judgment.
    it just leaves me shaking my head.
    john jay

  • The GOOD that grew out of the tragedy? What exactly? The London subway bombing? Fort Hood? This thing in Mumbai?
    It’s like an epidemic of terror, and our government is teaching our children to shut up.

  • This serves as an example of why we are NOT winning the War on Terror. As a 9/11 survivor myself, I think this is TOTALLY unacceptable not to mention leading us down a self destructive path. Every parent, teacher, etc. should do what they can to fight this!

  • Pam, this is why everyone needs to join my private online viewing of the Disney/Clinton censored docudrama THE PATH TO 911 that I’m sponsoring this September for the 10th anniversary. How can we NEVER FORGET if we’re NEVER REMINDED?
    I’ll be in NYC for the 10th, the viewing will be later that month…please join me, they WILL come after me. They can kiss my fat ass, they will NOT re-write history! WARCHICK

  • Auntie Gin

    Muslims must be laughing their asses off at our stupidity. Yeah, a whole lot of good grew out of 9/11. Can we all just join hands now and sing “We are the world.”

  • Can’t wait for 9/11 in Dance, a production (sorry, a “text”)performed NUDE by members of the Feminist Collective Co Operative and the Gay and Lesbian Whale Wrestlers Union.

  • Eric

    I wonder if equal time will be given to the Pearl Harbor tragedy. Surely Shintoism had no part in that either. Oddly, it was the religious leader who told the people to surrender though. It must have been he had a revelation, a neu-clear revelation.

  • shakin my fist

    propaganda jihad, no?

  • Tom TB

    The ONLY people that need lessons in tolerence are the members of the cult that keep murdering, whether it’s 2/26/93 or 9/11; same sick motive, different day.

  • Kevin Stroup

    Why not teach tolerance to rape, assault, robbery and theft victims? I mean, gee… have got to understand the assailants point of view….right?

  • “If you see hateful speech or actions, you need to confront it.” Unless, of course, the hateful speech or actions are by Muslims, in which case you need to confront those pointing it out. Absolutely pathetic. It is difficult to conceive of a more hateful action than flying two loaded passenger aeroplanes into two densely populated tower blocks. It was not a “tragedy”, it was an obscenity.

  • then there’s this

    look into the textbook, “History Alive!” – it’s been in and out of the classroom for many years
    H A clearly promotes izzlomb over christianity and judaism

  • Jorge Banner

    hussein’s failed marxist administration is the worst enemy America has ever faced.
    Things as they stand they have pretty much succeeded.
    What will be left of America after hussein’s failed marxist administration will be very different from what the Founding Fathers created.
    This is fall of Troy all over again.
    The wooden horse of liberalism has done its deed.

  • James

    Once again – Liberal Jews continue to be their own and America’s worst enemies by spouting this liberal bullshite to the children of America.

  • Patti


  • Jorge Banner

    It is true that a majority of American ex-Jews are collectivists, liberals, leftists, socialists, communists, whatever you want to call it.
    How much that reflects on the character of other Jews is a collectivist notion in itself. Jews are only individuals, like all the other non Jewish individuals, who have to be judged on their individual merits, ideas and actions.
    “Liberal Jews” are “America’s worst enemies” if you are an anti-Semite and rejoice in some folks liberalism to have en excuse to air your anti-Semitic filth.
    Quite a number of Americans, both Jews and non Jews, have fallen for the siren call of collectivism and have turned into the mindless robots that is the collectivist ideal. That’s not a Jewish thing. That’s a collectivist thing.
    If it was possible to attribute racial idiosyncrasies I would pose that amongst them, as Jews are concerned, you find a strong will to survive. Where others have perished, Jews survived and Israel is a case few others can or have, imitated. And Israel is by no means the only strong example of Jewish will to survive and prosper.
    Since collectivism is incompatible with human survival as proven by each and every attempt to impose it, like nazi Germany, soviet Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, all the pisslim countries and many other examples not forgetting hussein’s failed marxist administration in America we can say that in the measure that an individual chooses collectivism he abandons his Jewishness.
    So don’t say that a majority of American ex-Jews are collectivists. Say instead that a majority of American ex-Jews have decided to stop being Jews and turn into America hating, Israel hating, anti-Semites and communists of their own accord, of their own stupidity and to the detriment of their own chances of survival. And also say that this in no way reflects on all other Jews that love America, love Capitalism and love Israel.
    It can be posed and sounds quite reasonable to me that a majority of American collectivist ex-Jews are too brain-washed, immature, stupid and ill advised to realize that they would hate the very collectivism they espouse if they had to live under it but that they still espouse it from the comfort of their relatively secure position as Americans while enjoying all the comforts, safeties and accouterments of Capitalism (to the extent 2011 collectivized America under hussein’s failed marxist administration can be called “Capitalist”).
    This by no means is an attempt to excuse the wrongs of these ex-Jewish collectivists. Choosing collectivism from within the remnants of the most Capitalist of all Republics that ever existed can easily be called a paroxysm of immorality. But those are collectivist for you. Immorality goes with collectivism like mozzarella on pizza.
    Liberals are America’s worst enemies. Some of them happen to have been Jews before they adopted the suicidal tenets of collectivism.

  • John P

    A US President indoctrinated most Americans in benign-islam fictions, as the bodies of 3,000 of his countrymen were being dug out of the ruins of buildings attacked in a phase of the muslim’ 1400 year war of extermination against al-kafirun.

  • prestigio

    i’m all for
    moslem pigs
    being forcibly taught
    to be tolerant
    of human beings

  • Roselynde

    Did you LOOK at the curriculum?
    DID you?
    At the elementary school level, yes– it focuses on our firemen, police, and emergency personnel who were heroes. No, it doesn’t focus on the terrorists.
    By high school, it is fact-based, rooted in primary sources where students can come to their own decisions about important issues such as civil liberties vs. security.
    Once again– going off without know WHAT you are talking about.

  • return to American Exceptionalism

    that’s the FIRE, Patti. Great on ya! gonna take a whole lot more of us to get up, get out, and get on the way to fixing alot of things that are broke.

  • James

    Jorge Banner,
    Thank you for the intelligent response to my brash generalization of all Jewish people. You are correct that it is not just the Jews who have bought into the suicidal pact of collectivism. When I called my school board, I spoke to a complete liberal enemy of America who identified himself as a practicing Catholic. His defense of the current curriculum bashing Christiantity and Judiasm while praising Islam was that we don’t want to insult the Muslims. I could have strangled him over the phone. Being a NJ resident, I am disgusted with the leftist control of the schools here; by the fools in Trenton, the teachers unions, and the local school boards who would submit to Sharia before speaking the truth.

  • sDee

    You can do it Patti !
    Wake County Schools here in NC (third largest in nation) were getting completely out of control. With the help of the Tea Parties and motivated voters we got some courageous Board Members in, and a majority. They are bringing our schools back to us but it isn’t easy. They are constantly under legal and media attacks by the DOJ the NAACP, and a coalition of leftist groups and public unions.
    You do not hear about because it is a huge setback for the unions, liberals, socialists and progressives.
    It will be a long battle back but the public is awake and supportive. We just need leaders who will stand on principle.
    Please go for it. The People can win!

  • sDee

    If it fails cut to the fundamental hatred and supremacy of Islam that intentionally brought this to America, it is a whitewash of history.
    Islam has been slaughtering, enslaving and terrorizing non-belivers for 1400 years. We can thank our revisionist leftist historians for empowering this beast.

  • When*Pigs8Fly

    NO tolerance for islam, NONE!

  • that ‘Catholic’ is a baha’i and doesn’t realize it..

  • karl anglin

    Wondre if these schools are going to
    educate Muslims about tolerance.

  • karl anglin

    Wonder if these schools are going
    to educate Muslims about tolerance.

  • karl anglin

    The 9/11 comission has 28 pages
    blacked out because of George W.
    Bush’s close ties to the Saudi
    Arabians. It would have been
    enough evidence for impeachment.

  • karl anglin

    Soon new shots will be fired
    equal to what took place at
    Lexington and Concord.

  • karl anglin

    On orders from Obama!

  • The tolerant freaks never want you to mention the Inferioity Complex
    that Mo and his folowers have earned through hundreds of years.”We
    want a religion of or own.” Well, he got it.
    That drives their Jealousy and their Hatred and their pleasure in Death.
    A classic example of Humanism at its worst.
    Patty-cake, patty-cake……………..

  • Nat’s daughter

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  • mel

    An Orwellian nightmare where the “victims” are themselves the perpetrators who smash down reality. How is this possible? We don’t have to look far in that the two rotting corpses of “Black and Homosexual Rights” ideology were the forces that laid down the “poor victim can never do wrong and deserves special treatment even if they are criminals”. The Muslims just drove their own victim-hood in through the front door of the American guilt-ridden psyche. Unless the Tea party addresses these issues pointedly, they are indirect, wavering and might likely lose the upcoming elections.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Don’t forget the manatees!

  • Kufar Dawg

    Um, what Jews? I didn’t notice any mention of religion in the article at all.
    You don’t think there are delusional liberal Christians? Hahahahahahahaahahah.

  • Jorge Banner

    karl anglin said …
    [Q]Soon new shots will be fired
    equal to what took place at
    Lexington and Concord.[/Q]
    Yes, one would expect that. Don’t hold your hopes to high, though. This seems most likely to end with a whimper than with a bang. There might be a few incidents, here and there that will end up just like Waco. But another 1776? You would need the kind of people who would “pledge their Names, their Lives and their Sacred Honor” to rebuild the Republic. Best of luck.

  • Newspeak:
    ‘tolerance’ = ‘dhimmitude’

  • Larry A. Singleton

    Actually this is a great opportunity. Parents will either sit on their ass and let the dhimmis lead the parade or we can use this as an opportunity for parents to let their kids bring books like Muslim Mafia, Because They Hate, The Haj, The Complete Infidels Guide, Invasion, The Looming Tower, The Kite Runner, A Passage to India, etc, etc Muhommads description in Gibbon’s Rise and Fall so on and so forth and discuss these books and their subject matter in class. This is where we discover weather of not we’re a nation of sheep or hands on when it comes to our kids education. I’ll bet most of the people whining about this poor womans approach have never even been to a PTA meetin.

  • Praapje

    Yes, divert the attention from what’s realy behind the attacks: islamic doctrine to “healing and attacking hate speech.” Well, if the latter is the case, why don’t they teach islamic doctrine in those classes and examine this instead of The Rising (which I find a beautiful song by the way)?
    Thet don’t want to teach the gruesome stuff to chuildren. Well, I can understand that, but you cannot sugarcoat it, that’s misinformation. It sure looks to me that this is an attempt to sweeten the attacks and to misuse it as a tool to promote hatespeech laws.

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