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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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Breast-feeding mother “told to leave council headquarters because she would offend Muslim visitors”


Feeding a baby is offensive, but strapping a bomb on a baby is … righteous.

Breast-feeding mother 'told to leave council headquarters because she would offend Muslim visitors' Daily Mail, July 13, 2011 (thanks to the Atlas ready who sent this in)

Abreast-feeding mother has been ordered out of council offices after staff said it would 'cause an uproar' among Muslim visitors, it has been claimed.

Emma Mitchell, 32, was about to feed her 19-week-old son, Aaron, when a receptionist at Oldham Civic Centre told her it was a 'multicultural building'.

When she was told to use the toilets of a nearby shopping centre she argued with a manager before being offered an empty room under supervision.

Carer Emma Mitchell was told she couldn't breast-feed her five-month-old son Aaron

Carer Emma Mitchell was told she couldn't breast-feed her five-month-old son Aaron

Ms Mitchell, a carer who is currently on maternity leave, said: 'It was just awful. I felt humiliated, intimidated and guilty through the whole thing.

'We all live in Oldham and we all use this building, and I was doing what was one of the most natural things a mum can do.

'If someone from another culture started praying in the waiting room, I wouldn't say, "Excuse me, you're offending me" I would respect it because it's their culture.

'So I shouldn't be made to feel what I wanted to do was wrong just because it's not in their culture.

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Muslim mom3

Offensive? These mothers are offensive.


UPDATE: Armaros snickers,"I am no fan of public breast feeding myself. BUT it is funny to see the same leftist liberal morons who condemned those who voiced mild criticism of public breast feeding as fascists and sexist bigots telling this woman that "this is a multicultural building". This illustrates perfectly how liberals are submitting to Islam even when it comes to their supposedly dearest pet peeves. Women and gays."

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  • Islam is a vile, disgusting, repugnant, and backward belief system disguised as a religion and it should be wiped out off the planet!

  • DanS.

    people should eat lots of pork and wine and intentionally get violently ill next to muslims and puke all over them. then leave.

  • DanS.

    PS: we also need to kick their teeth out whenever possible. wear steel tipped boots for when an occasion presents.

  • prestigio

    is islamic thought
    against nature
    is co-ran also
    the work of satan
    is contrary to nature
    god not allah
    created nature

  • “…into becoming walking propaganda machines…”
    This video spells out the Islamic plan for taking over Europe

  • livingengine

    Just to raise the offensiveness a notch, the woman in the first two pictures is Reem Al-Reyashi, HAMAS’ first female suicide bomber.
    Although Reem Al-Reyashi left a video taped living will which claimed spiritual motivations for her suicide, IDF investigators believe she was coerced into doing it by her husband who caught her in flagrante delicto with another HAMAS activist.
    Her husband encouraged her to do it, and the man she had illicit sex with provided her with the suicide belt. Neat, huh?

    IDF sources said that already at the beginning of the investigation it
    turned out that Al-Reyashi’s husband, an activist in the Hamas organization,
    not only knew about his wife’s plans in advance – but even encouraged her to
    carry out the suicide attack. This even though he knew that with his wife’s
    death he would be left to raise their two small children alone. Another
    thing turned up from the investigation: the person who was chosen to recruit
    the 22 year old Al-Reyashi to carry out the suicide attack and equipped her
    with the explosive belt was none other than the lover with whom she cheated
    on her husband. The British Sunday Times reports in this morning’s edition
    that the husband even drove his wife to the Erez Crossing.

  • Harold

    If it is a multi-cultural building- doesn’t that mean that the other cultures should respect hers and allow her to feed her baby in peace?

  • Kufar Dawg

    I guess it beats being murdered by your own family in an muslime honor killing.

  • Redneck Woman

    Cowboy boots work well also and I never leave home without them!

  • Redneck Woman

    “Show the Europeans how moral and successful muslims are”?? I don’t think they are very moral. Beastiality is not something I would consider a moral…..
    I would bet that the Westerners now know more about Islam than they think! Thanks to Pamela and Robert and all the others who have been keeping us informed!
    Thank you for posting this….I’ll be sending that one on myself!

  • Redneck Woman

    Well, one would think that wouldn’t they…. but the lady was white so she has to give in to all the other cultures demands.

  • Alyn

    The lady does not understand what is happening to her society. The British are now second class citizens.
    Dhimmis in training as it were.
    She is lucky she was not attacked for not having her head covered by a hijab. Muslim society is taking over in Britain.
    Soon not being able to breastfeed will be the least of her problems.

  • mk750

    Now see, if she would just don a Chador, she could hide the nursing baby in its folds and all would be peace and harmony between the multi-cultures./sarc/

  • Another in the seemingly innumerable number of witnesses to their very own words, “We love death more than you love life”.

  • long row to hoe

    raise the offensiveness a notch…
    explosively offensive ?!?!?

  • Muslims offended by a woman breastfeeding her baby, but muslims approve of a woman breast feeding her adult male co-workers! As documented in my post exposing islam as the Cult of Stupid, HERE:

  • Nat’s daughter

    So true! The Brits don’t know what is happening to their society until it affects them personally. Just like in the US. Lazy, stupid citizens losing their country, their freedom and then when it bites them personally, they’re shocked. DUH??? She’s likely one of the many who call Pamela racist, etc. And, by the way, what the hell’s a multicultural building? Just allowing it to be called that is another brick in the wall(pun intended)of politically correct BS!

  • Debra McCreery Hopkins

    Wouldn’t the British culture also be ‘celebrated’ or at least permitted at a multi-cultural building in Great Britain?

  • well said, indeed.

  • Who in the hell do these MUSLIMES think they are, where do they get off BITCHING about everything that goes on in this country? they are screwing over England, France, & the Nordic countries. You go to their country you have kiss their asses and follow their rules, they come here and they want us to follow their rules here! HEY GOAT HUMPERS THIS THE tHE uNITED sTATES oF aMERICA, YOU FOLLOW OUR LAWS OR GET YOUR RAGGDY ASSES BACK TO THE SUMP HOLE YOU COME FROM. AND BY THE WAY MOHAMMAD WAS A CHILD MOLESTER AND HE SCREWED GOATS IN THE PROCESS, IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY COMMENTS. UP YOURS

  • Wm Stanley

    I worked in Saudi Arabia for several years in the 80’s for an American company working in Ministry of Interior hospitals that provided medical care for the regular, secret and religious police forces and their “dependents.” It was funny that to go through the maternity unit, the women would be face veiled but nursing their baby right in the open without issue or concern for strangers who they would even talk to. Amazing. Just amazing.

  • The problem with these MUSLIME goat rapers, they aretrying to rule the world, the are scaving England, France & the Nordic countries, they want our soil so bad they are doing their hardest to win. thes people are rapists, child molesters, murders for the sake of killing they are brutla savages with no respect for life at all, they pray to a supposed guy, that was a child molster and a total nut case, and if you check deeper he was in love with young boys. in general, they need to be stopped, it’s getting late folks!

  • Frank

    “Emma Mitchell, 32, was about to feed her 19-week-old son, Aaron, when a receptionist at Oldham Civic Centre told her it was a ‘multicultural building’.”-from the article
    If it is a ‘multicultural building’ then Emma should be allowed to breast feed her baby. What ‘multicultural building’ really means is Sharia compliant. As in most everything else, Muslims feel Islam must be accommodated, but the feelings, hopes, dreams etc. of non-Muslims do not matter.

  • John P

    The muslim enemy has destroyed hundreds of native cultures in their 1400 year war of extermination against “al-kafirun.” Now our homelands have become salients for infiltrators and subversives. Since a saudi owned US President decreed, based on personal family interests, “islam is peace,” the enemy has been able to wear the “benign” cloak, to cover their inherent malignancy.

  • John P

    Jihad-base-destruction needs to replace nation-building perversities in the enemy tyrannies.

  • Of course so disgustingly hypocritical is the world of Islam and the way they want things. Nothing could possibly be more offensive than the ugly picture of a mother teaching her babies to become martyrs and jihadist for Mohamadism.
    “This is a multicultural Building” This is were the term multicultural gets misunderstood, were it becomes bastardized by its foolish and willing advocates and enablers in the face of the established culture of the British People. Are we supposed to assume that in a multicultural setting everything is neutral and no cultural traits can be displayed? This is absolute utter nonsense of course.
    Did not Prime Minister David Cameron just say a few months ago ago that multiculturalism was a dismal failure in Britain? Of course he was echoing two other EU leaders in Germany’s Merkel, and France’s Zarkozy. But what actions has Mr. Cameron taken to change the landscape in relationship to the warped perversion, and Achilles Tendon that is multiculturalism?
    Surprisingly the Netherlands is waking up to the destructive role of multiculturalism among the Dutch Culture as well. The irony in the Netherlands is that one of the leaders of this effort to protect the Dutch Culture from the aggressive actions of Islam is a man who demonstrated himself to be the classic dhimmi when he said sharia would be acceptable in the Netherlands. He now has made a 180 degree turn and recognizes his folly, –another words he “woke up” and began to pay attention to people like Geert Wilders who was exonerated in a very public case which ended up breathing a breath of fresh air into freedom for the Dutch once more.
    Hopefully the “veil” placed over the Dutch People has been lifted after the vindication of Geert Wilders.

  • madmath1

    I’m no fan of public breast feeding myself. They say it’s natural, but so is peeing and I don’t see a movement to make that a public event. That said, this stance of the “multicultural building” demonstrates how the left really don’t believe the BS or PC crap they spew as they embrace a cult whose mission is to eliminate and destroy all those scared PC issues. It demonstrates their total capitulation to the evils of Islam and how they’ll sacrifice their most sacred cows, like gay and women rights, to placate them.

  • I’m thinking that your comparative analogy between breast feeding and peeing simply doesn’t really play well in your argument.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Peeing is as much a natural act as breast-feeding. I’d like to see you argue otherwise.

  • kafir

    If you think about it, watching people shove food in one end of their gastrointestinal tract should be no more acceptable than watching them shove processed food out the other end. In fact, some people are so gross in the way they eat, I can’t think the end game could be much worse.
    But babies, come on, they’re neat and clean and suck tit and fill their diapers and all is well…no biggy. It’s just men get nervous when they see titties being used for their intended purpose. Could it be INTIMIDATION?

  • Would you rather watch someone do– oh heck never mind!

  • Bennie

    Don’t sugar coat it Nick. Tell us what you really think, LOL …

  • Bennie

    More like jealousy, haha ..

  • Kufar Dawg

    All I’m saying is that you can’t argue breast feeding is a natural act and urination isn’t.

  • whatsit

    People can breast feed in public. She should tell them to call the police if they have a problem. No one can take away her rights.

  • kafir

    I have a friend who went to Bahrain and stayed at a nice hotel on a high floor. He said out back was nothing but sand, and this muslim guy in his robe down below just stopped squatted shat wiped his butt hole with sand with his left hand barely buried his shit and left the scene.
    So Muslims are fine with TAKING A SHIT IN PUBLIC but not breast feeding.

  • internet

    fuck these cow fucking muslims, they been taking innocent lives for centuries, just read the history, they have their fuckin gay torture methods written in their shariya law, these motherfuckers i hate them stinking pigs

  • Ed H – Canada

    Have the people in our governments gone totally mad? I don’t care what those crazies think…this is the “free” world not the “bond” world.
    I say place a law suit over it!

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