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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

Germany: Iranian Spy Network Targeted Jewish Institutions for Strikes

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Muslim Migrant ‘Didn’t Understand’ It Was Illegal to Have Sex with Minors

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

Democrats cave to American outrage, government is back open #SchumerShutdown #epicfail

Norway: ALL Rapes In Past 5 Years Committed By Muslims “Non-Western” Immigrants


My G-d, they have given over their wives and daughters so as ….. not to offend Muslims. Counter jihad bloggers have been blogging for years on the rape epidemic by Muslims in Europe. and still, it gets worse.

Add "non-Western" to the long list of codewords like "youths"…. "asians"…."immigrants" for Muslims. For the PC Dhmmi media and elites to taint all immigrants with this is outright xenophobic. We can't say "Muslim terrorist," but "rapist immigrant" is OK.

One 12-year-old rape victim was told by her Muslim rapist, "He said he had the right to do exactly as he wanted to a woman." Mind you, he is saying this to a 12-year-old. "Why?" "Because that is how it was in his religion. Women did not have rights or opinions, he was in charge."

This is madness. Consider that Lars Hedegaard was on trial for "racism" for speaking of the sexual violence against Muslim females in a private conversation. And the priest Jesper Langballe was last year fined 5000 dollars for publicly backing up Hedegaard's opinions.

Thanks to Armaros for the video.

UPDATE: Madelina in comments:

I am a young Norwegian woman, living in Oslo, and this is how everyday life is for the female indigenous population:

I walk down the street every morning to the metro station, and in the morning rush I always get sly glances, "kissing notions" and sleasy comments thrown my way, and they come from – without any exception – from our "cultural enrichers". Sexual harassment has become a part of everyday life here in Oslo, and I would never dream of going home alone after dark in this city. That is an invitation for rape.

Once upon a time a woman could walk home at any time of the day or night, and she would be completely safe. But that is a long, long time ago. Now we have gang fights, cars set on fire, threats against Jews and rape.

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  • Muslim males live under quranic ordenance to treat “kafir” women as “anfal” (sex booty). Islam’s fake prophet seized a Jewish woman for rape-“marriage” after murdering her husband and father. He also seized an Ethiopian Christian women as “anfal.” Last year, one survey of internet porn use found that Pakistanis were the world’s worst pervs.
    Meanwhile, retired pigistani military scum openly support the murder of American troops. Gotta keep up that nation-building.

  • There’s a fair number of sub-Saharan Africans (many Christians) also in Norway… what chance that some of them would also be getting in on the action?? That said, I think it’s safe to assume that most of these “non-Western immigrant” culprits hail from the Religion of Peace, and believe they’ll be getting 72 virgins in the afterlife. (but why bother blowing themselves up to have that, if they can get those virgins on the ground in Oslo?)

  • Radegunda

    Notice that the policewoman seemed so solicitous toward the perps: we need to be careful about “stigmas”; they came from “traumatized” countries; they were on the margins of society, blah blah — as if that made it all more understandable.

  • I personally know an Irish girl who was raped by a Pakistani Muslim because she was drinking alcohol and therefore was asking for it – he was her taxi driver. She was out celebrating because it was her birthday. He has been found, charged and sentenced.
    My daughter was cold-cocked coming out of a pub in Utrecht by a group of 3 Turks (young men). When she fell to the ground, one stomped on her back as she tried to get up. Thank God the Dutch guys in her group followed out right behind her – who knows how her story would have turned out. (Of course, they were never found/charged with assault.)
    They are terrorists in every sense of the word – with or without bombs.

  • Frezyt

    Filth. Who wants them in our civilized countries. Can’t they just keep to the way they want to live, in poverty and caves or whatever rock they live under

  • Frezyt

    Filth. Who wants them in our civilized countries. Can’t they just keep to the way they want to live, in poverty and caves or whatever rock they live under

  • Fitna

    I sent off an angry email to a UK news-site for using the word “Asian” instead of muslim in their story. I explained that they are turning this into a racial conflict, when it is actually a democracy vs theocracy problem.
    Their cowardice will potentially ignite a race-war, once the masses wake up and get fed up with muslims raping white women. And they will have been led to believe that it was those “ethnics” or “immigrants” that were behind it.
    Meanwhile the only immigrants (as we all know here) doing such things in epidemic proportions are the muslims.
    I think it is effective for all of us who can, to write to these media organizations. While I think Pamela/Spencer do phenomenal work, they can’t reach as large an audience as the MSM does.
    So what all of us anti-Islamists should do is start pressuring the old-media to wake-up and get with the times. Most of them are old-school liberals seeing everything through the lens of multiculturalism and US/western imperialism…these people are too lazy to do their own homework, so we should educate them ourselves.
    Whenever we see them doing such things and misinforming the people, we should email them and set them straight. Liberals should also know that they are not alone-that we stand with them if they have the courage to tell the truth about Islam, because ultimately whether we like them or not, we’ll all need each other to win this civilizational war.
    Islam must be defeated, if they conquer us, just look at the horrid existence that Islam will women to:
    basically they become baby-factories/breeders when they’re still children and get stuck in their ninja-suits the rest of their natural lives-and the cycle continues generation after generation, what a wretched, miserable existence…not to mention the regular beatings they get from their raging muslim husbands.

  • Fitna

    *that Islam will force on women

  • Fitna

    good catch, what she said didn’t sit right with me, yet it slipped past my radar.
    it’s amazing how they continue to treat these scumbags as if they’re victims, yet they’re raping their women, terrorizing the Jews (forcing them to leave) and other non-muslims, bullying European nations into accepting Islam and a dhimmitude status and people still are clueless as to what’s going on and why.
    I have a great fondness for Europe and I really hope we don’t lose it to Islam. While it is their fault for letting the Islamic Trojan horse, I’m not going to say they deserve it and let them suffer. If a friend made a dumb mistake, even after being warned, I’d still try to save this friend from harm if I could.

  • Fitna

    We were blinded by the lie of multiculturalism and muslims-as mandated by their religion-act peacefully when their numbers are small, but once they become a large enough population, then they start terrorizing, raping, rioting and so on-for the eventual overthrow of the state.
    The problem is that Europe population was in decline and they brought in muslims to do the jobs they wouldn’t plus to pay into their social programs. They did no due diligence on the types of people they were letting in and now they are paying the price for their complacency.
    Now the only way to get rid of them is by deportation, failing that, eventually civil war. But Europe needs to start acting soon-within this decade because muslim birth rates are extremely high and within a generation or two, they will out-breed us infidels and then it’s game over. That is what happened in Lebanon and Sudan-which is a textbook example of Islamic conquest.

  • fairandbalanced

    Pamela, will you have the courage to denounce the (Jewish!) Muslim-raper striking in your back-yard in New York City? I speak, of course, of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

  • Sarai

    This one is even sicker. Many of the little girls don’t even come up to the height of their husbands waists. 2009 Palestinian Hamas man/child mass wedding –

  • Lucy

    Muslim men are very often rapists and call women “whores” constantly.
    They HATE women.
    They are reterograde delinquents.

  • If only the policewoman knew how the koranimals refer to Scandinavia and their women. Scandinavia is known as the land of whores and all Scandinavian women young and old are referred to as whores. With a mindset like this rape comes easily to these koranimals.
    Norway should introduce compulsory castration and deportation for rape with violence.
    “…the Czech Republic is the only country in Europe to allow surgical castration for sex offenders, while Poland is expected to become the first country in the European Union to try to impose chemical castration…”

  • Mathilda

    No surprise here.
    Most of the immigrants in Oslo are Muslim. Finally they are admitting to this in their media.
    What I want to know is why do left winegrs feel its okay to suffer their attacks?

  • Kevin Stroup

    The Norwegians will get what they have coming to them. Cowards always do.

  • Mac-101

    Unfortunetly this is brought about because the majority of women, at least in the US, overwhemingly vote for the big government, liberal, socialist platform for da security! Well all it has brought is a bankrupt nation.
    If we are to save Western Civilization, women will have to become hard again as they were in the day and vote for sustainable gov social programs instead of the spend it now and have the grandchildren pay for it.
    As for crime, these animals MUST be made to pay. I can’t beleive with the Rape epidemic in Europe the SHEEPLE still have their heads up their arse. Women better wake up. Look in the US, once in a blue moon a black women acuses a white man of rape and the black community across the country goes crazy! However, a white women is raped by a black man on a more than daily basis. What I’m saying is ALL crime must be equal. ALL pigs are equal with none more equal than others! Protect the women; mine, your’s and theirs!

  • Terry Gain

    rape with violence.
    All rape is violent.

  • Terry Gain

    There’s a fair number of sub-Saharan Africans (many Christians) also in Norway… what chance that some of them would also be getting in on the action??
    There’s a 100% chance that you are an idiot for accusing Christians of rape.

  • patti

    As long as the cops can’t get the problem under control, wouldnt it be nice for these women to be packing heat,,or at the very least a tazer or pepper spray?

  • ann

    You sound like a troll plant from the left to disparage Christians in favor of muslims guy!

  • ann

    as should all of us—!

  • allahobama

    “Undestanding the motives of SATAN’S children”. If you don’t understand by now, look it up in the book of SATAN: the koran.

  • Bohemond1096

    Norway by and large supported the Nazis in WWII, allowing the Germans to occupy their country from 1940-1945. They recently honored Knut Hamsen, author and ardent Nazi supporter. A large portion of native born Norwegians are virulently anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish. I see G-d’s retribution in giving Norway over to muslims.

  • Beagle

    That policewoman is a perfect example of the utter failure of western governments to protect their innocent indigenous (but, sadly to them, white European) populations. So better to fret about those “on the margins of society” than to protect little girls from vicious sexual predators who openly declare that Islam gives them the right to rape non-Muslim women.
    I’d say something about the state of European men, but look who the 52%ers elected here or the complete lack of any political opposition to uncontrolled — encouraged even — Muslim immigration. I hate to say that and I never could have conceived of thinking such a thing even 15 years ago.
    But then again I don’t want to be just like the idiots in Mars Attacks. “They say they come in peace…” (When not brutalizing us thousands of times for decades after hundreds of open declarations of war in the form of fatwas, statements, and videos…)

  • Majumder

    This year, the U.S. Dept. of State issued 100,000 lottery Green Cards to all Islamic countries. 100,000 Muslims will bring another 300,000 family members (wives and kids) with them to America this year alone.
    In next 5 to 10 years, these 400,000 individuals will file petitions for at least a million more Muslims from their home-countries to immigrate to America.
    Now, please think about the social, political and economic implications of huge Muslim-immigration to America every year.

  • Bohemond1096

    Europeans consider themselves to be too “civilisied”, too “culturally evolved “, to need firearms. They have their great intellect and sense of moral superiority to protect them.

  • christin

    Heeey!! No! I am a norwegian too. Please remember we norwegians are not the same.
    Many different opinions :)

  • kafir

    Sefiyah poisoned Muhammad in some lamb, and Mo’s dying words were to kill the Jews.
    Let’s open a franchise and sell Sefiyah Kebabs!

  • kafir

    Yes and I don’t consider most Muslims to be Asians; most of the Japanese and Chinese people I know are highly decent and I am offended FOR them to be lumped into a totalitarian ideology which they reject.

  • It seems to me to be a commentary on the whole of Norwegian society. Norwegians are not just being PC. No, they are actually being intimidated. Norwegians are so fearful of angering and offending Muslims that they are willing to compromise their own standards of justice (the punitive actions taken against offenders) to appease the perpetrators of violence and injury against the female population. Norwegians are being cowardly. This is not a free society, since they will allow Muslims to control them through intimidation. What are the Norwegian men and law enforcement doing to protect the women and children from the will of Muslim men, who inflict injury upon innocents? Even if Norwegian society does prosecute the Muslim men and send them to prison, shouldn’t they be allowed to identify these offenders as to whom they are really, so as to place the blame squarely on the beliefs of these Muslim men? Is it wrong to prevent a crime by identifying and removing the source of evil transgressors from your society? If Muslim men are taught to treat women as they please, shouldn’t they be held accountable to the laws and morays of the society wherein they have chosen to live? Shouldn’t the Norwegians be allowed know the true identity of evildoers so they can be prepared to defend their civil liberties against the bad intentions brought against them? If the Norwegian men are not allowed to defend their women and children in an appropriate manner, then isn’t that a stigma on Norwegian society? If Norwegian society is not willing to remove this evil source, shouldn’t it be proactive enough to provide the means of defense against evildoers? What in God’s name are they thinking. If I was a Norwegian woman, I would be seriously considering moving to Israel.

  • james

    theocracy? government of a state by immediate divine guidance or officials who are regarded as divinely guided……..moses & israel comes to mind……..certainly NOT proponents of mohammedanism

  • Norway didn’t support Nazi-Germany. We were occupied for FIVE years, from 1940 to 1945, and no, the Germans were NOT welcome (only by Vidkun Quisling and the tiny minority of Nazi supporters). The Norwegians hated the Nazis, and Quisling got the death penalty in 1945 and was shot.
    But, as it was during the war the ruling elite in Norway are big supporters of the occupation and the barbaric filth they welcome to our once safe country. It’s this elite of quislings that are anti-Israel, anti-Jewish and pro-Palestine and pro-muslims, not the Norwegian population at large. Most Norwegians support Israel and has nothing against the Jews. I am deeply ashamed of our so called ruling elite, that’s cheering every time some muslim barbaric sewer rat screams “Kill the Jews!”
    The truth is, no sane person in Norway would DARE open his mouth against the politicians or the muslims, because if you do, you will get death threats, you will loose your job, you will become an outcast. That’s the truth about our so called modern European Utopia.

  • I am a young Norwegian woman, living in Oslo, and this is how everyday life is for the female indigenous population:
    I walk down the street every morning to the metro station, and in the morning rush I always get sly glances, “kissing notions” and sleasy comments thrown my way, and they come from – without any exception – from our “cultural enrichers”. Sexual harassment has become a part of everyday life here in Oslo, and I would never dream of going home alone after dark in this city. That is an invitation for rape.
    Once upon a time a woman could walk home at any time of the day or night, and she would be completely safe. But that is a long, long time ago. Now we have gang fights, cars set on fire, threats against Jews and rape. G-d, I pray that our politicians and “elites” meets the same end as Vidkun Quisling did.

  • Demsci

    The authorities and police seem to think that it is a question of regarding a religion and it’s adherents innocent until proven guilty. And that to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt needs lots and lots of evidence. At all costs it seems, they want to protect a religion and it’s followers from feeling hurt! Why???
    IMO in case of imminent danger for women, different rules should be applied. The question should be asked: Is Islam and its interpretation of and influence on a neutral or a beneficial or a detrimental factor in the occurrence of rapes in Democratic Nations? And this question should be answered by monitoring, evaluating and publishing investigations, including the faith or no faith of known perpetrators.
    And many of us think that the outcome will be that no way Islam is a beneficial or even neutral factor, it almost certainly is a detrimental factor in the occurrence of rape in Democratic Nations. This should be doublechecked and if confirmed broadcast loud and wide. Safety of women trumps protection of feelings of Muslims (and all believers, or atheists). In case of imminent threat to the well-being of humans EVERYTHING should be taken into consideration in order to diminish this threat. And Islam definitely seems to be a detrimental exacerbating factor! We can see the burden of proof shifting towards Muslims and Muslim-defenders that it is not!

  • mamapajamas

    Sub-Saharan Africans? You got something against black people?
    This article is about a large trend in Europe. The women are very specific about who attacked them and why.
    Why are you suddenly throwing in a theory that Africans might be involved?

  • mamapajamas

    Terry: “All rape is violent.”
    Yes, it is. But there is a distinction between a rape and a rape where the victim is also battered. I’ve experience both types, and KNOW the difference. One put me in the hospital with other problems to recover from, the other didn’t. Both are psychologically destructive, but assault and battery on top of the rape adds physical destruction to the problem.
    I find “rape with violence” a perfectly acceptable term.

  • mamapajamas

    James, you’re nit-picking. A theocracy is a government ruled by religion. The religion doesn’t even have to be real, although Islam certainly is.
    Most of what has been going on in the Middle East since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after WWI has been an attempt to re-establish a Caliphate in one form or another. Factions have been vying because, although they have the same goal, they want themselves in charge.
    In a Muslim caliphate, the Caliph is not merely the ruler, he is also the religious ruler. It would be as if the Pope were also the political leader of all Catholics. You can’t get any more theocratic that that. This is the goal. But they’re still sorting out who is going to be in charge. Right now, it looks like the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Mitch

    That’s why they cut off heads and blow themselves up.
    It’s all a system. You have the intimidators (mentioned above). They set the rules. “You resist us, we kill you.” “You criticize us, we kill you.” “You fight against Islam, we kill you.”
    Then you have the creeps described here who swoop down and benefit from all of the fear caused by the intimidators. Nobody in Norway wants to be beheaded or beaten. So they lay down like sheep. They refrain from saying what they should say about these savages, and let them go on their bloody way.
    What happened to courage and defense of ones own culture?

  • Shoot them all and let satan (allah) sort them out.
    I am sick to death of the brain dead, inbred, stinky, smelly perverts.
    Everyone needs to start carrying and when one gets out of line, blow his head off and the ones standing next to him. The rest will slither away, they are ALL cowards.
    As for zero and the rest of the traitors in the government letting this scum in by the thousands, well it’s NOT going to end well.

  • annonymous

    Here is the challenge for all of us: What to do? Cowards inhabit the mainstream media and all levels of government. How in the world can we get the message out if we don’t have access to major media? I fear we preach to the converted every day while the march to destroy the west continues apace. At times it seems utterly surreal, like watching a tide off in the distance that will result in my own destruction and the destruction of our culture and way of life. I wonder, How can it be that I just stand here waiting while wondering what in the world I can do. Our elected officials don’t care. The media doesn’t care. I can write and call until I’m blue in the face. It matters not.

  • Jeff-to-hell-with-islam

    Mama , with due respect, Islam is not religion but a violent
    supramascist death cult that pretends to be a religion.
    If Nazism and KKK had claimed to be a religion then they would
    have been thriving even today.
    Islam , sharia and koran should be banned just the way nazism and
    kkk are banned as fascist cult, if we have to protect civilised
    society from becoming just like the hell hole that 57 muslim
    majority countries are.

  • annonymous

    In dire situations, humans split into two basic camps: cowards and the courageous. History shows that cowardice is commonplace, just as we are seeing now.

  • E

    Theory: Many are actually gay and have sex with women only to procreate

  • Gerald

    Once the koranimals have a Caliph the Caliph must declare a jihad raid/war against some kufr state every year. Think about it.

  • Gerald

    Historically the Japanese and Chinese were known as Orientals whilst the people of the Indian sub-continent were known as Asians by the British. I do not know about the other Europeans.

  • Radegunda

    He’s also French. Why aren’t you denouncing Frenchmen? Did DSK say his religion told him to have his way with women? Did anybody here say that no non-Muslim has ever raped anybody?
    No. But only Muslim men invoke their religion to justify raping women. Only Islam teaches that other people’s women are to be treated as war booty. And apparently Norwegian men aren’t raping their own women (or any women). It’s Muslim men who are doing that, and saying they are entitled to do so.
    No Western society has been made dangerous for women by an influx of Jewish men. Every Western society with a substantial influx of Muslims has been made more dangerous for women — and for men.
    DSK is a leftist globalist, and he represents the arrogance of the globalist elite.

  • wolf t.

    Sorry. not bothered. Yeas, rape is terrible but, let’s face it: The norwegians would rather be raped than respect their Jews! They spit on the native born Jews but cower from the muslim onslaught. Norwegian Muslim outreach: right for their cocks!

  • Radegunda

    The Norwegian people are being sold out by their leaders, as are the native British people et al. And the betrayal seems to come from across the political spectrum, to one degree or another. Even here in the U.S., many conservatives don’t see the picture clearly, or they have reasons of sentiment or self-interest to go soft on Islam.
    Also, I don’t see any reason to refer to Norwegians generally as cowards.

  • Radegunda

    Do you also G-d’s retribution in the constant terrorist attacks and global political attacks on Israel?

  • Radegunda

    Thanks for your input, Madelina. My ancestry is all Norwegian; we have relatives all over the country. I have reason to believe that most Norwegians are quite decent people.
    Some years ago (before the Muslim influx) an experiment was done in which wallets with cash were left lying around major cities in different countries, and the researches kept track of how many were turned in to the police with all the cash still in. As I recall, the Norwegians had an honesty rate that was perfect or very close to it.
    No doubt the results in Oslo today would be quite different.

  • Jeff-to-hell-with-islam

    Islam and sharia has taken over just like nazis did ww2.
    Now its for USA to lead the fightback and provide the solution
    to the savage attacks from islam.
    Ban islam and declare it as inco0mpatible fascist cult
    incompatible with secular costitution
    1. Stop muslim immigration
    2. deport muslim criminals and their sympathisers to islamic country
    of their choice or decide the country based on ancestory
    3. Those who renounce and denounce islam in writing can get full citizenship rights
    4. Muslims who retain their cult , lose voting rights and social benefits and job preferance
    5. No muslim to be employed in govt / public /judiciary
    6. attorneys who fight the cases for muslims to be deported/jailed
    7. muslims can bring lawyers from muslim countries to defend them in US courts
    8. Stop AID to all muslim countries

  • Rita

    Instead of prosecuting/silencing/boycotting those who would protect us from this scurge of islamic occupation by forced impregnation, all political leaders who are accomplices to this by silence and by not protecting the rights of their citizens should be indicted for crimes against human rights. As should the UN who promotes the destruction of Western Values by promoting the destroyers to posts on their offensively misnamed “Security” council.

  • Mathilda

    Don’t be a dick bohemond. A lot of Norwegians escaped to the UK to join the fight against the Nazis. They DID NOT welcome him.

  • Mathilda

    Civil war is probably where it’s heading. We need to take steps while they are still a manageable proportion of the population. At least a ban on immigration and shutting down the madrassas, and any mosque caught preaching violence and hate and the expulsion of extremists and Muslim ‘criminals’ (AKA social terrorists) as very public object lessons.

  • Grooming of under age white girls for sex by mostly Pakistani Muslims is endemic in the UK. Not only are girls regularly sexually abused by their handlers, they are also trafficked across the country to provide sex for parties of Muslim men at social gatherings. After being drugged and raped many times at these parties, the girls are taken out onto the street and prostituted to anyone who wants sex. Girl sex slaves disappear from their homes for weeks at a time while providing services for their Muslim masters. By the time these girls reach 16 they are completely worn out both physically and mentally and are quickly replaced by another 13-year old innocent white child. These girls and sometimes boys have been totally abandoned by the government, police, church leaders and social services in the interests of racial cohesion, immigrant integration and Muslim appeasement.

  • Hennie

    A lot of hardworking whites from South Africa were willing to do those jobs in Europe.

  • Robin Shadowes

    I’m also sick and tired of the scum. Yes, let the POS allah sort them all out.

  • Lee A.

    It looks to me like Norway needs to allow their people to go armed. A well armed citizenry is necessary for a free society.

  • At :00 am this morning 1453 The greatest even of the snd milliniem occured. The Fall of Constantinople.
    The excesses which followed, during the early hours of the Ottoman victory, are described in detail by eyewitnesses. They were, and unfortunately still is, a common practice, almost a ritual, among all armies capturing enemy strongholds and territory after a prolonged and violent struggle.
    Thus, bands of soldiers began now looting. Doors were broken, private homes were looted, their tenants were massacred. Shops in the city markets were looted. Monasteries and Convents were broken in. Their tenants were killed, nuns were raped, many, to avoid dishonor, killed themselves. Killing, raping, looting, burning, enslaving, went on and on according to tradition.
    The troops had to satisfy themselves. The great doors of Saint Sophia were forced open, and crowds of angry soldiers came in and fell upon the unfortunate worshippers. Pillaging and killing in the holy place went on for hours. Similar was the fate of worshippers in most churches in the city.
    Everything that could be taken from the splendid buildings was taken by the new masters of the Imperial capital. Icons were destroyed, precious manuscripts were lost forever.
    Thousands of civilians were enslaved, soldiers fought over young boys and young women. Death and enslavement did not distinguish among social classes. Nobles and peasants were treated with equal ruthlessness.
    Pass this on The English Speaking Empire is the next target

  • Allenk

    It is time for True Americans, (and Norwegians too)to arm themselves, and take the law into their own hands, if necessary. I don’t plan on letting any of those inbred Arabs get by with harming any of my female family members. The court will have their chance. But I will have the final say.
    We can sit on our duffs and let this scum take over America, like they have other countries, or we can put a stop to it. Be cowards or be courageous. It’s up to you — man.

  • Don’t suggest Muslims committed rapes in your header! The highest tendency to rape among the male population in any country is in Christian Congo (btw a lot because of war). Several cases of rape in Sweden I know of is also made by Christian africans. Don’t dehumanize Muslims. :(
    Although non-native committed most of the rapes in Oslo, only a few cases are solved (a quarter of them?) so there should be native born rapists among not solved cases. This is important to say although the tendency is that people from e g some African countries are like 5 to 20 times (…?) more likely to be rapists. But maybe like 25 out of 26 men from a country with this problem NEVER rape.
    Problems exist, but exaggerations and fear mongering don’t belong to a solution. Nations may prohibit immigration, and I think many Western countries should do that, but not primarily because of crimes. To say that all rape in the West are committed by Asians and Africans (or Muslims) is however …lunatic.

  • Gellarisajoke

    Once again, Pam Gellar pulls completely false statistics out of her rear end. This is a purposeful misreading of a 2010 story claiming that all 21 rape reports in Oslo in 2009 were reported to have been perpetrated by men of “non-Western look”:
    Quite a difference between that and the claim that 100% of rapes in Oslo for the last 5 years were committed by Muslims, isn’t it? But it scares and infuriates the gullible who are ready, willing and able to believe any ridiculous crap fed to them as long as it reinforces their already-established beliefs. I notice not one commentator on this post even noticed that a statistical claim of 100% is extremely improbable under the best of circumstances – that says a lot for the critical thinking skills of the poor saps who hang on Gellar’s every falsehood.

  • Mathilda

    The vast majority of non western immigrants in Oslo are Muslim; also, you should ask the locals who are committing these crimes (one has posted here FYI).
    And Geller didn’t make the claim, the TV station and police did (the religion is hinted at as much as they can without getting arrested in the item).
    ERgo, you are full of crap.

  • Mathilda

    Actually the article said ‘where the assailant could be identified’. You should also look up the demographics of immigrants in oslo. other than some East Asians they are overwhelmingly of Muslim origins. You should ask the local women who are committing the offences. they will tell you, Muslims.
    A similar problem exists all over Europe with Muslim sex crimes against local women. It’s well known in the UK and FRance.

  • Protoss

    Actually, what they are saying on the tape is that of the total 86 rapes by assault reported in Oslo, Norways capital, over the last 5 years, the rapist turned out to be a non-western immigrant in all the cases when the perp was caught.
    That is about 17 rapes per year. Most US cities would eath their hearts out for stats like that.

  • TypePad HTML Email
    If any country or people should be intimidated by Islamic terrorists, Israel would be, but, as we know, they are not. Lebanon was not intimidated until it was too late to stop the infiltration by the Muslim Jihadists. They were tolerant of Islam because of their largely Christian society. Religious freedom is not license to kill. Two Youtube videos, one entitled “Middle East History – Lebanon Was Destroyed From Within By Muslims” ( and the other entitled “Bridgette Gabriel blasts political correctness” (, are very good examples of the self-inflicted damage done by the pathology of a politically correct society. Truth is PC kills.  

  • SimonSaid

    Oslo..70 000 muslim immigrants…86 rapes over 5 years. That means American males assault rape women in America 6 times as frequently as muslim immigrants in Oslo.
    The real sensation is probably that no Norwegian has comitted a rape in the capital of the nation for 5 years. Washington DC, did you get that?

  • Wenche

    The video is maybe a little confusing because the translation is not the best. It’s not that 100% of all rapes in Oslo over the past five years were committed by foreigns. It’s that 100% of “assault rapes” [“overfallsvoldtekt”] — 86 altogether over the last five years — were all committed by foreigners. Assault rapes mean being assaulted and raped by a stranger while, say, walking home alone along the street at night, as opposed to maybe being raped by an acquaintance while drunk at a party or something.
    So, almost all (i.e. all of the ones where the attacker was eventually identified) of the attack rapes by strangers in Oslo over the last 5 years were committed by non-Norwegians.
    Last year in Oslo, there were in actuality 189 reported rapes. These statistics were released by the police only last week, however only one of Norway’s newspapers, Aftenposten, reported on it.
    They came out with an article entitled “Foreigners over-represented in rape statistics.” The article (sorry, it’s in Norwegian, but you can use Google translate to translate it) included some of the Oslo police statistics such as: 65% of a rape suspects in Oslo in 2010 had a non-Norwegian background; some of them are second-generation immigrants; 70% of the victims are Norwegian; 20% of the rapists are African; 15% from the Middle East; and 14,5% from Asia (probably South Asia).
    Shortly afterwards, that article was REMOVED from Aftenposten’s website and REPLACED with another one (the new one is at the same URL as the original one). The new version is entitled: “New sexual culture shapes attacks.”
    All — ALL — of the statistics about who the rapists were removed from the second story. And, basically, the revised article blames Norwegian women for not being more cautious.

  • shifra

    It is accepted that this is a terrible situation that is getting worse. What are any of us doing about it? Why are we not insisting that Dubai or Saudi Arabia fund their return to their “homeland”. I’m sure there is enough land for all. We have been made to feel guilty by saying not all cultures can live in peace together. I don’t want any more in my country. We need to DO SOMETHING, not become the downtrodden underclass, victims of political correctness: censorship, slaves to these animals. Doing nothing means we deserve what we get.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Do any of the men have balls?

  • BobC

    “Europeans consider themselves to be too “civilisied”, too “culturally evolved “, to need firearms.”
    I am amused every time I hear a European disparage the US because of our “gun violence”. By my calculations, it will take us the next 10,000 years simply to catch up to Europe’s record for violent deaths in the 20th century alone.

  • Waaqidi IbnSa’d

    The credit of trying to poison Muhammad goes Zaynab daughter of Haarith, another captive Khaybarite Jewish woman, not to Safiyyah whom Muhammad had already ‘selected’ for himself and kept under guard. When asked by Muhammad why she had poisoned the kebab , Zaynab said: “because of what you did to my people (the Jews); because you killed my father, uncle and husband; I just wanted to rid the people of you.”. On Muhammad’s order, the great and brave Jewish women, Zaynab, was instantly killed and her dead body was hanged and left to rot or ….
    So, I suggest the name of “Halaal Zaynab Kebab” with a warning label that says “Only for the followers of Muhammad”.

  • Trahe Nonplus

    Of course they are going around raping women. Where they come from, the only limits to them forcing their will upon women is the wills of other men who need to protect their investment (daughter, sister). Its a big standoff between mutually competing rapists.
    They come to western nations like Norway, where men have made a pact to protect the integrity of women and allow them to make choices about who they prefer, and nothing makes any sense to them; well, there is one thing to be precise. This pact has faded and been degraded over the years because the original impetus for it has been forgotten after generations. In other words, western men no longer remember that they are violent and lustful predators who only agreed to defend women because of an idea that decisions of others need to be respected for stability and peace. As well, it does seem to be an absolutely valid moral proposition.
    Therefore, I say, that the only thing Muslim men seem to be picking up on is how emasculated, decayed, ignorant and weak their new hosts are. The only way for this shit to stop is for western men to not only defend western women in a hawkish manner, but to intervene in their communities as well. Be as bloody intrusive as they have been and do so until they show a willingness to submit (as they so slavishly seek of us).

  • D

    Enjoy your diversity.

  • Jac300

    descendants of Viking men God how liberal EU has sunken to a new low. the rapes are mostly done by african/muslim immigrants here and in Sweden. You’re the descendants of Vikings, you had better grow a pair again because this is only the beginning. As Ripley said to the android Ash in the movie “Alien” to paraphrase it, “You let them in”…

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