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Barack Hussein Obama Senior: Nightmares of my Father

Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Immigration File

The Arizona Independent newspaper (here) published the Immigration and Naturalization Service file on Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. 

It is astonishing. Barack Hussein Obama's father's immigration file was just released under a F.O.I.A request, and what a ugly picture is paints. The BHO fairy tale narrative, made up out of whole cloth and sold to the American people, is blown to bits. BHO's impossible philandering, multiple wives and rampant bad behavior led to his removal from Harvard and the country. His polygamy is attributable to BHO Senior's Muslim faith. But at a time when America enforced her laws and immigration policy, Barack Hussein Obama Senior would be forced to leave Harvard, his visa not renewed.

He was a terrible man — immoral and irresponsible. His treatment of women was incredibly callous and cruel — not to mention the abandoment of his children and his multiple wives.

President Obama is indeed a bastard, literally and figuratively.

What a horrible man. Dreams of My Father. Indeed. Perhaps this explains President Obama's animus towards the United States.

Obama Senior was a polygamist and all-around bad guy. The fact that this NY Times writer tries to make this about racism and not about his pattern of abusive behavior and abandoment is telling. The writer in the article below ignores Obama Senior's abject corruption, and sees racism everywhere. It's like something of a mental disorder.

Was Barack Obama Sr. 'eased' out of Harvard, and America, for dating white women? by Andrew Rice



I think the file proves, fairly conclusively, that racism drove the president's father from the United States. I went back and forth a bit with Ben Smith (whose blog post brought this file to my attention) over whether "racism" is really the right word for the bureaucratic attitudes and actions these documents contain. There's no use of slurs or harsh language, certainly. What I think the documents reveal, though, is a subtle, institutionalized conspiracy that in a way seems more insidious than overt cross-burning racism, because almost surely none of its participants thought of their actions as discriminatory at all. In that sense, the file is an instructive artifact, not just of our president's biography, but of our nation's history of conflicted attitudes about race, foreign cultures, intermarriage and sex.

Hard as it may be to believe today, it seems clear from a close reading of the the file that the president's father was driven from this country because of his messy personal life. And reading between the lines, it's not hard to see a subtext of miscegenation.

First, a little historical background: the elder Barack Hussein Obama arrived in the United States in 1959, via an exchange program known colloquially in Kenya as the "Tom Mboya airlift," after the politician who sponsored it, a Luo tribesman of his. (These sorts of ethnic connections matter in Africa.)

During his first year of studies at the University of Hawaii, Obama took a Russian-language class where he met Stanley Ann Dunham, the president's mother. The earliest non-routine memo in Obama's file is a 1961 memo in which the I.N.S. is warned by a foreign student adviser at the University of Hawaii (a "Mrs. McCabe"), who informed the authorities that Obama had married Dunham. Further, the informant noted that he had been "running around with several girls" and had been "warned about his playboy ways." He had been confronted by school officials about another wife he had back in Kenya, from whom he claimed to be customarily divorced.

I have no intention of arguing that the elder Obama conducted himself honorably in his relations with women. However, having lived in East Africa, his explanation rings familiar to me. Even today, it is common for a well-traveled young person like him to have a first wife back in his home village. We call this "polygamy;" they see it as moving on with life.

First marriages fizzle out in Africa, as they do everywhere else. The difference is that culturally, legal divorce is very frowned upon: It's viewed as shirking financial and familial responsibilities. Epidemiologists, who have studied this cultural pattern because of its impact on the spread of H.I.V., often say that Africans tend to have "concurrent" relationships, while Americans have "consecutive" ones. That's a wild generalization, but the point is that Obama Sr. would not have viewed his first marriage back in Kenya as something disreputable. It clearly became worthy of investigation to school and immigration officials, though, after he started fooling around with white women.

After the 1961 report about Obama's marriage to Dunham, the I.N.S. resolved to keep eye on him. Polygamy is not a charge meriting deportation, the memo notes, adding that "If the subject were convicted of bigamy we might get a deportation charge but not before." But it recommends that Obama be "closely questioned before another [visa] extension is granted—and denial be considered." This sets the tone of the rest of the file, throughout which the issue of his American wife back in Hawaii keeps popping up.

The birth of Obama's mixed-race son—the one who would go on to be president—is duly noted, and then things go quiet for a couple of years. During this time, the president's parents separated and Obama Sr. went to Harvard to study for a graduate degree. The relationship went on as a long-distance proposition for a little while, though it was over by Jan. 1964, when Dunham filed for a divorce that Obama did not contest.

The same month as the divorce, another note appears in Obama's file. There seems to have been some kind of affair with a Kenyan exchange student (the file indicates a high school student, but that doesn't necessarily mean a minor—African children often started school quite late in the 1950s and '60s). The Unitarian Universalist Service, which had sponsored the woman's scholarship, is up in arms about the relationship and an unpermitted overseas trip. "The suspicion exists," says a memo, "that she may have gone to London for [redacted]."

We don't know what the couple was suspected to have done, but since this was a decade prior to Roe v. Wade, we can guess. A related memo reports that an informant considers Obama to be a "very slippery character."

Maybe he was. But again, what the I.N.S. really wants to know about is the elder Obama's situation with his wife back in Hawaii. The authorities get in touch with Harvard and ask officials there to press him on his marital status. Obama tells the school that he is separated from Ann Dunham, who is reported to be now living in the Philippines. (Though that's what the report says, it's inaccurate: Dunham was still residing in Hawaii in 1964, where she met her second husband, who did eventually take the family to Indonesia.)

In a handwritten note, the agent says a school official promises to talk to the student, "re his marital problems." Clearly, Harvard has decided that it has a problem with Obama's personal life.

In May 1964, Harvard gets back to the I.N.S. and reports that while the student has passed all his exams, the university is "going to try to cook something up to ease him out." The school follows up with a letter telling Obama that they don't have any more money to fund his scholarship and suggesting he finish up his thesis back in Kenya. Without the scholarship funding, his student visa won't be renewed. A follow-up memo says that Obama "was not satisfied" with the decision and has appealed.

Still, it seems that Obama can't stay out of trouble. In July, there's a handwritten note that says someone has called to complain that her 27-year-old daughter has agreed to marry him. This is almost certainly the mother of Ruth Nidesand, who met Obama's father at Harvard and eventually became his third wife. Again, another white woman. The I.N.S. investigates and determines that Obama had already departed for Kenya. The last note of interest in the file is a follow-up report—once more, circumstances strongly suggest it came from Nidesand's family—complaining that their daughter had eloped to Nairobi despite knowing that Obama had a couple of other wives floating around. The memo says there's nothing the government can do, since the woman was an adult and went of her own free will.

Again, the very fact that the memo exists and was placed in the immigration file—which presumably would have been consulted if Obama ever wanted to come back to live in America—is an indication of the seriousness with which the authorities at the time viewed the nature of his supposed misconduct.

It's clear that Obama Sr. marked himself as an undesirable from the very moment he married a white woman, and the racist subtext is pretty overwhelming throughout the documents. Sure, he seems to have behaved like a cad. But ask yourself this: if the male student involved was, say, French, is it conceivable that the U.S. government would have spent so much time investigating his romantic entanglements with various Americans? And, it seems clear, not-so-subtly nudging the Harvard authorities to cut off his scholarship? The answer to these questions is self-evident.

We know that Barack Obama Sr. died young, disappointed about many things. One of them, I have to imagine, was that his education at Harvard was cut short. Until now, it has typically been said that he "gave up" his doctoral studies, but this file makes it clear that he was never given a choice about leaving Cambridge. Who knows how his life might have turned out if he had been allowed to stay? Maybe he would have become an economics professor at some Northeastern liberal arts college, maybe he would have played a little more of a role in his son's life, and maybe his son would have never written Dreams From My Father, which would have been too bad, because it is a fantastic book and an unparalleled source of insight into the president's personal history and character.

For all the personal anguish described in that memoir, things turned out just fine for Barack Obama Jr. But we can't say the same for his father, who ended his life a disillusioned alcoholic, believing that he had been the victim of immense injustices. From reading this file, I think he had a pretty good case against the U.S. government.

He was "disillusioned." You can't make Times shiz up.

UPDATE: Interesting factoid by Jack Cashill at the Thinker:

The Obama Lie That Drove the Birther Movement

Newly released documents from Barack Obama Sr.'s immigration file,  obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, justify "birther" doubts about the nativity story on which Barack Obama based his presidential campaign.

The problems, of course, go deeper. According to divorce papers filed in 1964, Barack Sr. and Ann Dunham married in Wailuku, Maui, on February 2, 1961.  One has to wonder, however, whether it was a marriage in anything but name or whether there was a marriage at all. 

The immigration authorities certainly wondered.  An April 1961 memo notes, "If his USC [United States Citizen] wife tries to petition for [Obama Sr.] make sure an investigation is conducted as to the bona-fide of the marriage."

The facts get more problematic still.  After the birth of baby Barry in August 1961, Ann left for Seattle as soon as the doctors cleared her to travel. Once there, she enrolled at the University of Washington, not Washington Sate.  Barack Sr. stayed behind in Hawaii.

… based on these documents, the union, if there was one, ended before Obama was born.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • LACE

    One thing I would like to say about this article is perhaps the father was not of very stellar character regardless of his situation. I have been around different exchange students and all of them respected the culture and obeyed the moral code of this country amd even bent over backwards to please their hosts and the host country. The 1960’s were not like today. Since I was in High School at this time, I know what it was like. We wore skirts or dresses to class and no jeans or shorts were permitted. There was no cussing in the classroom or out. Even in colleges, dorms were separated – men in one building or area and women in another. You had to sign out and in and there was a curfew of midnight on weekends. Moral character was a key and a goal for many.
    During his stay in this country, Barrack Obama, Sr. did the exact opposite. Remember at this time honor and character were more highly prized than they are now. He did not follow the moral code of the country he chose to live in and be educated in (and moral fiber was still part of how school’s judged a student). He would have been considered a cad.
    A true person of character does not whine about the things life throws at him, he turns these bumps in the road into successes. I believe in the phrase “By Thy Fruits You Shall Know Them.” Barrack Obama, Sr. did not overcome his problems, he allowed them to destroy not only himself, but others around him.

  • Larry Lambert

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Bill E

    The college and government had every right to expel him. As a “guest” or “scholarship recipient”, it is the students responsibility to uphold the highest standards and image of a prestigious university, and to be respectful of the culture of the host country.

  • allahobama

    In the early 60’s in the U.S. multiple wives, divorce, Fathers pissed off about a married man hitting on their daughters would have been ENOUGH to get rid of this scum. But an even bigger problem in the 60’s was the obama Sr. was a COMMUNIST!!! So shove the race card.

  • DanS.

    Zappa did a great song: “THE IDIOT BASTARD SON”.
    Prez. Obummah is a pathological liar.
    So someone find his financial aid applications with a dif name and a “foreign student” status – felony?

  • It makes me wonder how many half brothers Barack Obama(, Barack Dunham, Barack Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barry Dunham, Barry Soetoro) has running around in the USA?!?!

  • So, it maybe Obummer was born on Hawaii but his mother was not married to his father, that much is clear! As Larry Lambert says above, after the official’s comment in the correspondance: “Obama is a slippery character”. Hahaha!!!

  • Brandy

    Wow! That article in the Times sure is somethin’! How far down does he have to dig to blame every problem of Obama Sr on racism?! It’s ridiculous!! While reading the letters from Harvard and Immigration I had no idea what the two wives races were. I know Obama’s mother’s race but not the other two. Sure one can guess about the Kenyan wife but to blame it on racism is ignorant and lazy reporting. And talk about carrying the water for Obama. Woah!! This guy is swimming in it!
    And what a sob story he tells!! It’s incredible!
    Universities in the 60’s were nothing like they are now. Now there are practically co-ed dorms! Then, no way! Moral character had as much weight as grades (well, close). But you get the picture.
    We’re up against a lot in the next election. The likes of this reporter are quite telling but not unexpected.

  • Brandy

    And, if a French student acted in the same way I do believe Harvard would have tried to get rid of that slippery character too!!

  • Brandy

    One more thing, all this talk about how Obama had such a rough upbringing and that his father wasn’t around…all I have to say is “welcome to the party pal”. There are so many people, myself included, who grew up without a father around and contrary to Pres Obama, don’t blame it on America.

  • AuntieMadder

    With a father like Obama Sr, abandonment is a blessing.
    PS: Fwiw, my mother battered her children until she abandoned us. It was the second-best case scenario, the best case scenario having been if she’d abandoned her abusive behaviors instead of her children. But in light of the worst case scenario that could have been (further beatings, possibly leading to more extreme injuries even maybe even leading to death[s]?), we’re thankful for the mercy with which we were blessed. Sometimes growing up with no father and/or with no mother is better.

  • Rosemary

    I believe that Andrew Rice read the file with “racist” in mind. He probably is one. He does not understand about the climate in the 60th.
    What I want to know is why are we seeing always “baby Barry” if his birth certificate says “Barrack”?

  • AuntieMadder

    FYI the courts granted Stanley Anne a divorce from Obama Sr without contest because Obama Sr never signed and returned the divorce documents sent to him by Stanley Anne and her attorney. In other words, Stanley Anne was granted a divorce from Obama Sr but he did not acknowledge that there was ever a marriage or a child (Barky) of their union by way of divorce her. The divorce was one sided and whatever claims were made by way of the divorce documents were made by Stanley Anne alone.

  • Brandy

    That’s awful Auntie Madder. I think our struggles do make us stronger so long as we acknowledge them, address them and move on from them, although they do inhibit our thoughts from time to time.
    You were blessed and I’m so glad you see that. One of my favorites sayings is “It could always be worse” and that has gotten me through a lot.

  • So we should judge someone based on their father? So many unfortunate children are abandoned by their fathers and you go as far as to insult them with the term “bastard?” Shame on you.

  • AuntieMadder

    Did you miss this part?
    “The BHO fairy tale narrative, made up out of whole cloth and sold to the American people, is blown to bits.”
    Barky was a bastard even when I believed his parents had been married. He’s an even bigger bastard for presenting a few days ago what now is clearly another forged birth record. The bastard can’t stop lying to us. I have no sympathy for him.

  • sDee

    Only a leftist drone could take the soul less, misogynistic polygamy of pre-feudal Islam and twist it into this stinking pile of sophomoric cultural relativism……
    “”First marriages fizzle out in Africa, as they do everywhere else. The difference is that culturally, legal divorce is very frowned upon: It’s viewed as shirking financial and familial responsibilities. Epidemiologists, who have studied this cultural pattern because of its impact on the spread of H.I.V., often say that Africans tend to have “concurrent” relationships, while Americans have “consecutive” ones. That’s a wild generalization, but the point is that Obama Sr. would not have viewed his first marriage back in Kenya as something disreputable.””
    I suppose however we rubes and other culturally backward Americans should take his word as gospel because Andrew Rice, after all, has “lived in East Africa”.

  • I don’t really consider myself a birther, but I definitely think there are a lot of questions surrounding this president and his past that need answering. It’s so strange that in these immigration records of his father three different dates of birth are given: June 18, 1934; October 18, 1934; and June 18, 1936. Two years of entry to U. S. are given (both Aug 9, but one 1959 and one 1960). On one document he lists BO, Jr. as his son, but on another he only lists Roy. Everything about these documents suggest that BO, Sr. was a shady character. I mean who doesn’t know their own date of birth? Or can’t bother to remember the one you’ve made up for the U. S. government? It’s all just too weird for my taste.

  • sDee

    shucks Maw, what a coinkydink, it’s almost like the state run media knew the truth was a comin’

  • BHO, sr. was a statutory rapist, period. Stanley Ann Dunham was 17 when Obama impregnated her, and that’s a felony regardless of race. Now, seeing as “Anarchist Annie’s” parents apparently had sexual fetishes that would make Glenn Quagmire blanch, as well as radical chic political beliefs, they might not have had a problem with their daughter being the sperm receptacle for this Commie pervert. Not too likely similar behavior would have been tolerated in Boston/Cambridge.
    I doubt racism played a role in Obozo, sr’s deportation. Most likely, he was chasing girls who were WAY younger than the 27 year-old he “married” in Massachusetts. Harvard may be a cesspit and not concerned with reputation now, but nearly fifty years ago, that was a different world and time. Yes, people would have been offended at the sight of a white woman with a black man, but good manners would have restrained most people from openly commenting on it. But let’s say that black man was consistently with UNDERAGE white girls…THAT’S a different matter entirely. Miscegenation was not looked kindly on in the ’60’s (even in Boston…remember the bussing riots of the 1970’s), and miscegenistic statutory rape even less so. It would have been in Harvard’s interests to get this lowlife off campus and out of the country ASAP. After all, how many parents would want their children to attend a college that tolerated criminal behavior on the part of their graduate students? The loss of potential tuition money would have been a powerful reason to expel Obama…and saying that his financial issues were a reason would have helped mask the real reason (statutory rape and worse).
    Basically, I see this document release as hurting Obozo, jr. substantially. It shows what complete fiction Dreams From my Father actually is, and indeed, that the whole Obama hagiography is fraudulent. The presentation of the fabricated birth certificate was the beginning of the end, this is the next element in his destruction. Sooner or later his Punahou School records will come out, as will his passport records (FOIA is a wonderful thing), and we will have before us evidence to be used in a criminal proceeding to place Obama, the Chairman of the DNC, and anyone else responsible for inflicting this Communist/jihadi traitor and usurper upon the United States. It won’t be tomorrow, but events have a way of unfolding very quickly…Obama may not even make it to the ‘rat convention in 2012. We can only wait, watch, and hope.

  • mb

    “But we can’t say the same for his father, who ended his life a disillusioned alcoholic, believing that he had been the victim of immense injustices. From reading this file, I think he had a pretty good case against the U.S. government.”
    He had a case? Why because the US government was responsible for his sex life, lying and multiple marriages? Maybe it was “white guilt” over the treatment of his father that opened the door to Harvard for Obama. It wouldn’t surprise me to know someone pulled the legacy/racist card to get him in.

  • Frank

    “I think the file proves, fairly conclusively, that racism drove the president’s father from the United States.”- Andrew Rice
    I think Rice can’t see reality because of his racism. Many bourgeois (especially white “liberals”) are condescending racists who explain away bad behavior because of PC indoctrination.
    I know of a case, in a major NY hospital, where a doctor(I think he was Pakistan or India) was a pedophile. When the accusations arose from kids he was treating at the clinic, the white liberal morons in the hospital administration blamed it on “racism.” They could not face reality. To make a long story short the Doc attacked a kid out on Long Island and was deported from the US.

  • wtd

    Interestingly, Sr. didn’t seem to acknowledge his son in the FOIA’d docs at the link provided above.
    Page 27 lists Roy Obama as his child on an application for extended stay dated Aug 8th 1962 signed August 17 1962. That’s his first son born in March 1958 by his first wife, not Jr. by Stanley Ann.
    On Page 35 Sr. doesn’t list any children on an application for extended stay dated Aug 31 1961. Yet he lists his wife as Ann S Dunham on Aug 31 1961. Sr. didn’t list Jr despite Jr being born a few weeks before. Even more puzzling, on Page 35, Sr. lists a social security number (575-44-4342) for himself – a number which would have been issued from New Mexico.

  • wtd

    Bill Whittle adds to the backstory of these documents with his latest “Firewall” video about Obama, “THE ENIGMA, PART 1: STRANGE BEDFELLOWS”. Fast forward to the 8:00 mark to follow this transcript segment:

    “. . . President Barack Obama himself in Time Magazine says: “Although my father had been raised a Muslim, by the time he met my mother e was a confirmed atheist, thinking religion to be so much superstition.” link
    Well, that certainly seemed to match the outlook of young, self described atheist Anna Dunham who he met at the University of Hawaii in 1960. The girl from Seattle, whose parent’s had moved so she could specifically attend the Marxist school and little red church on the hill on Mercer Island met the brilliant Marxist economist from Kenya while attending a language class together. They were studying Russian. You can’t make this stuff up. Barack Hussein Obama Sr. married Stanley Ann Dunham on February 2, 1961. In Dreams, Obama writes, “How and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I’ve never quite had the courage to explore…There’s no record of a real wedding, a cake, a ring, a giving away of the bride. . .The whole thing seems so fragile in retrospect, so haphazard. And perhaps that’s how my grandparents intended it to be. A trial that would pass. Just a matter of time, so long as they maintained a stiff upper lip and didn’t do anything drastic.
    Now, if the Dunhams didn’t approve of the marriage, Obama Sr.’s father, Hussein Obama was white hot with rage. As a young man, Obama learned from his mother that Hussein Obama, his paternal grandfather had written the Dunhams what Anna described as a long, nasty letter saying he didn’t want the Obama blood sullied by a white woman. For a young man abandoned by both his mother and father and who turned to his African heritage in a search for his African identity, that must have had quite an effect…”

    Whittle spends some time introducing the Unitarian Church (little red church on the hill in Mercer Island) – worth your time to view the entire video. I mention this because it appears the Unitarian church was at one time used by America’s intelligences services as mentioned here:

    ” .”Not so!” might say Professor George Michael Evica, an outstanding and well-respected expert of JFK Assassination and US Intelligence History, through his riveting new book, entitled “A Certain Arrogance.” In “A Certain Arrogance” (Iron Sights Press, 2006), Professor Evica reveals the history of the recruitment and indoctrination of US intelligence assets (spies/assassins) for OSS and CIA beginning during World War II when, through the work of OSS members Wild Bill Donovan and Allan Dulles, religious institutions, particularly, the Unitarian Church and the Quaker movement, were used as “fronts” in the selection and culling of candidates for espionage and special operations by America’s intelligences services, OSS and CIA, domestically and abroad.”

  • OperaNerd1986

    Originally, the term “bastard” was a legal definition which referred to a person whose parents were not married when he or she was born. At some point years ago it morphed into a generic, all-purpose insult.

  • Jeff

    What is common between obama and his father ?
    Both are “slippery characters” . Father fked american girls
    son raped america.

  • Wonderful write up on an ugly beastly, hideous man with a TERRIBLE monster for a son who is now the prez of the USA–only in America now.

  • Villabolo

    “Wonderful write up on an ugly beastly, hideous man with a TERRIBLE monster for a son who is now the prez of the USA–only in America now.”
    You people are suffering from mass psychosis.

  • blert

    How could Obama, Sr. EVER get a marriage license?
    His documents are going to paint him married.
    It’s also come out that Stanley obtained her first passport in 1960/61.
    Our government still stonewalls on releasing it.
    For what purpose would Stanley need a passport in 1961?
    It’s a hassle to get… And you don’t need it unless you’re headed overseas. Even Canada lets Americans visit on just a drivers license.

  • On page 35 of document, dated August 31, 1961 (less than a month after O was “reported” to be born in Hawaii), Obama Sr. mentions no children in the item:
    If Married, Give Name and Address of Children. (Wouldn’t a proud new father gladly fill in the name and address of child of a one-month old baby boy if he really had one?)
    On page 27 dated August 17, 1962 lists child’s name as Roy Obama.
    Interesting, weeks after O is “reportedly” born, O Sr. doesn’t mention having a child and signs under the area: I certify that the above is true and correct.
    Yet less than one year later, he “remembers” he has a son, a son by the name of Roy.
    Wassup O, wassup?

  • It was obviously a bad marriage. I actually believe Ann wanted to be with this horrible man who manipulated her and her leftist anthropologist tendencies of loving foreigners.
    It wouldn’t surprise me that he lied to her about his past, his marriage at the time to someone else and was an all around hustler and user of people who had good intentions.
    It doesn’t disturb the fact that Obama was born in the USA. What I always suspected and still suspect ( based on my past experience in dealing with Africans) is that there is an identity issue here.
    Africans often change identities. Switch names from tribal ones to English ones, or vice versa, then change the English names also and manipulate our Western standards of definitions of identity to get student loans, marriage licenses etc…I try not to be a bigot here but it was African Americans who warned me about Africans and told me to never trust them in any business deals.
    The picture I am seeing is a leftist radical mother who made an effort to date and marry non whites to experience other cultures and who had a beef with American identity but who also understood reality and had great ambitions for her son whom she probably considered her greatest treasure having been played and abused by this horrible person, Barak Sr.
    Her next husband seemed like a decent moderate person. Someone who loved the West and America and someone who annoyed Dunham with these opinions. Again, I base my belief in personal experience. I am of Easter European background and I too dated an anthropology PhD student who was older than I and who never dated a Western man until later when she married one. She once told me how disappointed she was with me being too “Americanized” as if I failed to fulfil an image or idea she had of me based on what she read in books. She wanted to learn from me. I suppose learn some “exotic” things.
    The fact that Obama felt this attachment to his unknown father is common among abandoned kids. They cling to the parents who ignore or abandon them. I saw this in real life a few times myself. For those of us who were raised in stable families (or divorced ones where the parents competed for our affection) this is a weird concept and we take for granted our attachment and contact with our parents. Those who were either ignored or left behind often feel guilt and possess an almost obsessive yearning to discover or establish a relationship with parents who simply either did not want them or were just neglectful or even abusive toward them. It often astonished me how much some people chased their horrible parents for love they just simply never got from them.
    This why Obama struggled with this father thing. He reveals much in his book Dreams from my father. Reveals more than the media was willing to discuss. That book tells it all about the redness around this family. The communist racial militant blacks, the communist sympathies of his grandparents and the ambitions and world view of his mother. Communist sympathies were the real rebellion du jour then. Today it is Islamic sympathies. This family had to be more radical then the many who came about in the late 60s when this sort of stuff became chique. In 60-62 this was not chique like in 69 when Ayers and Dhorn ran around promoting violent revolution. This was when the Democrats were akin to the neocons of today. Tough anti communists who planned to assassinate Castro and started to get into Viet Nam to keep the communist threat at bay. To be a communist sympathizer then is like being on the left of Michael Moore today.
    It is Lynn Stewart territory. Way beyond liberalism or even traditional progressivism.
    What I suspect is what Trump suspects. That this guy was picked up at an early age and sponsored, moved along into places like Harvard and within it, the law review etc…places he could just simply not gotten into without some help from someone.
    Later he was picked up by the Dems who needed a new iconic candidate once John F K junior died. They were grooming John Jr to be president. They were preparing him for the WH. To install a new dynasty for the party and assure them a few terms. I remember when he was paraded around, when he launched George, his political magazine, his dating of Darryl Hannah and other high profile women. He was to be crowned as the new Dem King.
    When that fell apart they needed a new idol. Obama walked into that opportunity. The next best story after a beautiful Kennedy couple, or an even better story actually would be the first black president for the USA. One who can be moulded and controlled by party elites. Not one who would take the party by the balls and control it, like Hilary would have with her clout, base and influence.
    This is why the Mansours and Khalidis matter here. More so than Ayers who may have been a friend of Obama but hardly the one pulling his strings. Ayers tutored Obama in writing and speaking. I would submit that Obama used Ayers. Took what he wanted from him and then left him behind knowing the baggage he carried.
    Obama is a ruthless social climber. That is what Ann Dunham thought him and that is what he also took up from his father. It is also admittedly a necessary tool in politics. He wasn’t born a Kennedy, Gore or Bush.
    The puppet masters are Soros and foreign Arabs in my view. Whether Obama is following orders as planned or is doing his thing is hard to tell. This WH has to be the most divided since LBJ.
    The way they pushed him into the State Senate was a dirty fight. They basically defrocked a long standing representative, a socialist African American, by challenging her voter registrations.
    Then later they inserted him into the seat vacated by Jack Ryan, the moderate republican who had a celebrity divorce from Gerry Ryan, the attractive sex symbol Borg babe from Star Trek. The Obama people dug into the divorce records and pulled up an incident where the couple attended a fetish party and leaked that to the media making it look like they were perverts frequenting these dark swinger clubs conjuring up the image of the Tom Cruise movie Eyes Wide Shut, which was still in people’s minds.
    It was dirty back dooring just like his ascent into the state senate and probably just like his ascent from Occidental into Harward before that. Blackmail and these tactics are the Chicago way and I find it amusing how a man who throughout his career never shied from using the back of his hand to advance his interest is protected by the media like some innocent lamb. It goes to show that the real racists are the liberal media types who automatically assume that the black man is weak and can only be a victim. That the black man needs protection like bubble boy from the elements.
    Truly cynical and outright sinister if one looks it how much they are still covering for him after 3 years in office. Race, race race….
    His roots are in radical leftism. In fact probably even communism. His mother had communist sympathies as did his father and his grandparents. Meeting in a Russian class says a lot about them also. I am sure Ann Dunham wasn’t planning to join the CIA. Having a foreign student study Russian in America is also weird.
    This was the height of the cold war. The likes of Oswald were learning Russian not people interested in business with Russian oil companies like today.
    All that was openly available, made available by Obama himself. Yet the mere discussion of these things brings on the racism charges. I think focusing in on the birth certificate actually distracted from the real shananigans which are the school records and law practice histories of both him and Michelle.
    Trump is the perfect man to dig up the Rezko deals as the media again plainly covered for them like as if they were their lawyers or PR reps.
    There is a radical leftist in the WH. Probably pragmatic enough in the context of keeping his power but a radical angry leftist still.

  • Radegunda

    Have you never heard about a book called “Dreams from My Father”? Obama peddled stories about his brave, ambitious African father as an inspiration for his own ambition and a formative force in his life. It’s fair to talk about the people who influenced him — including the mother who chose to tie herself to Obama Sr. — and about the people he chose as his role models and friends and associates. And it’s not a pretty bunch.

  • Radegunda

    The people suffering from mass psychosis are the ones who sang songs in praise of Obama, and expected him to double their paychecks immediately or pay their mortgages for them, and wore T-shirts emblazoned with his visage, chin jutting upward, in Soviet-style iconography, and got a tingle up their leg from hearing his monotonous teleprompter reading, and said he’s “sort of like God,” or the smartest president ever although they couldn’t provide any evidence for it, and thought it really meant something when a candidate put the word “hope” on his posters.
    The people suffering from mass psychosis are the ones who tried to make it forbidden to ask any serious questions about the true biography and the actual intentions of the person they wanted to entrust with presidential power; and the ones who claim that poor Obama is not responsible for any of his manifest failures and multiple lies.

  • Al Ramy

    It is possible that this was a fake marriage and the sperm donor was another buddy of the “Liberal” mama
    and it suited papa to have this documented arrangement for his immigration problems. Being married to an American spouse means he could come and go as he pleases. Being an identified Communist it was a good way to cover his prospects, in case American law enforcement got on his trail. The whole fictionalized and deceptive “biography” of this Manchurian president is but a testimony to the idea that the Left can make up stories and get away with any fantasy they dream up, up to a point when by accident certain data spins out of control. Don’t worry Obama, the liberal media got your back. You can sleep at night, the jurnolistas are on the ramparts for you!

  • Let me see if I have this straight.
    Chris Martin (English, lead vocalist of band Cold Play) is married to American actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Their daughter, Apple Blythe Alison Martin, was born on 14 May 2004 in London. Their second child, Moses Bruce Anthony Martin, was born on 8 April 2006 in New York City.
    What’s the answer folks?
    a. both daughters are eligible to be president because of an American mother.
    b. neither daughter is eligible to be president because of an English father.
    c. Apple (born in London) is ineligible from being president, but Moses (born in NYC) is eligible.

  • Mama

    If he was born in June of 1934 as all of these forms indicate in BHO Sr’s own handwriting, then how can the birth certificate released by the WH yesterday list BHO Sr. as being 25 years old on August 6, 1961. That would make him 27. Nothing ever adds up with this man. Seriously. This is maddening.

  • Sorry for mistakes above folks, one daughter, one son. Rewording this we get:
    Chris Martin (English, lead vocalist of band Cold Play) is married to American actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Their daughter, Apple Blythe Alison Martin, was born on 14 May 2004 in London. Their second child, Moses Bruce Anthony Martin, was born on 8 April 2006 in New York City.
    What’s the answer folks, when American woman is married to an Englishman regarding childrens’ eligibility for president?
    a. both son and daughter are eligible to be president because of an American mother.
    b. neither son nor daughter is eligible to be president because of an English father.
    c. Daughter Apple (born in London) is ineligible from being president, but son Moses (born in NYC) is eligible.
    Even more interesting, consider this:
    A Saudi Arabian devout Muslim male marries an American woman and they have children born in U.S.
    Does this preclude them from being eligible to be POTUS?

  • His book needs to be re-titled ,”Delusions About My Father”

  • Mac-101

    I usually have nothin good to say about the man, But with this background, ya gotta say he makes a good husband and father, that is if he ain’t switch hittin in his Man Clubs. LOL!

  • tony N

    we have 2 versions of natural Born Citizen
    The REPUBLICAN DEMOCRAT Conspiracy to COVER-UP the Ineligibility of BOTH McCain and Obama in 2008 is what we see still playing today . this is why neither party will hold they other accountable for anything . This needs to be public knowledge NOW !!!! The Law Professor if the Key and needs to BE Publicly Challenges as to his Law review Claims and continuation of claims that he placed in articles only 8 days ago in CNN and Wikipedia defending his decisions that arte effecting you and me and every American Citizens and I want him questioned as to whether or not what he says has any merit and if so then Crimes have been committed and need to be dealt with and this goes all the way to the TOP !!!!!
    Check out this Link , this is how I think they were able to bribe the Republicans to stay shut up in 2008 and the last 2 1/2 years about Obama needing to prove eligibility to be Natural Born , its been a Bribe and a Cover-up from when this Law review was done in July of 2008 and If you remember McCain Lost his Power and force to challenge Obama about this time in the 2008 campaign .
    This link is the 2008 claim of McCain’s ineligibility under Federal Constitutional law ;
    This guy just recently came out this Wikipedia link at the same time he wrote the CNN article link below about his further findings on Obama and McCain I think because of the Birther Issue thats been ramping up . we have to make this part of the battle to force the supreme court to address the Natural Born description of the CNN ARTICLE the Democrats are giving OBAMA cover with and also we need to Challenge the Silence by the Republicans on this and ask them if what this Law professor is saying about McCain’s Ineligibility the reason why they have Not been willing to Challenge Obama’s eligibility almost 3 years now ?? And we can Hold the Democrats in Contempt as well for Not making McCain step down out of the race rather than allowing the campaigns to continue to run as Fraudulent as this is and when their own law professor was the One who exposed the ineligibility of McCain in the first place AFTER the SENATE ratified McCain 2 1/2 months earlier with Senate resolution Bill 511 , !!! I am telling you this is a MESS of a cover-up by BOTH political parties and the Media is silent too , and needs to be speaking up and asking this Law Professor if he’s wrong or if he right because its McCain’s and the republicans fraud and conspiracy if he’s right , and its Obama’s Fraud of ineligibility if he wrong , but either way they all conspired to cover this all UP and it needs to come out !!!!
    THEY are NOT representing the RIGHTS of we the people and both parties are in contempt with this lack of upholding their Oaths of Office under the US constitution and until the US Supreme court passes a Judgment of the Claim of natural Born either to Uphold the Article 2 section 1 clause 5 , or , make Constitutional amendments which the Congress would need to to to allow this Law professors claim to become Law , we are Witnessing the Biggest Fraudulent operating Congress and Whitehouse in USA HISTORY !!!!!
    We all need to get it straight as to what we are demanding Proof of , and that is the US Supreme Court NEEDS to clear up the Natural Born definition and REAL SOON , because what I see going on is a Democratic party Defining this Natural Born Claim and they are doing under the guise of a 1608 ENGLAND COMMON Law instead of Constitutional law , through the CALVIN RULE , which basically says that you only need ONE parent a Citizen at the time of BIRTH to be Natural Born in this 1868 14th Amendment ruling , and until the High Court gets off their buts and makes a stand for this ruling , the democrats are running with this English version and Obama will have by proxy circumvented the Constitution with a Communist Thrust of Power that EVEN the CHICKEN littles of the Supreme Court is afraid to rule on , and if this stands then STEVE is RIGHT we are NOW under DICTATORSHIP by KING OBAMA !!!
    There is another article out today that claims Obama was Born in Hawaii , and this claim is going to become very difficult to breach , its not about that as its really about the Cover-up thats Got each Party not willing to hold each other accountable because they Covered up the 2008 ineligibility of Both McCain and Obama .

  • Osama and Obama – quick pic to show how USA is doomed unless changes come SOON.

  • Angelo J. Artuso

    Actually, his birthday is listed variously on these documents as 6/18/34, 6/18/36, and in one instance, as 10/18/34. 6/18/34 seems to be the most prevalent date,but there are numerous instances of 6/18/36, and if you use that date, then you get an age of 25 in August 1961. Still it is strange. Either he lied about his age in several instances, or he couldn’t remember what year he was born in.

  • Telly

    Hey JL,
    Thanks for the love.
    I personally believe the natural born requirement has become obsolete. But it is the law of the land at this time.



  • The truth is all around us. Ok, Barrack was born in Hawaii to a student, non resident alien father and a United States Citizen mother, who according to what is presented was “possibly” married to Obama Sr. in Hawaii. Mr. Sotero comes into the picture and takes Obama Jr.(II) to Indonesia after marrying Ann (Dunham)Obama. The critical questions are, I think these: 1) Was Obama Sr. divorced from Ann Obama before she married Sotero? Since both fathers where non citizens of the USA, would the nano second before the marraige to Sotero where she (Ann) was back to being a single U.S. citizen again, give rise to the ability to claim Barry H Obama II to be a Natural Born Citizen? I doubt it! 2) If she was not divorced in time to marry Sotero in Hawaii before she and Barrack H Obama II left for Indonesia with Sotero, wouldn’t B H Obama still not legally be considered a natural born citizen, because his father was a student, non immigrant and a subject of kenya and the British heritage? I think so. 3) What if B H Obama II was born out of wedlock to Ann Dunham? Would that confer Natural Born Citizenship status on Barrack H Obama? It seems that the two keys to this situation are these: A) what are the dates of each marraige certificate; B) What is the date of the divorce decree? I think we can find the answers there. And to my knowledge (I know I will get corrected if wrong) divorce decrees are public record, as are marraige certificates! Happy hunting journalists! I wait for the coming revelations.

  • AuntieMadder

    If natural born citizenship requires birth on US soil to parents who are both American citizens…
    …The correct answer to the first question is b.
    …The answer to the second question is yes, if the father became a naturalized US citizen before his child was born; no, if father was a Saudi citizen when the child was born.
    Bobby Jindal is not eligible to serve as POTUS because his parents were still citizens of India when he was born in Louisiana. Trump is eligible because his father was a native born US citizen and his mother, who was born an Irish citizen in Ireland, had become a naturalized US citizen before Trump was born.

  • JLaprime

    If the “culture” in Kenya is similar to that of Nigeria, then birth records are informally kept. When you need a certificate you inform the local official what date to put on it. I have worked on Nigerian fraud investigations and have found this to be a fact, as related by law enforcement authorities in the States.

  • Obama said his father served in WWII. Does this guy EVER tell the truth??

  • tony N

    In this first Video Obama was Co sponsor of McCain’s Eligibility Resolution 511 Senate Bill and Obama agreed that to be eligible you need 2 parents to be Citizens of the USA to be natural Born eligible , Obama only has 1 parent ?

  • “What if B H Obama II was born out of wedlock to Ann Dunham? Would that confer Natural Born Citizenship status on Barrack H Obama?”
    Also if the marriage was legal, he was born to an American woman on American soil. That is a natural born citizen. Identity of a mother is a matter of fact and identity of a father is (or was at the time) a matter of opinion.
    What is likely is that the marriage between Dunham and Obama Sr was never legal in the first place because Mr Obama was already married to someone else. Under Common Law that renders all subsequent marriages void.
    In this sense, Obama is not Obama in a legal birth sense. But is it identity fraud?
    I believe that angle to be covered by the fact that he reverted to the Obama name for a personal reason stemming from his desire to reconnect with his father. Likely a sincere reason.
    He lived his life since then as Barak Obama.
    This is why this birth certificate thing is sort of pointless because even if the certificate is proven to be fraudulent or altered it would not prove that he wasn’t born in the USA. To establish that he is not natural born, one needs to prove either that he was born somewhere else or that his mother renounced US citizenship before his birth.
    What is really worth looking into in order to know this man are his writings and school records. Not as much his grades as who really cares if he was an A or a C. What needs to be looked at are student loan guarantors, sponsors, attendance records and his writings. The problem is that there is no legal way of forcing the school to release them. If there was then employers would be reading our college term papers. It is the media’s role to dig stuff up from classmates, teachers and friends. Something they abdicated doing aside from interviewing those who fit the narrative they wanted to sell to us.
    Trump is pushing his buttons. Obama is the type who doesn’t like being told. He can hold onto decisions just so that he doesn’t look like caving in. Trump managed to get under his skin with the birth certificate thing and now he is moving onto the rest. This is where the game will really begin.

  • Every birth, marriage, and death certificate that I have ever seen has had the state seal pressed into the paper of the completed certificate … except this one. I am not talking about a “watermark” fabricated into the paper itself to prove the authenticity of the medium — the paper. Watermarks are specifically made so that they do not reproduce when documents are copied. But the shadows from the grooves incised into the paper when the seal is pressed onto the completed form should show up, and I don’t see them. I am not a “birther” or a conspiracy type. I am simply a physicist who has spent my life looking at raw data and trying to be honest about what the data implies. When I look at all the data offered about Obama, it just doesn’t add up for me and I get a queasy feeling in my stomach. This has nothing to do with party affiliation or race. It just feels like all the media are saying two plus two equals five and expecting us all to accept it.

  • Telly

    In my limited experience, abusers are not likely to change, especially child abusers.
    Just sayin’.
    And you’re correct, the nuclear family is ideal, but not all people are capable of functioning within one.

  • Kafir

    I think it’s page 34 or 35…mentions Stanley Ann going to Washington State University, but didn’t she go to University of Washington? WSU in Pullman is a 6 hour drive away in the wheat fields, an Agricultural University mainly.
    For this reason I think it’s a “stuck in” page to mention Ofraud.

  • Kafir

    Yes you ARE a birther and that’s something to be proud of, it means you are thinking on your feet and are not intimidated by Allinksy idiots trying to mock you into shutting down your brain.
    Birthers rule, fraudsters drool.

  • Kafir

    No it’s not unless there are 2 US citizen parents. This is already ruled on (Minor, Wong, etc.)
    So, you’re an Obot disinformationist eh? Because the next O-move is going to be to challenge the 2 US citizen parents/born on US soil requirement for NBC, and this is why he put out the badly forged LFBC. Roberts is corrupt, Soto/Kagan will not recuse (remember Kagan removed Wrotnowski off the dockets prior to inauguration, and was rewarded handsomely).
    Obama already agrees to “Born in-country to parents who are its citizens” per The Law of Nations which is IN the Constitution, as cosponsor of SR511.

  • Chris

    The term BASTARD, used correctly is a term for a male child born out of wedlock. Now if this insults you, to bad. Correct usage is not a politically correct friendly way to begin with.
    Take it for what you will …. “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”, unless of coarse you are thin skinned and a liberal.


    “EternalRiteWing said…
    Obama said his father served in WWII. Does this guy EVER tell the truth??”
    Obama said hi GRANDfather served in WWII, his white Kansan grandfather! You nitwit!

  • ro

    This country has a chance to redeem the huge mistake it made in 2008 by electing its worst and most unqualified president in history by throwing him out in 2012. If we don’t do that…we are in deep trouble!

  • Kathy

    This article made me wonder if BO knew this info, then it may explain how he got into Harvard, he may have confronted the Lib college on what he felt was an injustice to his father!

  • wtd

    When the rapid unfolding begins, kindly pass the popcorn & twizzlers. I for one will enjoy the show as Jr’s deceptions snap back at him full force. Having been played for a fool, this country is far too big to suffer it’s fools for much longer — payback is going to be a bitch. Bill Whittle reveals another tidbit in his latest Firewall video about Obama.

    In Dreams, Obama writes, “How and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I’ve never quite had the courage to explore…There’s no record of a real wedding, a cake, a ring, a giving away of the bride. . .The whole thing seems so fragile in retrospect, so haphazard. And perhaps that’s how my grandparents intended it to be. A trial that would pass. Just a matter of time, so long as they maintained a stiff upper lip and didn’t do anything drastic.
    Now, if the Dunhams didn’t approve of the marriage, Obama Sr.’s father, Hussein Obama was white hot with rage. As a young man, Obama learned from his mother that Hussein Obama, his paternal grandfather had written the Dunhams what Anna described as a long, nasty letter saying he didn’t want the Obama blood sullied by a white woman.

    This would explain why Stanley Ann left Hawaii immediately. Having been bitch slapped by the Obama clan, there was no love lost on Sr. by the Dunhams. Junior’s presense would have been quite humiliating to the Dunhams given the baby daddy wasn’t the least bit enthusiastic about acknowledging his seed. These FIOA records prove that.

  • 14ammenment

    14th amendment: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.
    Constitution fail.

  • Patti

    I had the same thoughts. It had to have been a huge embarassment for the prestigious Harvard. Great blackmail material,,seriously.

  • Your entire argument hinges on your presumption that BHO II would be a NBC if his mother were single. I don’t believe that’s the case. I think Obama’s citizenship status would be determined the same way whether the parents were married at the time of birth or not.

  • That darn racism again. Just because BHO’s daddy was a jerk and kept marrying women without divorcing the previous one isn’t his fault. It was caused by racism.
    The writer of this story is obsessed with making sure BHOs daddy has no or little personal responsibility for his actions. Racism drove him to it. Right. So much for objective reporting. BHO’s daddy abused the system and abused women. He was not the type of person any country would want. The fact that he was booted out of Harvard and the U.S. was his own fault. I am not sure why this writer or the mainstream media kiss Berry’s feet and act like he can do no wrong, but the American people are not as dumb as they think.
    In 2012 we need to send BHO the same message his daddy got. We don’t want or need you.

  • I think he probably was thinking of his grandfather and got tongue tied. But then again, the man will say anything.

  • Article 2, section one. Kafir, 14ammenment is the Obot disinformationist here, not armaros. Armaros is a solid regular – I think you know that – who needs to read up a bit on this NBC definition re: the Constitution.

  • I never said that. I said that it is a possibility, since I am not a Constitutional attorney nor an immigration attorney. I wanted to leave the possibility open even though I believe that the citizenship of the father is the controlling factor. And in this case that would be Kenya and a British citizenship.

  • You guys must’ve seen this by now:
    Seems the electronic document (birth certiificate) provided is layered, a complete fake. True or false?

  • Perhaps so, but wouldn’t you go by that birth date afterwards? He had a British passport, he must have given a DOB for that. Why not just pick one and stick with it? To strange.

  • too*

  • aprilnovember811

    Video: Washington Times: Newly Released Obama Birth Certificate Forgery April 30, 2011
    Is his true father what he is hiding? Look at the nose, slight cleft in chin, and mannerisms.
    Please look at the birth certificate numbers of twins who were born the day after Obama.
    I’ve always believed Obama is a front man for the Weather Underground who had plans to infiltrate the government and destroy the country from within. This group among others. Look at the ties between Valerie Jarrett and William Ayers.

  • Kafir

    14amendment, no YOU fail BECAUSE MINOR RULED NO 14th amendment Citizen is ever a natural born citizen.
    Why would you think a statutory citizen is a natural born citizen?

  • Kafir

    US Code 1401 covers for all 1 US citizen parent scenarios
    naturalized by oath = 0 US citizen parents
    naturalized by birth = 1 US citizen parent
    natural born citizens = 2 US citizen parents

  • Mo

    FYI: The link to the Arizona Independent article is showing the ‘Page not found’ error.

  • Kafir


  • Kafir

    It’s a very bad forgery meant to misdirect from the fact that Obama is not a natural born citizen because his FATHER was British and he was born British. It’s a strawman certificate.

  • Mark

    I love D. Trump.

  • OK. It’s obvious the document posted at the White House is a layered fake. The question is why?
    I really don’t see what the big deal is. As a Canadian Citizen, I had to show proof of birth to join the Canadian Forces and to get my passport just to go overseas on tour for my country. At the very least, you’d think your President could produce a physical copy to satisfy the people of the United States of America.
    I don’t know what kind of game is being played here, but its up on my site.

  • Mama

    I went back and saw the few instances of 1936 being used. I hadn’t noticed that last night with my eyes weak and weary! It is very odd that he would use 1934 for the vast majority of the forms he filled out, isn’t it? I wonder if there was some benefit to making himself older for immigration or tuition assistance?

  • Garacka

    I’m not yet sure that the layering indicates it is a “fake”. I want to hear more about whether some of the newer scanning software, if it is in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) mode might create layers as it tries to sort and recognize. In fact, I lean toward it being a conscious decision not to remove these layers, because leaving them allows for the fanning of the conspiracy claims.
    However, I do think this might be a constructed document in the sense that the Hawaii Dept of Health may have cut and spliced this together. They probably even “manufactured” a justification using the maze that is made up of the recent waiving of the policy on top of the already convoluted levels of Hawaii law and rules on top of what might be more than several documents and records addressing birth, marriages, divorces, appeals, late filings, etc.
    What may occur out of this is that some attention may finally be drawn to Hawaii’s law and rules regarding vital records. Several bloggers have done some amazing work in that maze.

  • kcramone

    Thorough and interesting. This is the only article (comment,) that has mentioned, obama was chosen, helped, “picked at an early age and sponsored.” Soros and wealthy Arabs, his real puppet masters. Perhaps…In Pamela’s book, “the Post-American Presidency,” a sentence jumped out and made me think, he had been chosen a generation ago. The phrase that bothered me was that obama’s mother Ann Dunham was very friendly, all those years ago in Indonesia with Timothy Geithner’s father who was working with the financial arm of the Indonesian gov’t. I found that odd. Geithner Sr. was aware of little Barry. Maybe that’s when the plan began? maybe it’s meaningless? Too many shady stories that make no sense. I thknk people would be shocked to know what a ruthless, dirty, unprincipalled, heartless man he is. He will do anything to keep the presidency…anything. The msm covered up the murder, in Chicago, of obama’s, “friend,” to keep the rumours of homosexuality quiet. Just google obama and chicago bathouses.

  • kcramone

    Many responsible people believe that Bill Ayers wrote, “Dreams from My father.” That the second book was not written by the writer of the first, excellent autobiography. I’m not paranoid, but I would examine every scrap of information concerning the earlier days of obama. Bet the name Soros can be found. It’s all so shady and fishy…is he a Soros/islamist puppet and if he is, who, exactly is running the US government, (into the ground.)

  • I got the 40
    should i see if i can change it to what?
    Yours in liberty,
    Pamela Geller
    Editor, Publisher Atlas Shrugs
    Executive Director, FDI/SIOA
    Author The Post-American Presidency, the Obama Administration's War on America

  • kcramone

    I believe the deception goes way deeper and longer than the Underground. Back to his childhood.

  • why am I an Obot for citing the constitution?
    An American woman giving birth in the US will be the mother of a US citizen. I didn’t invent this the founders have.
    Born outside of the USA, you need BOTH parents to be US citizens. Nobody proved he wasn’t born in the USA.
    From the link I posted above (because I don’t think you bothered to read it)
    A Natural Born citizen is:
    Anyone born inside the United States *
    Any Indian or Eskimo born in the United States, provided being a citizen of the U.S. does not impair the person’s status as a citizen of the tribe
    Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.
    Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national
    Any one born in a U.S. possession, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year
    Any one found in the U.S. under the age of five, whose parentage cannot be determined, as long as proof of non-citizenship is not provided by age 21
    Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time)
    A final, historical condition: a person born before 5/24/1934 of an alien father and a U.S. citizen mother who has lived in the U.S.
    * There is an exception in the law — the person must be “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States. This would exempt the child of a diplomat, for example, from this provision.
    Anyone falling into these categories is considered natural-born, and is eligible to run for President or Vice President. These provisions allow the children of military families to be considered natural-born, for example.
    The LFBC may be forged but that still would not prove he wasn’t born in the USA. It would just prove that he is an identity fraud. To establish foreign birth, you need to prove he was born somewhere else. As otherwise it is a mute point. He was issued a passport by the State Dept, has a SI# and all that stuff…. The burden of proof is on the birthers.
    That is just how the law works. I am no fan of his any more than you are.
    Use logic please.

  • I am also a CDN citizen and when I applied for a student loan I submitted my BC as it was required. That was in 1991. I never seen my certificate since. After about 3 years of calling and writing letters I simply gave up and choose a citizenship card.
    NB that it was the Belle Provence of Quebec who lost my BC.

  • I personally believe the natural born requirement has become obsolete.”
    It is and it isn’t. The reason the founders have created this requirement was to prevent a British person from assuming US citizenship with the purpose of ascending to higher office and compromise the USA. To prevent a sort of sleeper spy/traitor from getting power in the new nation.
    They couldn’t require that both parents be American born as then many people, including many of the founders themselves were born British.

  • Like the wallpaper on your twitter page.
    Born and raised in Quebec and I’m not surprised they lost your BC. If you originally had a baptismal cert, all you need to do is contact the diocese and you can use that to get another BC, that’s how it worked for us up until the late 90’s.
    Either way, you’ll need another copy if you ever want to travel out of the country to get a passport. Contact the hospital you were born in, or the related city/county record office.

  • Pam did a fantastic job in her book. The problem is that we simply do not know what we all suspect.
    I only suspect it because of his ascent into these places without proper credentials and during times when it was hard for blacks born to single mothers to enter these institutions. Or anyone for that matter.
    This is why I feel that much of this can be discovered or eliminated as a theory by looking at who sponsored him, how and what he was about at Harvard.
    As Pamela mentioned this many times, the Mansour connection is creepy as is the Frank Marshall Davis mentoring. More so than the Ayers friendship.
    I never even knew the Geitner thing but I don’t think that merits a connection. Geitner is not a radical leftist like Obama. He is just pampered liberal banker kid. Dunham was a clever woman. Knew who to talk to and what to do to advance the interest of her son. As a mother that is actually impressive. She was also probably manipulative and a social climber probably often hiding her radical leftist beliefs….or perhaps those beliefs changed over time.
    He was noticed at a young age and people saw potential in him. Thus he was pushed along and each time he got closer to power.

  • “Bet the name Soros can be found. It’s all so shady and fishy…is he a Soros/islamist puppet and if he is, who, exactly is running the US government, (into the ground.)”
    I think Soros stepped in later. He just wanted to support a Dem candidate who could win and who could be controlled. Who would be more beholden to Soros (and the likes of him) than a Hilary. This is why the party choose Obama. They knew the media would eat him up like sugar and that they could play the race card whenever vetting was attempted. They also knew he could be controlled, being inexperienced and full of secrets.
    Obama is not alone in wanting to kiss Muslim ass in the Dem party. He is more like a representative of that movement. Pelosi, Carter, Ellison are more prominent and have laid the ground for Obama.
    If you want to focus in on really “who” I think it was part of the recent takeover of the Dem party by a more radical leftist base. The rest just followed along as once he was chosen, it was “racist” not to support him.
    I sense more Jimmy Carter as the puppet master than Soros. Carter and his cohorts. He is also Saudi funded BTW.

  • kcramone

    Truthfully, I don’t know what, “I got the 40 means.” I was not a birther but now, I’m suspicious. This birth certificate issue is the very teeny tiny tip of an incredibly twisted iceberg. To obama’s handlers, perhaps the release of his BC would be enough to shut up/stop Donald Trump from further investigation. obama ignored the Birthers, the doubters, etc, but when a man with money and connections got on his case, he caved. obama’s shadow history, much like his shadow gov’t is the real story. Who’s the real puppet master? Soros? The Saudis? It’s someone with a huge amount of money and power who wants to destroy America, (as we know it.) This plan did not happen overnight. I suggest, this nightmare, has been at least several decades in the making. I can only hope someone is working on a viable impeachment charge, which, even if it did not pass, would certainly gum up the works. Thank you and G-D bless you Pamela, for your courage and your relentlessness. May you and Robert be protected and may the Truth set all of us free. You have taken the highest road. Best, kc

  • Mac-101

    Soros and family financed President Obama’s run for the US Senate. He also financed McCain and Hillary. He covered ALL bases.

  • kcramone

    That may very well be the scenario. The only problem, is that it’s hard to believe, that even the extreme left of the Democratic Party hates America as much as obama. Remember, his background as a child, is what created this man. The convoluted leftist family, the hateful anti-colonialist father, being schooled in madrassas in Indonesia, the mother who dumped him (with her parents in Hawaii,) the lack of a stable home life. The changing of his name to find his real identity and to disparage the white side of himself. He created himself, he recreated himself, and he probably has no idea who the real obama is. I diverged. The point I was making, is, I doubt any of the Democrats had his type of background where evil anti-Americanism and “the sweet sound of the muzzein,” were hammered into his soul from childhood. No excuses

  • kcramone

    the above reply was to armaros

  • kcramone

    Like any sharp big businessman, he certainly covered all the bases. Probably also donated to the Republicans. That’s just the way the game is played.

  • kcramone

    I was also born in Quebec. It’s very easy to get your birth certificate. Just google quebec BC and they’ll give you all the info. I got a new one (no hassle) about two years ago for a new passport. Some talking head on tv mentioned how much Layton admires obama and his policies and under a NDP gov’t Canada would have friendlier ties with the White House. Vote PC Monday!

  • Thanks
    A baptism cert is not a BC but in Canada they accept it as such.
    I am not a Christian and I was not born in Canada.
    Hence I got the citizen card which replaces the BC. Natural born Canadians can also request the citizen card. US immigration/Customs accepts it and I got a few passports since this happened.
    Since 2009 Canadians need a passport to enter the USA. Before that I entered with a DL or just by saying to the officer ‘I am Canadian”. Often that was enough to get through the land borders….the good old days….when they had discretion as to whom they wanted to check or not.
    The reason this pisses me off is that I have no record of birth in my birthplace though I am a citizen of the EU as well and had passports from my birthplace. Not to mention the arrogance the education ministry had. I once was on hold for 4 hours and figured I ll just wait so that I can tell the story how messed up they were….after 4 hours I gave up.
    They also lost my mothers divorce certificate which was required to prove that I was in need of a student grant.

  • the extreme left of the Democratic Party hates America as much as obama.”
    It is not (or actually was not) the extreme left of the Dem party.
    It was the extreme left period. They infiltrated the Dem party slowly, first locally in colleges and counties and cities, then nationally. It started after Clinton who alienated a lot of the left with his pro business policies and anti crime posturing. Then during Bush when they switched from the Green party and realized that the only way to power was via a major party. The anti war protest crowds, the maniacal Bush haters, the code pinks, Michael Moore…etc…
    When Obama came to the scene there already was a base of these people in the party. They propelled him up and basically performed a coup on the party. The party elite had no choice. It was tempting to get into power and at the outset the republicans had a bigger base. Instead of going after soft republicans or independents, they went after the radicals at colleges and the minorities who typically didn’t participate. That was Obamas alchemy to win in 08.
    Hopefully when Obama loses the party will purge itself of these people. The Dem party wasn’t like this before. They were patriotic but sometimes (not all the time) liberal. They were an all American party which was pro middle class and focused on caring for people. Like the unemployed for example. They were more open to Keynesian economics, New Deal, infrastructure expansion.
    Not the free loaders, illegal aliens and radicals who are now a base used to manipulate the demographics.
    It is now a very divided party. What is holding it together is the fact that they are in the WH.
    Should they lose the WH they too will undergo a transformation like the Reps have with the spending, Tea Party etc…

  • Its not PC anymore. Its C. :)
    The NDP may actually end up killing the Liberals. That would be historic. The wiping out of the centre in Canada. Of course I blame the liberals (my former home) as they just couldn’t find themselves after Chretien and his thuggery gutted the party of ideas and inventive people.
    They have been a shell ever since.
    The NDP is dangerous. They are communists.


    Has anyone noticed, Pg.14, Part 1, Section 7? It states C/O University. Obama 2nd. 2 yrs old. Isn’t the yr of his DOB 1961?

  • Rick Wendling

    I seek the sect of Islam to which Barack Senior belonged. Who can show me?

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