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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Christian Teenager Who Survived Muslim Raid on Substation Faces Death Sentence — For Blasphemy

[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Hindu Youth Stabbed to Death by Six Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle

Muslim Gangs in Minnesota Grow More Dangerous


Reader KF sent this, "Minnesota used to be a friendly, safe slice of middle America. Minnesotans are generally welcoming and accepting people. The vibe has changed though. Now cities from Minneapolis to Rochester, have begun to resemble something a little like downtown Mogadishu. The new immigrants are NOT welcoming.. even hostile to their neighbors. In some neighborhoods, groups of muslim children, "chase" people even older people to rob them of their money and groceries (of course they only chase non muslims) They attack single non-muslim women walking home from work and even harass men they perceive to be gay. It is so bizarre. "

Somali Muslim gangs in Minnesota grow more dangerous ASSOCIATED PRESS Feb. 7, 2011

The girl was 12 when the gangsters told her the rule: They would sell her for sex to men outside the gang, but members of the Somali Outlaws or the Somali Mafia would use her for free.

For more than two years she was taken on "missions" to abandoned garages, men's bathrooms, apartments and hotels, enduring hours with multiple men so gang members could get money, pot or booze. Though her mother confronted two of the men early on and warned them the girl wasn't even 13, they continued to prostitute her.

Eventually some of the gang members took her on the road to new customers in Nashville, Tenn., and the man she called her "boyfriend" is accused of using a cell phone to send images of her engaging in sex acts with men in the car along the way.

The enterprise described in a federal indictment has shocked members of Minnesota's Somali community, the largest in the U.S. And it suggests that gangs known in recent years for armed robberies, burglaries and even killings of fellow East Africans have moved into more lucrative activities and are taking their crimes from Minneapolis to other parts of the country.

"It's clear the life of the gang in the community is getting much more complicated," said Omar Jamal, an advocate for the Somali community in Minneapolis. "It's one thing to go out and have a random action. It's something quite new to the community to have organized sex trafficking."

In recent years, authorities and the community have been increasingly working together to fight the gangs and to steer Somali youths in positive directions. Community centers and mosques set up youth basketball and soccer tournaments to keep kids busy, and they've held forums to discuss issues as they arise — including a recent meeting on sex trafficking.

Somalis began arriving in Minnesota in the early 1990s — refugees fleeing civil war in their homeland and finding welcome in a state with a strong tradition of helping newcomers. But as young Somalis entered the school system with little or no formal education or English skills, they were targeted by established gangs for being different.
So they formed their own groups.

Oh yes, blame everyone and eveything except the root cause. Interesting that the AP failed to mention that these Muslim gangs are doing the same thing across the country. In Maine, Muslim gangs are wilding, leaving terror in their wake. And in San Francisco, Muslim gangs target gays, shooting them with BB guns in a wave of terror. The pattern of Islamic supremacist violence grows in "gateway" cities like Lewiston, Maine; Shelbyville, Tennessee; St. Cloud, Minnesota; Clarkston, Georgia; and Jamestown, North Dakota.

"They were trying to find identity," said Hassan Mohamud, the imam at Islamic Da'wah Center, a youth-oriented mosque and cultural center in St. Paul. "They do not belong to Somalis. They do not belong to Islam. They do not belong to America. So they found their own system. \u2026 They had good intention. At first the good intention was to help and support each other and protect. But they eventually changed that support system to harm." The federal indictment unsealed in November in Tennessee charges 29 people with crimes from sex trafficking to credit card fraud to witness intimidation. It said the accused were members or associates of three Somali gangs — often acting as one larger gang — bent on forcing girls into prostitution for their own profit.

The indictment outlines allegations involving four victims and hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card fraud. One girl was prostituted in Nashville and in Columbus, Ohio, and another was raped by men in a Minnesota hotel room, the indictment said.

Jamal said that over the years, the Somali gangs realized they needed to generate a steady income. The crimes alleged in the indictment illustrate that at least some might have turned to sex trafficking and credit card fraud as a way to make money.

"It's a gradual growth of becoming more active, becoming more serious," Jamal said. "It speaks in volume of how the community has failed collectively to save the minors, especially the girls." Most of those indicted in Tennessee are in custody there, said Van Vincent, the assistant U.S. attorney prosecuting the case.

When asked about the victim who was just 12 when first sold for sex — and identified in the indictment as "Jane Doe Two" — he would only say, "She is currently safe."

More here.

  • Bohemond1096

    If these were rabid dogs running wild in the street and someone shot them, no one would object. If these muslims were shot or hung then the people doing it to protect their families from these human animals they would be branded racist and islamophobic because the perpetrators are black muslims. Something else we can thank Ted Kennedy for, ending immigration from Christian European countries and forcing the US to take disproportionately large numbers of muslim immigrants from third world countries.

  • Nowhere does it say if the girl was white or Somali. If white then it is the same thing mozlems do in UK: white slavery and prostitution. If Somali, why did the mother not go to the police, after all, the girl was a minor??

  • Myron

    Carve another notch in Teddy’s stone: he earned it!

  • gullah

    These vermin should be deported along with their entire families. That is how we used to do it. You immigrated here and caused trouble, out you would go.
    We must end the insanity of the UN deciding what refugees come here. I say NO MORE MUSLIMS.

  • Police say they find it hard to get cooperation from the Somali Community, even after 7 Somalis have been murdered in the past 3 years because they where becoming to Westernized. Prosecutions have been difficult, but not because of the police, but because of Somali Muslim threats of retribution from gang members if they talk to police.

  • intrepid

    20 yeaqrs ago Bad Salzuflen, this is a so called German Kur Ort, full of cliniks for recovery from severe illnes and operations, it has a large Salinen Gerust, this is a four story high construction covered with Birch twiggs Salt water flows down over it giving an almost fine rain of salty water, patients with astma and related lung problems can sit in comfort along the sides breathing in the artificial seaside air……a small very quiet rural town with a large concert hall and a medium sized Theater and a superb laid out park for patients to walk around, sounds all very sedate and enjoyable, It was twenty years ago, sadly now history, the towns Juvenile crime judge has recently said in the newspaper (which is normally ultra PC with a load of steaming horse shit about the Gaza blockade) more than amazed me, for he said in an interview last month, he is in no way surprised that nobody in Bad Salzuflen will risk going alone anywhere around the town from early evening alone or in pairs. Maurauding Turkish youths are the problem, 94% of all juvenile felonies are on their account. I asked a member of the town coucil why they were so crazy to allow these thugs to build a damn great mosque on the town borders, her answer, we thought it better to have them all in one place so would could better control them. Can you get any stupider? (another Pelosi)
    This is all going to end in a civil war. These thugs have learnt one thing well, the West is utterly soft and barmy and they know exactly how to use this advantage. Our dopey politicians will not protect us so it is going to fall to the citizens of these overun Eurabian lands….Russian arms deales are waiting in the wings for a big boom in sales. You do not believe me look what the Maquisards in France got up to, the terrible tortures the Gestapo employed (being shut in a one man standing room only cell with heaters on the walls and floor legs chained together….10 minutes the burns were so severe death was inevitable) yet despite such horrors these brave resistance fighters were were not detered. They fought tooth and nail, same in Poland, Russia, Norway, Holland,Checkoslovakia Balkans and Belgium. Such brave souls are going to come out again when the time comes, which I fear is not far away.

  • real vision

    deport every one of them and their entire family. get this scum out of our country

  • This ‘sexual jihad’ against kuffar children has spread like a plague through the areas surrounding muslim enclaves in Europe. Wherever there’s a mosque, there’s a pedophile network.

  • So right Sean,every mosque is a comand and control center in the uk and we are not allowed to object to more being built on grounds of religious objections if we are Christian. The heat i got from some “right on”liberal types as i leafleted about expansionist islam building on our countryside was UNBELIEVABLE.Liberals in England dont seem to care at all about their views masking the attempted take over by stealth of my country.God rot their steaming gizards.

  • All you folks in Minnesota can rest assured, the problem will be solved.
    Call your Congressman……Keith Ellison….also known by his Muslim name Hakim Muhammad. YIKES !!!!!
    What a sad day for America when the spineless politicians and clueless media are all sawing the branches but precious few are looking at the “root” cause of the problem.

  • I’d always associated Minnesota with Swedes. Somali gangs are in Sweden (Rinkeby,Malmo). Somali gangs are in Minnesota. It would make you think that Somalis have got something against Swedes, but for the fact that they’re against all kuffar.

  • Bear

    If the story is true about the 12 year old girl then “calling your congressman” is just stupid! You fight fire with fire! An eye for on eye! They need to be stopped NOW and I mean STOPPED DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS! I can’t believe that someone hasn’t taken care of this RODENT PROBLEM YET What is there a byuch of cowards in Minnesota who don’t “know” how to “TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS”?

  • The girl’s Mother complained that she’s not 13 yet!!! Did she mean, if the girl’s 13 then it’s OK!!!
    If I got into that situation, my Mother would have guarded me with her very body and a butcher knife in each hand. And the pimps would have left. If there’s no father, it’s every Mother’s duty to protect her naive and clueless daughter.

  • Marc Chamberlain

    Isnt it about time America conducted an EDL style march direct into the Islamic militant heartlands of these towns and cities? I will eagerly wait for this….

  • ‘white’ people? this has nothing to do with race. i’m a brown-skinned female from a hindu background. muslims has slaughtered 80 million of us. Try not to play into the left-wing’s cries of ‘racism’.
    what i find disturbing is that sikhs defended india from muslims and sometimes white americans mistake them for muslims and call them ‘osama’, etc.
    Get rid of the race rhetoric. Islam is a fascist, totalitarian ideology.
    Re: the above article, at least the girl was 12. Aisha was 6 years old, when Muhammed rubbed his penis along her inner thighs (it is called ‘thighing’) and 9 when he vaginally penetrated her (he was 54 years old). Muhammed is considered a role model for muslims. Let us not forget the koranic injunctions to rape sex-slaves and ejaculate within them. These women had all their adult male kin slaughtered first (Rayhanah, Safiyah, Juwairya) – at least this 12 year old didn’t see her family slaughtered. She also wasn’t forced to covert to islam. She got off easy compared to Muhammed’s other rape victims.

  • grog

    “……”It speaks in volume of how the community has failed collectively to save the minors, especially the girls.”…….”
    ?The community failed????
    ISLAM is promoted as Grand, Glorious – the best answer to everyting from family to politics – How come ISLAM failed them????????????

  • DebinFla

    WELL SAID!! While I am a white female, I, in no way am racist. If these were whites committing these crimes, I would say the exact same, kill or deport them all. I don’t believe they deserve to be jailed/fed/housed and provided free lawyers at the taxpayers expense!! If law-abiding Americans (of any and all colors) don’t stop being such politically correct sheep, we’re going to end up as sheep usually do, slaughtered or at best used as fodder for the whims of Muslims. Islam is NOT a religion, just a huge group of terrorists and/or supporters. This is a war, make no mistake. Look at history, the Jews in Germany kept their heads in the sand, saying, “It can’t happen here” until it DID. They had plenty of warning, as do we. Are we going to suffer the same fate? If we continue to do nothing, I fear so.

  • Rob

    Screw all the kennedy’s….. they are where they belong… DEAD !!

  • SteveL

    This is part of the epidemic that is destroying this great country from the inside. Another big part is illegals from south of the border that daily murder Americans all over the country. They all need to go! Borders, language, and culture! That is America, when Europe had the crusades it was because moslems were over running all the European countries. They banded together and drove the moslems out of Europe and back into their sand box. Now they are here and politicians are bending over to let them destroy our way of life!

  • We all agree as to what needs to be done, but who will do it?
    Let’s put our heads together!
    1. These animals should be deported, whether legal or illegal residents. If citizens, put them in jail.
    2. Since the deportation will be interpreted and racism, islamophobia, infringement of religious
    rights, etc., by the media and the politically correct, the deportation should be balanced out by
    another initiative.
    3. Propose to exchange the gladly departed by all the Coptic Christians willing to leave the Islamic
    hell holes they inhabit, and support their immigration to this country. It would be not only an
    eye for an eye, but a body for a body, and a lost soul for a clean soul.
    4. Let the Jihad lovers show their hand.
    Now, what should we do to achieve at least point 1.?
    Opinions are welcome, and you are all free to call me a nut!

  • karl anglin

    They are part of Obama’s “multiculturilism”!

  • rhcrest

    Yeah i don’t get that part of the story either. It sounds like her mother wasn’t happy with the situation but let her disappear for days on end to have sex with dozens of men. I would not let my daughter out of my site long enough for this to even have a chance of happening. If they tried to mess with me, they would soon find themselves eunichs and I am Sicilian so I am not just talking. I would grab a nice butcher knife to do the job.

  • Noelegy

    I remember in the wake of 9/11, some Sikh storekeepers in the area where my parents live were attacked. I made a point after that to educate myself about Sikhs–not that I would ever attack anyone on the basis of their appearance or unless in self defense–so that I would (hopefully) never be ignorant on that particular subject. You are right: this is not a white vs. brown issue and I too am tired of people trying to make it into one.
    But the real eye-opener to me came even before that. In 1998 or so I worked with an Indian gentleman with whom I had many interesting conversations. I had assumed that he was Hindu–I was vegetarian at the time and the subject somehow came up related to that–and he told me about the forcible conversion of so many Hindu Indians to Islam. He in fact had been raised Muslim but had left the religion.

  • I read this article a few weeks ago somewhere else, the girl is Somali. If you read Ayan Hirsi Ali’s book Infidel it will really open your eyes about how VERY tribal they are. Further they are the most suprmacist of the supremacist. They believe that they are above all other Africans and consider themselves to be Arab ( you know the best of people, the Arabs, per mo)

  • john smith

    You say “NO MORE MUSLIMS”. I ask WHY? Are there no gangs that believe in Jesus or the God of Moses? I don’t hear you saying NO MORE CHRISTIANS or NO MORE JEWS. In the phrase, “That is how we used to do it”, who is “we”?? Don’t generalize. It makes you sound really stupid. Do you really believe that Judaism, Christianity, or even Islam promotes such violence?
    Dehumanization of Somalis by calling them vermin is the same thing Hitler did to the Jews!!
    And your comment about “refugees” really irks me. Just because you’re third, fourth or even fifth generation American doesn’t make you any better or worse. Unless you’re American Indian, you are a refugee (whether you like it or not)!
    Please educate yourself (not by bigoted parents or friends). Why are you spreading this hatred! Can’t you see hate is not the answer??
    I’m not a Muslim.

  • john smith

    There are so many racist and incorrect statements in your comment that I wont even try to make sense of it. STOP GENERALIZING AND DEHUMANIZING! Do you refer to every gang-member by their religious belief??? The Ted Kennedy statement made me laugh! So you want Christian immigrants and not Muslim immigrants, am I correct?? THAT MAKES YOU A RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care what religious faith you practice, compassion plays a huge role. Where is yours?? Are you a Christian?? If so, what happened to Mathew 5:39, “If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also”? You are wrong in so many ways!! I can understand wanting to protect and defend your family and you have EVERY right to do so but to generalize all Muslims or blacks or Somalis as rabid dogs and animals is wrong!

  • john smith

    Can’t you say that about Catholic churches. LOL

  • john smith

    How can you say that?

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