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US State Department Spending 100s of Millions on Mosques in Middle East


Mosque Makeovers With Your Tax Dollars (VIDEO, click here)

The State Department refused CBS's request for an interview. When asked why they were spending millions on mosques, the State Department said in an email, "it is fighting Islamic extremism by building relationshps with islamic leaders."

Nonie Darwish responds, "trying to buy respect in the Middle East just shows US weakness." "America is not showing its power, it is showing appeasement." "They're laughing all the way to the bank."

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  • Telly

    That is so 2002.
    After all that we’ve learned over the last few years they still try this.
    Why wont they be interviewed? Is it that they know they are wrong?

  • And one wonders where all the money is going from the bailout money. It’s time we cut the purse strings to all these little projects.

  • tfb

    $770 Million? To fund pedobrothels child abuse centers hate-venues and terror websites? Plus that $23 million for Odinga to install a sharia constitution. OMG

  • AuntieMadder

    “When asked why they were spending millions on mosques the State Department said in an email, ‘it is fighting Islamic extremism by buidling relationshps with islamic leaders.'”
    It’s nothing more or less than building military command centers for the enemy so they won’t wage war against you.
    That’s $770 million that would be better spent toward our debt to China.

  • AuntieMadder

    Now we know.

  • Great. Just great.
    Every time I think I’ve heard the most stunningly appalling thing this government does, one more comes along.
    This is so awful, I am speechless. Like all those oil-rich countries need money from us.
    Does our government really think they can make friends with people whose religion is all about converting or killing non-muslims?
    Phhht. Fools.

  • O.T. Daisy Khan in a dutch newspaper 24/02/11, 07:25 (google translation)
    “Western media are staring blindly at extreme variant Sharia”
    INTERVIEW – Western and Islamic values are consistent with each other, says the American Daisy Khan. A conversation with the initiator of Park51, Islamic community center near Ground Zero to come.
    Suddenly silenced the protest, said Daisy Khan. She is one of the initiators behind Park51, a Muslim ‘community’ in the heart of downtown Manhattan in New York to rise, two blocks away from where the Twin Towers once stood. It led to controversy last autumn, many Americans said the planned center, where they saw a mosque in disguise, to experience it as a slap in the face of the victims of 9 / 11.
    But after the Senate elections in November the storm are surprisingly quickly, says Khan. “It was politics. The opposition used us to gain votes.”
    And no, the plan is not the job, she says fiercely. She took the initiative committed with her husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Earlier, in 1997, the couple has founded the American Society for Muslim Advancement ‘on, to build bridges between Muslims living in the U.S. and the rest of Americans. That goal is also to serve Park51. Inspired by the Jewish Community Center, also in Manhattan is, the one place where non-Muslims are welcome, with gyms, a restaurant, art galleries. And a prayer room for Muslims.
    Daisy Khan (52) is in the library of the debate center recently opened The New Love in Amsterdam. She gave this weekend to kick off a series of lectures on Islam, “talked about Islam, but different.” Khan was stopped in its contribution to the question whether Islam is compatible with Western ideals of democracy and freedom.
    That question was this week in the Netherlands resurfaced when Roel Kuiper party leader on behalf of the Christian Union at the forthcoming First elections, said “if necessary in the Constitution” to make a claim that there is legislation that Islamic law is based have no place in the Netherlands, because the basic principles of Western culture that go against the Islamic culture, and which also exceed them.
    With that logic, it is pertinent Khan disagrees. According to its Islamic and Western values are just ‘complete match. ”
    Many people believe that there is a clash of civilizations, each with a different value system. For them, 9 / 11 of the symbol.
    “Therefore we Park51 build too, to show that it is not. The atrocity of 9 / 11 is in complete contradiction to the Islamic ethos. Extremists have a political agenda that they are in religious terms cloak. But Islam is clearly : you can not kill innocent people. Most Muslims know that. ”
    She jumps up. “Therefore what happened in Egypt is so exciting. Everybody went into the streets and cried: We’re this good, Islamic manner. With peaceful resistance. And in two weeks they managed to achieve more than the jihadists in thirty years .
    What about the passages in the Koran that speak of killing infidels?
    “That I read in their context. With an” infidel “is not just the first best provided. The conditions are strict: you must first truly complete non-religious. Furthermore you Muslims have to use physical force to restrain their faith exercise. Nobody, to my knowledge, is now a disbeliever in the Quranic sense.
    Really? Nobody?
    “Nobody. The Quranic passages are not the core of Islam. Islam is a pluralistic religion. Everyone is space: men, women, dissenters. The Quran says that God created different tribes and nations willed that they” each other know ‘. Multiculturalism, which is the fundamental mission of Islam. ”
    This is not just a nice theory, says Khan. “Historically, Muslims everywhere pluralistic been. The notion of a monocultural Islam did not exist. That’s something of the past sixty years. Take the Ottoman Empire. This was not only the Turks but gave room for different cultures and beliefs. Then, with the collapse of the empire, the Muslim communities were reclassified by powers from outside. They created nation-states, which had to be monocultural. ”
    But from the first caliphs were people of another religion is treated as dhimmis. They did not count as full citizens.
    “You see that is wrong. Dhimmis were exempted from military service. That was to protect them. Because if they would die on the battlefield, there would be no one of their group left. In exchange for this protection they paid extra taxes.”
    And the position of women? To western standards, they are suppressed in many Muslim countries.
    Khan thinks. “I have so often heard. And you are right, since women are indeed oppressed.” Decisively: “But that goes against the Koran. If you do well, you see that equality between men and women to being part of Islamic ethics. Unequal gender relations come from the culture, not religion.”
    You state that Western media distorted a picture of sharia, Islamic law.
    “They do it off as inferior to the western legal system. But them stare themselves blind to the criminal provisions in the course of time have been devised, particularly in the most extreme variants. While you should look at the principles on which penalties are based. These principles are the most important: the promotion of life, religious freedom, a good family life, prosperity, intellectual independence and human dignity. ”
    These are fine principles. But in practice, women are oppressed, the thieves hands cut off, adulterers stoned and.
    “Unfortunately, yes, but they are twisted, corrupted form of Sharia, which run counter to the principles I just mentioned. Regimens in countries with a Muslim majority authoritarianism and abuses their power to enforce Sharia.”
    You always make a distinction between culture and religion. What Muslims fail to comply with Western values that they do from a cultural or political reasons, not because their religion says you This distinction is not artificial? Is your pure Islam is not a construction of a thinking, that nowhere on earth really be prevented?
    “No. I think this all by yourself. More than a thousand years of history proves it …” She starts talking fast, agitated. “Look, there are always elements in a culture that does not correspond to its core values. America stands for equality and freedom, but it was many years slave trading. That does not mean you need to specify the ideal.”
    According to inter-religious dialogue is the solution to growing fundamentalism and religious violence. But such inter-religious debates are conducted by a benevolent elite, not by the mass of ordinary believers. Let alone terrorists.
    “I agree with you that much in a vacuum will be discussed at such meetings.”
    She laughs. “But it may help. Example. On March 8, the Republican Senator Peter King Congress talk about the” Islamization of America. “This is a painful moment for Muslims in America. And why? They’ve done nothing wrong.”
    The intention of the Senator put Khan thinking, she says.
    “During an interfaith meeting a while back I talked to a rabbi who said that we also happen to Jews, you may not be the same thing happen. I am willing myself to one day be called Muslim.”
    An initiative was born, Khan says enthusiastically. “On March 6th we masse on the streets of Washington: Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, atheists. And everyone will hold up a sign that read:” Today I am a Muslim. “That will send a strong signal. It will show that Americans will not put up as a minority should be messed with. ”

  • sheildwall

    So. Just how stupid is stupid?
    State Department – where all apologizing starts.

  • Beagle

    Government building mosques: the _literal_ establishment of religion.

  • Larry Lambert

    Can this gang of misfits in the White House do ANYTHING right? They seem to be so impossibly twisted on any issue that it simply defies imagination. I know that they are working against the American people — but BUILDING MOSQUES in the MIDDLE EAST at tax payer expense???

  • Rodney

    In their mind, they ARE doing things right. That’s the problem.

  • Chris

    Just yet another way we can pay down our debt. STOP SENDING MONEY FOR ISLAM! Too many people here in trouble and how about some of our churchs? Oh seperation of church and state when it comes to Christianity but not to that cult of pedophile followers.

  • tfb

    Ofraud is just repaying that $400 million or so illegal campaign funds from the middle east.

  • Madeleine

    Besides the fact that we have email, besides the fact that we have
    “twitter”..(idiot form of communication) besides the fact that we have
    facebook,(juvenile junk) besides the fact that we have the cell phone.
    We have forgotten the good old fashioned way of communicating face to
    face. Dialogue, talking about things, discussions, even the ones that
    might become heated, be careful not to let that happen.
    Making some points to your sister over coffee,
    talking to the girls on a friday night with pizza and a glass of wine.
    It doesn’t have to get complicated, it just needs to be said, plant a
    seed. People who know you, who care about you, who love you will see
    the seriousness in your facial expressions, will hear it in your voice,
    will note it in the message and if you just say it, you at least plant
    a seed. Then with the electronic world they can let their fingers do
    the walking and find out on their own by searching google.
    All those other ways to communicate aren’t equal to face to face
    dialogue.In fact,you can casually and creatively bring it up on line
    at a supermarket, or in the dressing room at Macy’s, or in the public
    library or while waiting to pick up your kid from baseball or soccer.
    Opportunities present themselves all the time. However, NOW it’s more important
    than ever to make sure you plant a seed.
    Everyone says’ never talk
    politics or religion because it’s fertile ground for a fight.
    I think that people tend to fight only when you shove and
    push your point of view around.
    Just plant a seed and walk away. Something like, Wow, I just read in the paper
    that the state dept. is spending millions of US tax dollars to build
    mosques in the middle east, yet our economy is in the tank, our deficit
    if throught the roof. I am outraged. Then simply shake your head and say…
    ooops gotta run, my son/daughter
    is finished practice. Take care. Nice talking to ya, bye.
    It may not work with everyone but it’s better than just standing there with
    nothing to say to someone within ear shot, who is doing the very same thing you are,
    waiting and killing time. Be creative, but get the message across. It’s simple,
    and easy and yet it’s barely ever done. You don’t have to get into a fight
    because you are simply stating fact. It’s better than sending stupid email messages
    about a new program on HDnet called Svetlana, or talking about the latest
    episode of the housewives of Dumbstupidbitchvillej, or tweeting that you just
    went to the bathroom and there was no TP. We have to stop being morons and
    go back to being human again and more than that, stop being so PC and afraid
    of upsetting the apple cart. The time is NOW!

  • We are trillions in debt, our economy is mired in place and unemployment is at record levels. A school was bombed in Israel, Christians are being slaughtered inside their churches in muslim countries for the sin of building a protective wall around churches they are not allowed to even repair and we send the filthy rich oil tycoon muslim countries millions to build or repair their Death Cult fortresses where they plan our annihilation.
    Is it possible that we have all gone insane and are living in an asylum filled with not only us but the criminally insane as well?
    How can this be true?

  • When*Pigs8Fly

    “it is fighting Islamic extremism by building relationshps with islamic leaders.”
    Seriously, every intelligent person knows you can’t build relationships with islamic leaders, their only loyalty is to islam, nothing else. Call it what it is, ransom and nothing more. The US is either capitulating to bullies to appease them or complicit in admitting islam’s rule into the US government by means of specific people I would call traitors.
    These idiots must think we are as stupid as the lefties that support them.

  • When*Pigs8Fly

    Some spaces between thoughts would make this irritating format easier to deal with.

  • Linda Rivera

    The U.S. government reveals total contempt for America. We are bankrupt, but the TOP PRIORITY of our government is serving Islam. NOT America.
    US homeless shelters are filled to capacity. Tent cities have sprung up all over America filled with desperate, jobless, homeless NEGLECTED Americans. They are ignored. Spending hundreds of millions on mosques is considered far more important than non-Muslim PEOPLE.

  • Linda Rivera

    American taxpayers are forced to work to finance Islam. A huge victory for global jihad.

  • Linda Rivera

    This is against our Constitution. Separation of church and state. In this case mosque and state. Dangerous and terrible things happen when there is no separation.
    Mayor Bloomberg also betrays us. He is doing his best to force taxpayers to finance millions of dollars towards the victory mosque at Ground Zero.

  • This huge amount of money on mosques, muslim outreach programs, and literally dozens of islamists appointed by this administration to gov’t jobs. I just wish the average American could read all this info and statistics in their local paper or hear it on the msm news. Of course, they won’t, so they’ll remain blind to what obama is and what he’s trying to do to America. This information has to reach the average citizen. The thought that keeps going through my mind is, “What exactly is obama planning for America?” He seems to be getting the country ready for sharia and more muslim acceptance. I know there’s a definite connection between what’s happening in the mideast and the union uprisings in the US. I know one thing; he won’t lift a finger to defend this country from external forces and he encourages internal revolution. This is the ultimate nightmare. The US is being attacked on so many levels and we have a president who is helping or leading the attack.

  • Mac-101

    Now can anyone else agree with RAN and RAND PAULs not to borrow money from Red China to give ANY money to ANY other countrys!

  • J

    Has our government gone mad?
    Or maybe we’ve just need to keep in mind they “need to get up to speed”…

  • Spiritof1776

    We are the most stupid people on earth.

  • ya jes know

    aclu be all over that one, right?

  • its a cancer

    intermational wealth redistributionism
    this is you prez on hope

  • not quite stupid

    12-16 years of govment indoctrination

  • Sad Very Very Sad. Canada- USA same pathetic pandering to these freaks… when will we FREE LOVING people stand up and fight back!!!! I was a teenager when I fought the banks to hire black people, where the hell are todays rebels -It really works. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Fact not Fiction. I must confess I’m scared for my Grand-Children, I pray every night we will be able to reverse the apocoliptic times as well as Biblical verses seeing this happening today. Keep fighting Geller & Spenser, I Love your honesty and continuous fight for our freedom!!!

  • Paladion

    Are we falling victims of the largest international conspiracy ever?
    Are we all sleeping? We better awake before it’s too late¡

  • Madeleine

    I have something wrong with my comp (kids wreck everything)
    so now I have to make sure I hit enter before I
    get too far in a sentence, and concentrating on doing that,
    along with typing my thoughts can get ahead of me.
    One little motherly thought however, we should try to play nice
    in our OWN sandbox…if you get my drift. Thank you.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Doesn’t funding any religious group violate the US Constitution? I had thought there was
    something about Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Wouldn’t
    funding the mad mullahs, insane imams and asinine ayatollahs of Islam be acts that constitute
    the “establishment of a religion.”? Unless said religion is nothing more than Arab imperialism.

  • Mac-101

    If you black or even white in a DEMO district, the best ya can do for this country is run, or support someone to run, as a JFK Democrat and throw out ALL these DEMOs and RINOs who are selliing out the country to the BANKSTERS and INterNAtional Corporations!

  • Paladion, if there is a conspiracy going on, I can’t see North America coming out the winner.Are you referring to the One World Order? I personally don’t want to even think of that. I agree we must wake up and NOW. or we will wind up like Europe. Mac-101 you are so correct We have been for years ironically the financial stats are there to prove this fact, and our Countries back-bone (Average working People) feel helpless to stop it. If only mainstream media would tell the news as it really is. AHHH where have the honest people who can actually make a difference gone????? I don’t think Canadians & Americans are genetically inclined to rip/roar/and storm through the streets screaming for sanity to be brought back to Gov’t and Media. Perhaps that will change sooner than later. The Unions are really screaming loud now for there rights and what happens they pass a vote right under the noses of the people, this is what we have to deal with.

  • When*Pigs8Fly

    I’m sorry to hear about your problems BUT the addition of a space (to make paragraphs) encourages people like me to read long posts I would otherwise ignore. And it would seem some people need to learn not to react negatively to suggestions and erroneously take them personally, if you get my drift. Thank YOU.

  • Tasneem

    Maybe they are funding them as a cultural site(since they said the mosques were old.)They also referred to the funding of churches but not with the same emphasis. I have to say this Nonie Darwish is lying scum, and it’s sad that people like her are allowed to write books.

  • Jim

    Where’s the cry of “Separation of church and state” on this issue? This is just one more example of how congress appropriates hundreds of millions to be given away in unconstitutional foreign aid.

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