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Faked slashed hijab beats slashed face

Southern Poverty Law Fraud Center

Photo of the multi-million dollar mansion of Morris Dees, founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center — how's that exploiting going for ya, Moe? Check out these 60 photos of his multi-million dollar complex (sheesh). Not to mention his perversions and pedophilia (read his divorce papers).

Morris dees house

Over at Steve Sailer's blog:

The Montgomery Advertiser has a 60-photo lifestyle spread on "The home of Morris Dees and Susan Starr in Montgomery, Ala." Mr. Dees is, of course, the founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and poverty has been very, very good to him, judging by the staggering amount of expensive bric-a-brac he and Ms. Starr have accumulated.

I'm not precisely sure what Morris' wife is wearing in this photo (Barbarella's coronation gown? Or, as a reader suggests, a shower curtain trimmed with fake fur?), but the caption reads "Susan Starr models a jacket she made in her studio at her home in Montgomery, Ala."

This shiny thing-a-mabob with the #20 on it is described as "A poolside rickshaw at the home of Morris Dees and Susan Starr in Montgomery, Ala," because nothing screams Equality! like a fancy rickshaw.

It would probably not occur to you to acquire what might possibly be a matador's outfit to hang next to the washstand in an office bathroom of your compound, but then you aren't the main man behind America's most lucrative poverty organization, now are you?

This white and beigeish picture is described as "Guest house living area at the home of Morris Dees and Susan Starr in Montgomery, Ala.," but the contents remain enigmatic. What exactly is on the coffee table? A nest of writhing snakes? A ton of old horseshoes? And what's that spherical object behind the fuzzy couch? A giant ball of twine?

And then there's this objet d'art. I wonder how much hate Morris had to spew and foment to get the donations to pour in to pay for that?

For some reason, the article accompanying the 60 pictures seems to have largely vanished, but it began:

Mediterranean living: Couple’s renovated showplace reflects owners’ world travels, varied tastes

It is hard to believe the home Susan Starr and Morris Dees purchased upon their marriage 11 years ago was once a very small cottage originally built in 1923.

Nah, by this point, I can believe anything about Morris.

Many civil rights groups abhor the media whores at the Southern Poverty Law Center, because they exist primarily to raise money and do very little work. It is a spin factory fueling fears of an imaginary white ayran nation, in order to raise money. 

Why hasn't the media investigated Morris Dees and his multimillion dollar house? 



Dees4 Dees5

Above photos: Dees mansh 

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been profiled here by Laird Wilcox.

The most troubling aspect of watchdog opportunism is their infiltration of law enforcement. Watchdog organizations feed law enforcement agencies information in order to prompt them to go after their enemies, real and imagined. By alleging “dangerousness” on the basis of mere assumed values, opinions and beliefs, they put entirely innocent citizens at risk from law enforcement error and misconduct.

For example, following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 the Southern Poverty Law Center gave the FBI a list of several thousand alleged members of militias and “hate groups” culled from its files. None of them had anything to do with the bombing. These names came from letters to newspapers expressing right-wing political views, lists of “members” supplied by informants, names from license plate numbers collected outside public meetings, pilfered mailing lists, and so on.

The possibility of a mere curiosity seeker or an individual with no criminal intent whatsoever being suggested to the FBI or BATF as “dangerous” seems inevitable. Along these lines, watchdog influence on law enforcement policies in tragedies from Ruby Ridge to Waco needs to be examined in detail.

[T]he Southern Poverty Law Center’s use of civil law to accomplish defacto criminal prosecutions without the benefit of appropriate constitutional guarantees, is simply wrong, and would be wrong no matter who did it. The rules of evidence and procedural practices in criminal cases are far more protective of civil liberties than those civil cases.

In civil prosecutions, for example, a defendant is not entitled to legal counsel unless he can pay for it, whereas in criminal prosecutions legal counsel is guaranteed, regardless of ability to pay. It has not gone unnoticed that most of the defendants in civil cases brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center are either indigent or of very modest means.

In February 1992 USA Today reported that Klanwatch, a division of Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center, had identified a total of “346 white supremacy groups operating in the USA, up an alarming 27% from the past year.” Included were 97 Ku Klux Klan and 203 alleged neo-Nazi groups.

What Klanwatch apparently did was list any group they could find mention of, including groups only rumored to exist. These included the large number of “post office box chapters” maintained by Klan and skinhead organizations. Some Christian Identity “ministries” consist only one person and a mailing list and many “patriot groups” consist of but three or four friends.

They also listed many groups whose actual affiliation is neither KKK nor neo-Nazi and who would argue with the designation of “white supremacy.” In short, they misleadingly padded their list.

A good example of SPLC disinformation occurred in June 1998 when SPLC spokesman Mark Potok responded to a newspaper request for background information on three accused cop killers. According to news reports

Alan “Monte” Pilon, one of the men suspected of killing a Cortez police officer and wounding three other officers, is a member of a local militia group linked to an extreme right-wing religion, a militia expert said Thursday.

Pilon, 30, of Dove Creek, is a member of the Four Corners Patriots, according to

Mark Potok, spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization that monitors hate groups. The Four Corners Patriots is an underground militia linked to the Christian Identity religion, a faith Potok described as “viciously racist and anti-Semitic.

Potok further claimed to have been tracking the group since 1995 and estimated the group had 25 members. These claims, along with this detailed information, clearly gives the impression that the SPLC knows what it’s talking about. Potok’s claims were picked up by wire services and repeated nationwide, including NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw

One small problem: There apparently is no “Four Corners Patriots” organization. It doesn’t exist. Nobody in the broader militia and patriot movement had ever heard of them. My own efforts to pin down the organization were without success. Even local law enforcement couldn’t vouch for their existence and no evidence has developed that any of the suspects ever belonged to a militia organization.

The interplay between the SPLC and the media that depends upon them for information is complex and corrupt.

In February 1994 the Montgomery Advertiser ran a series of articles exposing various aspects of the SPLC, including its highly questionable fundraising tactics. In 1993, the American Institute for Philanthropy ranked the Southern Poverty Law Center as the “fourth least-needy charity in the nation.” Among the issues raised were:

The SPLC has reserve funds of $52 million…Just what the Law Center does with all that money is a source of concern. Some who have worked with Morris Dees call him a phony, the ‘television evangelist’ of civil rights who misleads donors…

For 15 years, people throughout the country have sent millions to the (SPLC) to fight the Ku Klux Klan and other supremacists. But critics say the law center exaggerates the threat of hate groups…

The American Institute of Philanthropy rates charitable institutions according to several criteria, including percent of income spent on charitable purposes, excess assets and so on. The Southern Poverty Law Center was rated “F” on a scale A through F. By way of comparison, the ACLU Foundation was rated A- and the Anti-Defamation League was rated B+.

Morris Dees [founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center]  has been married four times, and in an appellant brief filed by Maureene Bass Dees in their acrimonious 1979 divorce she alleges numerous infidelities, homosexual behavior and a sexual interest by Morris Dees in both his adolescent stepdaughter and his daughter-in- law.

In all fairness, accusations and claims made in a divorce case may or may not be reliable. However, one must also ask how reliable are depositions, affidavits and testimony made by limited-income Ku Klux Klansmen who cannot afford legal counsel when faced with possible civil or criminal charges by Morris Dees. How many have agreed to say what Dees wanted them to say just to survive? How many legal “victories” have been obtained in this manner? Morris Dees and the SPLC must be judged by the same standards they have used to judge others.

Writing in a June, 1998, issue of The Nation, a leftist weekly, writer Alexander Cockburn observed:

"Morris Dees has raised an endowment of close to $100 million, with which he’s done little, by frightening elderly liberals that the heirs of Adolph Hitler are about to march down Main Street, lynching blacks and putting Jews into ovens. The fundraising of Dees and the richly rewarded efforts of terror mongers like Leonard Zeskind offer a dreadfully distorted view of American political realities."

For further reading –

Ken Silverstein, “The Church of Morris Dees: How the Southern Poverty Law Center Profits from Intolerance,” Harper’s Magazine (November 2000), 54-57.

Dan Morse, “Marketing the Klan,” Montgomery Advertiser (November 1994)

John Edgerton, “Poverty Palace: How the Southern Poverty Law Center got rich fighting the Klan,” The Progressive (July, 1988)

Declairing Pamela Geller's group a "hate group" is politically motivated defamation. Please help set the record straight on this

Roland Shirk opines:

I might be forced to adopt a rather cynical reading of SPLC's motives. A group that began as Klan Watch, back when the Klan still (barely) existed, SPLC has since had to reinvent itself as an all-purpose watchdog keeping a keen eye on the activities of groups such as… Civil War Reenactors, Catholic monks, and opponents of Islamic terror. Given the happy decline into obscurity of white racist and anti-Semitic groups (anti-Zionists don't count, no matter how many Jews they kill), SPLC has been forced to look a little harder for its targets. Since the only people outside of psych wards and tiny little compounds in Idaho who still preach the mass repression or murder of others based on religion are Muslims, and are by definition innocent, the standards for what makes a hate group will have to broadened a bit.

The alternative is too ugly to contemplate: SPLC might have to declare “victory” and go home, and its officers might have to sacrifice the six-figure incomes they earn by churning out letters that scare elderly Holocaust survivors into writing them fat checks. That money might instead be wasted on legacies to their grandchildren, when it could go to good use gold-plating the toilet fixtures on SPLC's glittering Poverty Palace. Men like Morris Dees would have to find jobs at Starbucks.

Without the SPLC to tell us where to locate intolerance and bigotry, we might find ourselves confused. We might look at foundations which funnel money into foreign terrorist organizations devoted to murdering Jews and Christians, and mistake these charities for hate groups. We might, when we read about blasphemy laws that target religious minorities, or social mores that goad fathers into murdering their daughters, somehow conclude that the creed which underlies such activities is in itself hateful. And that might lead us to assert our country's native values—driving us thereby down the ugly road of nativism.

The Lid: Soros Funded Hate Group Uses Terrorist Org. Support to Brand Pamela Geller as Racist

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Frank

    The SPLC’s definition of hate is political. For example, someone on this site noted that they contacted this political organization and asked why Islamic groups (just look at some of the Islamic Web sites) were not included in their list of hate groups. The answer to the questioning individual was that Jewish groups were monitoring such web sites. Well, the same can be said for Islamic groups monitoring Pamala’s site.
    it’s a bullshit answer to the question.
    An honest answer would have been: “We, the SPLC,are a political organization with a political agenda. We define “hate” in light of what supports or what does not support our agenda.
    The answer to their tactics is to constantly call them a “hate group” and say “the SPLC routinely engages in hate speech.” If anyone questions that just answer: “Hate” is politically defined by the SPLC and we’re just doing what they do when they define “hate”-if you don’t like that way of defining “hate”-then talk to them. Otherwise we will continue to copy their methods on the matter.”

  • This should not surprise me. It is good to know about this. I wish more was available to those who are not listening.

  • Frank

    One thing Pamela might do is turn the tables on them and accuse of being antisemitic for attacking her.
    It has to be constantly kept in mind that such groups as SPLC routinely abuse language for propaganda purposes. So, for example, they will accuse people who are critical of Islam’s dogmas of being “racist.” Meanwhile, most Arabs are Semite-Caucasians (except for the Black Africans in the Sudan who pretend to themselves that they are “Arabs” (real Arabs would never let them live in Jordan e.g.) as they kill their fellow Africans), the Caucasus if full of Muslims, and the Balkan Muslims are Caucasians who are descendants of Muslim invaders there. “Racism” is politically defined.
    The twisting of language for propaganda purposes is routine with CAIR, SPLC etc. The answer is to use their methods-tactics against them.
    In WW2, the head of the RAF (Harris) answered the Nazi bombing of Britain with an even more ferocious bombing of German cities. “Bomber Harris” was ruthless in employing the same tactics as the enemy. When the Nazis complained they were “war crimes”-he shrugged it off and basically told them: “How do you like it”?

  • Mac-101

    It pays good ta be da KAPO for Dr Evil! George Soros pays well!

  • YID with LID pretty much said it all: “Pamela Geller who is described by the SPLC as a hater is really someone who is so filled with love and passion for her cause that she becomes a target for anyone who wishes to whitewash the connection between radical Islam and terrorism. And rushing to support the SPLC’s smearing of Pamela Geller is a group identified by the FBI as a “sister organization” to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.” — CAIR
    Thanks for posting the divorce papers for Morris Dees — amusing Saturday morning reading material for adults. I liked the quote early on how Morris told Maureene that he was “in love with Vicki, that they wanted to be together, and they didn’t care if they had anything but a shack with a dirt floor if they could be together.” LOL especially considering his excessive taste in tacky decor. I couldn’t read the whole brief, though, it got too sordid for me.
    BTW. Dees was also recognized by the Direct Marketing Association and inducted into their Hall of Fame in 1998. Here’s another interesting expose:

  • Deb Miller

    This house so needed Otho. There just seems to be evil everywhere and people in the race business living off a gravy train of donations and goverment money.

  • Me


  • Wow, if that’s Southern Poverty – I can’t wait to see wealth.
    PETA might take offense at Picture 49 of 60 – Susan Starr models a jacket she made in her studio at her home in Montgomery, Ala., Friday, March 19, 2010.
    I SO hope PETA doesn’t check out Picture 49 and determine that the jacket is NOT faux fur.
    Then again, PETA has no problem with Halal slaughter as they don’t do anything against anyone that might resort to violence as a response.
    Ms. Starr should also know that under Muslim rule (Shariah Law), all her artwork depicting life (humans, animals – pictures and sculptures) MUST be destroyed as that is an offense against Muslims.
    Which of the below acts, legal for Muslims under Shariah, does the SPLC (Souther Poverty Law Center) think are hateful?
    Rape, Child Rape (pre-pubescent), Child Marriage, Child Divorce, Sex Slaves, Slaves, Amputation, Crucifixion, Beheading, Theft, Robbery, Extortion (jizya), Lying (Taqiyaa), Omitting Truth (Kitman), Kidnapping, Ransom, Murder, Honor Killings, etc.
    Which of the above acts, illegal for non-Muslims under Shariah, does the SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) think are hateful?
    Is it hateful to fight against the above acts, all abhorrent and illegal under Western Law?

  • pammyfan

    Hrumph! looks like something from Islamic AL-Andalus. Is this Moe Dees really a Mohammed?

    The important thing is to get on the stick about Glenn Beck, and force that hate-monger off the air!!

  • Patti

    wow I can’t figure out what is worse, the fraud that gets perpetrated by the SPLC, or the decorating taste of whoever is responsible for that eyesore!

  • I just looove that coffeetable objet d’art — it’s so, so evocative!
    Just think how symbolic of the shackles of the liberal Mind it is, that ponderously heavy pile of antebellum chain — stout and strong enough to secure a whole gallery of circa 1860 human chattel down in Montgomery — so proud to have been the first and original capital of the old Confederacy!

  • Imagine, having to bear –much less try to expiate– the Sins of The Fathers, committed a hundred and fifty or more years ago.

  • The dirt on Dees from:
    “‘Til the Cash Comes Flowing Like a River…”
    Full Name: Morris Seligman Dees, Jr.
    Born: 16 December, 1936 in Shorter, Macon County, Alabama
    – Graduated from Sidney Lanier High School in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955
    – Received B.A. & J.D. Law degree [1960] from University of Alabama
    In an article titled Poverty Palace, Morris Dees told journalist John Edgerton that “I had a traditional white Southerner’s feeling for segregation.” [The Progressive, July 1988 – Edgerton, John. Poverty Palace, How the SPLC Got Rich Fighting the Klan]
    Dees made a fortune selling cookbooks by mail in partnership with Millard Fuller [who later founded Habitat for Humanity.] [Fuller, Millard. Bokotola. New Century Press: 1977]
    Dees and Fuller formed the law firm of Dees & Fuller in Montgomery, Alabama in 1960.
    Fuller has this to say about his 8 year association with Dees:
    “Morris Dees and I, from the first day of our partnership, shared one overriding purpose: to make a pile of money. We were not particular about how we did it; we just wanted to be independently rich. During the eight years we worked together we never wavered in that resolve.
    “But everything has a price. And I paid for our success in several ways. One price I paid was estrangement from the church.”
    Dees served in 1958 as state campaign manager for segregationist attorney general candidate McDonald Gallion and also worked for George C. Wallace. Fuller stated: “We wanted to be sure of having friends in high places.”
    In 1961 when Freedom Riders were beaten by a white mob at a Montgomery bus station, Dees [and Fuller] expressed openly his sympathies and support for what had happened at the bus station.
    When one of the men charged with beating the Freedom Riders came to their office for legal representation, Dees and Fuller took the case. The legal fee was paid by the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizen’s Council. [Fuller, Millard. Love in the Mortar Joints. New Century Press: 1980 and The Progressive, July 1988]
    Dees founded the Southern Poverty Law Center in 1971 with Joseph Levin [who left the SPLC in 1976] and Julian Bond [resigned late 1970’s.] [Articles of Incorporation. Southern Poverty Law Center, Inc.]
    Acted as Chief fundraiser for George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign in return for the campaign’s mailing list. Raised $20 million for McGovern. [Burlington Times, July 30, 1975. The Progressive, July 1988.]
    Arrested and removed from court in 1975 for attempting to suborn perjury [bribing a witness] in the Joan Little murder trial in North Carolina. Little, a black convict, was accused of killing a prison guard with an icepick. The felony charge against Dees was subsequently dropped, but the presiding judge, Hamilton Hobgood, refused to re-admit Dees to the case. The refusal was upheld on appeal after the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear Dees appeal. [Ibid.]”
    The great untold story of the JoAnn Little trial was the role of the Communist Party, through its National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, in controlling the entire political movement surrounding the case. Angela Davis, a leading figure in both organizations became the most frequently quoted movement figure and constant companion of JoAnn Little… Party members were visible and influential on the defense committee, and the party frequently set up rallies of support around the country.” [Columbia Journalism Review. Pirsky, Mark. March/April, 1976.]
    Fund-raised for Jimmy Carter in 1976 hoping to be named Attorney-General, but was unenthused by the campaign for its middle of the road appeal ” You’ve got to have a candidate who is way out on the extremes!”[The Progressive, July 1988.]
    Acted as a fundraiser for both Ted Kennedy’s 1980 and Gary Hart’s 1984 presidential campaigns and received their mailing lists as reward. [Ibid.]
    Perhaps explaining the SPLC’s ‘Gay’ rights activism, Dees was cited in 1979 by his ex-wife with a homosexual encounter during their marriage. She also cited numerous affairs with women including his daughter-in-law and underage stepdaughter. [Alabama Court of Civil Appeals CIV 2114, 1979]
    The SPLC’s fundraising practices have provoked the disapproval of watchdog groups that monitor charities: In 1993, the American Institute of Philanthropy assigned the SPLC a ‘D’ grade on a scale of A to F. [American Institute of Philanthropy xxxx 1993 Charity Watchdog Report]
    “By frequently mailing out such persuasive appeals, Dees and his associates have drawn financial support from about half a million Americans [by 1988.] The number of contributors and the amount they have given are probably greater than any left-of-center group has recorded in a comparable period in the history of American philanthropy.” [The Progressive>, July 1988.]
    Randall Williams who formed Klanwatch in 1981 as part of the SPLC’s said in 1988: “We were sharing information with the FBI, the police, undercover agents. Instead of defending clients and victims we were more of a super snoop outfit, an arm of law enforcement. Randall and four staff attorney’s resigned from the Center in 1986. [Ibid.]
    In 1994 the Montgomery Advertiser won a journalism award for a series of incisive and penetrating investigative articles exposing the unethical fundraising practices of Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center including: Since August 1, 1984, the Law Center has taken in about $62 million in contributions and yet only spent about $21 million on actual programs, according to federal tax records.
    In a series of fund-raising letters the Law Center implied it forced the United Klan’s of American to pay $7 million to the mother of lynching victim Michael Donald in 1987. Beulah Mae Donald actually received only $51,874.70 from the Klansmen. The Law Center collected millions as the result of fund-raising letters about the case.
    The Montgomery Advertiser conducted a “random sampling of donors – people who receive a steady stream of fund-raising letters and newsletters – showed they had no idea the Law Center was so wealthy.”
    “They’re drowning in their own affluence,” Pamela Summers, a former SPLC legal fellow told The Montgomery Advertiser. “What they are doing in the legal department is not done for the best interest of everybody [but] is done as though the sole, overriding goal is to make money.””I think people associate the SPLC with going to court. And that’s why they get the money. And they don’t go to court.” There have only been a handful of court cases over the years, many of which remain unresolved.
    The SPLC which has crusaded for the rights of blacks for 23 years, is controlled by whites. It has hired only two black staff attorneys in its history, both of whom left unhappy. 12 of 13 former Black employees interviewed by the Montgomery Advertiser complained they experienced or observed racial problems during their employment. Several said the SPLC was “more like a plantation.” [The Montgomery Advertiser. Feb. 13-14, 1994.]
    In 1986 the entire SPLC legal staff resigned in protest of Dees refusal to address issues such as poverty, homelessness, voter registration and other issues they considered more pertinent to poor minorities rather than to get rich fighting a Klan chimera. [Harpers Magazine. Silverstein, Ken. The Church of Morris Dees.November 2000.]
    The Birmingham News has also investigated Dees and the SPLC in 1994 and found the following:
    Christine Lee, a Harvard Law School alumnus who interned at the Center in 1989, “I would definitely say that there was not a single black employee with whom I spoke who was happy to be working there.” “As I was told [at the SPLC,] they don’t need Black people telling them how to handle Black issues,” Lee said.
    Dees responded by saying, “We don’t have black slots and white slots. Probably the most discriminated people in American today are white men when it comes to jobs because there are more of those who had more education opportunities and who the test scores show are scoring better and on paper look more qualified. That’s why you have so many reverse discrimination cases around.” [Birmingham News. Feb. 17, 1994.]
    USA Today reported in 1996 that Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center was the “nations richest civil rights organization” with $68 million in assets. [USA Today. Aug. 3, 1996] Today it is closer to its stated goal of a $100 million endowment.
    In the same article Stephen Bright, one of Dees numerous former associates told a reporter that Dees is “a fraud who has milked a lot of very wonderful, well intentioned people.” [Ibid.]
    At a news conference in Washington in April 1996, Dees announced that “Those [black] churches that have been burned in the South were certainly burned by racists.” After subsequent investigation revealed there was no rash of black church burnings, many newspapers, including The Charlotte Observer, concluded that Dees “misinformed” the press. [Charlotte Observer. October 10, 1996.]
    Dees has actively campaigned for for laws in which “associations of two or more persons” who train in the use of firearms for defensive purposes are declared “illegal militias.” [Selected Speeches and Writings of Morris Dees.]
    Dees is well known for putting ‘Hate on Trial’ in the 1990 Portland. Oregon civil trial of extremist Tom Metzger. One of the witnesses in that trial, Greg Withrow, now accuses Dees of suborning perjury by paying witnesses [and then hush money for another 5 years] for their testimony. [San Diego Times Union. August 25, 2002.]
    Dees & the SPLC defames the entire Southern Heritage Community by labeling them ‘Neo-Confederates.’ [SPLC Intelligence Update. Summer 2000]
    Dees assaulted an elderly journalist at a symposium sponsored by the University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida on January 12, 2002. The journalist had asked Dees a ‘bad question.’ Dees then had the journalist physically hauled out of the building by two policemen. [The First Freedom. February, 2002.]

  • That link is
    The banner on the fact sheet is “The Patriotist”, with a broken link
    The site itself (jrbooks) appears to be loathsome.
    The fact sheet appears elsewhere: just google the title. For example it is at:

  • Brandy

    Incredible! And this guy gets a pass? He’s “credible” in the eyes of the press? But Pamela’s motives are questionable?? Reminds me of the reporting on radical Islam. The press always runs to get a quote from CAIR when they should be questioning them! That’s why any time they quote CAIR, I call that particular newspaper and ask them why they think CAIR is credible.
    Keep it up Pamela! Expose them all! You are so damn good at it!

  • Choi

    Frank NAILS IT with:
    “In WW2, the head of the RAF (Harris) answered the Nazi bombing of Britain with an even more ferocious bombing of German cities. “Bomber Harris” was ruthless in employing the same tactics as the enemy. When the Nazis complained they were “war crimes”-he shrugged it off and basically told them: “How do you like it”?”
    The night after London was bombed the 1st time ,the RAF BOMBED BERLIN.
    That court case DESERVES the “light of day” after that POS LEFTY Dees LIBELED and SMEARED Pamela,SIOA and ALL of her supporters.
    Also,Dees is a poster boy for the “Progressive”, ELITIST ,and Baby Boomer Limosine Lefties who on the very backs of those they “claim” to champion,live lives of Luxury , ORGIES,and FKed UP Lives.
    I’m PROUD of Pamela for posting that transcript.

  • Choi

    Tom B posted below:
    “‘Til the Cash Comes Flowing Like a River…”
    Full Name: Morris Seligman Dees, Jr.
    Born: 16 December, 1936 in Shorter, Macon County, Alabama
    I’m glad Dees is NOT a Baby Boomer.
    If that age is accurate ,Dees is one of the VANGUARD of America-Hating Communist AGENTS who at 30yrs old in 1966 was a POISONER of the generation.
    Funny,they’re the one’s preaching at the time,”Don’t trust anyone over 30″.
    What they didn’t say was,STARTING with THEM.

  • norman malek

    i reported SIOA to Penny weaver in October 2010 i feel my work is done

  • norman malek

    long live the the antihate people of america..geller is ranked number 2 in anti muslim since gert wilders

  • norman malek

    Pamela geller is president of a vile zioinist group who lives in occupied palestine

  • micheal minetti

    pamela looks like an old witch seems like that botox needs to be redone…red makes you look chunky like a water buffalo…

  • micheal minetti

    the dirty jew kike has spoken
    always got mention my boy hitler
    dont you have no jewelry or bank to run?

  • pamela biggins

    jews are evil doers

  • mary gillespie

    go back to your country america is sick of you filthy kikes

  • uri severstein

    you sound like a jew whore

  • bob smitch

    dam pamela gel-liar is nasty…

  • GS

    personal comments about a person is rather banal but i find the reality of the jewish hate of anything deemed “islamic terrorism hugely funny! You jews are desperate to get us all involved with wars with the arabs, you jews do not care what the islamic terrorists do to america, its what they are doing in/against israel is what worries you, therefore why should we christians of america fight your wars? What does it matter to us if israel is wiped off the map!?! you people are the true rats of human existence, you pretend its all about america but obviously, and we the people are waking up, its all about israel…

  • Brandy

    Neither Jewish nor a whore, loser. If anyone is a whore it’s Morris Dees. Read the link Pamela provided about his divorce. Wow! He’s like a rabbit on steroids! Family isn’t even off limits! What a sick individual. No wonder he won’t designate CAIR and their ilk as hate groups.
    He’s no better than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Just another race hustler.
    To the media reading this, and you know you are,when are you going to do a expose on this guy? Yeah, I won’t hold my breath.

  • Brandy

    Guess you didn’t make it to either of the rally’s at Ground Zero last year huh? Too bad. You could have witnessed thousands of American’s standing up for their country and defending her. Saying “no” to those who want to build a radical Islamic breeding ground at the heart of the greatest attack on this country.
    Maybe you can make it this year.

  • Hint: when choosing a fake Christian name, at least find one that you can correctly spell.

  • Van Grungy

    muslim troll

  • Van Grungy

    muslim troll

  • Choi

    4:09 a.m.??-A JEW-HATER who doesn’t sleep.
    Minetti: FK YOU and EETE SHYTT!

  • Choi

    NO!,but you’re a WHORE with a Syphlis Addled “brain”.

  • Choi

    Ah,Biggins’ fellow Streetwalking Prostitute with Syphllitic brain.

  • Well, your smugness, if you feel your work is done, why do you keep on dribbling bile in two more comments here.

  • Choi

    An Anti-Semititic TROLL using a Jewish name is POS “Uri Severstein”

  • Continental Op

    Morris Dees made his money in direct mail sales before he retired from that business and turned to political work. He even worked his way through law school with direct mail sales. Google: “morris dees” “birthday cake”.

  • Choi

    In other words you are a CO-CONSPIRATOR with SPLC in LIBELING/SLANDERING Pamela and SIOA.
    Something tells me you’re a Christian of Lebanese or Assyrian/Chaldean/Iraqi descent who should KNOW that the reason you personally are living in a place where YOU are NOT a Dhimmi,is because YOUR parents and/or grandparents FLED DHIMMIHOOD.
    You KNOW Pamela is DOING RIGHT,but I guess one can take a Dhimmi out of Dhimmiland,but one CAN’T take Dhimmiland out of a true DHIMMI
    Shame on you,Norman.

  • Everyone pls watch out for scammers, a friend of mine lost more than $2000 from her account. They pretended as bank and sent emails to people with a link to a fake website which stole her account information, be careful of this. thanks

  • Michael M

    Wow, it’s hard to believe this guy isn’t a politician

  • Michael M

    Pamela doesn’t live in “Palestine” numb-nuts. And neither do any “Palestinians”. They are all Jordanians or Syrians that have been ignored by their own leaders and kept in refugee camps because of the Islamists.

  • Michael M

    You’re just unhappy because you can’t get a woman as hot as Geller… or probably any woman for that matter. I think your mom is calling you to come upstairs from the basement and help with the laundry.

  • Your spam’s fallen on stony ground. Atlas habitués are resistant to the honeyed overtures of islam so they’re unlikely to fall prey to common scams and frauds.

  • Polly

    Geller you crack me up. Not only are you completely clueless you have shown a significant lack of understanding of who was behind all this. If you think Dees had even a passing thought about you then you are wrong. Laughable that you would place yourself in that light. As it will show you are all they say you are and in the end you will lose.

  • imbustinloose

    Fron the looks of Moe’s mansion I guess the SLPC should stand for “Southern Law Profit Center”

  • dan

    Sleazy child molester.

  • JimRed

    What group shows more hatred for conservative principles than the SPLC? And they refuse to acknowledge that the real racists and haters (KKK, Neo-Nazis, Antifa, BLM, etc.) are products of the political left!

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