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Barring Jews at Rutgers University



Atlas readers to get to Rutgers University for a flash protest against a vile holocaust-denying, Jew-hating event (wretched Islamic historical revisionism equating Israel to The Third Reich). The righteous and the wicked, this is the new intellectualism of barbarians. The event was sponsored by the leftist/islamic propaganda machine that is destroying college campuses nationwide.

The student running the counter protest called me — at first, perhaps to speak or set up some counter protest, but it was too short notice. Instead, we needed to to get righteous Jews and Gentiles there. The blogs, list servs, twitter and facebook APB. And many righteous folks attended.

In the midst of a year full of virulent anti-Israel campus events, this Saturday Rutgers University may witness the most objectionable event yet. Saturday night January 29, in the Douglass Campus Center, a Rutgers student group, BAKA, will host an event titled “Never Again for Anyone” in collaboration with American Muslims for Palestine, The International Anti-Zionist Jewish Network, and The Middle East Children’s Alliance. This program is designed to coincide with the United Nations’ sanctioned International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day created to remember and honor the victims of the Holocaust. Instead, the focus will be on “the on-going ethnic cleansing of Palestine,” comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

By invoking the Nazi genocide, this event both defames the Jewish state and trivializes the systematic murder of 11 million people in the Holocaust, including six million Jews. While Rutgers Hillel respects the right to free speech, the comparison of Israeli acts of self defense to the gas chambers of Auschwitz is morally repulsive and has no place on the campus of our State University. Therefore a counter-protest and organized walk-out of the event has been planned. We invite you to join us.
This protest will be peaceful and civil. We respectfully request that there be absolutely no verbal or physical altercations of any kind. Any attempted provocation by attendees of “Never Again For Anyone” must be ignored.

Wouldn’t you know it, when the subversives caught wind of what they were planning, the institutionalized Jew-haters refused to let the Jews in without paying. Sound familiar? That is soooooooo 1936. 

Mind you, everywhere the event was previously posted, it said “suggested donation” — but the Jews had to pay the jiyza or they were not allowed into the carnivores’ circus.

Rutgers student David called me and asked me what I thought he should do. I said, don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t leave, but don’t give one plug nickel to those annihilationists. Don’t move from where you are. Just sing Hatikvah loud and proud all night long. And film it!

Watch all the videos — it’s a lesson on student activism. I am very proud of these young heroes. I will be speaking there in March or April — make sure you join me.

Now, how can we get Rutgers’ taxpayer dollars pulled? They have no right to discriminate against Jews. Ugly bigotry and racism cannot be institutionalized as it has been at Rutgers. They must be called out for allowing the Islamic supremacists to dictate to the dhimmis.

BAKA Lies Jake Binstein’s blog

On January 29th, 2011, Rutgers University campus police barred some 400 Jewish students and their supporters, including some Holocaust survivors, from attending what was billed as an anti-Zionist gathering at the state school. The event, sponsored by pro-Palestinian group BAKA (which stands for Belief, Awareness, Knowledge, and Activism, not that any are practiced) was advertised as “free and open to the public”…that is, until 400 ardent Zionists showed up. Then, suddenly, the suggested donation of $5 became mandatory. In this video, Andrew Getraer tells our side of the story as he explains that the event was advertised as being completely free and open to the public, even though they later claimed all 400 of us owed them $5 for entry.

At one point, a lady tried to tell us that this was OK. However, she failed to acknowledge the fact that it was only the Jews who had to pay, as anyone else was either a member of BAKA or could quickly become one by signing up at their table.

Even if you DID pay the $5, AND you provided the required name and email address, that still wasn’t enough. You also had to show your ID, because…well, I really don’t know. I don’t see any justification for them requiring identification for an event that’s free and open to the public.



At no point did anyone in our crowd get violent.

However, there was at least one member of the opposite side that became enraged when he realized he was completely wrong, after quoting the same Facebook advertisement that we were. He grabbed my camera, but fortunately I got it back from the coward.

We chanted and chanted, but since the police were called so late in the turmoil, they apparently didn’t know what was going on and decided to follow BAKA’s orders.

We later heard the testimony of a Libyan Jewish refugee, who told us that this kind of anti-Semitic treatment is nothing new.

Faced with this discrimination and hostility, we did what Jews do best – sing and dance and celebrate life, love, and Israel, right in the lobby of the building.

Their Facebook invitation and Craigslist post clearly show that they are “free and open to the public”. Also, I never got any refreshments.

Note: Their Craigslist post was edited to save space, the description on the page matched the description on their Facebook page.

Read more about this story:
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Federations aid Rutgers Hillel’s pro-Israel efforts
Israel Supporters Barred from Anti-Zionist Event at Rutgers

UPDATE: Our man Tmdrdd was there and captured great video:

I arrived at Rutgers University around 5pm.  Already people were arriving to attend the event.  As it drew closer to the event, people started to get in line and patiently wait to be let in and for everything to begin.

A campus policewoman came in and announced that there was an area outside the hall designated for those who wanted to protest the event.  Those who wanted to peacefully attend the talk were welcome to do so.  They were also assured that it was open to the public and did not have to pay the Optional $5 to see the event.

However, things soon changed.  The organizers sent out feelers into the hall and, after estimating that there were “150 Zionists” there, then decided to charge a $5 fee to enter.  This was a clear case of false advertising since it was announced on their Facebook account.  Despite people actually accessing the facebook page on their phones to that it was open to the public.  Too Bad, according to the organizers.

What followed was an impromptu protest inside Douglas Hall.  At one point, upon hearing that Rutgers Students would be admitted for free, the Jewish students held their Student ID cards high and demanded to be let in.  But to no avail.

Another Pro-Israeli group wearing yellow shirts saying “Don’t Politicize the Holocaust” came in as well.

They were still not allowed to enter.  A few people (I observed 7 in all) were allowed to enter upon paying the Blood Money.  These people, however, were already supporters of the other side.

At one point, a Libyan Jewish refugee made a short statement before exiting the protest.

Despite not being allowed in, the spirits of the Pro-Israel crowd remained high and it certainly was contagious.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • pat

    Terrorists loving scum.

  • Looks like the thugs want money for their cause in the worst way so they can take over! How chicken shit of islamic scum and so typical!

  • In the Japanese language “Baka” means “fool”. Heh

  • Poosh
  • Carolyn

    Where are the parents?! Where is the Alumni association? Get ahold of them, interview them, explain situation,and/or, ask for a statement and post it on Facebook,then, call a meeting of alumni association branches throughout the country and tell them what is happening, ask what they are willing to do.Among each group there are lawyers.Or get ahold of ZOA and see whart they will and can do. Who will defend the students- Jews and Christians? Who are the largest donors to Rutgers? They each have to be notified along with the Regents. Where is Hillel? There are enough Jews contingencies to finally meet, create a policy and go into action. This has been going on for almost thirty years.The kids can only do so much.They can be a force and a back-up, but the parents, who are paying outlandish tuitions, can have a definite impact.
    Call the Congress reps as well.the kids, or parents with enough clout can call, also.

  • lilredbird

    Rutgers is a tax-supported institution, it is PUBLIC. They have no right to bar peaceful counter-demonstrators. The same thing almost happened at a high-school Muslim dawah event several of us in my area attended last Thursday. When the school coordinator realized the questions weren’t going to be all fuzzy bunny and kumbaya, she first threatened to have us removed then tried to silence us. We too stood our ground and in the end she could do nothing. Never give in, never back down, Don’t Effing Cooperate.

  • Islam is a mafia crime syndicate, death cult and a fascist totalitarian movement

    Great turn out by the pro-Jew side…if I lived near there I’d show up also.
    I think people get that we’re facing a new group of fascists and this time we’re not going to take it lying down.
    Clearly they managed to disrupt this vile anti-semitic hate-fest, congrats to them…what an ugly event.
    This is the way they will be defeated, we just have to keep building our numbers and stand up to all these bullies and hatemongers.
    Awesome work also for being on top of this Pamela.

  • AuntieMadder

    Before reading this, I would have said that the only group it’s not a crime to hate is Jews. I see now, however, that it’s open season for Jews. “That is soooooooo 1936,” indeed.

  • Israel does not deny aid to the Gazans and never has, they simply require the aid to go through security channels and reserve the right to disallow any items that can be used as weapons. The anti-zionist,antisemitics, and holocaust deniers simply ignore this fact and prefer to keep to their false propaganda going that plays to those who are truly ignorant of Islamic determinations.
    Israel would more than anything love to thrive among peaceful nations, but this little postage stamp of a country is surrounded by Countries who have taught been hate towards the Jews for over a 1,000 years and it is this Islamic driven hate that plays to the demogogues,dictators, and despots that rule in almost all of the Islamic countries where it is just the opposite in Western Societies.

  • libertyinall50

    If you were to watch the Berkeley incident last year with the Israeli ambassador you will see the connections. This is intolerable. To the Muslim Brethren…keep it up. We Americans, because of our forefathers incredible insight, created a tolerance for all religions.Ironic as it is they did actually leave Europe in part because of what you stand for. But you, like the Japanese have awoken a sleeping giant. Islam is a political doctrine with no tolerance….religion of peace-bullshit. You think you are so cunning and able to abrogate our constitution with your scourge on humanity disguised as a Religion, I have some news for you…it aint happin dude…we will roll you either peacefully or we will to the destiny of your choosing. We welcome all those Muslims that have come to be Americans. To those that think that “lawfare” will save them…you have no idea who you are dealing with…you are too used to college professors and “news reporters” telling you we all need to get along… these tunrcoats have never even thought about serving this country at its highest capacity. Our military conists of the best and bravest…we will never surrneder to scum like you. The only reason you have gotten this far is because of those useful idiots. The critical thinkers are about to start steering this ship and we are taking no prisoners. Think about this…the next time we roll…we will not stop until we vanquish this evil from mankind forever. USA and Israel are one–period

  • tfb

    Reverse jihad.

  • Bruriah Sarah

    This seems to be a pattern. The Stand With US ads in the BART system were removed; a speaker was blocked in a uNiversity in NM; etc. etc. It may be time to call in the ACLU et al and start doing lawsuits.

  • Nat’s daughter

    Must get rid of the muslim student association on all campuses. Even better, get rid of all muslims on campuses…or on our soil. If they want oppression, they do not have to look very far in the middle east. And please, take your sympathetic “Americans” with you. I sure am proud of the Jews and others who refused to leave and refused to pay. Take your kids out of Rutgers and send them to Hillsdale College in Michigan. One of the very few pro-American colleges remaining.

  • Telly

    Well I certainly hope that you are correct, sister.
    My personal opinion is that the US has already “paid the price” (so to speak) of being allies with Israel. If we interred into a real alliance, a mutual protect pact, what could the enemies of Israel do about? What could US allies in NATO do about it, that they haven’t already done?
    I say mutual protection treaty with Israel. I keep hearing the DoD is trying to shut down Ft. Campbell. How about if we re-station the 101st AB to the Sinai?
    Of course I know that’s not going to happen. However something will. It’s time to show the cards.

  • Steve

    THANK YOU for posting this! I love your blog!!
    Common Cents

  • Mitch

    BAKA = 馬鹿 = 馬 (Horse) + 鹿 (Deer) = a stupid animal that doesn’t know if it is a horse or a deer, i.e. a FOOL. Great name for this organization.
    Baka baka baka!

  • pat

    My Japanese language teacher and maid always called me “baka”. And worse. LOL

  • OMG! People, this was about a meeting that went bad, real bad. They tried to charge admission when the ad read the $5.00 fee was voluntary. No one was violent, no one got hurt. The BAKA org. was way overwhelmed and unorganized. Rutgers’ police dept hadn’t a clue as to what was happening nor would they know what to do anyway. If we Jews were allowed in, there would have been no crowd at all.
    This BAKA group should disband immediately as they are a joke!

  • Rickyrab

    I wonder if anyone on this board (other than Rutgers students) has been to Rutgers before, or seen the enormous and successful counterdemonstration to the Westboro Baptist Church that was held on College Avenue. Or that time by the Rutgers Student Center where both the Israel-supporters and the Palestinians-supporters staged demonstrations near each other, waving flags, yet always keeping the peace. Rutgers has a thriving Jewish community, and yet one event of cluelessness leads to the university being branded “Anti Semitic”. Before levying charges and labeling groups and institutions, it’s useful to look at the bigger picture.

  • Rickyrab

    I agree – peaceful counter-demonstrators SHOULD be allowed. It’s still common practice for opposing sides to be kept apart, though – the whole point here being to avoid violence. However, I see no reason the counter-demonstrators couldn’t share a room with the demonstrators.

  • Rickyrab

    “Nat’s daughter said…
    Must get rid of the muslim student association on all campuses. Even better, get rid of all muslims on campuses”
    Wouldn’t that be every bit as discriminatory as going after the Jewish groups? There are Muslim Americans, you know. Seeing as there are some Muslims in the American public, they have a right to peaceful speech as well as us Jews. Equally true, however, is that you and other people skeptical of Islam have a right to publicly oppose Islam and Muslims peacefully.

  • Gaby

    One Islamo-Nazi anti-semitic event is one too many

  • Rickyrab

    I was defending Rutgers University, not the event in question, frankly – and I’m not defending the discrimination that occurred. I’m just pointing out that there was a lot of cluelessness involved – and, yeah, some antisemitism.

  • Rickyrab

    I was defending Rutgers University, not the event in question, frankly – and I’m not defending the discrimination that occurred. I’m just pointing out that there was a lot of cluelessness involved – and, yeah, some antisemitism.

  • AuntieMadder

    Who decided discrimination is always a bad thing? It was a lefturd, no doubt.

  • Jess

    I believe this video was missing from your page:
    Getting in someone’s face without provocation could be construed as needlessly causing conflict to someone who seemed to only be speaking. You might want to look up the definitions of “assault” and “battery” before you say “At no point did anyone in our crowd get violent.” If you want to tell the story, how about you post all the information up, not just the videos that shed your group in a completely angelic light.
    Also, in your first video yelling “Storm the door” could fall under “terroristic threats”. These things could be very good reasons for the police to show up and try to keep organization within the crowd.

  • Patti

    Can Rutgers be charged with and sued for discrimination? After all you do have 400 witnesses.

  • Patti

    These people were denied entry by your anti-semitic hateful group,,used Rutgers campus police to accomplish this,,your video is PROOF of that. Rutgers us screwed, every student involved in this needs to be expelled

  • Aisha2

    The Islamic dogs and pigs held a meeting…and the stench was disgusting!

  • “What is human?” GOD’s paradigm answer…
    Keven J. Hasson, President of the Becket Fund, recently stated, “…the American and Soviet systems…offered differing visions of freedom and human nature.” The missing element in every human ‘solution’ is an accurate definition of the creature.
    In the Bible, God’s Word has accurately defined the human being as ‘the earth creature endowed with the ability to choose.’ His natural Rights, therefore, are merely an extension and application of natural human endowments, which all humans – everywhere in the world – possess. Even as goldfish, canaries, and puppy dogs require an environment based on their natural features, so humans require external freedom to fulfill their natural internal abilities of choice, selection, election, and consent. Uniquely, America was founded on this definitive paradigm in human nature. All nations should reject foundational human opinion that teaches otherwise.
    Further, God’s gift of criteria for choosing between alternatives supplies us with superior standards for successful visionary choice-making. Humans cannot invent (or replace) criteria greater than self, ACLU to the contrary.
    Defining ‘human’ accurately is the first step in establishing accurate and successful environments, institutions, and creative relationships for earth’s Choicemaker. Middle East governments, and all leaders, would do well to pay attention: nature and nature’s Creator speak with an authoritative voice. Psalms 25:12 119:30, 173 Joel 3:14 Selah
    No one is smarter than their criteria.
    Jim Baxter Sgt. USMC WWII & Korean War semper fidelis

  • cynibun

    G-d bless the Jewish people, G-d bless the Nation of Israel, G-d bless all those who know their Scriptures, the Bible and the Word of the living G-d, and trust in His power and might. Those who know the Bible rights of Israel and G-d’s love of the Jewish people, must ban together in prayer and action, both Jew and Gentile, to stand together. We have a common enemy, we know who it is, and we must pray and act, for faith without works is dead. Please pray for Ms. Geller, her safety, all righteous people who know the truth of what is going on, and pray for the sovereign hand of G-d to defeat the enemies of righteousness and His holy Word. Pray and act.

  • Gaby

    Do not defend the indefensible – Islamo-Nazi anti-Semitic discrimination on American campuses.

  • Laura

    I keep hearing over and over by the left-wing/communists/marxists/muslims: “We want a revolution, we want to start a civil war, we want to destroy Capitalism”….ok, please, please, please bring it on, the counter revolution will annihilate every single aspect of the left-wing to where it will no longer exist and I cannot wait to be a part of it. We are ready and in waiting beyond the leftists comprehension in ways they will never be able to fathom.

  • When*Pigs8Fly

    It looks like you will have to learn (the hard way) what most of here already know, muslims cannot and will not integrate into a free & democratic society unless they can see it becoming ruled by islam.. You’ll see.

  • Citizen

    May GOD open your eyes to the truth and see the damage that you are causing. The only thing you are you doing is moral denigration and degrading the human life just because of one’s faith or even an association to that faith. I don’t know if you are religious at all, but I will pray for you as well as the rest of the people that have a very dark view of Islam in which on the contrary (I know you’ll say so cliché) is a very peaceful and loving religion. I wonder what are you trying to accomplish by creating a schism based on race and faith? I hope it’s not for money because money comes and go, but if it’s for other reasons, then I’ll pray for you to see the light in what you say because its only deepening the void and misconceptions about Islam. God bless and peace to you.

  • AuntieMadder

    Hell, yeah, Islam is very peaceful and loving. The 16,747 deadly terror attacks committed by Muslims since Sept 11, 2001 prove it’s so.

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