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[ January 17, 2018 ]

Germany: Bloody horror as teenager stabbed by Muslim migrant in train stop attack

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Wait for it ……“Muslims fear backlash” over hijab hate crime hoax

[ January 17, 2018 ]

When PC culture becomes really scary

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Historic Visit to India: ‘Israel, India Both Face Threat From Radical Islam’

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Chelsea Bomber Tried to ‘Radicalize’ Inmates, But Has ‘No Remorse’ For Crimes, Prosecutors Say

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Maine: Muslim police officer put on leave, charged with five misdemeanors, including assault and battery

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Geller Ban Challenge: Washington Buses Won’t Run Religious Ads. Now The Justice Department Is Stepping...

[ January 17, 2018 ]

‘Out!’ Trump Orders CNN Star Jim Acosta to Leave Oval Office After Reporter’s Newest Outburst

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Mahmoud Abbas Reacts to U.S. Cut in ‘Palesetinian’ Aid by Slamming Trump: ‘Damn Your Money!’

[ January 17, 2018 ]

UK Muslim behind plot to behead Pamela Geller taught two Muslims to build bombs in...

DHS Uncovers Islamic Plot to Poison Food in U.S. Hotels and Restaurants


Daily jihad and the political and media elites can't stop apologizing to these savages. They had to see this coming. This time last year, five Muslim soldiers at Fort Jackson in South Carolina were arrested just before Christmas, suspected of trying to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson. And a Muslim businessman in Texas sold $36 million worth of mislabeled and potentially dangerous food to U.S. military last month.

Food jihad is prescribed in the al qaeda handbook.

Holder stealing Bush's lines. That's funny.

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  • Mac-101

    It appears to me that these clowns are not this inept. They actually are hoping, and pray not assistin, a strike on this country so that the 2012 elections will NOT be held!

  • Gerald

    The only way to stop the various forms of these murderous jihad and jihadis is to completely stop all Muslim immigration into the country and deport all Muslims to their countries of origin. As for those Americans who converted they can have a choice of sharia compliant Muslim paradises.

  • Check out the pro-Peace ad ideas at:
    The visuals are effective and the messages are short and to the point.
    I believe that you could rally Seattle citizens to contribute to their own bus ads to counteract those that are against Israel.

  • Ellie Light

    Have you considered this is just a way to build up that “internal security force” that Obama spoke of?
    Third world facist dictatorship, here we come.

  • peacenot

    Clearly we must poison some food too.

  • Having been deliberately poisoned while eating in an Asian restaurant in London, I am very aware of food jihad and never eat in a hotel or restaurant now who employ Asians in the kitchen. In the UK this means practically all of them. Until I started checking hotel and restaurant kitchens out I wasn’t aware how many employ foreigners. While not all immigrants will poison client’s food, Muslims in particular are well placed in the hotel and food processing industries to carryout mass poisoning. Just be careful where you eat.

  • …the various forms of jihad…TOXIC JIHAD!

  • Chris

    This should come as no surprise. Any one else remember the warnings in 2003? There were wide rummors that water sorces were targets of poisoning plots. (Why I have a private well). As we live in such an open society these threats will be forever there. It is scary to think that the access is so easy and available. However how will we prevent such attacks if we do not close the southern border and tighten the northern border?
    The attack on food supplies does not have to even reach salad bars. With the refusal to turn the water on in California farming ares, the importation of foods from countries that use pesticides we banned thirty years ago, along with a lack of inspection of foods is a huge threat. Untill we return to American foods first, ban the import of vegetables and fruit from Latin Amrica, and force the FDA to do the inspection jobs that they are charged to do. Even shopping at Wal-Mart is not safe.

  • tfb

    What did they do to your food? Maybe compiling experiences can be of benefit.

  • SumDum Phool

    And of course no one will ever mention the large potential 5th column embedded in the IT industry- operating the data centers and networks behind all of the major financial exchanges…
    I deal with the various Mohammeds, Muhammed’s, Mohamets, Achmeds, Abduls, etc. who pass themselves off as “network engineers” at various U.S. exchanges/ECN’s every week…

  • Noelegy

    As opposed to our local favorite takeout Chinese place, where the cooks are Hispanic…
    Seriously, though, this is scary. I am reading more and more accounts of food jihad, which really sucks because I love Middle Eastern, Greek, and Indian food.

  • grog

    ERIC HOLDER–Please identify WHO thes dasterly people are who would do this!!!!

  • dee dee

    My elderly aunts travel a lot in the country and they have told me that
    if you rise very early to get a newspaper at a motel desk you will see
    the muslims and the women in particular in their clothes. They say that
    all during the rest of the day they are not anywhere in sight, only at
    around 5am!

  • I am so resentful of all this muslim bs. Never, did we have to worry about buffets and salad bars and who was working in the kitchen. We MUST change our immigration laws now. And I know that’s not going to happen. They have literally fouled our society and I’m angry and frustrated because there’s nothing I can really do. Until we have a total ban on islamic immigration and we can force deportation, we’re hostages. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this.

  • SPaquet

    We are doomed and the so-called republicans are complicite along with the democrats—F@#K the teaparty they will be corrupted the same–through thoughtfull givies and special gifts to passify them. I have absolutely no faith in are government to do the right thing anymore. The ‘Start Treaty’, DADT, Internet Neutrality, the will of the people no longer matters—When Jesus Christ comes there will be little left of the left, and that’s just fine with me; and what’s left of them will stew the pot for that 1000 years until God has had enough and throws all the bums out. A thousand years plus seems alot of time but Jesus is eternal only a scratch of His ear.

  • The IT industry in the UK has been virtually taken over by Asians who have come into the country on intra-company transfers. Many who come to the country in this way are poorly qualified and have bogus work histories. The government say they want even more IT engineers to fill projects coming up in the future. A number of projects already in hand run overtime, over budget and some are scrapped altogether due largely to incompetence of the workforce. The government fail to see that British engineers are being laid off so that cheap Indian labour can take their jobs. I have many friends, some with PhD’s in computer science, who haven’t worked for over 3-years. It’s a national scandal that this has been allowed to happen.
    The other aspect of employing foreign labour in security sensitive jobs is that the country is wide open to other forms of jihad such as in telecommunications, IT software projects, computer networks and, as SumDum has said, in the banking and financial sector. Muslims are well placed in all sectors to create mayhem when the time arises.

  • Jerry

    I agree, all Muslims in the U.S. ana Europe need to be deported.

  • Jerry

    You are right, you are not the only one. There are thousands of us.

  • Jerry

    I agree with you 100%. I have never trusted politicians. Tribulation and the Rapture are just around the corner.

  • Maybe news like this will help convince people to stop giving their hard-earned $$ to Muslim-owned restaurants, and restaurants employing Muslims, once-and-for-all?
    And not just counter-jihadis – but anyone interested in a healthy/i> meal. Including ecological health-freak liberal dhimmis…
    HuffPo readers should be informed!

  • The sad thing is that on internet boards people still do not believe this would ever happen and that muslims are the victims of a smear campaign.I have never trusted politicians.Department of Agriculture and the FDA briefed key security officers in the hotel and restaurant industries about the attack.Tribulation and the Rapture are just around the corner.This will happen and when it does the leftist liberals will be there to cover for them again.No wonder God has to return to obliterate islam.

  • Anne C

    just bears out what I’ve said all along…NO MUSLIMS in the Military, Food Production, Airports, Transport, Government positions of any kind, in ANY government facility… relegated only to menial low risk jobs such as street cleaners, garbos, etc, it wont matter if they blow up trash bins.. will it..

  • Anne C

    One more comment…BOYCOTT muslim businesses, don’t take cabs , don’t order cabs with muslim drivers, and if they ask you why, tell them that “you do not speak up against radical muslims so I will not give you my hardearned dollars, I’ll buy from AMERICAN businesses only”….if you are not FOR us then you are AGAINST US!!

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