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[ October 20, 2017 ]

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Hamas-Supporting CAIR Leader Nihad Awad to Lecture Harvard Student Group

The Depravity of a Succubus: Wretched Reza Aslan


We live in so rotting an age that in a world held hostage by jihad, the obsession of all the talking heads, the media, the Islamic apologists and the left is not to insult those holding us hostage.

How low is the state of the world?  When bold-faced lying, Goebbels-style propaganda ministers like the execrable Reza Aslan are not relegated to the outermost fringe of society, but instead are given platforms to spew their libel and vile invective on ABC morning shows, and when such a person is introduced as a "scholar," that should give you an indication of the low state of the world. The little beast Reza Aslan is a scholar of what, exactly? Evil. It is the only thing in which he excels.

On the clueless (or diabolical) Christiane Amanpour's panel on Sunday, the wretched Reza Aslan called our organization SIOA (Stop the Islamization of America) a branch of the neo-Nazi movement. Aslan dares to call me and Spencer and SIOA neo-nazis? He is a propaganda minister for this century's nazis, an anti-semite who pimps for the mass-slaughtering Iranian regime. Born in Iran, this little demon shills for murdering annihilationist mullahs. How this traitor (to his own people) can reconcile the mass slaughter of thousands of Iranian Muslims standing up for freedom in the June revolution against brutal Islamic sharia rule and look in the mirror (let alone sleep at night) is beyond human comprehension. Snake.

Here is the Jew hater, Reza, on Israel: (links thanks to Armaros)

"Despite the apartheid state that has resulted from over half a century of bloody territorial conflicts with its neighboring Palestinian territories, few would deny that the state of Israel is a democracy. At the same time, Israel is a country founded upon an exclusivist Jewish moral framework, which offers all the world's Jews — regardless of their nationality — immediate citizenship, providing them with a host of benefits and privileges over its non-Jewish citizens. It is a country in which the Orthodox rabbinical courts have jurisdiction over all matters relating to Judaism (including who is a Jew); where religious schools (yeshivas) are subsidized by the state, and marriages are religious, rather than civil affairs (meaning no official will marry a Jew to a non-Jew); and the government is dominated by religious parties such as the ultra-Orthodox Shas, the Yahadut Hatorah, and of course the ruling Likud."[16]

This little wretched jihadist compares America to the Iranian Islamic Republic here:

(The video is insufferable propaganda — skip to minute 1:15)

The wretched little jihadist defends the Iranian nuclear program here:

"While everyone else outside of Iran can think of nothing more than Iran's nuclear program, in Iran it's not a topic of conversation… Nobody talks about it, there's no debate," Aslan said. Probably one of the biggest concerns among Iranians is their crumbling economy. "Official" unemployment numbers from Iran say unemployment is around 11% but Virginia Tech economics professor, Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, said "young people accounted for a worrying 70 percent of the jobless total."

Tidbit #5: "At the risk of sounding rude, anyone who tells you that Iran wants a nuclear weapon in order to use it is a moron," Aslan said. "Iran wants a nuclear weapon for the same reason everyone wants a nuclear weapon, as a deterrence."

Here is Aslan saying that the war on terror creates Jihad:

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Frank

    This Asslan reminds me of Ted Bundy. He looks conventional, “normal.” But he’s a liar. (He’s far more intelligent than Imom Rauf or the Cavone El-Sham.)
    There are three motives for lying: love, hate or greed (and four ways to lie: omission, commission, embellishment and transference (a kind of plagiarism). Most of these types are motivated by hate and lie by omission. Only a few (such as Hussein rubbish) lie by commission.

  • jane

    Jihadists sure do hate retaliation and self defense.
    Gee, dad ees too bad.

  • Brandy

    Great comparison Frank!
    Pamela, I noticed too that the audience clapped loudly when he called you and Robert part of a neo-nazi organization. They must be reading. I sure hope so.
    The more I know about these people, the more I pass along that information to others.

  • Yet another creepy individual that has Charlie Manson eyes.

  • A few questions always spring to mind when jihadis compare their target to “Nazis”:
    1–Then why don’t you support us, as the Arabs so solidly supported the real Nazis back in the 30s/40s?
    2–How can a state which explicitly takes responsibility to find homes for refugees of all different races from all different countries be consistent with Nazism? Didn’t the Nazis try to create a mega-state of one single master race? Sort of like the Abbas plan to expel all the Jews of Judea–“ARABS ONLY NEED APPLY!”
    3–How can a state which provides food, health, educational and infrastructure support to “an oppressed minority” such that the minority population grows at one of the fastest rates in the world, be consistent with Nazism? Wasn’t the objective of Nazism to wipe out entirely the oppressed minority, a la genocide?! What kind of genocide are you perpetrating when your victims have the highest rate of natural growth on earth?
    4–Didn’t the Nazis have a one-party state? Hell, THE ARABS IN ISRAEL have more free political parties than that! Again, what odd kind of Nazism is this?
    5–Since the Arabs were so solidly supportive of the real Nazis, then why aren’t they supportive of “neo-Nazi” Israel? [yes, I know it’s a repeat of #1, but I love throwing this historical fact in their faces even more than a typical Pakistani loves to throw acid in the face of a girl without a veil].

  • Fitna

    I’m with you Pamela. The MSM manufactures a fake debate between our would-be conquerers/enslavers/killers (muslims) on the one hand, with “far-right extremists/bigots/racists/islamophobes” who oppose them (the informed, sane non-muslims) on the other. FYI MSM, the Nazis didn’t have a “difference of opinion” with the Jews over cultural issues like male circumcision, they wanted to annihilate every last one of them because of hatred and being brainwashed by the Nazi propaganda machine.
    Likewise, the irreconcilable conflict between muslims and non-muslims has absolutely nothing to do with ‘integration’ and ‘living in harmony with one another’, or ‘bigots who just don’t want muslims here cause of their race or clothing’ and everything to do a 1400 year war that Islam has imposed on all of humanity to forcibly convert, subjugate or kill us.
    And if the muslims do manage to conquer us Christiane Amanpour-there will be no more debates, there will just be the hijab and submission to Islam or death for you and the rest of us non-muslims who refuse to bow. Don’t take my word for it, pick up a history book and read about the thousands of jihads against non-muslims which resulted in the massacre of 270 million people by this fascist totalitarian medieval death cult. The muslim violence is still going at a fierce pace to this day and it’s only going to increase-the more muslims believe they are ‘winning’ against us.
    While Anjem Choudary is as evil and dangerous as Osama bin Laden, I applaud him for unapologetic honesty. If only every muslim could be that straightforward, then we’d have to do no work to wake up the head-in-the-sand liberal imbeciles-since they could hear the unvarnished truth from the muslim fascists own mouths. Then it’d be a simple matter of how to deal with them.
    Unfortunately many muslims are lying rats like Reza Aslan who’s career is to be a professional mud-slinger, propagandist, apologist and to win the award for the most vile smear-merchant in history. While Spencer is more soft-spoken and not an obnoxious, arrogant, snotty, condescending loudmouth like Reza, he still easily shreds his arguments because all Reza does is spew hate, lies slander/libel, while Spencer deals with facts/truths and speaks deftly and eloquently. Of course while some weak-minded simpletons might be swayed by Reza’s gutter-snipes, the thinking/intelligent people are not so easily bamboozled.
    The key is to ‘wake up’ the top 20% of the population, the intelligentsia and political elites. They will go on to educate the masses and mobilize the nation for war. This is of course the muslims’ worst nightmare that the US ‘sleeping giant’ is aroused. They’re hoping that they will have taken over using dawah/proselytizing, violent/stealth jihad, hijra (jihad by migration/overpopulation) and by infiltrating the state and destroying us from within. And by becoming majorities, they can vote muslims into power, take over the state and then force Islam on the rest of us non-muslims, as was done in Iran, Sudan and Lebanon, Kosovo, etc.
    A little sidebar, I’m extremely impressed by Geert Wilders latest speeches and appearances in other European nations like Germany. While I’ve always greatly admired Geert, he’s truly shaping up to be the Winston Churchill of our time. America needs it’s own Wilders-or maybe after he cleans up Europe, he can help us here in North America. :)

  • Jean-Marie Ballo, founder, support group for Muslim women escaping polygamy, says:
    “There are always people in life who will defend hell”
    – and Azlan is one of them.

  • B

    America needs it’s own Wilders-or maybe after he cleans up Europe, he can help us here in North America. :)
    I agree with your sentiments however we shouldn’t have to wait that long for us to start “cleaning house”. The way we can clean house before bloodshed starts is by education. As several other people have posted on various websites, simply stating what Islam is or isn’t to uneducated will have that eye opening affect. I don’t know who posted it but she said her family checks this site and Jihadwatch on a daily basis. Her daughter talked about Islam in class and caught the teacher flat-footed when he was speaking the Islamic Apologists talking points. The point is we need to bring attention to Islam with the correct information before people become misinformed.
    What can you do? Simple, join a local group that furthers the goals of educating themselves about Islam and dealing with it. Act! for America is one such group but there are many others who are doing similiar work. Join a group and get involved. Educate yourself so you can refute people when they talk about Islam and Muslims. Use whatever god-given skills you have to get the message out. I am a photographer, its my passion, my hobby and hopefully soon my source of income. I can use Photography to get messages out about Islam and Muslims. There are others who are poets, artists, musicians, etc. There is no reason why you can’t use those skills to help further the cause.

  • For my money, Kamala did the best job on Reza.
    Also, it can’t be repeated too often that he works for Facile Feisal as one of the “Young Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow”.
    He’s bullsh*t.

  • Majumder

    Reza Aslan and Fareed Zachariah are Muslims by birth. So, they have Islamic mindsets that come out to light as they speak and as they write.
    Reza Aslan teaches “Creative Writing” to college-kids; so, he doesn’t care to be truthful to historical facts of anything as he can create “fiction” out of anything or for nothing.
    Whereas Fareed Zachariah in CNN uses his Harvard credentials (of appeasing Muslims) to mesmerize his Islamophile audience with Islamic rhetoric.
    Plus, Fareed Zachariah converted a White Christian girl to Islam before marrying her, which served his Islamic jihad of converting a non-Muslim woman to Islam and impregnating her.

  • Fitna

    As you could tell I was being somewhat jocular with my statement at the end. Obviously Wilders is not about to save us, let alone his own country at the moment and that it is up to all of us non-muslims to get involved in the counter-Islam movement to save our civilization.
    Your comment was a bit presumptuous, I’m well informed on the threat we face from Islam, in case it wasn’t obvious from my post and I’m working in my own way to counter Islam, so don’t worry about what I’m doing-worry about yourself.
    If you have suggestions for others that’s fine-but it’s impolite to dictate. I’m sure you’re trying to be helpful, but you should word it in a more impersonal manner.

  • B

    Consider my second paragraph to be directed more toward the reader who may have happened upon this thread. This was not directed to you personally. Sorry if you took it that way.
    Many who frequent this site and Jihad Watch are just reading through the material, but I’m sure many wonder what more they can do. I have listed some of the things one can do to effect change. It doesn’t matter if its not on the scale of Pamela Geller. If one gets through to one person, they can get through to another and so forth. Next thing you know, you have a whole bunch of people who are understanding Islam and its dangers. When ABC or any other alphabet news organization tries to spin what Islam really is, everyone will already know and see their hypocrisy.

  • Fitna

    You quoted me, then addressed specific things that I said and repeatedly used the word ‘you.’ Don’t say ‘sorry’ and then imply I misinterpreted you or took it the wrong way, when it was your wording that caused the issue.
    If you meant to say something else, then obviously the fault is yours, not mine. I’m not looking for an apology, but I do expect you to take ownership of your words (instead shifting blame for the confusion you created onto me), clarify what you meant and move on.
    Let’s not get side-tracked and turn this into an English lesson, I have better things to do. In the future if you want to direct you post to readers in general, use words like ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ and you won’t create any misunderstandings.
    Aside from that, I agree with everything else you said.

  • On Aslan calling people neo-Nazis, readers might be interested to learn of his comments on this subject at a “Welcome to the Islamic Reformation” talk he gave at Stanford several years ago (2005 maybe?):
    Aslan had the gall to equate calling George Bush Hitler with calling Osama bin Laden Hitler, and pleading with assumed reasonableness: can’t we all just agree that not to liken our opponents to Hitler?
    No note that bin Laden explicitly wants to complete the job that Hitler started, that according to his own stated ambition, he IS like Hitler. The facts are out-of-mind to Aslan. Calling today’s self-expressed would-be Hitler a would-be Hitler is the same thing as calling Bush Hitler.
    But rules are for the little people. Aslan has no problem linking HIS opponents to Hitler.

  • al sowins

    No one could have said it better!
    And some of us are convinced that their leader is the Kenya Kid, The Great Usurper, The Peoples
    But, what if the 140 plus IQ people are already so depraved, cowardly, selfish, that they fail to engender a confrontation with the islamites? What then?

  • al sowins

    Worms have nothing men need to hear, but worms do make good fish bait!

  • Canto28

    Aslan is a self promoting narcissist, like Muhammad was – see Ali Sina’s biography – but without the blood lust. And he’s not really a good talker or debater. His discussions are shallow, full of non-sequiturs and obvious distortions but because of his boyish good looks (not to me) he is not interrupted enough and called on his nonsense. If he ever got into a real debate with Pamela, Robert Spencer or a Mark Durie he would be taken apart. Unfortunately, since he is so cute to many pin heads he would still get a lot of undeserved sympathy from the pin heads. But intellectually he’s a pushover – he just needs to get interrupted by people who know what they’re talking about and not given such a free pass as he was on that annoying, highly edited, ABC program.

  • crazedchef

    Thank you Ms. Geller!

    Please stay safe!


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