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Foreign Minister Will Not Permit Saudi Arabia To Finance Mosques in Norway



The Norwegian foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, will not allow Saudi Arabia to finance or build any mosques in Norway because of the laws in Saudi Arabia that deny basic religious freedoms. This also includes money from Saudi citizens. 

America ought to take a serious look at such an approach. Not even from the religious aspect, but from the terror perspective and the obvious advanced civilizationist jihad that is advancing on a grand scale. 80% of the mosques in America have been radicalized by the Saudis.

Mainstream US Muslim organizations are heavily influenced by Saudi-funded extremists, according to Yehudit Barsky, an expert on terrorism at the American Jewish Committee.

Worse still, Barsky told The Jerusalem Post these "extremist organizations continue to claim the mantle of leadership" over American Islam.

The power of the extremist Wahhabi form of Islam in the United States was created with generous Saudi financing of American Muslim communities over the past few decades. Over 80 percent of the mosques in the United States "have been radicalized by Saudi money and influence," Barsky said.

Here's the Google translation to the article in the Norwegian press:

Minister (Labor) will prevent Saudi Arabia to finance mosques in Norway.

Saudi government and wealthy individuals want to build mosques for tens of millions in Norway. They have allowed according to Norwegian laws Ãkonomisk support to religious communities. The assumption is that the Norwegian government approves funding, newspaper VG.

In a response to the Islamic Center Tawfiiq MFA writing that it would be "paradoxical and unnatural if it was given approval for funding from sources in a country where it does not open for religious freedom."

– We could have said no, the principle does not give UD such approvals. But when we asked, we use the opportunity to add that an approval would be paradoxical since it is a crime in Saudi Arabia to establish Christian communities, said Minister of VG.

State Secretary Espen Barth Eide, visiting Saudi Arabia today, and will take up the allowance:

– I understand that many of my European colleagues have the same problem, and Norway will take the matter up in the Council of Europe, says the Minister.

The answer from the Foreign Ministry is to Tawfiiq Islamic Center, but the Minister said that the religious community Alnor that will build the mosque in Tromsø with the support of a Saudi Arabian businessman, will have an identical response.

  • rosine ghawji

    how can we get in touch with this guy He is a hero and needs all our support.

  • As our Iraqi ‘success story’ already begins to crumble and we ‘negotiate’ with the Taliban one wonders why no one noticed as our ‘Saudi Allies’ radicalized 80% of America’s mosques filling our own country with homegrown terrorists who have at their disposal immense destructive resources and limitless ‘soft targets’. When the terror infrastructure that has been slowly slowly built up in our once free country is unleashed, the trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives lost half a world away will be SO meaningless.

  • aprilnovember811

    What a wonderful man. A rare man of integrity.

  • Common sense beginning to prevail?

  • WatchDawg

    He’s so handsome and oozing testosterone, if he wasn’t married with 3 kids I’d fly to Norway and ask him out. With all the sons of the hardy pioneers that made America great, why can’t they find one now to stand up to the Shariah flying in everyone’s faces? Nov. 2nd will change all that (please G-D.)

  • “Just say no.”

  • aprilnovember811

    Didn’t Saudi Arabia fund Obama’s education? We have a non existent FBI, and CIA. In our own government, we don’t know who is real, and who is the enemy anymore. The man who scouted terrorists for the attack in Mumbai, worked for our own DEA. Good grief, don’t they have to have background checks, and psychological tests etc. to work for the government? Stupid question, our own president, doesn’t even have to produce a valid birth certificate.

  • Davida

    Finally, some sanity is coming down the pike. Now if only, the morons who run our country (yeah mosque boy bloomberg, you included) will wake up and stop this madness. Maybe they won’t because their greedy little hands are deep down inside the Saudi pockets. These bimbos who are running up our federal deficits don’t give a damn about future generations getting stuck with the tab, don’t give a damn about future generations having to deal with muslim domination. But the hypocrites bitch and moan about how global warming will make the planet unsafe for the future. They are no doubt lining their pockets with this scam as well. Personally, I think these are acts of treason and we know what the penalty for that is. I would definitely volunteer to help build the gallows.

  • americathegreat

    Finally, a country standing up to the Saudi’s. If only America followed in their footsteps and practiced religious intolerance just like Norway and Saudi…the world would be a better place.

  • sujith

    Its about the facts about how debased, medieval , uncivilised , sick
    anti-social sub-human islam is and how no civilised person wants it
    imposed on them.
    Its time stealth jihad was paid back in the same coin. Islam shows
    no respect to other religions…so why extend secularism to it ?
    They show no respect to others so why show respect to them ?
    Question their acts , expose them…..before its too late.
    STOP IMMIGRATION OF ISLAMOFASCISTS…to save civilised way of life.

    Click my name and read my piece: “A Mosque in Munich: The Rise of the Moslem Brotherhood in Europe.” It’s an eye opener!

  • elvis

    1963 is when President, and once general of France’s WWII “forces”, Charles De Gaul began the Euro Arab Dialogue as a counter hegemon to what he considered the USA/Israel power bloc. (Does anyone care to speculate the reasons that he wasn’t invited to the the peace talks in Yalta among Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt?) Essentially it traded French technical support to Arab nations for unmitigated Muslim immigration of uneducated grunt workers to help finance the French socialist ponzi scheme. The only other big Muslim condition for the deal was that France and eventually the EU would demonize Israel as a pariah state, a view that has always been held in common with foggy bottom arabists ever since oil was discoverd in Saudi Arabia just prior to the end of The First World War. Only now we have a President who is not afraid to publically admit by his actions and speech that he agrees with these morally depraved schemes.

  • Radegunda

    I’m proud to see the Norwegians showing a spine. Let others take note.

  • Yes – I second that!

  • As a norwegian myself, I have to tell you this: Don’t get to exited. Gahr Støre only appears to stand for common sense in this particular case. He’s a part of Arbeiderpartiet (the Labor Party), which means he’s pro-immigration, pro-islam and pro-multiculturalism. He’s no macho, no bullshit-viking, to put it frankly. He’s as spineless as the rest of the elite in Europe. Among the things he’s said, are: “In 15-20 years time, Norway will have 1 million citisens with an immigrational background. We have to live with that.”
    He didn’t gain too much popularity for that remark, mind you.

  • Norwegian

    I agree with Madelina, he’s not the “hero” he seems. This slippery eel have done far more dhimmified things to outweigh this little outburst, besides his party is the leader of a leftist coalition who have tried to muscle in some very controversial issues. For instance hijab in the police, “positive” affirmative action regarding quota in education for immigrants vs ethnic norwegians and my alltime favorite, statesponsored imam education.
    If you’re looking for a serious contender, look at FRP (Progress party).

  • WatchDawg

    Madelina – thank you for the eye-opener. It’s sad, isn’t it? Just when you think someone has the balls to speak out against the takeover of Europe (and in this case Norway, a beautiful country) it’s all an act (lots of smoke and mirrors like a magic act.) Sigh. Is then Geert Wilders Europe’s only hope?

  • Fight back. That’s the only way to deserve victory.

  • nautiusmaximus


  • nautiusmaximus

    As I’ve posted several times we need a constituational ammendment outlawing Islam, or, like Italy recently did, declare it not to be a religion, but a dangerous ideology like National Socialism. I know a lot of you will think this over the top, its either that or an armed struggle that will make the Civil War look like child’s play.

  • Religious intolerance?
    Try reading the Quran for religious tolerance buddy. Every country has a right to defend itself from foreign incursion. Because it’s done in stealth doesn’t mean the danger isn’t real. If Muslims want financial support, they should take that their weekly donation and send it to an American organization that is looking after their interests, hopefully a moderate one.
    We need to kick out all these organizations who stated goal is to destroy America. Muslim Brotherhood should be the first to go and any group associated with it.

  • Meanwhile back in Sweden, our situation is not much better.
    Sweden has no forces to protect it’s on borders. 30 years ago we still had a strong defence but since then, the politicians has shut down most of it, using the salami method and by this saving money. Stellan Bojerud, now a representative of the Sweden Democrats is also a retired lieutenant colonel and military historian with several books on military history has painted the current situation in this way. He says we only have enough forces to protect Arlanda (Stockholm Airport) and Rosenbad (where the government is situated) for as long as it takes for the first news team from CNN to arrive. So, simply my country is open for anyone to take over at any moment in time whatsoever.
    The way I see it personally, this is deliberate high treason. The politicians or most of them, at least every key player is in the saudi’s or other emirates pockets. There’s a saudi prince who owns lot of estate in Sweden, he has also bought up a large construction company and now owns his own castle in Sweden and that is only what I know of. God knows what he or other sheiks own in our country but I’m no longer surprised that the islamization goes like a train on rails and is increasingly speeding up over time.
    Another thing, some of these “refugees” who flooding in every day, are by MSM called “alone-coming refugee children”. The word in itself rings of orwellian newspeak. These people are of course not more children than you and I. In fact they have been called mockingly alone-coming bearded refugee children on the free blogs and forums. My belief and many with me thinks these “children” who are actually grown men are pure sleeper cells, fully trained in combat in their home countries. In contrary to your country, ordinary citizens are not allowed to bear arms here. The mussie scum however, have plenty of fire-arms. When the hell really breaks loose, we will be like sitting ducks.
    Another disturbing fact is, that the little army we have left has been exercising in combat, not against mussies or Antifa scum but against ordinary swedish citizens. This is how I think it will go down. Once a larger part of the population awakes to what is really happening, there will be demonstrations. Antifa and/or the mussies will provoke violence and the rioting will start. Once the ball has got rolling the army will be called in and squash the opposition. They will open fire on and kill swedes if necessary. If that is not enough, the government will ask Bruxelles for help and then soon after that we have the professional mercenaries of Eurogendfor here. They will definetively not be on OUR side. Soon after that I believe my country will be assimilated by the ummah once and for all.

  • Smart, brave, determined and not hard to look at…I totally see what you see in him.

  • I hate the idea of messing with the Constitution and so suggest that amending it shouldn’t be necessary. Identifying Islam as a totalitarian ideology and reclassifying it as such would do the trick. Congress could stick it on a bill and sign it into law. That is, if legislation is required to make it stick.
    Or maybe it’s two parts: 1) legislation that reaffirms the obvious, which is that theocracy (religious totalitarian ideologies or totalitarian religions or something to that effect) runs counter to the US Constitution and 2) classifying Islam as a theocracy or a totalitarian religion or whatever description best fits.
    Others have suggested an even simpler solution, which is identifying/reclassifying Islam as a cult. Due to Islamic law about killing apostates, this might be doable. If needed to make it stick, write it into legislation.

  • Northstar

    ” SKOL ” I’d like to buy that man a beer and a BLT!!!!!

  • How dissapointing…he’s just another pretty face.

  • Monica

    Both the right and left invited Islamic Supremacists into the white house and into the FBI CIA and other government institutions, they’ve sold us out to pander to Islamic Supremacists. Bush was so far up the Saudi Royals arse you could see his shoe size and now Obamie is so far down their throats his eyes shine out of their mouths. If we don’t cut ties to the fanatics they’ll destroy us from within in less than a decade.

  • Jennifer

    Norway has become one of the more anti Israel nations in Europe (along with Ireland, Spain, Britain, and Sweden). Recently Norway refused the German manufacturer of submarines to test one in Norwegian waters because it was meant for Israel. Boycotts of products from Israel are common place in Norway too.

  • Canadianatheart

    The same should apply to Educational Institutes – i.e. Universities! Saudis pour millions of dollars funding and sponsoring studies, events, buildings, etc.
    They should not be allowed to do so unless westerners are allowed to do the same in Saudia Arabia, to showcase Western culture and values.
    What arrogance and intolerance they display whenever they use their money for clout.
    I’ll never forget how Mayor Giulliani refused Saudin money after 911. Where is there anybody with enough guts to do the same and stand up to Saudi Slime?!
    I’m not holding my breath.

  • a

    yes, and how can we do that in america!!?? asap

  • What is also so beautiful Norway has it’s own oil and can afford to call it like it is-Bravo!!!

  • Mac-101

    You got that right Robin. Just one point of the NEw WOrld Order to take over and destroy Western Civilization So they can remake society under their plan. Which does not include us! GET OUT there AND organize. Organize NOW or DIE latter!

  • You will find no cheering and applause from ME. Anti-Semitism and Israel-hatred are rampant in Norway. This small gesture hardly brings integrity to Norway’s government and ruling elite.
    A broken clock is right twice a day. Norway has a LONG way to go before they get an at-a-boy from me.

  • armaros

    I don’t want to sound cynical but he can confidently do this because Norway has a lot of OIL.
    They do not need one drop of terror crude. They are also in OPEC. They can lift the middle finger to the Arabs and the Russians (which is the other problem for EU) and pay no political price for energy.
    It is a great development in the context of what is happening in Europe. Which is slowly awakening. The French, the Swiss, the Belgians, the Dutch, the Swedes and even the Italians and the Spaniards have instituted new laws or elected people reflecting that awakening.
    The UK is behind. That is why they have the EDL. The government there just doesn’t want to get it.
    Perhaps in the future they will. Otherwise they will end up with a giant Northern Ireland on their hands in less than 5 or maybe 10 years.

  • Totally agree with you, the Saudi’s are trying to Islamify Canada’s universities. The politically correct teachers, assisted by the dirty money are forcing some students to lie to pass some of their courses. This is especially insidious is when you get Muslim’s into a University that trains future teachers, the damage that can be done, in my opinion, here is incalculable for the next generation.
    One such University in Canada is Bishop’s, it generates Muslim propaganda as it forces aspiring teachers to tow the Islamic line. Do these students have much material to fight back on campus? A check of the Bishop library shows it doesn’t have counter points such as books by Robert Spencer to fight Shariah loving professors. Anyone here willing to help this liberal bastion out by providing the library with Spencer’s books?

  • Richard 2

    Things are looking up, Europe is starting to look up. However the man making the statement may change his mind before too long, still we must take our victories where we can find them. Enough small victories will eventually end up winning the war.

  • Maybe the anti-semitism is imported?

  • I can only speak for my own country Swedenbut here the anti-semites comes from mainly three camps, muslims, leftists/liberals and neo-nazi’s. The first group is by far the largest of them and the last the smallest. I don’t remember the exact numbers, maybe 2000, maybe the double but then they’re spread all over the country. They have no political influence whatsoever. They might even have decreased since I never hear about marsches anymore. I haven’t noticed any large marches since around 2000 and the years before that. On the other hand the mussies are all the reasons jews are fleeing Malmö which after all is Swedens third largest city. Whenever there are riots, Antifa is often there too and whenever they demonstrate, leftists often marsch with them. The leader of the commie-party, one Lars Ohly has been documented wearing a pali-scarf with motive of a map over the middle east but without Israel on it. Crime novel writer Henning Mankell was on the Ship To Gaza event in june and so was one Matthias Gardell, a well known “islamologist” over here and Mehmet Kaplan, a parlamentarian for the green party. Oh and I almost forgot, Dror Feiler, himself a jewish immigrant from Israel who calls himself an artist. The ordinary citizens are more concerned about mass-immigration and islamisation.

  • Auntie Izlam

    How do you know they’d actually shelve them?

  • Norwegian

    Guys, guys, he is not a hero, nor a man of exceptional integrity – although I believe he is an honest and decent man. It’s just that Norway is only beginning to experience what the creation of Eurabia is ultimately leading to.
    But, so that you know, Norway is probably the most anti-semitic and the most Israel-hostile country in Europe. Just a few days ago, German submarines were refused a test in Norwegian waters – because they were about to be sold to Israel. By the way, submarine testing was refused by the same man ;-) Who also told us all sad stories of poor starving Gazans a few months ago.

  • john l.

    Jewish terrorist “experts” need to show their credibility before acceptance.

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