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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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America Speaks! Historic 911 Rally Draws Tens of Thousands


There was no end. You could not see the horizon. The media pretends these tens of thousands of people don't exist. It's criminal.

We will be heard.

  Photo: El Marco

Tens of thousands descended upon Ground Zero today to remember those we lost nine years ago, and to save the American principles of freedom that the sharia tramples.

Crickets are chirping in taqiya media newsrooms nationwide (although they were all there). There has been no coverage.

We organized a rally of remembrance that dwarfed the opposition. If the America haters had 4,000, we had ten times more. The media is playing the dueling rallies; it was no such thing.

Free people came from all over the country and all over the world to stand in solidarity with the 911 families and to declare our iron determination that no victory mosque will be built on their graves. The crowd was young and old, black and white …….. politics of all stripes. The crowd was beautiful. The crowd was proud and good and decent America. All the speakers were excellent. Rousing.


Photo: Ira

But the highlights included Geert Wilders, who was greeted as the great hero that he is, and spoke about how a sharia mosque at Ground Zero would be the death New York's proud tradition of Dutch tolerance.

Ambassador John Bolton spoke bluntly and unequivocally via video link about the affront to American values that this mosque would constitute. 

Other powerful voices included Joseph Nassralla, who was the unwilling media darling of our June 6th rally, when a misunderstanding was blown out of proportion by the mainstream media as a racist incident. Joseph Nassralla was the Arab who was supposedly in a confrontation at that rally. At this rally we were proud to feature him, and he was so passionate and rousing in his love for America and fierce denunciation of the thousand-year-old Islamic oppression of the Coptic Christians in Egypt that the crowd went wild as Joseph led them in cheers of Gd Bless America!

But his warning was clear. The Ground Zero mosque would be the beginning of the end, and Egypt shows where the presence of Islam leads in a free nation.

Steve Malzberg and Mike Gallagher were greeted by huge cheers. It was an historic day in American history. Here is the first of El Marco's peerless coverage. More pictures and video will be going up continuously. So check back. And El Marco  and Pamela Hall will have the definitive post tomorrow (hopefully).

UPDATE: I will be on  FOX news tonight, Geraldo at Large, tonight at 10 pm Eastern, FOX news.

  Crowd geller3TEXT

UPDATE: Here are some of El Marco's pics:

“Did New York deserve this? Did America deserve this? Did the West deserve this? What, my friends, would you say to people who argue that New York, that America, that the West had itself to blame for those horrible sounds?

There are people in this city who argue this. And they are angry because we are gathered here today to commemorate, to make a stand, to draw the line. My friends, I have come from the other side of the Atlantic to share your grief for those who died here nine years ago. I have not forgotten how I felt that day.”

Other speakers included 9/11 family members, first responders, and refugees from Islamic regimes.

There were also video addresses by former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and media-man Andrew Breitbart.

Pamela Geller, author and blogger at Atlas Shrugs, organized the rally together with Robert Spencer begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, author and blogger at Jihad Watch.

In the crowd there were families of those murdered at 9/11, military veterans, New Yorkers, and people who had travelled from around the country and from abroad to be here today. Three Marine Corps veterans listen intently to war hero Ilario Pantano, candidate for U.S. Congress.

Come back soon for full reports and links to the speeches.

UPDATE: Urban Infidel has great coverage here. Video and pics of the anemic counter protest. Go, see for yourself.



UPDATE: A comment that shows how the tide has turned, from Bruce Godfrey:

I campaigned for Obama in 2008 in DC and VA, so I am not Pamela Geller's natural audience, to say the least. And I actually supported this mosque – loudly – when I first heard about it. But the more I learned, the more I have read, the more I realized I was simply wrong.

To have planned its opening for 9/11/2011, even as an initial draft, shocks the conscience. While some have characterized Abdul-Rauf as pro-American, if he blames the U.S. in part as an accessory for 9/11 and has not repudiated the comment, it's for shame. It would be nice if Islam were like the Bahai faith that it persecutes – non-proselytizing, pro-equality, pro-peace, pro-science. But it's the opposite of these things. And naming it after an Islamic conquest in Christian Europe – well in poker we call that a tell. Reading selections of ibn Warraq's Why I Am Not a Muslim was also instructive.

I don't know if I agree with all of Geert Wilders' agenda – banning books and taxing burkas seems a bit silly and bizarre. But his basic point – that Islam has a predatory character and seeks conquest or at least jurisdiction over the planet, and is a hazard to Enlightenment values – would get him my vote. Even 8 weeks ago, I'd have dismissed Pamela Geller as a nut. Now I want to buy her book. If this means I don't get invited to any cocktail parties on the Upper West Side for the rest of my life, fine; beer and a shot in East Baltimore work for me.

For the record, Wilders' call to ban the qur'an has to be understood in the context of Dutch law, which does ban books. Wilders said if Mein Kamf is banned, the qur'an should be, too. It was a call for a consistent application of existing Dutch law.

UPDATE: Thanks to Tom


UPDATE: Ilario Pantano was fierce. The old guard is done. It is politicians with political courage who will speak for the people. And they are few. Pantano is one of them. If you don't know him, go here. If you want to contribute to his campaign (and you should), go here. If you live in North Carolina, volunteer. Do it.

In the crowd there were families of those murdered on 9/11, military veterans, New Yorkers, and people who had travelled from around the country and from abroad to be here today. Above, three U.S. Marine Corps veterans listened intently to Ilario Pantano, candidate for U.S. Congress.


“… Why On 9/11 it wasn’t New York that was attacked, it was America that was attacked. It was freedom that was attacked. And we can’t forget not only what happened, not only the murderous intent that killed 3,000 Americans. We can’t forget for a moment that that they wanted to kill 50,000 Americans, or maybe 100,000 Americans. … We can’t forget that since those attacks, hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world have been killed by jihadists, in the name of radical Islam. From Egypt to Bali, from Baghdad to Kabul, no one can forget there was a car bomb here in Times Square six months ago. Folks, if  you think this is over, it’s just beginning.

… So what’s my opinion about a mosque at ground zero? NO MOSQUE HERE. …”

Pantano tied in Iran’s actions against Israel with the Gaza Flotilla, and pointed out Imam Rauf’s involvement with the Gaza Flotilla, and questioned where the money from the mosque is coming from.


UPDATE: Eyewitness accounts pouring in, this from Betty Jean in comments section:

Police lied about numbers at rally…Press too…well we expect it from them, but the police? They must have been given orders to knock down the numbers. Check the photos and ask BettyJean who was in the staging area before it started!

I was there and they were chasing us away – I was moved 7 times! I was moved so far away I had to go around the block and could not get back never heard all the speakers at all they closed access. The truth is they finally refused access to thousands.

I was there at 1:30 before the rally started, I was with several of the speakers in the staging area and had a few words with Pamela Geller before her detail men put me and many of the speakers out of the tent for security reasons and because the staging area was too small to hold us all.

Once placed just outside the staging area the police arrived demanding we leave that area immediately. First they allowed us to step across the road and stand on the curb but another set of police forced us behind the barricades even though we explained we were with the speakers. By that time what seemed like thousands coming in from the ground zero ceremony arrived and the Police went crazy and closed down the sidewalk entirely. They kept shoving us backwards until I, along with many in my group were forced right out of the block. Not being a speaker I just went the way of the crowd but many of the speakers were scattered about.

I tried to re- enter by walking up each block as far back as the eye can see but the streets were full and the crowd was thick. I kept backing out and going another block further away and trying again. The camera cannot show you around corners where I was forced to go only to be out of range of both the camera’s and earshot.

I went from standing next to Pam Geller to not even being in the picture. Don’t let anyone tell you there were 1500! And shame on Geraldo and others for inviting Pamela Geller as a guest draw an audience then not allowing her to have her voice or voice ours!

UPDATE: More on the street reportage  from Zhanna (hat tip Pamela Hall):

Dear friends, I had experience today, I never expected to get. It takes less than an hour and half to get to the Park place and West Broadway from my door.

It took almost 3 hours today. Today, on 9/11, they canceled Q train!

After I got to Manhattan, I walked from the Subway station Wall Street. I was shocked. There were pro-Masque speakers on every corner and between. I could not find our meeting from the beginning and policemen sent me in wrong directions.

I walked like shuttle back and forward.

I passed by pro-masque meeting. That was the small, but very loud crowd. Nobody shout them down and everybody could approach them from any side. In order to get to our meeting, people had to go around and around.

Everything was very strange today. BUT, I was so delighted to see our people. The very friendly people. People who care about our country, about our future, and who make difference today.

UPDATE: Photo and video report from the September 11, 2010 FDI/SIOA rally in Manhattan

UPDATE: The People's Cube wants to know, Are you an islamophobe?

UPDATE: A really great piece over at Modern Conservative, solid reporting: The Great Media Blackout — props to Jennifer Booth

I’m disturbed, but not surprised at the media blackout for the protest held at the proposed site for the mosque at Ground Zero. I was there, and I stood right behind the platform where the media personnel gathered. Several of them took my picture, while wearing my Infidel shirt. I even said to a few of them, “Give us a good story, please.” They answered me and said they would. They knew my meaning- please don’t skew us, don’t portray us as haters. Be honest. And with the coverage, the amount of people there, the sheer diversity of the crowd: people from England, Australia, Egypt, Iran, Uganda, etc. were in attendance or speaking, I am just dumbfounded that not only did we receive a complete blackout, but in the media reports I have been able to find, they covered a different rally, and called those people us. That’s right, you did not misread. A completely different rally filled with Christian themes and anti-abortion agendas were portrayed as the people who attended the rally which Pamela Geller organized. Just lies.

Therefore, if it’s up to the attendees to document it, to be fair and give ANY kind of accuracy and decent coverage, then so be it. It certainly won’t be the first time it was left up to bloggers to be citizen journalists. Ask those who got Dan Rather fired, or ask Matt Drudge. Below is my account, which I started writing yesterday, September 11, 2010.

UPDATE: Heard this from Judy. Same experience as Zhanna. So this was a pattern ……..

I came to the rally and was directed by POLICE to the pro-mosque rally instead. I was not the only one. I knew who our crowd was. I was with a group from TX, a couple from FL (who had an Allen West for congress tshirt, a couple from PA and Coretta).

I also met a group of Russians. We were told that your rally should start soon and to just stay there. It was already after 3. We turned around and found you.

At your rally there were plenty of pro mosque agitators. They were arguing and screaming. One had to be dragged away. it was difficult to hear the speakers. I always arrive early and like to listen to what is being said. I was dressed in my army medical corps gear as I work on a base once a month. That uniform did not garner any respect from the other side. But plenty from the great Americans at your rally NY1 claims the pro-mosque rally had 1500. Yours had 2000. Maybe they should go back to school and learn math.

UPDATE: Comment section remark on the "dueling rallies" fiction:

The NY Post article claims pro-mosque protesters numbered 3000, Anti-mosque protesters 500, but in the NYPost video covering the event the reporter states that anti-mosque protesters vastly outnumbered mosque supporters. Let's call it "Dueling  NY Post Mosque Reportage".

UPDATE: Much thanks to Brandy for sending these snaps in:


Nelly, 911 mom who lost her son


Introducing Wilders


Pantano, the very definition of political courage


  Steve Malzberg, radio personality


The scenes from one of the cross blocks ……..

IMG_4409  Spencer and Geller

UPDATE: More shots:

Groiund Zero Mosque protest geller rally 911
Ground zero mosque protest 911

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  • You go girl (Sorry Ms. Geller), just glad to see so many turn out. Hopefully all are safe as many said prayers for you and others there.
    Was there a response to the man who burned the Koran there?
    Burn a Koran Day or Burn a Koran a Day?

  • Pv

    From Orly’s page…is it true?….
    “I heard a speech by Obama today on 9/11 and it closed with “….they died at our will, and as Americans, we will persevere.” Did I hear this wrong? “…died at our will…”

  • Rev Theresa Wiid

    I love it……. I wish I was there as there was no media coverage. Cannot wait for the you tubes or video links this is a bold statement to islam. We are not allowing you take away our freedoms that so many have died for, I am in full support for you Pamela now my pray is that Gd will reveal who is funding this mosque so that it can be stopped completely…..
    Rev Theresa Wiid

  • carry a big stick

    I’ve been looking for pictures online this afternoon. Thanks so much for sharing and I’m happy to see so many people came out in support of you, Pamela.

  • Thank you, Pam & Robert, for defending me, my wife & son, and our entire family. May G-d bless you.

  • Van Zorge

    excellent rally today. all of the speakers were inspirational, especially the man from egypt.
    thank you for all that you are doing.

  • Isn’t it very telling that a number of folks on the Left (and all on the Radical Left) will condemn Pamela and everyone else who “dares” oppose this GZ Mosque. Yet, let’s be brutally honest, almost all of them would never dare condemn what happened in London, England today:

  • Merle

    Thank you so much for your part in this grand effort to stop Sharia law from getting a foothold in our great United States of America. All afternoon I searched on Twitter and the internet to find out what was happening at GZ. I should have known you would not make your readers wait long to hear what had happened there today.
    Someday people will look back at this time as the time when the islamists were shown to be the radicals that they are. People are slowly but surely learning what taqiyya is and they don’t like it.
    God bless you and all of you who participated today. We WILL overcome this hostile takeover of America!

  • Call me Lennie

    I can vouch for that Pamela. I watched the tube all day today looking for this rally. Nothing

  • God bless the 9/11 families, God bless Geert, and God bless you, Pamela for all your efforts on behalf of freedom and free people everywhere.
    And, not to forget them, may God bless all the Television Networks and News Media everywhere that present honest coverage of the news- and may that be an incentive to those who find themselves left out.

  • I’ll just bet the MSM got the heads up from the white house, “Do not cover this event”, make it go away. They have their fingers in everything. Which other president was ever allowed to act like a dictator & get away with it? How many of you are enjoying living in the beginnings of a Banana Republic?
    The pandering to the mosque on TV today by Bloomberg & Obama was vomit inducing. The referring to the 9/11 attack as a “tragedy” istead of a sucker-punch attack on innocent civilians by muslims was enough to make your eyes bleed.
    Lies, lies and more lies. Time to take out the trash.

  • aprilnovember811

    Our Founding Fathers are smiling down on you, and the rest of the Patriots. They fought for us, we will fight for future Americans.

  • Rose

    Yes, the media was silent. CNN made it sound as if the pro-mosque rally was larger! I am so grateful to come here and read this version. Can’t wait for Geraldo Rivera tonight! Go team!

  • Monica

    IN Canada CBC is reporting the anti-Mosque crowd only garnered a couple of hundred whilst the pro-Mosque garnered thousands. Jesus wept the liars in the MSM make my skin crawl.
    Story here:
    Snippet of lies here: About 1,000 people backed the centre, as several hundred others rallied nearby chanting “No mosque here.”
    For the love of God boycotte Liberal Media, their lies go on day by day by day.

  • Mary

    I heard the same thing – They died at our will. It sounds like that to me. Very end of video.

  • pamela:
    i am so proud of your courage and will, and i am so proud of your fellow americans.
    there is hope.
    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon usa
    p.s. except, there is no hope for the media. we would do well simply to regard them as blood enemies, and as the propagit arm of the leftist conspiracy. they simply try to suppress our voice, and for that, they should suffer the fate of all tyrants, for that is precisely what they are.

  • I watched CNN which was the only station I saw there but all they were showing were the supporters of the project saying something to the effect of dueling rallies but that no one had shown up yet.
    Nothing else… How can we effectively deal with media blackouts? Any ideas?

  • Adrian

    Dear Pamela
    I am from England and absolutly love your web site (and Robert Spencers). Anyhow, without your countries support for us against Hitler, Europe would have have become a fascist or a totalitarian comminist society. Your country to me being a beacon of freedom for the WHOLE WORLD. I disagree with Terry Jones Europe is lost.Your country to me is the motor of freedom, you have 70% of the public in your favour against the ground zero mosque (or the multicutlural multi faith peaceful reconciliatory centre of harmony as the leftists would have you to believe). You should not loose this battle now due to the force of your freedom loving people. However, in Europe we would have virtually no chance in the same situation due to our poltically correct masters(I appreciate you have the same problem as well although victory is in your grasp).Your country found a way of defeating world communist fascism and red fascism and your country unfortunatley is the only bastion of hope and you will win due to your freedom loving people and then Europe will follow your example.
    Keep up the fight and the truth will prevail.
    I would love you and Robert as dinner guests if you ever come to the UK (nb in Europe we are your best mates always, always and always, god bless America and England)
    Love you as a bueatiful woman and Robert as an excellent freedom fighter.
    I am sorry I could not make your human rights demonstration but my heart is with you Americans

  • Raymond

    Pamela, I went to the Dutch News site to get some news how the rally was going. They reported that Geert Wilders spoke in front of a couple of hundred people. Can the media be so blatantly bias? That is the story coming from this rally. And, like Glen Becks rally, the media will never let your rally be mentioned (40,000) without also mentioning the other rally (fewer people, I’m sure). This is most disturbing. Thank you, Pamela, Robert, and your guests for such a successful demonstration for protecting out freedom.

  • TL

    Pamela, I could not be there, but applaud you and rely on you to do the right thing.

  • Madeleine

    My husband and I were there and of course, Pamela is larger than life, a light of joy, so much fun, she exudes spirit, as we met her in person today. Let me tell ya, she is a warm, charasmatic, petite, but what a strong and inspiring lady. I was greeted with such an embrace I tell ya, it was like we were old friends, and I could tell she was really genuine! The rally was filled to capacity, 8 thousand or more strong. Hands were raised when being asked about the distance they came out of state, in the sea of people so many hands went up, and I did get chills from the emotions which welled up in me. I thought each speaker was very powerful, the message they sent was meant to keep us awake, to make it our goal to focus on what is happening around us because these liars are inside now. The other rally was a march and I think they marched to make it look like it was a huge turn out, but it was really just a long narrow line of walkers with signs and chanting. I had to cut through them to get to our group and it wasn’t a great feel of love and light and patriotism, they all seemed defensive and miserable actually. I wanted to be at the upbeat rally so bad, I was getting anxious, and when I got there, I felt great! It was a crowd of our own people, standing shoulder to shoulder and with such a real sense of patriotism like you would expect to see, and we did. So, Pamela and Robert, thank you for this rally, the people are everything I expected to see, and this cause is the best reason to be in NYC from anywhere in the world, at whatever cost. So many people came here in support of this cause on a wing and a prayer, giving up the little they have to get here and carrying others along the way. If you think that somehow the spirit is forgotten, it’s not, it just needed to find a leader or two who knows the job is far from over. This rally needs to continue, so people NEVER FORGET!

  • Terry Olson

    Black and white Americans? I see 5 black folks in that throng of people who don’t respect the Constitution.


    Fuckin’ A right on

  • Madeleine

    Just where I was standing I estimated it to be about 8 thousand, but that was from where I was standing. Don’t go by me though, it definitely isn’t my talent to count people. I wouldn’t doubt 40,000 if you consider all the side streets they had to open for the extra flow of ppl, the police barriers were moved quite a few times, and the police should be able to affirm this number, there were scores of police there and they did in my estimation, an outstanding job!




    Adrian, it’s probably more like 90% against, at least. There’s A LOT going on here. EVERYBODY I talk to, including strangers, is ready to go, so you guys in Europe get ready to go. We will OVERWHELM this evil. Stiff upper lip and all that.

  • Paulo

    As Pam said Media cover-up was criminal !!
    CNN International has just reported about the “TWO” Rallies about the GZM.
    They reported the rally in support of the mosque with their cameras and reported 6 seconds of Pam/Robert rally against the mosque WITH A CELLPHONE CAMERA!!!
    Not a single word about Pamela, Robert or Geert Wilders.
    CNN, BBC (MSM) are far more dangerous than any muslim.
    Half of the reports on CNN International are about Islam and muslims.
    Traitors !!!
    Criminals !!!
    We cannot defeat Islam without defeat the criminals in MSM !!!

  • Gayle

    Hi Pamela,
    I’m from Australia, and the T.V. media here, both the government channel and the private channel I watched, are saying the pro-mosque rally had hundreds of supporters and then they mention that there was a rally nearby against the mosque but they didn’t mention any numbers for that rally at all. Also they showed images from the pro-mosque rally and none from your rally. It is so disgusting, I cannot believe that we live in a democracy, it feels as though we live in the old Soviet Union or in North Korea. I have lost faith in the media, how can I believe what they are telling me on anything now. Thank goodness for you and all the other people fighting to get the truth out there. Thank you so much for what you are doing.

  • Dear Pamela — In every crisis there arises a patriot/hero to lead us out of near-despair and confusion to victory. In our present crisis I imagined that person would be a Man on Horseback.
    What a surprise to find our fearless hero to be a beautiful woman garbed most appropriately as Supergirl.
    Seriously, we owe you so much. Thank you, thank you for having all the ideas and doing all the hard work.
    We’ll be eternally in your debt.

  • Mimi

    Fuckin’ Fuckin’ A!

  • ugh

    I have no idea what the first blocks length of crowd was like, but you should know, the back half of the 2nd block was an absolute zoo.
    There were by far, more counter protestors (loons walking around with their stupid signs promoting the mosque), 9/11 Truthers, and blogger/student media/local news reports than Mosque protestors. I hate to say it, but that back entrance area, when the Police were letting anyone access through it, was chaos. There must be a dozen documentaries being made on the Mosque controversy that were just going nutso pointing cameras at anyone with an American flag shirt. There was so much baiting, and of course, they got the material they wanted, and then some.
    The nearest Starbucks was packed with people logging in reports (mind you, this was less than an hour into the rally), with one long table stacked with laptops, Canon 7D’s with pricey zooms, and Prosumer Video cameras. Some reporters had mic cubes, so they were real credentialed reporters, but they looked rinky dink, like what you would expect to come from a DailyKos pretend reporter. Then someone would bolt in and scream about how there was an Imam ranting and raving, and they would go running. Sure enough, there was a Muslim in religious garb surrounded by a crowd of 25+, and multiple cameras. People were essentially wandering around looking to be covered by the media, or were members of the media looking for material to exploit. It was like a post-modern version of a rally.
    Finally, normally counter protests are kept very separate. This was so far away, the NYPD couldn’t determine who was who when they wandered in. It was a bad scene.

  • Ad rem

    As others have said, I too had the TV on all day, and heard and saw nothing of this. Not even Fox showed a thing! All week we’ve seen these whoremongers in the media camped out at some backwater church in Florida….but today, in the heart of New York City, nothing? It is beyond contemptible.

  • NJRob

    He said, “they doubted our will, and as Americans, we will persevere.”
    What saddens me is the President shows no emotion when it comes to the loss of innocent lives that were attacked by fanatics. The beginning of the speech was especially weak.

  • Dagny Taggart

    That is exactly what he said!

  • dented

    The MSM is a disgrace. Complain, let them know what they are.
    Well done Pamela and All – Heroes.

  • firster555

    I was there and the crowd stretched for 2 and a half blocks on West Broadway and spilled over onto the side streets. The media will probably say a couple of hundred. I also saw the pro mosque rally up the block earlier, saying it was a tenth of the size of the pro American rally is a gross overstatement. Also got into it with a few of the wacko liberals throughout the crowd looking to stir things up. A whole group of them back on Warren st. puling their typical nonsense. Signs saying Americans are bigots too, etc. Can’t they ever come up with anything new? Also, by the train station on Church ave. on the way home got into it again with these idiots. The muslims must laugh at what useful idiots they have in these people. Had a little trouble hearing from my spot, back by Warren st, especially when all the motorcycles showed up, but still, what an outpouring of patriotism from Americans, from all races that I saw, who actually get it. There was a Coptic Group from Egypt and a group from Iran who had great displays, from the real experiences of living with islam, yet these liberal idiots called them racists. Stupidity does reach amazing levels at times.

  • Dagny Taggart

    RETRACTION! “They doubted our will.

  • We’ll have to take our own pictures & videos and do our own interviews and plaster the hell out of them all over the internet!

  • Mimi

    I have been waiting impatiently for this. As everyone has said, NO media coverage. Pamela and Robert, you are scaring the crap out of the media. To all at the rally, you are BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS! I love you all! In 1/2 hour I will hold my nose and watch the Geraldo “I’m a macho latino” show. Actually he’s Jewish since his mother was but he’s ashamed of that fact and that’s OK with me since he’s such a wussy-boy. But I will watch Pamela work speak the truth. G-D bless you all. From coast to coast we will keep fighting against the islamization of America!!!

  • God is smiling at you right now Pam, and so am I…..

  • I agree, it no longer feels like a democracy, it feels like a communist country.
    I don’t think the American people will ever recover from this presidency. I don’t believe they will ever be able to trust each other as Americans again after all the double standards, smearing, lying & manipulating. The behavior & tactics deployed by this administration and the cow-towing MSM is absolutely despicable.

  • Kepha

    A loud Bronx Cheer to you, Terry. I see a bunch of people exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech, and expressing a perfectly Constitutional opposition CAIR and Sa’udi-funded mosques’ desire to deny First Amendment rights to the rest of us.
    And if you’re accusing me of “hate speech”, I loudly and thankfully plead GUILTY ASCHARGED!
    Only, what I hate isn’t people of another race or religion: it’s the cowardice and fake concern exhibited by the cowardly poltroons who are now leading the US of A!

  • Mary

    You are right Dagny Obama now says doubted our will.

  • Dutch Girl

    Dear Pamela, or, equally appropriate:-) –> Supergirl! :-)
    Thanks so much for organising the demo today in New York! Very wrong move that the leader from EDL was denied access to your country..!! It’s only oil on the fire, and let it burn ;-)
    It was wonderful to see our dearest politician Geert Wilders at the stage, it brought tears in my eyes when I saw him in that beautiful speech. At his Dutch page came so many support-messages from the Dutch, it was really touching! All pathetic Dutch politicians that were so afraid he would disturb the Dutch foreign affairs by speeching today, should be ashamed of themselves!
    Here in Holland we could follow via internet the demo from the policeman/fireman until Geert, after that, it was cut..I have seen a couple of other speakers today, brave New Yorkers, brave Americans! And I have the greatest respect for them. They are courageous, honest and powerful and I wish them all the best!
    Thanks for running SIOA, together we grow strong, with the EDL, FDL, the developments in Germany with Stadtkewitz, developments with Geert Wilders, wonderful! I’m really glad that also DDL has come into existence. We already made it a place of sharing our concerns about islamisation of Holland and of the world. It’s really important to have such a forum and I hope more and more people will find their way to share information, because that is so very important these days: to gather the political incorrect news!
    I would even dare say that without the possibilities from the world wide web, we would never have been able to form a world wide community like this that is growing by the day, a community of people who are becoming more and more aware of the troubles that islamisation poses to the Free Western World.
    I owe special thanks to my parents, and my dearest father in particular, for helping me to grow strong and have the courage to see what’s happing in the world. He showed me websites like SIOA and Gates of Vienna and introduced me in a world that actually turned my world-as-I-knew-it upside down.
    I wish you all the best, all the power, help, love and energy that you need to keep on your wonderful work!!
    A Dutch Girl
    PS now, on our way to 30th of October! :-)

  • Alexis Bright

    THE RALLY WAS AWESOME!!! XD I LOVED IT, thank you Pamela and all of the other speakers. I cried when the Christian from Egypt spoke, especially when he showed us the picture of his friend.

  • KansasGirl

    Sweet. I’m so proud of my country.

  • JJJoseph

    I waited all day for some coverage of this event, but nothing appeared anywhere until this page. Thanks, Pam!!

  • dear paulo! your posted exactly what i wanted to say. i have more ‘respect’ for the muslime rioters than i do for the so called msm.
    i do not have any expectations from the muslimes, you know, those that believe in their friggin’ kkkoran, so i find it very normal when they riot, maime, stone, etc… i mean what else do you want them to do? this is what they believe in….
    but the goddamn ‘journalists’ (god how many tv s do i have to keep replacing?)….
    the stupid puppy look they have when they have some scumbag muslime interviewed,
    the blatant lying and aggressive tone they take towards a freedom thinker….

  • NJRob

    Geraldo just said only 1500 people showed up to protest the Mosque and 2000 supported it. Well we know what Pamela was up against.



  • sk

    You broke Shabbat in order to attend this rally? Where are your Jewish values, Ms. Geller?


    OR — after this bullshit little “expirement” we will have ourselves renewed and re-committed as Americans now that we’ve seen the enemy up close and personal, and really undestand what America means to us. We WILL kick ASS


    No worries Babe, We WILL prevail, and it will be easier than most people think. As soon as we make up our mind to do it, it will be done and pretty quick too.

  • prestigio mingioni

    will the cowardly pigs who side with the muslims express shock
    when the muslims dedicate their victory mosque to
    the twenty muslim martyrs of 911
    if you don’t think this is part of the plan
    you’re just as stupid as the cowardly pigs


    You gotta fucking be KIDDING me! Are you COMPLETELY out of your fucking mind? If you have any mind

  • Sounder

    Geraldo rejects America is being Islamized. Crazy he says. He’s a blind dope, as usual.

  • Skip Intro

    The lamestream media sites and fellow-travelers like Chuckles at lgf are not only claiming that only 1000 showed up, they’re ridiculing the whole idea of the protest and actually celebrating the fact (or claim) that more people supposedly showed up for the counter-protest. Sick!

  • Skip Intro

    It’s a mitzvah, which is allowed on the shabbat

  • Don

    How dare Heraldo Rivera compare you to that nitwit from the New Black Panthers. I’m sure you stepped out of that studio furious after being sandbagged that way. I have lost all respect for that jerk Rivera and I’m going to tell him so. Keep your chin up, the American people are waking up slowly to the facts about Islam. We will not submit.

  • KansasGirl

    What do you have against America? You are a disgrace.

  • vic

    God bless you Ms. Gellar. I saw the pictures and the pathetic media coverage of the event. We, that could not be there, are there with you in the Holy Spirit. Heraldo Rivera showed his true colors tonight. Our fervent prayers are with you. VDS

  • Michael

    Geraldo is attempting to marginalize Pam by pairing her with a Black Panther extremist. Geraldo is a complete rump swab for any group that cries victim. He is also getting senile and can’t run a show.

  • Paulo

    I live in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.
    But after 9-11 I became an american. Forever.
    CNN, BBC, New York Times are the true enemies.
    Islam is nothing without these criminals.
    The enemy within. Corrupted media.
    Fear or corrpution, I don´t mind: They are criminals.
    God Bless you my friend.
    Rio – Brazil.

  • Typing while watching Pamelas segment on Fox.
    It’s maddening to see how clueless Geraldo is. (Read a Koran, dope!)
    It is interesting to see the strategy dhimmis like Mr Black Panther are swallowing whole. Treating Islamic killers like “Indians and Blacks”?
    Sure, it sounds ridiculous, but boy does it play well in a nation who’s self esteem has been destroyed by the vile left via political correctness.
    Thank God for Pamela.
    Moving the mosque is giving up the right to practice religion? Can you believe the gall of our dhimmis? Fox cut to commercial at an odd point…
    And now a news break? In the middle of Geraldo’s show? Whats going on? Ah, the gas explosion… this couldn’t have waited? Well, cant fault Fox for being on top of the news.
    I agree with that big dhimmi about one thing, read the Koran! Islam damns itself with its own words.
    Too short a segment for the issue… but I think Pam did what she could. Thts the problem with that format, everyone has much to say, and no time to get it all out.

  • NJRob

    Care to elaborate on your comments? I believe you misinterpreted mine.
    Why would I mention that “we know what Pamela was up against” if I was in support of Geraldo’s understanding the turnout of today’s protest.
    I’ll await your correction.

  • Great Job on Fox just now….love you and your work

  • ’nuff already

    I am more than just a little annoyed that this event did not receive any media coverage this afternoon. It’s not as if the major news outlets did not know it was taking place. Just one more example of the shariafication of our news outlets. I say let’s rip a page direct from the CAIR playbook and send all media outlets letters of complaint for not providing coverage. I think it’s despicable how the media cherry picks our news for us. They do not get to decide what is and isn’t news. The rally was news. Big news. And they chose to sit it out. Shame on them!
    P.S. — I saw Pam on Heraldo…don’t let him get to you, Pam! We’re all rooting for you!

  • Revnant Dream

    Man they must just grind their teeth in frustration every time you or Spencer is mentioned.
    wow & I mean WOW.

  • NJRob

    I meant to say Geraldo’s “understating” the turnout of today’s protest.

  • CNN reported that about 2,000 showed up FOR the mosque and “abit more” showed up against the mosque! LOL
    I had to come here to find the truth of what “abit more” was!
    YEA for everybody who showed up. We would have LOVED to have been there, but TEXAS is a long ways away. :)
    GO PAM! GO GEERT! Tell the TRUTH!

  • mingolani


  • Mingolani

    MITZAH around 2,750. TIMES

  • It was terrible

  • Mary

    Pam, thank you for doing such a great job. The speakers were awe-inspiring. I was there this afternoon with my fellow patriots. Heraldo said there were 1500 people? What a joke that man is. I had estimated to a friend that they were at least 35,000 people.
    A rally against the victory mosque with 40,000 people and there is barely any media coverage. Shame on them!

  • Choi

    Thanks for that link,Robert W.
    The BLACK FLAGS are significant:
    From “Free Republic”:
    “BLACK FLAGS of Islam — Portents of the Imam al-Mahdi?
    Various | 10/28/2001 | Sabertooth, others
    Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2001 6:58:18 PM by Sabertooth
    Black Flags of Islam
    Portents of the Imam al-Mahdi, the Moslems’ prophesied deliverer of Jerusalem?
    from Diane Alden…
    Afghanistan has special significance to the world of militant Islam.
    It was once called Khurasan, along with parts of Iran and Pakistan.
    Muhammad said: “If you see the black flags coming from Khurasan, join that army, even if you have to crawl over ice, for that is the army of the Imam al-Mahdi and no one can stop that army until it reaches Jerusalem.”
    That is one reason Osama bin Laden chose it as his base, or al-Qaida.
    Mohammed’s Prophecies
    of the Imam al-Mahdi
    Will Osama Appear In Pakistan?
    Be vigilant for jihadin carrying black flags.”
    So ,they’re ESCALATING the JIHAD in BRITAIN.
    And what do the BOBBYS do?
    They take MOVIES.
    MOVIES of Jihadis with COVERED FACES.
    And the Mahdi?
    Well he’s supposed to “RULE THE GLOBAL CALIPHATE”.
    And to the Iranians/Shiites,the Mahdi is the “HIDDEN IMAM”,trapped in that well for 1400 years.
    To think Iran isn’t involved is prepostorous.
    Now that will be helpful(SARC)

  • Mingolani

    around 2,750 mitzvahs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • jane

    That’s because the left loves fascism and slavery and as proven by their support of islam, baby-thighing.

  • Dagny Taggart

    <3 Pam. The best line evah: The mosque is a 15 story middle finger to the American people! Fabulous!
    Was Shabazz high? Why was he cut off; did he say something incendiary- because the show went to commercial that didn't seemm like a hard break in the middle of a Shabbazz "speech"?
    Also, he's a lawyer? Where did he get his J.D.- Acme Law School?

  • Carol Chang

    Saw the interview with the Idiot Geraldo a few minutes ago. How Pamela can stay so calm constantly amazes me. The Idiot Geraldo interrupted everything she tried to say, and yet let the mohammedan rep yell without interruption about how Christian churches on indian land must be removed, and the Trail of Tears, yadda, yadda…..nothing to do with……anything concerning the GZ mosque. Also watched the video of the man burning pages from the Evil Koran and the police leading him away to? All the reporters asking him what his name was(are they insane?)with one telling him to “man up” and give your name. Reporter has become a disgusting occupation A revolting display.

  • Mariel

    Pamela, watched your appearance on Geraldo’s show a bit earlier…you really know your stuff and Geraldo must of realized this as you schooled him for he barely let you get a word in edgewise. Glad you called him out for being condescending–he’s a class A prick if you ask me–an elitist jerk….we were disappointed we weren’t able to hear more from you. Thanks for all you do.

  • When pigs fly said:
    “I’ll just bet the MSM got the heads up from the white house, “Do not cover this event”, make it go away. They have their fingers in everything. Which other president was ever allowed to act like a dictator & get away with it? How many of you are enjoying living in the beginnings of a Banana Republic?”
    There. You got it!
    I just saw the unspeakable Geraldo clown who put Pamela on the same level with the the black panther thug, race huckster, self-appointed American Indian spokesman Malik Zulu Shabazz of “kill the crackers, kill white babies” fame.
    So now Pamela is a ‘conspiracy theorist’, and no different from a hateful race huckstering thug who wants to kill all white people and speaks for American Indians, but hey: don’t call him a racist! He is just a victim of white racism who is defending …….. whatever….


    There’s a tipping point coming.

  • It was great! Those photos really capture the size. Wow. I was all the way down in front with the MSM.
    Great job, Pamela and everyone.

  • Melvin

    40,000 people? What are you on Pammy?, or are you counting the voices in your head? Your bigot brigade was estimated to be about 1000, but unfortunately your idiotic readers will most certainly believe your delusional figure.

  • Azygos

    Melvin stops huffing glue from his mommas skirt long enough to comment at Atlas. Melvin go back to your mommas basement and let the adults talk.

  • KansasGirl

    I am so sorry, NJRob, I mean no disrespect. I don’t know what I was thinking.

  • The only words I can find for my rage at this moment against the old-guard media are obscenities and I can’t write them here. Dadgum New York Post said there were 2,500 of y’all faced off against 3,000 pro-mosque lemmings. AS IF. Even on the conservative blogs I regularly check, I could not find much coverage.
    I knew Pamela’s blog would be the ONLY place with the straight story.
    Well, if words cannot express my rage at the media, neither can words express the magnitude of my deep, profound gratitude to Pamela Geller for all that she does.
    Pamela, you are one of my great heroes! Thank you, thank you, brave good lady! God speed us all.

  • Choi

    Geraldo Rivera is a dictionary definition of a “Damned Fool”.
    The BASTARD thought he would control how the discussion went,but Pamela STOOD FAST,POLITELY and WITH GRACE, to KEEP the discussion on the Ground Zero Mosque.
    Geraldo has definitely gone to the OTHER SIDE.
    But we knew that when Gary Rivers,oops Geraldo Rivera, broadcast American Troop Movements on the air.
    And HOW DARE Geraldo equivocate an American Heroine,Pamela,with that AMERICA-HATING EXTREMIST HATE-MONGER Shabazz.

  • I certainly hope you are right.

  • You’re lucky to have such an informed & intelligent father.

  • KansasGirl

    RobK, I was trying to response to SK who was saying that Ms. Gellar broke Sabbath in order to go to the rally. Please accept my apology.

  • The sooner the better before the wedge is no longer thin.

  • Fox’s parent company, NewsCorp, is partly owned by Prince al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, whose advisor Khalid al-Mansour pulled strings to get Barack Obama into Harvard. Since Prince al-Waleed is one of the wealthiest men in the world, it stands to reason that he was also the “mystery benefactor” who footed the bill for Obama’s tuition at Harvard.
    Since al-Waleed holds a sizable chunk of NewsCorp assets, it would be just plain naive to imagine that that does not affect Fox’s coverage.

  • Were there also Hindus as at the June 6 rally?

  • Great job on Geraldo Pam, it was the most relaxed & confident I have seen you in a debate. And considering what you had to work with, you deserve a medal.
    The hairy lipped one is certainly a smarmy little prig. I’m glad I don’t have to waste my time watching “it”. I’ll go kiss my remote now.

  • Choi

    The ONLY way that’s 1000 is IF YOU DON’T COUNT 39,000.
    The GET the FK OUTA HERE!

  • Choi

    He is SMARMY.
    He’s NO Journalist.
    Geraldo is a Circus Act.

  • annie

    Geraldo is a brainless attention whore sleaze bag with a very unattractive mustache

  • I am not Jewish but isn’t it a violation of Jewish law to call someone out publicly for humiliation on a matter of religious observance under the laws of lashon hara? Please correct me if i am wrong.

  • annie

    melvin why bust a gut over how many people showed up? Just look at the pix for yourself. Certainly there are more than 10 rows of 100 people, just start by numbering each head in the pix. Unless you don’t believe your eyes.

  • Chris


  • annie

    The left hasn’t really had any sort of emotional packed mission for a while so it makes sense why they are more crazed than ever. Crying racism lost the punch and realness many years ago. Free Peltier the FBI killer, luster lost many moons ago, as with Free Mumbia the cop killer. The left loves to idealize criminals. All this islamic bullshit fits the bill perfectly. Not just criminal minds, but a gigantic collective criminal mind.

  • I campaigned for Obama in 2008 in DC and VA, so I am not Pamela Geller’s natural audience, to say the least. And I actually supported this mosque – loudly – when I first heard about it. But the more I learned, the more I have read, the more I realized I was simply wrong.
    To have planned its opening for 9/11/2011, even as an initial draft, shocks the conscience. While some have characterized Abdul-Rauf as pro-American, if he blames the U.S. in part as an accessory for 9/11 and has not repudiated the comment, it’s for shame. It would be nice if Islam were like the Bahai faith that it persecutes – non-proselytizing, pro-equality, pro-peace, pro-science. But it’s the opposite of these things. And naming it after an Islamic conquest in Christian Europe – well in poker we call that a tell. Reading selections of ibn Warraq’s Why I Am Not a Muslim was also instructive.
    I don’t know if I agree with all of Geert Wilders’ agenda – banning books and taxing burkas seems a bit silly and bizarre. But his basic point – that Islam has a predatory character and seeks conquest or at least jurisdiction over the planet, and is a hazard to Enlightenment values – would get him my vote. Even 8 weeks ago, I’d have dismissed Pamela Geller as a nut. Now I want to buy her book. If this means I don’t get invited to any cocktail parties on the Upper West Side for the rest of my life, fine; beer and a shot in East Baltimore work for me.

  • ono

    You are looking exceptional and the crowd is the face of America. Now if only you’d have had people going around with buckets for donations like many festivals and rallies do. A dollar from each would have gotten $40,000 for your coffers and more of these rallies and perhaps a down payment for a TV show? Just saying we need to support you.
    Thanks for all you do. I love the pics. Islam ideology? Not so much.

  • Kelly Johnson

    How dare you delete my comment. Some lover of freedom you are.

  • uranidiot

    If you think that looks 40,000 people, you’re an idiot…oh wait, you are an idiot.


  • Internet, youtube, blogs and websites. These will rout the shenanigans of big-brother-media. I no longer get my news from the big brother other than the sports or the weather.

  • I would like to add one thing to what you said about the Qu’ran banning by Wilders Pamela.
    And that is that he didn’t just argue that the Qu’ran should be banned if Mein Kampf was banned.
    Although that was the main thrust of his arguments.
    One of the major points in this debate was that freedom speech is allowed unless it threatens people
    with violence.
    The threat to violence or murder is not free speech.
    I cannot write you a letter and say I will kill you without getting into legal trouble./
    So why should the Qu’ran be allowed when it openly calls for murder?

  • DVinePeace

    Welcome to being an American, my friend


    they look angry. and stupid.

  • ono

    Check the archives to wet your appetite. It will blow your mind. Watch you tubes ‘Muslim child marriages’ and ‘how to beat your muslim wife’. This is a cult. Same protocol, Islam/koran no diff.


    Cool, man. I think it’s true. EVERYONE I talk to including strangers is P fucking O’d. Game ON


    No shit man. I hope the military saw that too and will NEVER let that little punk accompany them ANYWHERE ever again.

  • “Wilders call to ban the qu’ran…”
    “So long as there is this book there will be no peace in the world.”
    William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898)
    The Accursed Book (vidéo)

  • There is no excuse for lack of media coverage. There were so many “journalists” there — at least people hauling cameras and notepads around and trying to get statements from everyone that we were bumping into them and falling over them up front.
    For Melvin’s information, the crowd stretched back 4 blocks and extended out into at least 2 side streets. Definitely larger than the June 6 rally, which was at least 5,000.

  • The Dutch media claims there were 400 – 1000
    people ;) Geert will tell them.
    I guess I signed in with my Dutch twitter account.
    Find me as DutchReaganite to share pics and vids.
    There are a few websites who love to tell the truth.

  • Viewer

    Amazing – no coverage in the media. It looks like they are enjoying listening “Allah Akbar !” over the same place over and over again. Last time it was heard from the plane …

  • Robbo

    Well, I’m sorry but the BBC distinctly showed in their images of the protest that there were no more than a hundred or so people at the demonstration. Somebody’s lying here! I wonder who it could be? Let me have a think…..mmmmmm.

  • armaros

    Geraldo is a schmuck Pamela made history.
    That is what matters.
    Good job Pam and all of you, this is now in the books.
    G^d Bless

  • pgtruspsce

    I count 4,000 in the 3pictures of the one street. pg

  • AuntieMadder

    No incentive to those left out because they don’t believe in God, anyway.

  • AuntieMadder

    How creepy it is tht it sounded to some like he said “they died at our will.” Could that type of garbling or mumbling of words be similar to a Freudian slip?

  • AuntieMadder

    What? You want govt imposed racial quotas for rally attendance or something? And you actually counted the black people in the photos? Pathetic.

  • AuntieMadder

    Well, at least they didn’t flat out lie about the numbers attending each like the lamestream media here in the US did.

  • AuntieMadder

    Pssst…the US isn’t and never was a Democracy. Our form of govt is a Constitutional Republic.

  • Liberty

    Pamela, you are an inspiration to all humanity.
    Melvin, crawl back under your rock you piece of leftiest pig shit!

  • Radegunda

    Bless you, my brother Paulo.

  • Radegunda

    The Dutch can be proud of giving the world such a giant as Geert Wilders.

  • Safti

    Kol Hakavod to Pamela and Robert for making this event happen.
    Great turnout speaks volumes. Thanks for all the hard work and commitment!!!

  • Fun Bearer

    Kudos to those who attended the rally. But the enemy held the moral terrain after this 9-11. Critics of islam and issues effecting its victims were put on the defensive. Until the public understands the ends of this enemy, they cannot be defeated.
    We are losing because the majority has been indoctrinated with the notion that islam is inherently passive, and that muzlims share the same social values as others and want mutual respect.
    The true Bush-Doctrine on the enemy was stated in the most prostrate manner, on September 16, 2001 in the presence of Wahabist, Al-Bannist, Khomenist, and Maududist subversives, and while the bodies of 3000 Americans lay under rubble.
    “…Like the good folks standing with me, the American people were appalled and outraged at last Tuesday’s attacks. And so were Muslims all across the world. Both Americans and Muslim friends and citizens, tax-paying citizens, and Muslims in nations were just appalled and could not believe what — what we saw on our TV screens.”
    “These acts of violence against innocents violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith. And it’s important for my fellow Americans to understand that. The English translation is not as eloquent as the original Arabic, but let me quote from the Koran, itself: In the long run, evil in the extreme will be the end of those who do evil. For that they rejected the signs of Allah and held them up to ridicule.”
    “The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about. ISLAM IS PEACE….”
    Before the 10th anniversary of islam’s worst slaughter on American soil, Americans must learn – as do Israeli children – that Genocide is sacred to muzlims. Everyone here has had the opportunity to learn of the Banu Qurayza Massacre (“Korazai” would be better), and understand that muzlims have a shariah obligation to commit Genocide. Geraldo should be scared silent next year, should he even think of covering up or whitewashing the innumerable crime of muzlims, perpetuate in emulation (sunna) of their false prophet. Muhammad’s extermination of 900 innocent Jews at Medina-Market must impact at a national level or the Cordoba-Bunker will become Ground-Zero for beheading of innocents.
    Anyway, did anyone post on Flikr?

  • Fun Bearer

    AP says “1000” attended. I make the crowd, given 30-deep-for-1000 – to the intersection – at 5,000. But it went past same. And there were thousands more behind the speakers. Given the space constraints, an open field rally with the same degree of enthusiam – and few walkaways – would have attracted over 100,000.
    Get really angry at the inevitable media distortions tomorrow. Activists can teach the dhimmis a lesson in impartiality and objectivity. Hit your keyboards FIRST thing in the morning. We need a big education project, before the 10th anniversary.
    Why am I only seeing lame posts on Flikr? Start a free account if you have to. All those cameras and few pics.

  • J
  • J

    They burnt your stars and stripes on Englands soil but these people carried it with honour. God bless America and UK

  • Brandy

    Just got back from the rally after an all night bus trip home. All I can say is Thank You Pamela, Robert, all the speakers and everyone who showed up to say “No Mosque Here!”. Loved it!!
    I waited from noon in my front row spot and had wonderful conversations with all those around me waiting.
    Last night I looked out my hotel window at midnight to see about 600 motorcyclists riding down Church Street. What a sight! In the morning I had the pleasure of talking with a few guys from EDL who flew over from England. They stood up for the U.S. as if they were Americans. Giving interviews, posing for pictures, etc.. I told them how grateful I was that they came. (I have pictures to send to you Pamela).
    Geert was amazing as were all the speakers. How inspiring it is that he came here.
    I got into it with a few Dutch reporters I overheard talking in not so good terms about Geert. So I asked what they thought about the calling for his beheading. One of them said it was “rumors”. Yes really! So then I asked about Theo Van Gough if he thought that was just a rumor. He quickly slinked away. Onto the next whom I had to inform him that we aren’t stupid and we know what’s happening in our country. Then I added, November is right around the corner.
    I’m so appreciative that this was organized and finally feel like I did “something”. Sitting on the sidelines is frustrating. So thanks again!
    I’ll send pictures later.

  • according to “The march in support of the center was about two blocks long and drew about 2,000 participants, police said. They said the rally in opposition was a bit larger.”
    That sure looks like a heckmore than 2000…pathetic takiyya taken up by CNN

  • J

    Don’t know why you deleted my comment and link but apologies if I offended anyone. I will keep my opinions to myself in future. :-)

  • Bob

    Looked like a good time. Wish I could have been there.

  • The mainstream media = the enemy.
    It is Orwellian than such a large demonstration didn’t get coast-to-coast coverage in the mainstream media.
    That said, people are indeed looking elsewhere for the real news. In fact, I read in the mainstream media (Gasp!) that since 2002 Americans’ view of Islam has become increasingly negative.
    Great work, Pamela! Stay strong. I know that you will.
    As you know, I’d have stood with you yesterday if I could have: I couldn’t leave my bedridden husband for that long of a trip to NYC. But Mr. AOW is indeed getting better. The day is soon coming when I can get out and about again.

  • J

    OOPS didn’t click on more comments…sowwwy :-(

  • B

    This is one of the reasons the OLD world Media is dying. All the time you hear about them losing subscriptions and not being able to stay afloat. Should it not be any surprise when people can simply find out on a website or blog and know the truth? By going to a demonstration and seeing the blatant twisting of the truth, the old media elites are exposing themselves to be frauds. After that people then wonder if the rest of what they say is true.

  • B

    This is something I learned about from the Leftists who use this to argue against us. This does worry me because the stuff being reported in the media being done by Jihadists is being sanatized. It’s time for us to protest News Corp and get them to give Prince al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia the boot.

  • Rich

    I was back there. It was not that bad. We had the spys and some kooks back there but it was all good. The police did a great job. If anybody got out of line the cops removed them. The truthers were the worst assholes I saw all day. Them and a couple of muslims that seemed to be thugs. Were all told to “move on” Or get locked up….LOL! I rode my MC from Phila.Was quite a day GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Geraldo… that font of wisdom and absolute truth, a man with no agenda and a spotless record of investigative reporting. He said it. So it must be true.

  • Fearless Leader

    10 years later America is starting to recover from Post Traumatic Stress.
    Or as I call it, the fog of battle.
    One day you wake up,
    look around,
    and say:
    “What the hell is going on?”
    Well, this is that day.
    Government leaders trying to make pacifist out of us,
    Islamic fundamentalists trying to build a Mosque at ground zero.

    As one Japanese military leader stated:
    “I am afraid all we have done is wake a sleeping giant with a terrible resolve.”

    November 2, 2010 we get some ‘Payback.’


    The media coverage on this was disgraceful we have got to expose them for what they are,and get the truth out,In America and England not 1 news channel told the truth,we need to confront this issue head on,there’s no way we can continually allow the media to get away with this.


    On this site and Robert Spencer’s site we need to have a list of link’s to every site with like minded people so we can hold mass rally’s let’s do it now,let’s show the press what people power can do,
    PAULO’S comment’s were spot on.

  • cthelight

    Thank you Kathy,
    I discovered the same thing and Drudge actually posted the NY Times piece. My heart was
    broken until I came to Pamela’s site. Reading this has brought tears to me. Thank you
    Pamela Geller. Thank you so much.

  • cthelight

    Robert W
    What a chilling video. Frightening. “Burn Democracy”, yes, that would be the
    philosphy of this barbaric culture. Thank you.

  • Cheryl Barker

    I’m sure they do grind their teeth, Revnant Dream. I was so happy to have been there yesterday. I am also certain that Obama, Bloomberg & Traitorous Co. were very nervous about this rally. They couldn’t stop it, so the MSNs were given their orders to stifle any news about it. The momentum is building and they won’t be able to ignore the American people much longer. There was some jerk blowing a horn, evidently trying to drown the speakers. That’s the cowardly left for you. It didn’t work. I was towards the front, and the police did a good job of removing agitators. One guy was told as he was being marched out, “You’re at the wrong rally.” Bravo!

  • duh_swami

    Geraldo, Jerry Rivers, exposes the Al Capone treasure chest, and it was empty…Geraldo exposes the contents of his head, and it is just as empty…Just a few wooden nickles and an old bus token fall out…

  • cthelight

    Thank you so much. Your affirmation of the values of this country is what
    makes me proud to be an American. I, too, could not take the time to get
    to NYC but do what I can to support Pamela’s and Robert’s effort by signing
    petitions and boldly leaving my name when needed. I will not see my country’s
    freedoms being overrun by an antiquated, barbaric culture. May your country find
    it’s voice.

  • Fun Bearer

    Atlasshrugs v LittleBrownCrapstains
    Alexa Traffic Rank = 22951
    US Rank = 7506
    Sites Linking to = 2362
    Alexa Traffic Rank = 46488
    US Rank = 13809
    Sites Linking to = 4073
    The LOSER is: Charlie Crapstains
    Why would a site that is filthy internet wallpaper criticize an Activist site that promotes understanding of islamic aggression, oppression, subversion and belligerence? What is that piece of shit doing for victims of honor murders? What made him stop posting weekly Memri links to perverse statements from muzlim clerics? What does he have to say about the 2,000,000 Christians who have been coerced out of their Holy Lands since 1947? What part does he have in the discourse over muzlim personal law campaigns, in Western Civilization? Why does he link to any two-bit site that reciprocates? Why are his numbers so low, in spite of the hundreds of Tags that he tosses out to Google? Is there anything of value on his site that a Legislator could use in deciding? Why is EVERYTHING ALWAYS about Charlie Crapstains? Is he a power-pimp in need of whore replishment? Why does he love to have his ass kissed by his sycophantic goof paraders? Has Crapstains forgotten that he begged Robert Spencer to operate his website?
    Given that the coverage of this 9-11 day revealed that the media needs a lesson in impartiality and objectivity, maybe Pam Geller and Robert Spencer can rub the carping doormats’ collective noses in islam’s sacred Genocide, and make same undeniable by September 11, 2011. With the above, I pronounce Charlie’s monument to a wounded ego, dead to anyone who recognizes the evil of islam and the present
    danger of shariah subversion, ethnic cleansing in the islamofascist entities, and the absolute follies of nation-building in humanity’s territorial-demographic cess pools.
    Charley: you are failing horribly as an anti-activist. Get used to the fact that you don’t matter, and the spineless weasels who trade inane quips rather than challenge serial surrenders and indulgences of the worst mass Murder campaign ever devised by human beings. Don’t expect to trade sides again, Has-Been. Consider yourself: flushed, you piece of sewage. Wallow in your irrevelancy and imminent abandonment by your soon to be educated followers.

  • cthelight

    Say it could happen. PLEASE. We NEED companies owned by the USA again!

  • Monica

    The MSM is our enemy, their refusal to report the true and their public support of Islamic Supremacists and liberal communists is indicative of what we are up against. We can defeat the hateful Islamic Supremacists but we need to shun MSM, their papers, magazines boycotte those lying tasdards.

  • Mimi

    Pamela performed a true Mitzvah on Shabbat! She’s fighting to save a nation, OUR NATION. sk, you’re a moron and need not concern yourself with Ms. Geller’s Jewish values. Her values and integrity are impecable. Go back to sleep now.

  • God Bless you Pamela and Robert! You are my heros! True American patriots!

  • Tawanda

    Well if the media said Beck only gathered 87K to the Lincoln memorial, that means that only about 2 dozen showed up yesterday in NY.
    And to the comment above, Rivera is and has always been about Rivera.

  • Radegunda

    Get your own blog.

    In another earlier display, a solitary, wild card protestor walked up to the intersection of Murray and Church streets and started tearing out the pages of a green Koran he was holding, eventually burning a few of the pages.
    The man said nothing as he was escorted to safety by the police and left the scene via the Path.
    YES!!!!! YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK YOU, PIAPS!!!!!!!

  • markb

    I only recently(within the past few months)became aware of your existance, much to my dismay. We have quite enough people of you ilk in the public eye already, fanning the flames of fear, insecurity, racism, & intolerence. Having been given a public spotlight by the media, you should think long and hard about the loosness of your tongue and the impact of your comments and misinformation on the misguided fringes in our country. The recent events regarding the proposed mosque in NYC and behind that the minister in Florida should give you an idea of how much damage your words can cause. But, having heard your rhetoric, I seriously doubt that you believe you’ve done anything wrong. In fact, you’re most likely inspired by the reactions to go even further in the same direction. It does little good most often for people on such opposite sides of thinking to have debate over issues, but I have not yet been thrown into a place of influence by the media. You obviously have not enough age or life experience to know the magnitude of the misinformation and hate you spread. When things snowball on you next time beyond what this pastor was going to do, I’m sure you’ll run again(as you did on that matter)as fast as you can to distance yourself from any liability. You are an instigator of the worst sort…you know what you’re doing but take no responsibility for it. I regret that the media in this country continues to grab at small minded fringe thinkers giving them a platform to spread their silly agendas publicly. You and the Reverend Jones are not very far from the same cloth in more ways than one.

  • Beagle

    To understand Wilders position on ‘banning’ the Quran, go find Downfall of the Netherlands on the Internet Wayback Machine.
    It was written by a Muslim immigrant to the Netherlands. The book was banned, the author fined, and all copies burned by the Dutch government.
    Dutch censorship is all directed at political opposition, with no regard for actual bigotry or religious hatred. Of course Islam, being last in time, is the only religion with specific mentions of the other religions in its core religious texts. And nothing said about Judaism or Christianity is positive.
    So all of the “defamation of religions” laws being pushed by the OIC, UN, US & Egypt will only apply to criticism of Islam. Because nobody is going to do anything to stop Islamic bigotry.
    Hey, they kill people. You have to respect that. Literally.

  • sujith

    we from indian non-muslims support YOUR stand against this bestial political that pretends to be religion.
    moha-mad from saudi real intention to start this religion was to gain power over men and be respected as till them he was just a nobody , working as his wife’s grocery store.
    He learnt about the prophet and power that goes with it from christians and jesus story
    he heard in his travel on his business trips.
    read more at historyofjihad (dot) org

  • sujith

    Frankly its people like you who invited, bred and encouraged nazis to grow
    into the menace they became to all free society and human race itself.
    Islam is not a religion but a political cult designed to takeover,
    subjugate , overpower and overwhelm like a AIDS virus. Sure the
    sexx with AIDS patient is great as long as you don’t know it, but by the time
    you realise it its too late.
    You first need to get real education on how this mental illness called islam spreads
    you can start at well researched historyofjihad (dot)org website.

  • honestly people!

    It says more about you, actually…

  • ha ha

    lol. Bronx Cheer!

  • Person of the Book

    markb: I would suggest that you spend some time (several months) in an islamic-dominated society, and then comment on what Pamela Geller has to say.
    If you really are sincere in your disagreement with her, you at least should admit that she presents actual arguments and evidence which supports what she says.
    It seems that you, however, are just repeating talking points or theories rather than real information.
    A question: Can you honestly say that Pamela Geller is intolerant when she exposes the plight of muslim women and girls? I am doubtful, because you say nothing about the intolerance of pious muslim men who abuse said women and girls.
    The same would go for those unfortunate Jews and Christians who happen to live in an islamic-dominated society.
    In fact, the main reason that Israel exists today is that Jews have had to escape from muslim-dominated societies (or have been kicked out of said societies), and so they went to what we now know as Israel for their own protection.
    I would be interested in hearing a thoughtful response from you to what I have said. But please don’t call names, and please don’t give talking points.

  • Mal

    Pamela, well done and to see so many patriotic Americans, all with one view and one point to make, was incredibly uplifting.
    The troll sk was deliberately winding you up, but you all answered him well. It’s true – “pikuach nefesh” is a mitzvah, and Shabbat can be broken in this case.
    Whatever happens, hold tight to your First Amendment rights. By refusing to be cowed, you don’t only speak and act for yourselves, but for all freedom loving people, like us in the UK, who are having their right to freedom of speech eroded more each day. Tony Blair introduced Brits to multiculturalism and diversity. The opportunistic Muslims twisted the whole concept to suit their nefarious agenda – THEY can have free speech, calling for beheadings etc., but we non-Muslim Brits cannot call for them to be deported without being charged under the bad laws BLIAR and his leftist friends brought in.
    Geert Wilders’ speech brought tears to my eyes. I see him as a modern day Moses – and we have to help him bring the freedom loving people of the world out of the slavery Islam wants to impose and into freedom and decency.
    “May God bless the work of his hands”, and of YOUR hands, Pamela Geller.

  • Dan

    I also agree with the 8,000 to 10,000 estimate – one figures about 4-5 blocks filled with about 2,000 per block (1/2 sidewalk to 1/2 sidelwalk – jammed – it was “excuse me, excuse me, thanks…”). I was about 40-50′ from the stage on the side, directly behind the NBC camera and news people (my “ConstitutionFlag” blocked the lens and mike many times – hah!). It was gratifying to see so many diverse peoples: whites, blacks, asians, hispanic, indians, arabs – rainbow coalition again!!
    NOT like London yesterday in front of our Embassy:
    Thank you Pam – keep this going!!

  • I wish people wouldn’t swear on this site.
    No-one is mentioning the annual ceremony of the burning of the Cross held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is attended by the Royal Family and huge crowds of people. There was an article on this ceremony in the magazine, Prophecy Today, now Sword magazine. None of the politicians or MSM report on THIS.

  • Dan

    Let’s see…..Jewish Law…… Be good, Do Justice, engage in radom acts of kindness, engage in Tikkun Olam. How do you know Pam is not a secularist? We exist – Jewish Enlightenment!!! breaking shabbat to save lives? to educate? It’s permitted.

  • Joe Purvis

    Pam is more into her self-promotion than her Judaism, folks. She’s using this mosque thing to propel her into talking head status on Fox. She needs to show more cleavage and skin to entice … that’s what fox and other channels want these days.

  • a

    the video of the 9-11 family member responding to rauf was just great! we have our leaders: the 9-11 families!!!!
    pamela: G-d bless you , you done good, you done real good.

  • a

    i love this.

  • a

    you’re an idiot. you’re the one looking at her body and not listening to what she says or reading what she writes. repeat: you’re an idiot.

  • a

    pamela: this event was historic. hope you can make a documentary film of it.

  • I don’t like Geraldo to begin with but when I heard his opening rant, screaming about the Koran burning pastor, I changed the channel. I’m not interested in his liberal pandering. The worst possible time to do that. And Fox better get on board. We don’t need every single network feeding us BS. Thankfully, there were plenty of eye-witness accounts to depend on through the blogs. I wish I could have been there in body and not only spirit.

  • Isabellathecrusader

    I was there yesterday. While I don’t have time to write a detailed report until tonight let me say this for now, that the stop the mosque contingency is now a very real, very much living and breathing entity and it was incubating at Ground Zero yesterday. Think of it like this, like a cancer that is metastisizing rapidly, the stop the mosque movement is fast becoming not just a a thorn in the side of Imam Rauf but a deadly disease that will destroy that mosque before it ever gets built. The news media won’t tell you about it, the 8-10 reporters from all over the world (some from Poland, some from Japan, Reuters, the AP, the New York Daily News, the Heritage Foundation and more) WHO INTERVIEWED ME AND ASKED ME MY OPINION while taking copious pictures and or videotaping the interview proved that there was A LOT of interest in this subject even if they won’t report it. Doesn’t matter. They were there for a reason. They were there because they wanted to know what was going on, perhaps for their own information but more likely so they can craft a damaging narrative to accompany the Muslims version. IT DOESN’T MATTER. You know why? Because the Americans and Dutch, Germans and French, British and Israelis who I talked to yesterday are awake and they are determined to stop this mosque. They are manifesting it’s stopping and no matter what the Rauffites come up with in the proceeding months they will not be able to stop us stopping them from building the mosque. The wheels have been set in motion and everybody needs to just get out of the way. And I’m not saying this as wishful thinking; I SAW it yesterday as did others around me.
    Think of The Ground Zero mosque controversy as Imam Rauf’s Pearl Harbor. And to think, people thought the Japanese awoke a sleeping giant back on 12/7/41. The Muslims have no idea what was awakened because of 9/11/10. Be afraid Imam Rauf. Be very, very afraid.

  • Barbara MacDonnell

    – special thanks for Bruce Godfrey
    – abundant thanks for all you have done & are doing
    – ditto to JJ/John’s comments of last week
    – am reading your book & viewed you on FOX, Geraldo also & solely b/c YOU posted it.
    – was disgusted with Geraldo, as usual
    – Perhaps Shabazz was included b/c of “Fair & Balanced,” but he possesses NO critical thinking abilities.
    – Thanks, everyone for all the posts! :)

  • RalphB

    You know, it’s a beautiful thing that with the the new media, the citizen now has the means to call the old media to account. Here’s what I wrote to the editors of the N.Y. Post on their coverage of the rallies.
    Okay, so we now know that the New York Post has three incompetents (or liars), Amber Sutherland, Douglas Montero & Sabrina Ford, who wrote in the news story titled “Mosque rallies mar solemn 9/11” that:
    “The estimated 3,000 pro-mosque demonstrators outnumbered the mosque opponents by about 500.”
    … and one competent truth-teller, Megan Paznik, who reported on the video titled “Dueling 9/11 Rallies” that:
    “Playing out polls that show seventy percent of New Yorkers and nearly as many nationwide feel the mosque should be relocated, the anti-mosque rally attracted many more people.”
    If you editors want to know the truth, send photographers to take wide angle shots of both “dueling” protests. Do you want to know the truth, or not? If you have those photos, why not run them instead of cropping just inside of the edge of the crowds? Do you want your readers to know the truth, or not?
    Are you even a little bit embarrassed by your reporters’ contradictions?

  • Cara C

    The police setup did create a run-around. All the side streets were blocked off. I had to walk around in circles for 20 minutes before I found my way into the rally. There was only one little entrance at the back.
    At first I thought it was to make it harder for protesters to get to the rally and for passers-by to see us, and it might have been. But later, I noticed police asking those entering whether they were pro- or anti-mosque and turning away pro-mosque demonstrators from the anti-mosque rally, so I think the maze they created was also for security reasons, to minimize clashes.
    While the barricaded side streets made it hard to find a way to enter, anyone determined to protest could find their way in. The police were answering questions about how one could find the entrance, and I didn’t see the police turning away anyone who wanted to protest the mosque from the rally.

  • Barbara MacDonnell

    Fox did indeed have a most strange, commercial/news break. My initial thought was that Malik Shabazz required some ‘reigning in.’ Alas, I was too optimistic as Shabazz’s twisted perspectives on American history continued after the break. Beware of relativism in the “Fair & Balanced” approach — Speakers are not necessarily equal just because every point may have a counterpoint and/or positions may be given equal time. It likewise follows that their ‘facts,’ interpretations or conclusions are necessarily equal. Pamela vs Shabazz is a glaring example!

  • The media crime … ZERO coverage.
    Beyond any we have been witness to, thus far.
    It is so frightening.
    It is so scary.
    51 more days.
    Give the filthy devil his due.
    We ARE going to have to march through hell, to save America.
    It’s gunna get warm.
    They will NOT stop.
    It is not yet over.
    Watch your six.

  • Linda Rivera

    To Kathy from Kansas: YES, the Hindus were there with their wonderful TRUTH-TELLING, HRCARI (Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam) banners. Our mainstream media will not show these banners. The Hindus are extremely patriotic to America and work fervently for America to keep her freedom. In India, Hindus suffer DAILY jihad. The world must know. Read and pass on this article on the horrific suffering of Hindus:
    Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India — The Story You Won’t See In the Western Mainstream Media

  • Mingolani

    media whore – didn’t let a sentence finish………………..2 pro/ 1 con – black panther…………Geraldo should open more of Capone’s stashes!

  • Mingolani

    love it~ i am secular~

  • Dagny Taggart

    Geraldo- aside from being an irrelevant hack, as I noted yesterday- could have been on the attack because at the end of the day, this is whom Fox News takes its marching orders from vis-a-vis Islam:

  • Choi

    You are referring to the GOLANI BRIGADE are you not?

  • Choi

    After going ON-THE-AIR Divulging Military Secrets,one would think they would never let him near a Military Unit,especially a COMBAT UNIT,again,and ONE WOULD BE WRONG.

  • Choi

    He’s a SHOWMAN masquerading as a Journalist and TV News “celebrity”.

  • Choi

    Mr Black Panther,Shabazz,is no Dhimmi,he’s a MUSLIM JIHADIST.

  • profitsbeard

    Pamela- How did you get a “few hundred people” as only described in the MSM (but not shown) to look like tens of thousands in the actual photos?
    Were they all carrying full-length, four-sized mirrors?
    The lamestream media has become a complete, transparent bogus Pravda joke.
    They are not journalists but – the political officers who kept Party discipline in the old Soviet Army.

  • profitsbeard

    Zampolit– … (somehow the Russian word disappeared in the previous post. “Political commisar”).

  • Rodney

    Reuters said “hundreds” were there. This opens my eyes even wider.

  • Silly me and hear I thought it operated like a democracy.


    At some point (which is becoming increasingly clearly denoted), inaction and self-indulgent chardonnay soliloquising actually become cowardly, treasonable and collaborative with the enemy. All of you from sk above downwards, have just crossed that line. Time to suit up, people. Stop wasting time, there’s a WAR to fight.

  • dee dee

    On Fox tonight just now was Jon Voight, followed by Rudy Guiliani on Huckabee. I wish Pamela could have been on this program instead of last night’s Geraldo the moron show.


    Apologies, I posted that in the wrong REPLY slot. See above.


    At some point (which is becoming increasingly clearly denoted), inaction and self-indulgent chardonnay soliloquising actually become cowardly, treasonable and collaborative with the enemy. All of you from sk above downwards, have just crossed that line. Time to suit up, people. Stop wasting time, there’s a WAR to fight.

  • So the islamic tyrannies were threatened by a couple of dozen Florida cultists whose church doesn’t have tax-empt status because they operate for profit?
    But America isn’t threatened by subsidized islamization and extreme indulgence of Genocide advocacy in the tyrannies?
    Why the Republican Party needs a weed-out of all Bushies: on September 11, 2001, 19,000 islamonazis were rotting in Egyptian jails. After 5 years of Bush nation-building in islam’s cess-pools, must of Western Civilization’s most protected technologies were sent to our mortal enemy. And, Bush’s State Department – run by Colin Powell (who endorsed Obama) – COERCED Egypt’s release of all but 1,000 of the worst muzlim brotherhood nazis. Bush was a disease; Obama is a plague.

  • Mary Louise


  • Mary Louise


  • Van Grungy

    This side thread is so full of win, I’m featuring it on my blog…

  • john


  • The Moslem Threat – A POEM FOR THE NEXT 1000 YEARS – written on the wind
    [a poem found on the Internet on September 11, 2010, no attribution or byline]
    The Moslem Threat
    puts the world on edge
    America teeters
    on a shaky ledge
    The Moslem Threat
    is what it is
    ”My country ’tis of thee…”
    He only cares what’s his!
    Wake up, America!
    It’s not too late
    Wake up, America!
    Don’t tempt fate
    The Moslem Threat
    puts the world on edge
    America teeters
    on a shaky ledge
    Wake up, America!
    It’s not too late
    Wake up, America!
    Don’t tempt fate
    The Moslem Threat’s gonna
    tear us apart
    The Moslem Threat is evil
    from the start
    The Moslem Threat spells
    only one thing
    It’s do or die,
    let freedom ring!

  • omyobamba

    Soon enough Saudi oil money will buy out most American media and try to destabilize the country by misinformation both here and abroad. Nothing short of Hiroshima and Nagasaki treatmnet on Saudi, will end the jihadi menace. But why blame the Saudis alone? How many of our influential politicians are on Saudi payrolls as advisors? The lure of oil money is so great that even the jewish Henry Kissinger and Michael Bloomberg have become mere pawns. It is about time that CNN
    mends it’s ways and stops being an apologist for islamists and earn back the respoect it once had during Ted Turner’s days.

  • a

    her jewish values are ‘pikuach nefesh’…that the mitzvah of ‘saving a life’ is permitted on shabbat. ms. geller may not be totally observant. but she is very conscious, conscientious and honors israel and the jewish people. one mistake you are making is this: when a jew judges a fellow jew harshly, the G-d of israel judges that person (the one judging) harshly. so, if i were you, i think you oughta check yourself.

  • a

    this is a very serious concern

  • Amwiser Kafira

    Also the thing with the Netherlands banning Mein Kampf – you have to understand that the guilt over Holocaust involvement has put them in a unique situation where they feel it necessary to proove to the world that it was not the idea of the Dutch to persecute or gas the Jewish and other nonAryan population in that context under which the holocaust was conducted. The banning of that particular book is very important to them for that reason.

  • a

    thanks for your kind words about pamela geller…she is the real thing

  • a

    hope is the key word….tied to positive action=victory

  • a

    very clear: ‘they doubted our will’

  • Amwiser Kafira

    Did anyone consider the following
    in re: Imam Rauf’s statement about what will happen if the mosque is moved :
    AS AN IMAM, he (and other IMAMS) has a CHOICE about what he will speak about when speaking to their (parishioners).
    He can either recommend to other imams to preach vitriol that will end up fomenting violence
    or they could preach tolerance on this issue.
    RAUF and other Imams have more control over the situation than anyone thinks because the Islamic faithful are such gullible knee-jerk reactionaries.

  • who r u again

    unlike your muzzie buddies, who are muslim first, second, and always, perhaps she did the right thing and put America first and her religion second – like so many millions of others have done before her these last 240 years? G-d Bless her.
    Of course i DON’T peak for her.

  • Tremendous rally. Thank you Pamela for organizing this needful event to declare TRUTH. Thank you for all you and all those who work with you to bring the truth.

  • One of the cornerstones of Democracy and of Freedom is a free press.
    By blanking out the news of 40,000 protesters, the press is complicit in the attack on freedom.
    This is truly shameful!
    It is left to the internet and fearless people like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller etc etc, of the humble blogosphere, to defend our freedom and give a voice to the suppressed majority.
    We from across the globe are with you Pamela. Keep up the good fight!

  • jane

    Next time, do an “ACORN” and march everyone over to ABC NEWS or CNN and don’t leave until they see you!

  • xxxxxx

    Weird: The NYPost article claims Pro-mosque protesters 3000, Anti-mosque protesters 500, but on the NYPost VIDEO covering the event the reporter states that anti-mosque protesters vastly outnumbered mosque supporters. Let’s call it “Duelling NYPost Mosque Reportage”. lol

  • imareader

    Pamela ..I, for one, a native New Yorker who lost my dearest sister & friend when the TT fell, send my deepest regards, respect & prayers to you..for continued strength & courage for the fight..I am standing right beside you, Joan of Arc reincarnate..eternal is your reward, eternal is my thanks.

  • AuntieMadder

    Really. Do tell me what it means about me. I mean, since it is about me, shouldn’t I be privy to know it?

  • AuntieMadder

    In some ways it does and in other ways it doesn’t. But it isn’t a democracy.
    “In Federalist #10 titled The Union as a Safeguard Against Domestic Faction and Insurrection James Madison wrote, “Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.” The will of the people as a whole can change drastically from one day to the next and allowing the majority to execute their ever swaying will is a very neurotic and unsustainable system.”
    “In a letter explaining his defense of the U.S. Constitution and our republic, John Adams wrote in 1814, “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”
    No where in the U.S. Constitution or The Declaration of Independence does the word “democracy” appear. In fact, Article 4, Section 4 of The Constitution states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” Our system of government was without question established as a republic.” (Might seem like an odd source for the topic but it’s actually a good article. The writer explains that he used to think we are a Democracy because he didn’t see any difference between democracy and the way the US govt performs, and then he explains the ways in which he was wrong.)
    A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine. – Thomas Jefferson

  • AuntieMadder

    So does your use of punctuation.

  • AuntieMadder

    This is the second time in these comments that I’ve seen mentioned the annual Saudi cross-burning. I searched online for information about it and found nothing.

  • To all of you who showed up to the rally THANK YOU! So many of us wanted to be there to stand beside the people of New York… Many of us were on twitter sharing what we could, having our own mini protest; kinda sucked – we just wanted to be there w/ u guys… sucked that we couldn’t!!!!
    You were all in our thoughts and prayers during this day of mourning and remembrance.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and the videos, this information will mark history and people will not forget your efforts, your love of country, your love of city, and most of all your love of family & the fallen! God Bless!

  • AuntieMadder

    Thank you, Pamela, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders and all of the rest of the speakers as well as all in the audience for making it to the rally. We couldn’t all be there with you, although we wanted to be. So, thank you for being there for us all.

  • What can I say other than BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!
    I am English & watching this from Europe, well done everyone for turning up in such numbers. Don’t stop the good work……. it’s vital you keep fighting for your freedoms .

  • Adam

    I spent an hour on Saturday night combing Google for news sites and blogs reporting the ‘No-Mosque’ rally, and there was hardly a whisper – Only one news site mentioned a few hundred ‘no-mosquers’ gathered on one side of a police barrier, and an “equal” few hundred ‘pro-mosquers’ on the other side of the barrier. It’s a cover up: Most non-Muslims worldwide do not want this mosque built here, and as many who could afford to, turned up at this rally in New York yesterday, but the dhimmi lefty media don’t want people to know that. They hid this story.

  • Adam

    Pamela, New York is a city of skyscrapers, someone must have photographed or filmed our rally from a window high enough above to look down and see a birds-eye view of the whole crowd or parts of it. Such pictures will vindicate our claims to the number of people who came to the rally. Can you launch an appeal asking for anyone who has such pictures to send them to you for publication please?
    Also, note for future rallies, position photographers and videographers high up in some skyscraper windows in advance to film future such events.

  • grimcargo

    I hear Moma Obama calling you.

  • grimcargo

    Yo MOHO how many cookbooks did you sell today? Stick to something you know.

  • Brandy

    Thank you for the prayers! I was so excited to be there! It was amazing!
    Next to me was a man who took the train from Philly. Next to him was a man who drove from Alabama. Behind me was a Cuban immigrant. On my right was David Pietrusza. Next to him a NY Firefighter who was there on 9/11.
    I hope they’re reading these posts today. They made the day all the better.
    What I’m finding is that people are becoming more aware of Sharia and what Islam stands for. People are reading and researching. We know what the dangers are if we do nothing.
    So for all of those who couldn’t be there, we know you were there in spirit. We could feel it!

  • Eridan

    One word: “astonished”. How they dare to ignore such event ?
    I do not live in the US , and I looked for information in French, Spanish , English :…… no media coverage on this very important event. Nothing, silence, at the most , they said there was 2 manifestations , without noting the quantities of people on each event.
    To know what happened , I had to do searches in the internet.
    Now , I know that we live in an “Orwellian” word. The “officials” medias inform us on what they want and how they want.
    Long live to FREE internet !

  • I too was given misdirections by the police about where the rally against the mosque was to take place. They said “stay here (at the pro-mosque wing-nut rally) and yours will start after, just as soon as these guys clear out.” Then a policewoman told me the anti-mosque people got “discouraged and left all on their own.” Finally after much persistent questioning, I found a cop who told me to go to WEST Broadway a few blocks down (I’d forgotten Broadway splits as I’m not from the area), and that’s where I found a huge and well behaved throng of OUR people.
    I’ve got coverage too:
    Pam, it was great to see you and it’s an honor to be listed on your blogroll!

  • opinion

    The will of the People does not matter anymore since our Government wont or doesnt care what we as Americans think or want! They do not work for us they want us to work for them. The Mosque will be built only because our government wants the people to disagree so other things they are doing to ruin us are not at the center of attention! Our country is being given to those who harm us yet we the people seem not to matter. Im proud of America and what we stand for but our government is changing us and handing it over to those who want to take us over. Its a nudge as once was stated. We are being “nudged” and if that dont work they will use GUNS but we wont be able to…..

  • Thanks so much for the coverage, without the bloggers, we would know nothing.

  • dot tilde dot

    now where’s the photo with the 40.000?

  • sidney

    thats the way we started out but we have drifted far away from a republic over the last 100 years

  • Here’s the deal people …
    YOU MUST (I repeat) you must starting putting in place, concrete forms of communication. Exchanging phone numbers, with trusted bloggers, commenters, and local media/radio/news. Even across the pond. In case of any ‘outages’. And, at minimum, have a working battery operated am/fm radio. Even shortwave, or two way/ham. Look at all the current media platforms, that you trust. Compile a list. Containing their contact info, email, phone, or any other means/methods?
    Should ‘they’ cancel anymore Q trains. We will be ready.
    This is not a game.
    This is not a joke.
    This is not a drill.
    Do not be deceived.
    This IS war. Our most sweet, dear, cherished country … IS under attack. From within. By traitors.

  • justamomof4

    Looking at the images, considering the content in the videos and appreciating all the effort that went into all of it fills me with great optimism for our country.
    At the same time, one image sends a shutter through me. On this page, you posted a photo which is captioned “The scenes from one of the cross blocks …….. “. Attendants are baricaded to the sidelines. Yet visible in this image are three males, all with visible backpacks, casually moving beyond the baricades – two glancing over their shoulders. Other than wearing similar backpacks (black), and all three individuals separated from the crowds being male, there is no visibly identifiable feature indicating they were working with security. At first glance, this photo appears to illuminate a serious security breach. As a mother, I worry, and thought it best to bring this to your attention.

  • It’s another piece of the puzzle.

    Seeing the “NYC 40,000 “- I can now match it to this vid on Youtube:
    “David Icke-The Truth Vibrations(awakening of the great spirit) ”
    You may disagree with Icke or even dislike him, but in this, he’s got it right!

  • Allat

    Seeing the “NYC 40,000 “-
    I can now match it to this vid on Youtube:
    “David Icke-The Truth Vibrations(awakening of the great spirit) ”
    You may disagree with Icke or even dislike him, but in this, he’s got it right!
    It’s another piece of the puzzle.
    The Contgrol System IS coming down!
    May THE God be with us,

  • John B

    I like many had followed Reverend Terry Jones threat to burn the Qu’ran. …And the proposed building of the mosque or “cultural center” near Ground Zero (which resembles a structure from Islam’s bloody history called a Rabat or Forward Military Post) by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.
    Oh, as to the Quran, one should not forget how the Enemy Combatants housed at Guantánamo Bay would often plug the toilets with the Holy Qu’ran…and then cry out in false allegation the guilt of some hapless young US Marine. The Enemy Combatants had no difficulty in utilizing the Qu’ran as a political tool for Information Operations.
    Anyway, I am writing to you as to something deeper…something truer. And it is as follows:
    We “short-sell” Islam if it is only looked as a Religion; for that is way too small of a box to codify the dogma, the movement…for what Islam really is…and that it is a Political / Economic Dogma / Doctrine. Islam is more akin to Soviet Union’s Communism than to the other major religions. Islam is the State. Islam is the Law (Shari’ah). Islam the Banking System (definitely not a strong advocate of TVM: Time Value of Money…the value of an individual’s labor). Islam is the all-encompassing dogma of the State (just as the evolved type of communism was to the Soviet Union).
    It is amazing that many do not link this overarching reality as to the proposed mosque planned to be built near ground zero in New York City. It would be no different if the now defunct Soviet Union had erected a Ministry of Propaganda building …as it now is that the Islamic movement (note: not Religion) desires to establish a political beacon via the proposed mosque by ground zero.
    It is sad to note only one recent historical leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, separated Mosque from State. He saw that the west had moved forward, via with capitalism, creating the steam engine, the aircraft, electricity… He knew that the Islamic doctrine was archaic, inefficient, smothering / oppressive. He freed women from the burqha…and from the status as property.
    …And now Turkey is sliding to fundamentalist Islam.
    But today the socialist west embraces Islam (for Islam tenants are socialistic). The west, except in a few awakening areas (i.e. Netherlands, Switzerland…) is seemingly oblivious to what Islam really is…that it is not a Religion…but a Political / Economic Dogma.
    Sad to note that the current US president, via his current policies & statements, is seemingly oblivious too as to what Islam really is.
    Note: There is not an economic disconnect between the transfer of monies from “Moderate Muslims” to the Islamic “Terrorist” (Terrorism is actually a Tactic) as to a Moderate Christian. Monies are “washed” after leaving the mosque, through a plethora of Islamic Charity Organization, to the fighting fundamentalist. Moderate Christians do not fund the activities of Christian extremist.
    LTC J.A.B.
    Minnesota, USA
    Served in Bosnia & Afghanistan

  • Great pictures.Thank you. I never plan to visit NYC ever again so all of it I see will have to be on the internet. Not that I am against NYC but rather all the aggravation of driving over 200 plus miles and fighting the traffic.
    “Semper Fi”
    By the way I was born in Brooklyn so all that has transpired there and elsewhere means a lot.

  • Josephwb

    You’ll delete this I am sure, but that noted Liberal Newspaper The Wall Street Journal…(you know the one owned by the same corporation as Fox News that PG is so proud to be featured on quite frequently) state that the NYPD’s numbers were 2000 pro-mosque, 1500 anti-mosque. So unless the WSJ is now biased and the NYPD is not to be trusted, once again PG just claims WILD figures with no backup.
    It would be much better for your cause if you were honest and proud of those that did show up, instead of wildly inflating the numbers to try to make the cause into something it is not.
    But that is par for your course.
    Now, please…delete this…

  • Sander

    It is strange that most of you all adore Pamela Geller. I followed her the last week on the internet and I really do not know what all the fuzz is about. She just shouts things and the most followers do believe her for anything she says. I get the feeling that most of the pro Pamela Geller crowd is only supporting her about the Mosque in Manhattan. Can someone of the Pamela Geller groupies please enlighten me on what points she is right?
    My posting is not mentioned disrespectful towards Pamela Geller! So please respond also with respect!

  • 1Tea-edTexan

    GREAT MOVEMENT! GREAT PICTURES! Not a hijab or veil in sight. Our beautiful American women are proudly and equally shown with our American men. That’s freedom and that’s America.

  • Good to know, thanks.

  • Yes, the same nice Hindu men who had the big poster on June 6 came on Saturday as well. They were up front by the stage area about 2:30-3:00 pm and I’m not sure where they stood after that.

  • It reminded me of the 1970s when I lived in New York and they got the bright idea to empty out all the psychiatric hospitals and we wound up with schizophrenic people wandering the streets. Give them some Che shirts and RACIST!! and Troofer signs and that’s what we saw wandering around on Saturday. I think we should club together and buy these folks a nice bus tour of Mecca and Medina. Just drop them off under the highway sign that says “Muslims Only”…
    Bet you heard Joseph Nasrallah, though. That guy doesn’t even need a microphone!

  • ugh, I think some of what happened was that the cops and security would throw them out of the front area and they’d wander back down your way. Also they must have been coming in from the Church Street side. That idiot in the Che shirt with the sign about Pam and Wilders being “fascist” went screaming by us at least 4 separate times and they’d just send him around the block again. And who was the fool with the air horn during Wilders’ talk? There were way too many “media” for them to all have been credentialed and yet to have gotten so little coverage. We had a Dutch camera crew up front, and another from Japan, but there were also a lot of obviously gonzo “free-lancers”.

  • I first read about the extent to which this is going on in Walid Phares’ excellent book “Future Jihad”, which came out about 4 years ago. It is very insidious and dangerous, for one thing to see how easy it is to corrupt people and use taqiyya and “charm” to mislead and deceive them. I’m afraid you are probably right about the WWII equivalent with Saudi Arabia, and probably much more of the Muslim world as well.
    What is the best “insider” account of what is going on with the MSM and the Jihad?

  • Anna

    I arrived in NYC @ 2PM with a friend; we took a bus in from Pennsylvania. When we got to W Bway and Park Place, we met up with a few anti-mosque supporters, but then the cops started telling us we had to go two blocks down.
    We did, and we ended up below Murray Street (a block down from the Amish Market). The cops claimed it was to keep us away from the pro-mosque protesters, but the pro-mosque nuts were mixing freely with our people, and we had to walk through them to get to our rally!

  • Pam, she would be so proud of you. When I was young I thought the heroes in Atlas were all idealized people I would never see. I learned long ago I was wrong there, and remembered it again Saturday watching you and Geert and Robert and all those people up on the stage. You all did us so very proud.

  • Matt, was that you I was standing next to up front — I think you were talking to Robert and remember thinking what a clever name you had given your blog. Thanks for the coverage!

  • Scott Brown

    Why can’t the Muslim world reign in their own “disidents”? If they truly are a peaceful people, why don’t they all stand up as one and denounce the violence and stand With us in finding and weeding it out.
    Obvious huh. Even those who outwardly show political correctness have their inner beliefs, their core teachings, which democracy and many years of the American “good life” will never cure.
    With that said, at a minimum it is each of our personal responsibilities to protect ourselves and our families and to do so requires us to obtain the Skills and equipment to do so. So I ask that every American Citizen go out and get the Counter Terrorism Training, understand your Neighborhood Infrastructure and make an escape plan. Have a “go-bag” with 3 days of everything from food to water and clothing. Medications, glasses and some safety stuff. Use your 2nd Ammendment rights and GET A LICENSE and training how to use a firearm… then get a gun.
    If we can’t attack them because we don’t know who they are, we CAN prepare for the day it may be necessary to respond. Lastly, pray.. alot.

  • honestly people!

    It means that you’re a raving nut-case! The world’s most powerful politician is hardly going to be tripped up by a Freudian slip. Come on, don’t be so bloody gullible. Even if you don’t like him, at least give him credit for not being a total moron.

  • ME

    It looks to have been an incredible event of good decent Americans. Hurray for Pamela for organizing it! You have my support and love and prayers. I read your blog and others faithfully to educate myself as to the truth. I thank you for all your effort as the truth is certainly not going to come from the media.
    And get used to the media being a no show. Flew into DC from the West Coast on 9/12 last year along with a million other people. That march got no media coverage.. a million people and no coverage. If anything was said at all it was just that a few racists showed up. I was in DC again at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally. There was in excess of half a million of us there pledging our lives and sacred honor to restore this nation through faith, hope and charity. But again, the media painted us as a few insignificant racists. More attention was given to the lame barely attended “counter rally” put on by the true racist in our midst, Al Sharpton. Our media have allowed themselves to become completely irrelevant and ridiculous. My prayers for your continued strength and courage. Semper Fi.

  • Thank you for this. Please approve linking
    to this important information from
    and thank you for all you have done
    for the USA.

  • I am amazed to find that how the media can be motivated to tell lies that politicians feed them or want to feed the people. I read that 911 rally had had less crowd than the pro-mosque crowd. Though surprised but could not find the better source. I am glad to see the true picture here. I am not a supporter of Mosque either because I know the real nature and character of Islam. I suppose I do not need to say more than the support to these genuinely concerned people here and beyond. I am certainly a supporter of Geert Wilders in his this cause.
    God bless
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  • vixi

    Look at you all with Alzimer, from patriotic, to crying for the Christian Egyptian,……Patriotic about what????
    1-you were patriotic when you were salughtering the innocent Native Indians beleiving it was God’s will .
    2- Patriotic when you were Hanging on trees fellow Nigroes , blowing up their churches, burning crosses, then feeding them to the Hugs…
    The hell we have not forgotten, not that long ago ( 40-50) yrs you were practicing appartied. Some of your victims atre still alive to tell.
    look how long it took you sorry A– to partly civilise 500 freaking yrs. Then you expect a country like Afgan to change in a couple of yrs ??? HYPOCRATE.
    That Dutch Pancake face nazi, is simply a racist. He never proved a dam thing but hatred & lies like Pamela bla blah.
    Rich coming out of a Jewish Ashki-NAZI convert from Russia who thinks she is the seed of Abraham, but nothing but the seed of Satan. She should quote her Torah Genesis first then their Mishna & Gamora, and see the MASS GENOCIDE by the Jews commited on others. The Bible curses them, Jesus curses them.
    Mohammad never Dashed Babies heads on the walls, or slit pregnant women open, killed innocent. Only the Bible states that, and this is exactly what they are doing to the Muslims, but they have Got a fight on their hands.
    ISHAMEL IS BACK, God invested his name in him not Isaac. God appeaerd to his mother not Sara. He heard her cries & prayers and Guess what, he answered them as he will answer her decendents.

  • vixi

    Why did you not sk these nice Hindu men , why are they killing & burning Christians in India ????

  • An Islamic Strategy – HOW TO USE AMERICA versus AMERICA
    UK and France have recently witnessed riots and protests from muslim immigrants who have legally entered their country. The policy is simple and well tested….. and successful . Islamists have declared Southern France as an Islamic State and are working their way towards achieving the same in UK now.
    The ideology of Islam is to Islamise all the countries of the world.
    They are attacking America now.
    How they are invading America is explained as follows.
    The Strategy
    You may have noticed, that the media in USA is pro-Islamist these days. Any American who is vocal about his/her concerns for the well being of this great nation, is labeled as racist/communal….and his argument is simply dismissed as “Islamophobia” . You will realize how they have a complete hold on the media. This is the first step.
    The next step is to get into the judicial and political system of the country. While the media is used to brainwash people regarding the plight of minority muslims, a lot of money is also being spent to hire local Americans (in media and politics) who fight for the equal rights and religious rights of muslim minorities. The local Americans are however those people who try to project the liberal side of America. The law and the political system is being used to make this convenient. Amendments are being made in the law of the land to legally have a representative of muslims in the country’s parliament.
    The next step is to use the law to declare innocent those muslims who are under suspicion of terrorist acts or have been convicted and are serving a sentence, or are under trial. The law here is again used to relieve them of sentences and they are declared innocent. In this process, people who were responsible (cops, judges, lawyers, etc) for arresting these criminals, the people who risked their lives to book the guilty are humiliated by either being dismissed from their duty and/or they are accused of falsely implicating muslims as criminals.
    At the same time, they use their influence to distort the history of the country. Claims are made that Islam became popular because it is a religion of peace. History books in schools and colleges have chapters singing praises of how Islamic rulers and clerics influenced your country in a positive manner. However, the original historical heroes of the country who contributed and built the nation are projected in poor light. This is done to humiliate the local people of everything that they have ever been so proud of in the history of their nation. Watch out. It won’t be long before the muslims claim that America was originally an Islamic country, and people of other faiths are actually immigrants so they should either leave America or revert to Islam.
    As the number of muslims grow in a country, their very next step is to gather themselves as a vote bank….and no politician would like to lose a large vote bank. This is how and why they get political backing. Once they have their representative in the parliament, the muslims use this as a tool to make amendments in the law of the land to favour Islam.
    Defaming other faiths/religions
    Another aspect that is simultaneously worked hard upon is the ‘conversion to Islam’ factor. A huge amount of money is also being spent on internet websites and personal propaganda to defame other religions to make Islam appear as the only religion that is true and scientific, and the only surviving religion of the world. So don’t be surprised when you come across statements like “Islam was always a part of your country”, or any propaganda that says “Christianity never existed” and “Jesus Was A Muslim”.
    False propaganda is being circulated now, where they claim that thousands and thousands of people are converting to Islam every day. You will hear their propaganda that Islam is spreading like wild fire and people are submitting to Islam. Actually the fact is, that after 9/11 many muslims have given up Islam and converted to other religions because they were ashamed of being muslims for following the ideology of destruction and hate (this aspect is however never highlighted by them). Don’t we often complain that the voice of “moderate muslims” is missing when it comes to condemning Islamic terror attacks? Obviously, we don’t hear their voices because “the moderate muslim” has already quit Islam. In USA itself there are several organizations that have ex-muslims who are educating the rest of the world about the real ideology of Islam. See Youtube. You will find several videos showing people converting to Islam, but the videos showing muslims converting to other religions are flagged and removed. Please google “ex-muslims” for these organizations. Their statements should be valid enough for anyone to wake up.
    Sowing the seeds for a FUTURE JIHAD
    The original proposal of building a “Peace Mosque” at ground zero was seen by many as a symbol of victory by Islam in an infidel land.
    Actually, the proposed mosque at Ground Zero is nothing but “Sowing The Seeds Of Dispute” for a FUTURE JIHAD. The reason to build a mosque there is to refute any claims in the future by anyone that the Twin Towers really existed and that America was ever attacked. It is obvious that there would be protests against the mosque. Nobody is against building a mosque. The mosque can be built elsewhere, why only on Ground Zero??? But these protests against building the mosque on Ground Zero will be used/projected to the Islamic world as “denial of freedom to follow Islam” by America … thus instigating further hatred by muslims for America and the West. This makes any muslim (who has grown up with the ideology that all non-muslims are their enemies) a potential recruit for a never-ending jihad against America, which they propose for many many generations to come….And with the number of muslims growing within America, there would be no need to look outside for help in jihad.
    The War Today
    One cannot deny that conversions are on the rise in America. Aggressive conversions are happening in different states because conversions are the fastest way to grow in numbers as compared to procreation and marriages with non-muslims to convert them into Islam (which is also on the rise now). The purpose of growing in numbers is to attain muslim majorities in different geographical pockets of a country. Once the muslim population is in majority in a state, their demand for a separate muslim state comes into play. They set up terror training camps, indulge in stone-pelting, riots and blasts, and they demand for a separate Islamic State within the country, tearing away a nation, piece by piece. That is the whole idea – To have separate Islamic states spread out from corner to corner of a country/continent…and then join all the dots to form a single majority Islamic State – the best and simplest way to Islamise a nation from within.
    A majority of people who are being converted into Islam these days in USA are the African-Americans….especially those from ghettos and with criminal backgrounds. This is being done on purpose. Also being targeted are the illegal Mexican immigrants. Islamists know the history of America and how the Africans came to USA. These people are shown “Islam as a religion of tolerance and brotherhood”. They are told, “they will regain their pride and dignity if they embrace Islam. Islam will give them the equality that the white Americans always denied them and suppressed them”. Using Islam as a tool, these converts are now being brainwashed into believing that they must fight the Jihad for Allah. They will use the frustrations of African Americans against the White Americans. And why not??? With the growing number of muslims in USA, it is most convenient and in their best interest to fight this war from within. This is how they are going to use America versus America in their Jihad!!!
    This strategy is however, not just limited to America. All nations in the east and the west who have resisted Islam for all these years are going through this pattern of Islamisation now.
    This is war, my friends……….this IS “THE WAR”.
    Open your eyes….before it is too late.

  • hindu militant

    you guys have brains. It is not about freedom or worship or about another mosque. It is a”victory monument” over infidel america. This mosque is the beginning of the end. In New Delhi, the capital of hindu India, there is a mosque built after destroying 27 hindu and jain temples, called “quwwat al islam” mosque, the oldest mosque in India. “Quwwat al islam” means power/force of islam. This was the beginning of the muslim rule over delhi for 700 years until the british released us hindus from muslim and shariah rule. Learn from us. Please dont allow this.
    One muslim terrorist, fighting Indian forces in kashmir was quoted as saying,” Whether or not I will remain is immaterial, but one day will come in history when the flag of islam will be flying over the white house in america.” WAKE UP.

  • chuck

    Where is all these people when we needed to get rid of that muslim in the whitehouse, he held Muslim Ramadan celebration in the whitehouse and no one complained or protested. turning the whitehouse into a masque is worse than some town that is corrupt anyway

  • Stephen Tyemmitz

    I thank you all for your comments ! I never had so much FUN ! HA, HA , HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stephen Tyemmitz

  • Abraham NuQuay

    Thanks for your work. I’m glad there people like you still around, people who understand the danger threatening not only the United States but the entire world. It is sometimes hard to believe the world is being blackmail into silence about this growing danger of Islam. Continue the good fight!

  • mikemcgoo

    God bless Pam Geller…we are all John Galt,,,

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