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[ January 21, 2018 ]

Second Day of the #SchumerShutdown of the United States Government

[ January 21, 2018 ]

Large Jewish populations across three continents disappearing due to Islamic antisemitism and left-wing politicians

[ January 21, 2018 ]

Immigration from “fecalized environments”

[ January 21, 2018 ]

Yesterday’s Nazi Youth, Today’s Young Muslims

[ January 21, 2018 ]

Muslims Refuse Repairs After Judaism’s Second Holiest Site Is Flooded

[ January 21, 2018 ]

Egypt: Muslims murder Christian for having cross tattoo, vow to “kill more Copts”

[ January 21, 2018 ]

Obama’s ICE Didn’t Follow Procedure For Checking Illegal Immigrants’ Ties to Terrorism

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FISA Scandal “Bigger Than Watergate” Corruption At “Highest Levels” #ReleasetheMemo

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L’Oréal Paris chooses anti-Semitic Amena Khan for its new campaign

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“You guys are lucky I don’t know how to build a bomb,” St. Kate’s Muslim...

Honor Killing Taxis Hit the Streets of NYC, Boston and DC


"Honor murders are" deeply connected with Islam – even if his representative denied this time and again. Where Islam prevails – there is by far the highest number of such killings in the name of a concept of honor that proves on closer examination, as a deeply patriarchal, pre-modern and cowardly.  "Honor murders are" the final punishment of women who have violated the monitoring well organized in every detail of their male-dominated world rules – whether consciously or unconsciously. Such as forced veiling, forced marriage and female genital mutilation carried out en masse, they ultimately serve the goal of total control of men over women.(Europe News)


The taxis are a powerful medium to pull the curtain back on the obfuscation and deception on honor killings. Kudos to Jeff at the Verifone Company for understanding this new use of an old medium to spread the truth.

Phase II of SIOA's (Stop Islamization of America) pro-freedom ad campaign is twofold. Primarily it is to help girls in trouble, but it is also meant to raise awareness of the rise of honor killings in the West. Young Muslim girls must know that there is an escape from their homemade concentrations camps. This is a sub-campaign and logical follow-up to the "Leaving Islam?" bus campaign, which is soon to break in another major US city.

Last week, a beautiful young Muslim actress, Harry Potter star Afshan Azad, was badly beaten, but thankfully escaped death when her father and  brother attempted to honor murder her. She was dating a non-Muslim.

It is important to note that “both [Azad’s] parents were born and educated in the U.K.” They were not  unassimilated immigrants, which the media and the apologists always associate with honor killings in the West.

A question of Islamic honor: Police say 17,000 women are victims every year in the UK alone.

What does Islamic Law dictate as punishment for a parent who kills his or her child?

Consider  Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law: here


91 percent of honor killings worldwide are done by Muslims

84 percent of honor killings in US done by Muslims

These girls will not have died in vain. These girls are not invisible. Their terrible, miserable existences will be known, and their stories will save the lives of other girls and boys in trouble. Such misogyny was unheard of this country 30 thirty years ago — the appeasement of Islam and the sharia will only serve to advance this grotesque ideology.

And according to one expert, honor killings are on the rise.

And while we see in rare instances in other cultures, it is clear that the Islamic legal toleration for honor killings leads to an increased rate of such killings among them.

This is  growing problem that is being hidden and obfuscated by the big liberal press. It needs the spotlight of truth to expose the ugly terrible reality behind the wretched existence of these girls living under siege. The West is reluctant to speak of it, media whitewashes it, but knowing what we know about Aqsa Parvez's homelife (read the whole horrible account here) and Amina and Sarah's wretched home life (read here), it is time we stood up for these girls. This cannot stand in America.

We must give these girls shelter from the storm.

Don't be afraid. Fight back. We have people who can and will help. Today we launched a freedom campaign in Chicago for victims and potential victims of honor killings in the West.

Here are the first in a series of ads targeted at girls who are at risk of death, Gulsum, Banaz, Noor, Amina and Sarah ………….. there are  thousands of tragic victims. Needless to say, the ads went through a number on "edits" before the taxi company would run them but I drew the line at removal of "honor killing victims." We will not kill these girls again by remaining silent — attempting to whitewash and remove that distinction invariably means that ……….. you support gender apartheid. We are raising money for these ads and we will go nationwide.

Taxi final amina

Amina and Sarah Said ran away from their brutal home life and their "devout father," only to be lured back by their mother on Christmas day and then brutally tortured and murdered not 24 hours later, in an honor killing on New Years day. Autopsy here. Full Atlas coverage here.

Tax final noor 

Noor Almalaki was run over in an honor killing last November in Arizona by her father for being "too Americnaized" and not Muslim enough. She hung on to dear life for three days before succumbing to her wounds.

  Taxi final g

 Gülsüm Semin was severely beaten (repeatedly), scared to death of her family (and rightly so), and ultimately brutally beaten beyond recognition and "honor" murdered because she refused forced Islamic marriage in Turkey.

Taxi final b

Thanks to SIOA Art Director: Big Fur Hat,

Banaz Mahmood was killed in her apartment in London by her father, Mahmood, and his brother Ali Mahmood and 4 others because they didn't approve of her boyfriend. She had dishonored her Muslim  family by falling in love with the "wrong" man. So they stomped on her, then strangled her to death. Her body was then moved 100 miles to Birmingham, where she was buried in a suitcase in a garden behind a house. They had tried to kill her before. Watch this  video of Banaz days before her death, telling of the attempts to kill her.  

Banaz had reported to the police 4 times that her family was trying to kill her.

Her sister, who narrowly escaped death herself and now lives in fear of her life, breaks her silence. Every time Bekhal Mahmod leaves the safety of her home, she wears the hijab with a black veil covering her face — even though she would give anything for the freedom not to have to.

The stories are endless, and these girls have nowhere to go. Why in the case of Tulay Goren did police send her home to die at the hands of her violent father? Tulay Goren, a Muslim schoolgirl, was murdered by her father in an "honour killing." She repeatedly told police in the days before her death how she was being threatened and assaulted.

Please contribute to this campaign — Robert and I cannot undertake these initiatives without your dollars. It is YOU who make Atlas, FDI and SIOA go. We receive no big money contributions — the big money is comfortable giving to folks who do a lot of talking, talking talking over lunches, teas and nonsense.

That's not us. And I make no apology for my uncompromising stand on our freedoms and my abhorrence of the radically intolerant sharia. Not in my country.

Donate to SIOA

Donate using GPal

And lastly, I have no words for Big Fur Hat, who executes my campaigns, who takes my ideas from all over the place and pulls them together and creates ……………. perfection. My bus ads, the FDI conference art, the DVD art — BFH understands the vision and makes it stand out.

Much thanks to Kamala for scanning these pages from one of the most important English-language sources for the content of Islamic law: Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law:

Reliance of the   Traveler - Revuse

It is certified by Al-Azhar University as a translation that "corresponds to the Arabic original and conforms to the practice and faith of the orthodox Sunni Community…":

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

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