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[ January 20, 2018 ]

FISA Scandal “Bigger Than Watergate” Corruption At “Highest Levels” #ReleasetheMemo

[ January 20, 2018 ]

L’Oréal Paris chooses anti-Semitic Amena Khan for its new campaign

[ January 20, 2018 ]

“You guys are lucky I don’t know how to build a bomb,” St. Kate’s Muslim...

[ January 20, 2018 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Cop Says FGM Too “Nuanced” to Prosecute

[ January 20, 2018 ]

Elite German anti-terror unit to grow by third and move to Berlin

[ January 20, 2018 ]

Kenya: Muslim cleric arrested on jihad terror charges, his students riot, kill three people, destroy...

[ January 20, 2018 ]

Mohammed most popular name for newborn boys in the Netherlands for second year in a...

[ January 19, 2018 ]

Hugh Fitzgerald: Professor Ziedan on Saladin

[ January 19, 2018 ]

U.S. State Department Withholds Additional $45 Million From UNRWA

[ January 19, 2018 ]

Bangladesh: Man arrested for posting images criticizing Qur’an on Facebook

Times Square Bomber Tied to Fort Hood Jihad, 911 Mosque, Mumbai Terror Attacks — GLOBAL JIHAD

The Times Square bomb jihadi shared the same imam as Major Hasan, Fort Hood jihadi.

Anwar al-Awlaki was the preacher
at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque, in Falls Church, Virginia.

The Fort Hood jihadi Major Hasan, the jihadi slaughterer of 13 fellow US soldiers in Texas, worshiped at the
controversial Dar
al-Hijrah mosque
in Falls Church, Virginia. That mosque was led by
the devout Muslim imam, Anwar al-Awlaki, who is said to
have been a "spiritual adviser" to three of the hijackers who attacked
America on Sept 11, 2001.

The preacher at the Dar al-Hirah
mosque was also in regular contact
with the Christmas balls bomber, who tried to blow up a passenger jet
on Christmas day. Umar Farouk
Abdulmutallab sat on top of the fuel
(seat 19A) and tried to detonate a bomb hooked up to his
tiny genitalia. (more here)

Previous Atlas coverage on Awlaki here.

This just in — thanks to Van

Sources: Shahzad Had Contact With
Awlaki, Taliban Chief, and Mumbai Massacre Mastermind
Faisal Shahzad Said To
Have Linked Up With Taliban Through Internet, But Already High-Placed

Accused Times Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad linked up with the Pakistani
Taliban through the internet, ABC News has been told by law enforcement
and intelligence sources close to the investigation. Once the Taliban
identified him as more valuable in the U.S. than in Pakistan, they
trained him to return to execute his bomb attack.

But according to these sources, Shahzad also had a web of jihadist
contacts that included big names tied to terror attacks in the U.S. and
abroad, including the figure who has emerged as a central figure in many
recent domestic terror attempts – radical American-born Muslim cleric Anwar Awlaki.

Besides Awlaki, sources say Shahzad was also linked to a key figure in
the Pakistani Taliban, its Emir Beitullah Mehsud, who was killed in a
drone missile strike in 2009. The Mehsuds had been family friends of
Shahzad, who is the son of a former high-ranking Pakistani military

VERY interesting transcript of radio conversation here as the tower orders the
Emirates plane with Shahzad aboard back to the terminal……………

Lastly, a video crew sent to Shahzad's house AFTER the FBI left found his passport, college papers and tax records in the trash. They called the FBI and they rushed back to the house and cordoned
it off! Is this Obama's America or what?

Old passport, other documents found outside NYC bomb

May 4, 2010 An expired Pakistani passport,
immigration papers and other personal documents have been found outside
the former Shelton home of the Times ..

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