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[ October 23, 2017 ]

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Another Genocide by Islam: Anniversary remembrance of the Greek Genocide across from the UN


Today the anniversary of the Thracian Genocide was remembered in a gathering across from the UN (video and pics here.) Never heard of it? Another genocide by Muslims scrubbed?

Like the Armenian Genocide, this too was committed by the Turks. It appears they have an appetite for such wickedness.

The Thracian Genocide was
the systematic torture, massacre and ethnic cleansing of several millions
Hellenes (Greeks) perpetrated by the Turks throughout
historic THRACE an area that includes  Constantinople (now called
Istanbul by the Turks), Eastern Thrace, and the islands of Imvros,

Another genocide  committed by the Turks. ..


The speakers we heard speaking were Armenian, Assyrian and

The event is supporting:

– Worldwide Affirmation of the Genocide of Hellenes (Greeks) perpetrated by
Turkey and the Young Turk Party in Thrace, Anatolia, and Asia Minor.

– Recognition of the ongoing cultural genocide of Thracian Hellenes

Speakers included
the President of the
Hellenic Organization of University Graduates of America HOUGA, the Pan-Pontian
Federation USA and CANADA President and officials, and members and officials of
the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York.

This year’s memorial included unique scholars and a solemn recital
of the orphic hymns for our dead.

For more information on the Hellenic Genocide Memorial go
and download the pamphlet : “The Genocide of the Greeks”


All were there to remind those passing by that this genocide really
did happen and sadly, continues today.


Pamela H has more.

 Thracian Genocide

Meanwhile, the plan to destroy all Greek property in the city
was now fully under way. A hundred gangs of rioters were busy carrying
out their terrible task, covering a vast area that stretched from the
Bosphorus to the Sea of Marmara. Each gang had a leader who was armed
with a list of the houses and shops in his area owned by Greeks. It was
an organised tornado of violence which swept away everything in its
path. Dozens of Greek citizens and clergymen were beaten up. Altogether
73 Greek churches were plundered or burned. Icons, murals and holy
chalices of inestimable historic and archaeological value were
destroyed. All the city's 26 Greek schools were completely demolished.
The Patriarchal School at Fanari, established in 1453, and the
Theological School on Halki were subjected to the fury of the rabble in
an act of extreme barbarism. The Zappeion High School was attacked and
the statue of its benefactor, Constantinos Zappas, sent tumbling down
the great marble staircase. The mob did not stop at ruining desks, a
piano and the school hall but also did immense damage to the murals that
decorated the interior walls of the school.

   In all, 4,340
Greek shops and stores were looted and destroyed that night; 2,600 Greek
homes were caught in the eye of the storm and submitted to the mob's
unprecedented wrath. The offices and printing presses of the city's
three big Greek newspapers were literally smashed to pieces. The offices
of Olympic Airways, then known as T.A.E., on Cumhuriyet Street in
Elmadag were visited twice by the rabble. " Eyewitness testimony by
Leonidas Koumakis survivor of the Constantinople Pogrom of September 6,
1955 as documented in his testimonial book.

MIRACLE: A True Story

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  • Sal El

    Seriously, Hitler carried out Jewish massacre, does that mean Christianity is responsible? Geniuses like you need to go back to primary school and start all over again. -_- stop blaming Islam. Turks did it. Islam encompasses Indian subcontinent, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. All these people carried out genocide as well, instead of being enslaved by whites -_-

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