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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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[ September 25, 2017 ]

Minnesota: Authorities claim motive of Muslim who stabbed people while screaming “Allahu akbar” is unclear

State Department at Work: On 911, “Islam, What a Billion Muslims Really Think” :) Movie Screening and Iftar Dinner for State Department Employees

What in heaven's name is the State department doing? This is a freak
show. When, at any time, did the State department put itself to work in
the advancement of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or in the
service of a violent ideology, i.e., Nazism?

What happens to Americans who go to work in these cesspools? They lose their soul.

What a billion muslims
On September 11, the State department sent out an invitation to
employees from the South Asian-American Employee Association (SAAEA)
for a screening of the film "What Billion Muslims Really Think," which
will be aired on broadcast television on Spring 2010. The actual
premiere was in June, and all employees at the State department got an
invitation to attend that screening as well.

Below is the "Department Notice" announcing the film event of September
14 that took place at the Acheson auditorium. Acheson is the largest
auditorium at main State.

Afterward, everyone was invited to the Iftar dinner at the Delegates Lounge.

It is increasingly clear that the Department of State does not represent the United States.  



Notice that the da'wah is headed by DOS's domestic headquarters
office and its aim is to reach not just audiences abroad, but Muslim and
non-Muslim audiences internally. That is really the purpose for the new Muslim
outreach office headed by Farah Pandith.

It's disgusting!

Every day a new bomb is thrown at us. Just a few days ago it was Iran,
etc. The new guidance for the Iranian talks are very dangerous. It's a malabarism
with different players and interests; however, in the end this
administration will fall and no matter where it falls it will not be
nice. It's a no win situation. All the players that this administration
is choosing to play with are our arch enemies. How could we ever win?

Here is a link of the film "What a Billion Muslims Really Think"
that was shown at State. It is full blown cultural jihad — taqiyya.
Please notice the usual suspects/players, i.e. Albright, Esposito, etc.
Any mention of the over 14,000 Islamic attacks since 911? The honor
killings? Subjugation and oppression of women? Child abuse? Forced
marriages? Brainwashing and indoctrination? Clitorectomies?
…………. Why split hairs on an ideology whose objective is to
conquer the West and the whole "non-believing" world?

Here DOS
employees comment on the event and discuss ideas as to how to put more
money and resources abroad and to expand it to every level. Not just
Foreign Service, but also Civil Service, etc. It's the Muslim DOS blog
headed by the newly created (under Obama) high level office of Muslim outreach at the State department, headed by Pandith. 




 The comments on the new Statement blog are ……….. unsettling:

I have participated in Iftars organized by U.S diplomats overseas, I am
not aware if State has organized such in the past for employees, in
order to justify any deparment resources on the event, we could easily
turn it into a public diplomacy event
by inviting foreign diplomats and
representatives from civil society. 


like the idea to bring back having Iftars at the white House or even at
the department of state for Muslim civil employees. Please include my
name in the event volunteers list for White house or Department of Dtate iftars or Eld Holidays event. Best Regards. 


Ramadan to everyone. I think it would be a great idea to have an Iftar
party from DOB or WH not only to celebrate the Muslim's holy month, but
also to support the "Diversity" initiative is currently being taken by Secretary Clinton
. I can be a big part of it by providing any kinds of
efforts from me. Thank You

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