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Muslim Festival – Dearborn Lawsuit to Fight Islamic Supremacism

Law enforcement has begun to cave to Islamic demands of supremacism in breach of our inalienable rights guaranteed to us  in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Dearborn, Michigan, features the most highly concentrated population of Muslims in the nation. Arabic Christian Perspective (ACP), and Pastor George Saieg attend the annual Arab International street festival there every year handing out Christian material to Muslims.  They do this along the public sidewalks that run along the street, where the festival is conducted.  It is open to the public and admission is free.  Business establishments along the street remain open during the festival.


It is a bold thing to do, but in the five years ACP has been going there, it has never encountered any problems.


Now, the Dearborn Police Department has asked ACP to stand on a single corner, where they will be unable to freely mingle with festival gatherers and unable to reach their intended audience.  This is a violation of its First Amendment rights.


Bill Becker has filed a lawsuit and the Thomas More Law Center, based in Ann Arbor, is assisting in this matter. A copy of the complaint, which they filed today is attached. 

Becker said

The relevance of our lawsuit is based on the idea that in Iran, we applaud what the people are doing to express their objection to the election, but in the U.S., police officials are restraining my clients' rights to practice its free speech liberty.


UPDATE: A dhimmi judge has ruled against the Christians. Bill Becker, a lawyer for the Christian group, just sent me this:

Today, a  federal judge denied our request for a TRO (temporary restraining order), which would have allowed Arabic Christian Perspective to continue to distribute their literature along the public sidewalks adjacent to a street occupied by the annual Arab International Festival.

The court reasoned that restrictions imposed by the City of Dearborn only on ACP were reasonable time, place and manner restrictions.  We naturally disagree, inasmuch as no other citizen is ordered to restrict what he or she can say or hand to another person.  This is content-based discrimination against a Christian group, whose mission is to peaceably bring the good news of salvation to people attending the Festival.

Why would the judge find this to be anything but unconstitutionally content-based discrimination?  We don't have a clue.  ACP will now be treated as second-class citizens, forced to pass out their DVDs and booklets around the corner from the Festival, while other groups will be able to freely distribute their materials.  Strangely, the Festival is allowing them to set up a booth and participate in the festival.  It will be impracticable for ACP's 90-some volunteers to man the booth, so they will have to find another place to go.  They are free to mingle along the Festival just as long as they don't pass out their free material.

Our lawsuit will proceed, and we will seek an order permanently enjoining the city from violating ACP's First Amendment rights.  To many people this controversy may seem minor, but as Spencer observed in his book, "Stealth Jihad", the OIC has made it clear that Muslims are to use the judicial process to eliminate criticism of Islam.  In this case, we do not know whether the Festival had anything to do with the city's decision.  And ACP is not there to criticize Muslims.  They are there to do the good work of evangelizing, which might be perceived as threatening activity in a city boasting the highest per capita population of Muslims in the nation.

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