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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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UPDATE: Here’s the video. She should be behind bars. Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar were arrested by the Minneapolis Police Department. Charged with conspiracy to riot.

America, this is the Democrat party

Those of you familiar with demagogue Amy Goodman could hardly be surprised. Goodman is hard leftist given credible and respect to the voices of revolution and anarchy in our society. Atlas readers are familiar with Goodman, the useful idiot in previous posts  here and here.

Goodman’s coverage and those of the major wires like AP and Reuters were hellbent on covering the police response to the violent chaotic protests. They didnt cover the smashing of windows, slashing of tires and destruction to property. Their only concern was hoping to capture police brutality. Goodman ought to be in jail, in th country she loves Iran or North Korea, or Venezuela.

Want your blood to boil? Listen to any of her interviews with American haters of every stripe and color

Police arrest Democracy Now! host with crew.

by Sasha Aslanian, Weekend America
September 2, 2008

St. Paul, Minn. — Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and two of her staffers were among the more than 280 people arrested yesterday during the RNC protests.

Denis Moynihan of Free Speech TV says Goodman’s videographers were filming riot police clashing with protestors at 9th and Jackson street when they were arrested.

Goodman was taken when she tried to intervene.

"We’re working under deadline, under a lot of pressure and they were simply snatched off the street, roughly," Moynihan said.

All three were released Monday night. Two other members of the crew are still detained.

Associated Press photographer Matt Rourke was also arrested. He had been swept up as police moved in on a group of protesters.


These are the shot the media goes for. They don’t cover the violence, the terror – just law enforcement’s diffiuclt task to contain it.


Great comment at Atlas by Sebjoeko

Amy Goodman makes a good living as the ‘primary journalist’ of the
radio program: ‘Democracy Now’, heard here in NYC on WBAI.

This program could generously be termed a ‘news program’ for the insane.

What you hear is not news, but propaganda, personal opinion, and an
endless stream of factually wrong, vicious invective.

I check from time to time. For example, whenever there has been a
particular bad loss American servicemen in fighting in Iraq, or
especially recently in Afghanistan, I tune into our friend Amy, for
the segment on ‘news around the world’: I’ve heard nothing.

When there has been some particularly good news re: the killing of
Taliban insurgents during the latest fighting, and this has been
reported on every major news outlet, I check with Amy’s show: nothing.

When there has been good news, relating directly to ‘democracy now’,
for ex, the ceding of increasingly greater self-determination,
self-government (ie, Democracy!) to provinces in Iraq or towns in
Afghanistan: Amy has not told us.

However, you will hear an endless series of programs on the seemingly
universal torture that hapless, helpless, innocent Muslims all around
the world are experiencing at the hands of brutal, thuggish American

You will hear an endless parade of testimony of subjected people from
all around the globe, who are only too happy (while somehow presently
HERE in the US), to relate how poorly America is viewed ‘where we are

Tune in during the next week, and you will still hear expert,
eyewitness testimony that the US government orchestrated the murder of
its own civilians on 9/11.

What abject torture it must be for those killed in an Islamic
declaration of war, to hear this bullshit year after year.

What a disgrace to their ongoing suffering, and that of servicemen
who’ve given their lives so Goodman can continue to live in a
Democracy, while spewing her garbage.

Rand had a good quote: ‘don’t lend the irrational your time, your
attention, your life: they don’t count’.

Goodman doesn’t count, once her Pacifica gig is over, there’s not much
for her to do.

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  • majicmahon

    Gee I don’t know about this Pamela followers. You’ve read what your Queen has had to say, now if you haven’t heard of Amy Goodman @ Democracy Now!, I thoroughly encourage you to do so. Also, do yourself a really big favour and read her WiKi and see if this Lady isn’t respected. She has been in the thick of many USA & International stories (not behind a laptop) and just for interest sake, I also encourage you to COUNT the number of awards she has received and books she has written. These are not Ann Coulter type crap. These are in fact…..fact based. Go ahead…it’s the only way you can be fair to your own reasoning when choosing right from wrong.- Thank you- Majicmahon

    • marlette782

      Goodmans books are crap. Have you read Coulters books?

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