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Obama’s Gazan Contributions


Atlas reader Cathy and others have been indispensable in helping to track Obama’s very questionable campaign donations. A number of Atlas readers have been helping me go through thousands upon thousands of docs relating to Obama’s bizarre illegal activity, foreign and domestic.

The latest jawdropper: there is a large contributor in the ‘G’s’.  Largest.  NamePali_loves_obama
is Monir Edwan. City is Rafah and the State is GA. You’d think GA is for Georgia. IT’S NOT! There is no Rafah, Georgia. It’s Rafah, GAZA. Although election donor data indicate Georgia, USA.

File here: Donation Details: Adwan, Monir | Rafah, Georgia. There ain’t no such place in the land of Georgia peaches.

It’s a Gaza refugee camp.

The file attached has both Monir & Hosam Edwan.  Both from Rafah. Both over the allowed spending limit. Here is the file: Download EdwanDetail.xls.

It details Edwan’s contributions, totaling $24,321.41. The contributions are all to Obama the candidate.  Different files for the party or committees.

Our source of the data is from the FEC site. Presidential download file zip. Named ALL. Dated 6/30.  Here is the link unzipped. It is the basis for everything submitted. Thanks, Cathy!

How much money was raised from the phone banks in Gaza (see video)?

More on Obama’s Foreign Contributions.

UPDATE: First off, I will be filing a complaint with the FEC – either alone or through an organization.

There’s more:  Note these receipts are not inclusive of all the information in the FEC detail file.

In October of 2007:

Hosam receipt dated 10/30/07 is for $956.52 (general contribution) his
Election Cycle total as of this date is $5,387.13. On the database this amount
is redirected (where is not known), but his total is still above allowed amounts

Monir has two receipts. One dated 10/27/07 for $1,290.63 (primary – this is
in the FEC file), the second dated 10/30/07 for $1,671.85 (primary – this is in
the FEC file). The total on the receipt for Election Cycle is $9,598.54 (above

The phone banks were buzzing?


Download FEC ScreenShot MonirEdwanDonations.doc

August UPDATE: Articles: Obama’s Foreign Donors: The media averts its eyes


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