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[ November 19, 2017 ]

Fellow police made my life torture for trying to stop Muslim child rape gangs

[ November 19, 2017 ]

Report: Schools Must Teach Britain Is an ‘Immigration Nation’ to Fight Islamophobia

[ November 19, 2017 ]

Europe: Imams Warn Muslims Not to Integrate

[ November 19, 2017 ]

PA Muslim kids magazine: Muhammad ordered kids to throw rocks at Jews

[ November 19, 2017 ]

French academic: Establish an Islamic state within France to avoid civil war

[ November 19, 2017 ]

SHARIA UK: British politician Jayda Fransen ARRESTED for offending Islam, flown to Belfast, FULL VIDEO...

[ November 19, 2017 ]

‘We are going to kill you’: Villagers in Burma recount jihad violence by Rohingya Muslims

[ November 19, 2017 ]

30,000 Diversity Visas issued to people from terror-sponsoring countries since 2007

[ November 19, 2017 ]

Spain: Police shoot man ‘shouting Allahu Akbar’ near French border

[ November 18, 2017 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: Kiss Me Deadly


During a visit to neighbouring Albania, Mr Bush said: “At some point, sooner rather than later, you’ve got to say, ‘Enough is enough – Kosovo is independent’.”

Why? Why is Bush insisting that Kosovo be independent and who will then save the Christians?

US pressuring EU to recognize rogue Kosovo

Fried was also noted of saying that the Islamic
world would be glad to recognize Kosovo after Slovenia’s lead.
Saudi Arabia recently invited Kosovo Albanian


Young ethnic Albanians (Muslims) celebrate Kosovo’s coming independence in Pristina yesterday. Check out the keffiyeh on the right.

5000 Bosnian Muslims rally behind Jihadists

“I carry Bosnia in my heart,” says Aiman Abu Abdurrahman, a Jihadist from the Middle East who was invited by the Bosnian Muslim government in the 1990 to help them kill Christians.

A shameful conspiracy  …  then demand independence.

There is no historical Albanian state of Kosovo that was forcibly absorbed by Serbia. The province has always been an integral part of Serbia. Migration from areas traditionally populated by Albanians to neighbouring Slav areas such as Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia began in earnest only in the 18th century, under the Ottoman empire. It continued throughout the past century to the extent that Albanians became an overwhelming majority in Kosovo and a substantial minority in Macedonia.

There is a historical basis for ethnic conflict, with the Muslim Albanians and Bosniaks identifying with the Ottoman occupiers against the Slovenes, Croats, Montenegrins and Serbs, who were Christians, although divided by Catholicism and Orthodoxy. It was to minimise this potential for ethnic conflict that Yugoslavia was created following the first world war and, in the aftermath of WWII, that the Socialist Federated Republic of Yugoslavia was set up to permit national autonomy within a unified state. (more here)

Bosnia’s Serbs stepped up threats to secede their entity from Bosnia and
Herzegovina if Kosovo declares unilateral independence this weekend and
recognized by the Western countries.

Ethnic Albanian extremists burning books in Serbian language

Stressing his great
concern for the destiny of the entire literal fund in the Serbia’s
southern province, Ristic said that, according to the eye witnesses, in
some cases ethnic Albanian barbarians massively burnt, destroyed or
threw away books in the bare eyes of KFor.

Ethnic Albanian
extremists have also set on fire the City library in Pristina, which
had been the richest library in the entire province, containing some
400.000 units of the literal fund.
According to Ristic, besides the
books in Serbian language, the fire most probably destroyed books in
Albanian, Turkish and languages of the other ethnic groups, an act
suitable to the barbarian behavior of the ethnic Albanian extremists [Muslims]

Kosovo’s Serbs vow to defend Serb hold on breakaway province

The real Srebrenica Genocide

[NOTE: About 18 months ago Nathan Pearlstein, Robert Peter North and Felix
Quigley began educating Israpundit readers as to the truth about the fighting in
Serbia. As a result we came to understand that the US was at fault and the Serbs
were innocent.]

Introduction by Nathan Pearlstein

Why are the mainstream Western media, the US administrations under George W.
Bush and Bill Clinton as well as the governments of NATO and the EU covering up
this monumental crime against humanity?

Why are the Serbs – whom apart from the Jews
were the major victims of the Holocaust during World War 2
 – being cast as the perpetrators of genocide while the real
perpetrators of genocide – the Islamofascists loyal to Alija
Izetbegovic – are being cast by the corporate media, the US, NATO and EU
governments as “the victims”?

Why was
Naser Oric – the Islamofascist commander of Srebrenica and
perpetrator of a massive genocide against Serbian men, women and children in
Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995 – given only a 2 year sentence for this
monumental crime against humanity
and allowed to walk free from NATO’s
Scheveningen ICTY prison: the former Nazi SS dungeon for patriotic Dutch
resistance fighters against the Germans during World War 2 in The Hague,

Our dear friend and colleague at 4International, Peter Robert
, has graciously allowed us to reproduce in full his outstanding
work here on what really happened in Srebrenica and Gorazde from 1992 to
. A revelation of truth which is of enormous historical
significance and importance to all good people across the globe but
especially for all patriotic Jewish people in Israel and the

We all remember the Western media hoaxes and fakery concerning the events in
Jenin and Qana recently and how these media frauds were used to demonize Israel
and the Jewish people. So it is absolutely crucial that we also expose the
Western media fraud concerning the events in Srebrenica, Bosnia in July, 1995,
in order to reveal just how corrupt and dishonest the Western media, the US,
NATO and EU Imperialist governments are when they turn the world upside down by
demonizing the victims of a massacre in order to prop up the Islamofascist
perpetrators, thereby creating new independent Islamist states for the
Islamofascists (as the US, NATO and EU are doing right now in Kosovo on behalf
of the Islamofascist terrorist group: the KLA).

The following article, my dear readers, is the horrific truth about what
happened to the Serb civilians of Srebrenica and Gorazde – a shocking truth
which the Fascist Left supporters of Hamas and PLO/Fatah, as well as the
pro-NATO Imperialist cowards on British website “Harry’s Place” – especially
Oliver Kamm and Marko Attila Hoare – are so desperate to hide from the people of
the world.

The following is a dire warning to us all! We ignore this at our own

Real Srebrenica Genocide: The mass murder of Serbs in Srebrenica and Gorazde
from 1992 to 1995 by Alija Izetbegovic’s Islamofascist

By Peter Robert North

The real Srebrenica Genocide not reported by the corrupt,
racist pro-Islamist-Nazi Western corporate-controlled media, was the brutal mass
murder – using axes, knives, daggers, sledgehammers, iron bars, flamethrowers
and explosives – of 3,870 Serbian elderly men, women and young
in and around the town of Srebrenica and its adjoining towns
and villages(Bratunac,Skelani,Milici, et al) as well as the town of Gorazde.

Bosnian Muslim military forces from Srebrenica killed Bosnian Serb
Milan Vujicic, mutilated his body, and then roasted his corpse.

Go read complete post over at Israpundit — WARNING! IT IS GRAPHIC! — But you have to understand what’s at stake here.


By Steve Rodan (hat tip Michael)

[March 24, 1999] To most in the West, the fighting in Kosovo is the result of
an oppressive Yugoslav regime that seeks to quell independence for an Albanian
majority in the province. But quietly European defense and diplomatic
representatives regard the Kosovo rebellion as a success of radical Islamic
states, such as Iran, and groups such as that of Osama Bin Laden.

As they see it, Kosovo has become the latest and most significant arena for
radical Islamic states and groups that seek to widen their influence in Europe.
Nobody argues that Islamic elements fomented the conflicts in the Balkans. But
they say Iran, Saudi Arabia and some of their terrorist beneficiaries have
exploited the fighting to establish a sphere of influence that spans from Greece
to the Austrian border.

Islamic groups as far away as Pakistan have called for support of the
fighters in Kosovo. “The type of cruel and oppressive tactics followed by Serb
aggressors in Kosovo and the Balkans is a declaration of war against humanity
and the whole Muslim Ummah,” the Jamaat Islami, Pakistan, said in a recent

That realization, the diplomats and defense sources say, is why European
leaders are increasingly hesitant in approving NATO strikes against

“The gap between the public political rhetoric and the private
professional discussions is huge,” a European defense official said. “Europe is
beginning to realize that Kosovo is not just about a rebellion. It’s about a
growing Iranian attempt to support and dominate movements in states in

UPDATE: Previous Atlas posts Bosnia: Militant Islam

UPDATE: A Jacksonian asks  the question: why are we letting al Qaeda associates set up shop as the leaders of Kosovo?

UPDATE: I see Ambassador Bolton and I are on the same page. Why am I not surprised?

Independent Kosovo will endanger the stability in the Balkans once again, estimated the American ambassador at the UN, John Bolton.

I think that there is a significant risk that the instability in the Balkans will continue in Bosnia and other areas where ethnic groups do not live in a country they refuse, said Bolton in an interview for Glas Amerike reported in Serbian language.

Kosovo will be a weak country submissive to Islamic radical forces which will spread its influence in the area with the support of singular Albanians and so potentially open the door to radicals in Europe, Bolton estimated.

More here.

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