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[ November 20, 2017 ]

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Sophie, our correspondent on France writes how the French government is  building mosques with
public funding.  I hope next up, they are digging their graves and buying plenty of lime.
IMAO, that’s not dhimmitude, that’s suicide. If they build them, can they monitor them too? "Europe looks anarchical."

OUTLAW MOSQUES Sophie Fernandez Debellemanière

Secularism and
separation of Church and state are the basis of French Republic. Regardless of
these principles, politicians in France, from mayors to president, routinely
authorize the public funding of mosques and help radical Islamists penetrate
the national institutions.

1905 law on the separation of Church and state
is unjust towards Muslims,”
declared the mayor of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin, at July 16’s municipal
council, displaying his willingness to overcome all financial hurdles to build
a great mosque for the 200,000 Muslims of his city. The mayor of Marseille did
not hesitate to infringe this law that is the backbone of French republic and
vote a special 99-year lease for public properties, called “emphyteutic
,” of a public land of 8.000 m2 for the symbolic price of $410. Three
far right parties, including Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Front National challenged the decision in court. The court,
considering the ridiculous price of the lease a disguised public funding,
raised it to 24000 Euros per year. Facing the threat of further legal
challenges from far right parties, Jean-Claude Gaudin displayed his
determination to “bring the case to the Conseil d’État (a
rough counterpart of our supreme court). Municipal elections are due in 2008,
and at least one-quarter of Marseille’s population is Muslim.

This illegal practice of disguising public subsidies and
building mosques on public land has become extremely common. Most French towns
and cities lease public land for a token sum to the Muslim community to build

1 Euro per year was the price of the lease that the
municipality of Montreuil-sous-Bois, a Paris suburb asked for the land where
the mosque had to be built. Then, far right parties were the only ones to
object to this gross violation of the law of 1905: The National Republican
challenged the lease in court, and it was canceled on June 12. In
May, Épinal leased a land of 8000m2 for the same 1 Euro token sum for the
construction of a giant mosque with four minarets, but the decision was not
condemned by the court.

On July 28, the Communist municipality of Fontenay-sous-Bois
agreed to rent a 600m2 land for $2000 per year to the Association of Muslim
Culture of Fontenay. And the same sort of thing is done every week in Paris, Annecy,
Lyon…etc. Each time, far right parties are the only ones to challenge the
decision in court. The French daily Libération
asked in its edition of May 5: “Will the far right force the next interior
minister to amend the law of 1905.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s party, The
Union for a Popular Movement
(UMP), and especially President Nicolas
Sarkozy himself, have long ignored the law of 1905 to buy Muslim votes. In
2003, while he was the minister of the interior, he created the French
Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM)
. This shows a political will to let
religious leaders penetrate national institutions, which contradicts all the
basic principles of the French republic.

Moreover, once empowered by Nicolas Sarkozy, the CFCM as its
vice-president Fouad Alaoui who is an extremist, part of the French branch of
the Muslim Brotherhood, and started pursuing anti-democratic purposes. The most
spectacular example of this was the CFCM’s anti-free speech action, when it sued
the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo
for publishing caricatures of Mohammad, in support of Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten. The plaintiff lost, but
the CFCM showed how anti-democratic it was.

Working closely with the CFCM, The
Foundation for Works of the Islam of France
is a separate institution that
receives the donations to Muslim worship, would they be coming from French or
foreign entities and to warranty the loans contracted to build mosques. When
public funding is not sufficient, foreign, often Wahhabi funds come to help
build mosques. It seems to be the case for the construction of a mosque of the
small town of Limay, West of Paris, where UMP deputy Pierre Bédier confessed to
daily Le Parisien: “believers have collected up to 40
percent of the total value of the mosque, that should reach $1.5 million.” He
added that: “Islam will suffer discrimination, regarding other religions”
unless “foreign funding would be accepted through this foundation.”

The solution of letting French Muslims fund their own houses of worship places does not seem to be
considered an available option by French politicians. When chief of the office
of the worship at the ministry of the interior Didier Leschi was asked by the
French daily Libération about the
frequent use of disguised public subsidies to build mosques, he said that “one
or two mosques or prayer rooms a week were built these last three years. Given
the opposition of the far right parties he noted Sarkozy’s party faces a
dilemma: “Either
we ask wealthy Saudis to build minarets for us, or we amend the law of 1905.”

In his book La
République, la religion, l’espérance
(2004), Nicolas Sarkozy explicitly
endorsed the public funding places of worship. Muslim demand for public money
to build mosques could lead very soon to the amendment of the law that
constitutes the backbone of French laïcité. This would blow away the principle has been the cement
of French national unity. The different faiths would no longer be joined in a
common republican project. The French nation is hostage to its politicians, who
are unscrupulously chipping away at its foundations—and doing so with the help
of the Islamists that Sarkozy has invited into the republican institutions.

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