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[ September 25, 2017 ]

Historical Ignorance Is Bliss – The Example of Scotland

[ September 25, 2017 ]

YouTube REINSTATES Pamela Geller’s Account, thanks to YOU

[ September 25, 2017 ]

My Story

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Islamic State Threatens Prince Henry, Promises to Send Him to “Hellfire”

[ September 25, 2017 ]

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Compares Donald Trump to Islamic State

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: Why Is the 9/11 Museum Bringing in Dishonest Islamic Apologist Haroon Moghul to...

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Pope welcomes leader of Muslim group tied to financing of jihad terror to Vatican

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Muslim IT worker at center of House scandal accused of abusing three Muslim women

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Has Germany Never Learned?

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Minnesota: Authorities claim motive of Muslim who stabbed people while screaming “Allahu akbar” is unclear

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Passover Vienna 1947

In today’s Jerusalem Post, Michael Freud notes
the intriguing similarities between the Jewish holiday of Passover and the
manner in which it was celebrated over the centuries by a Lost Tribe of Israel,
the Bnei Menashe of India. Please take a moment and read:


They Came for the Jews
– Dorothy Rabinowitz Wall Street Journal

Please say this special prayer at your seder for the kidnapped soldiers. Prayer for the safety of the soldiers (pdf format – hebrew) Prayer for the safety of the soldiers (pdf format – English),

Jewish Names of the 3 Kidnapped Soldiers
Gilad ben Aviva
Ehud ben Malka
Eldad ben Tova

And the prayer for the forgotten Middle East refugees, "We will not forget you,"

by Joseph Abdel Wahed
co-founder JIMENA
Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa

Today, as we celebrate the First Exodus from Egypt some 3,200 years ago, let us also remember the Second Exodus of Jews that took place not so long ago, but is unknown to most people.

Between 1945 and 1970, nearly one million Jews, indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa, were compelled to flee, from the lands of their birth. Like their ancestors, they too left in a hurry and under similarly harsh conditions. They fled Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Aden, Tunisia and Iran.

And so, on this sacred night, let us say a special prayer for these Forgotten Refugees.  Let us tell their story, which is often left out of the narrative of the modern Middle East.

Therefore, with bitter herbs on your plate and a piece of matzo in your hand, please recite the following:

We thank you G-d for delivering these Forgotten Jewish Refugees from their modern day pharaohs whose hearts were hardened and full of evil. Many of these Forgotten Refugees were harassed, intimidated, insulted simply because they were Jews, until they were forced to flee. They were made to live as strangers in their own countries and denied basic human and civil rights. They left behind their millennia-old culture and heritage, their beautiful synagogues and sacred Torahs, Jewish schools and hospitals, their homes and their personal belongings. 

“But G-d heard their groaning and remembered the covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. G-d said unto the children of Israel:  I am the Eternal and I will bring you out from the burdens of the Egyptian (and from other tyrants) and redeem you with an outstretched and strong arm. So, as in the First Exodus, we thank the G-d for this Second Exodus that we are a free people and blessed with the presence of the land of Israel”.

“On this Passover and on every Passover in the future, when we eat matzo and the bitter herbs, we will cherish the memories of our forgotten brothers and sisters.  And as Jews, always yearning for the winds of freedom, w
e say to them: We Will Not Forget You.”


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