London Terrorist Khalid Masood a CONVERT to Islam: “VERY RELIGIOUS” “You couldn’t go to his home on Friday because he would be at prayer”

After the pain and horror of every Islamic attack comes the post-attack dawah. We are subjected to lectures about the greatness of Islam. With the bodies still warm, we are forced to “reeducate” ourselves about what we know about Islam and its votaries. Discard, reject what we think we know and repeat the mindless mantra, “Islam is a religion of peace,” “Islam is a religion of peace,” “Islam is a religion of peace,” again and again and again.


London Attack: U.S. citizen Kurt Cochran was killed while celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary, wife hospitalized with broken bones

A Utah man celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary in London was among those killed in Wednesday’s attack outside the U.K. Parliament. Kurt Cochran and his wife, Melissa, had stopped in London during a tour of Europe and were planning to return home today.

An American was murdered in an Islamic terror attack and we hear nothing of this in the enemedia. Instead we are tortured with lectures about Islam, “one of the world’s great religions.” We are warned against identifying this Islamic attack as Islamic lest we be “racist” “bigots” “islamophobes.” While the streets of London are still fresh with blood we are told that Muslims’ feelings are paramount and that they don’t feel safe. They don’t feel safe.


US Holocaust Museum to award Angela Merkel with top honor named for Elie Wiesel

There is something irretrievably broken in the soul of the Jew. The worse you treat us, the more we defer and applaud. But for proud, fierce Jews who apologetically stand up for the Jewish people and Israel, Jewish leadership demeans, demoralizes and demonizes them. Kapos.

Angela Merkel brought into Europe the next wave of vicious, virulent Jew haters. The continent is not safe for Jews and they are fleeing in numbers not seen since the holocaust because of Islamic antisemitism.

It’s a sickness of the soul.


London terrorist UK-born Muslim named Khalid Masood, 52

There needs to be a serious discussion of when religious freedom ends and sedition and subversion and treason begin. Religious freedom is not a license to kill or to exhort people to kill. The freedoms that people enjoy in Western societies were never envisioned as to be enjoyed even at the expense of the lives of other people or the health of those societies.