VOTE on mega-mosque project in Prince William County, Virginia

The big question is whether or not the US Department of Justice will once again side with the jihadis and threaten a lawsuit under RLUIPA. The Obamanistas at Justice distorted the meaning of this federal land use law and used it as a stick to beat numerous local governments into approving massive megamosque construction in violation of local laws. It continues to be the practice unabated by the election of The well-meaning President Trump.


VIDEO Pamela Geller with Ezra Levant: Trudeau’s “feminist” Liberals side with Muslim migrant wife-beaters

Conservative MP Kellie Leitch is absolutely right: the refugee program has brought into Canada innumerable refugees with values that we would regard as misogynistic and hateful, as well as violent.

Trudeau cannot say that his is a feminist government unless and until he tells these refugees that they have to leave their misogyny at the border.

But he cannot and will not do that, because doing so would be “Islamophobic.”