Netanyahu: Temple Mount Gun Detectors Will Remain, Muslims VOW Rage and Violence

It is obscene and absurd that the question of metal detectors and Judaism’s holiest site, the Temple Mount, is a debate. Muslims want to kill Jews. Their religion commands it. “The magnetometers were installed after three Israeli-Muslim terrorists murdered two Israeli policemen on the Temple Mount a week ago. A video released by the police shows that it is clear that the guns smuggled onto the Temple Mount last week would have been found if metal detectors had been installed.”


The Hidden Islamic War Series: The Deep Immigrant Infiltration Networks

On May 24, 2014, a Muslim man walked into the Jewish Museum in Brussels and opened fire with a pistol and an AK-47, killing four people in just seconds. This attack was more than just another incident of senseless gun violence. The Jihadi perpetrator, Mehdi Nemmouche, was a French citizen of Algerian descent who had spent the last year fighting in Syria. Before that, he seemed normal to the authorities because they only could see a fixed facade of appearances.


Muslim killer-cop’s story falls apart: Justine Damond’s neighbors heard no loud noises- multiple people interviewed

News Corp spoke to half a dozen residents who were in their houses around the crime scene on Saturday night and none had heard the gunshot or any other loud noises that sounded like fireworks. One
resident a block from the scene, waiter Tom McConnell, said however it was common during the current summer holidays for fireworks left over from the recent July 4 celebrations to be set off on weekend nights.


Minneapolis Mayor Hodges LIED: Police Dept regs say Noor CAN be compelled to give a statement or fire him if he refuses

The family of Justine Damond has hired a high powered attorney. I am so reliever that this cold-blooded killing is not going to be swept under rug just because the cop is Muslim. If he Noor survives and keeps his job that means special treatment. They can compel him. They can’t use the statement in court. So Mayor Hodges lied.