Three More Jihadis Arrested in Stockholm Deadly Truck Attack

Police arrest three more suspects in the Stockholm truck attack after “special forces” conducted a raid a property about twelve miles from the atrocity which killed four. Swedish police on Saturday identified the suspected truck driver who killed four people in Stockholm as a 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a largely Muslim country “an authoritarian state with limited civil rights”

The driver was “known” to intelligence services but was deemed a ” ‘marginal character’. This sounds strikingly similar to the description of the Westminster car jihadi was was also “known” to intelligence services but was on the “periphery.” How much jihad gets you inside the margins and/or the periphery.


Muslim Parents: Vehicular jihadi screaming “Allahu akbar” while mowing people down was merely “singing along” to rap music

Ibrahim C. tried to drive into a group of pedestrians while shouting “Allahu akbar” from the open car window. His parents said that he was no terrorist, and had simply been singing along to rap music and that the words “Allahu akbar” were part of the song. First off, clearly Muslim supremacists think we are…

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