Rep Babin Requests Review of Cases of US Troops Imprisoned for Actions Taken in Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq Wars

U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) sent a letter to President Trump last week requesting a full review of each case involving any U.S. service member who is currently imprisoned in U.S. prisons for certain actions taken during combat in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Terrorists and their supporters are honored and heralded at universities, parades and media puff pieces while American heroes rot in prison. America 2017.

Army names Muslim Army Chaplain spiritual leader of 14000 Christian US soldiers: “al hamdulillah, al hamdulillah, praise be to God!”

Was this really necessary? Out of 1,400 chaplains in the Army, only five are Muslim. So why choose a Muslim chaplain, Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz, to administer to the spiritual needs of close to fourteen thousand Christian soldiers?

Considering the status of Christians in Muslim-ruled countries this is …… vicious. Considering the creed apartheid inherent in Islam, this is outrageous. Considering the enemy these Christian soldiers are fighting in Iraq, Syria, and beyond, this is absurd.

I hope a class action suit is filed on behalf of 14,000 Christian soldiers.


December 7th

American resolve. The worst of outcomes brought out the very best in us. We didn’t cower, submit or retreat. We held fast to our convictions and beliefs and never stopped gave up.

America’s shining hour.


Veterans, Thank You

Kiss a veteran today — we owe them our lives, our freedom. Everything. Take a moment today, now, to stop and remember the unsung heroes who fought for our freedoms. And when you see a soldier, thank a soldier. G-d bless them all. Military.com: November 11, or what has come to be known as Veterans…

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