Istanbul nightclub jihadi used ‘SOPHISTICATED, UNDERCOVER ISLAMIC’ network to reach target, used SPECIAL FORCES TACTICS during massacre

Istanbul nightclub killer ‘was sneaked into Turkey by sophisticated ISIS network under a secret codename and hidden in a safe house’ before carrying out nightclub massacre. Killer ‘infiltrated’ into Turkey before using special forces skills during slaughter.


Erdogan’s Anti-NYE’s Incitement: Terrifying moment jihadis dressed as Santa Claus burst into Istanbul nightclub and slaughtered 39 people

There is clear incitement for this religious act of barbarism. President Erdogan declared Christmas and New year un-islamic in all mosques. There have been widespread billboards, pamplets, handouts, showing Muslims attacking the Santa. One billboard has members of Alperen Ocaklari (the youth organization of the Great Union Party in Turkey) holding a gun to Santa’s head.

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