Giulio Meotti: Islamic supremacists see that the West has no stomach for them

When Ayman al Zawahiri or Abu Bakr al Baghdadi call their faithful to establish a Caliphate and to conquer Europe, Western commentators and politicians dismiss them as “mad,” or as Barack Obama called them, a “JV Team.” But what is the picture of the West that these Islamic supremacists get from CNN, BBC and European newspapers? Birth rates are falling as has never happened before in human history, Europe’s military spending goes to pay army pensions, Christian churches are closing or are being converted into mosques, journalists are self-censoring themselves about Islam (nobody would reprint the Mohammed cartoons after the massacre at Charlie Hebdo), Muslim veils are proliferating everywhere in Europe’s streets, honor killings go totally unpunished, feminists talk about “gender” instead of sharia, Muslim reformers are silenced through intimidation, and our television networks hide the images of jihadist crimes to avoid offending Muslims or so as to not scare the public.


Islamic State CHOP OFF HANDS the hands of two boys aged 10 and 12 who refused to execute two civilians in front of their families

There is no depth of depravity to which they will not sink. The philosophy driving this brutality is Islam – muslims who do not engage in jihad are hypocrites according to the Quran.

This is the savagery the left would bring amongst us. Training junior executioners – makes a change from little league.

And their leftist lapsdogs dare to compare this to the their fiction of “Christian esxtremism.” No other religious group engages in such savagery in the cause of their religion.


“Islamic Peace Conference” BLACKS OUT/DELETES Women’s Faces on Promotional Flyer

‘It’s backward and reduces them to faceless beings’: Muslim conference under fire for DELETING faces of female speakers on promotional flyer. The great irony here is while women are demeaned, degraded, and diminished under Islamic law, feminists and leftist authoritiarians riot and protest in support of Islam and Islamic law.

Muslim conference organizers blamed Islamophobia for their misogyny. The organizers said they were trying to protect the women from right-wing extremists. That is how deep and wide the hatred of the kufar AND how handily the Muslim world defaults to blaming the infidel for their savagery and hate.


Former Chaplain to the Queen: Church of England Dying, UK Cities Could Soon Be Islamic, ‘Islam is a serious threat’

Britain could be an Islamic nation in a few generations and the Church of England is facing extinction, a former chaplain to the Queen has said. The former Queen’s Chaplain who resigned in protest after a passage from the Koran was read in a Scottish cathedral says Christianity is under threat.


Islamic State (ISIS) Compares Itself to Early Islamic State in New Video

On January 20, 2017, the media office of the Islamic State (ISIS) Aleppo province released a 28-minute video titled “Between Two States – Challenges and Rewards,” which highlights the challenges encountered in the early Islamic state by the Prophet Muhammad and his rightly guided caliphs in their spreading of Islam, and their rewards that came from Allah, and likens them to the challenges faced in our time by ISIS’s Caliphate State. The video was posted on the jihadi forum Shumoukh Al-Islam.

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