Muslims Torch Three Churches in Tanzania

Everywhere Muslims emigrate, aggression and violence follow. Everywhere. What was it the Pope said about the religion of peace? Three Church Buildings Torched in Tanzania Frightened congregations without place to worship. By Our East Africa Correspondent NAIROBI, Kenya, September 26, 2015 (Morning Star News) – Three church buildings were set ablaze on Tuesday (Sept. 22)…

Interfaith outreach in Zanzibar: Islamic jihadists call Christian churches “dens of nonbelievers,” then bomb them

A series of bomb blasts in Tanzania’s island of Zanzibar is stoking fears that the jihadist movement is increasingly targeting Christians. Since 2010, the cases have been on the increase and Christians and their leaders—many of them originally from mainland Tanzania—say they are anxious. In the latest attack on Feb. 24, assailants exploded a homemade bomb near the gate of St. Monica Anglican Cathedral, slightly damaging the church wall and a car park. Anglican bishop Michael Hafidh of Zanzibar told World Watch Monitor at the time he did not know who had planned and executed the attack.

Report: Up to 11,000 Muslim fighters from 70 nations are in Syria View | Dec 22, 2013 by Pamela Geller

But Muslim supremacist groups like Hamas-CAIR tells us to pay no attention to the jihadi behind the curtain. “CAIR is working toward the day when being Muslim carries a positive connotation in society and Islam has an equal place among many faiths in America’s pluralistic society. This goal will be achieved not by reacting to daily events, but by having programs in place to foster mutual understanding.” In other words, ignore the slaughter in the cause of Islam. Ignore the daily reports of jihad here and abroad, and instead submit to their training and dawah.

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