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[ July 24, 2017 ]

“Progressive” Radio Station KPFA CANCELS Atheist Richard Dawkins Speech Because He Criticized Islam

[ July 24, 2017 ]


[ July 24, 2017 ]

Catholic Churches in Jerusalem Blame Israel for Muslim Violence

[ July 24, 2017 ]

FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home

[ July 24, 2017 ]

South Sudan Sexual Violence on ‘Massive Scale,’ Report Says

[ July 24, 2017 ]

Muslim killer-cop Mohamed Noor got FAST-TRACK TRAINING for Minneapolis police force

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Attack on Israeli Embassy in Jordan

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Adult-Onset Islam: The Case of Prison Conversions

[ July 23, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslims in Gaza CELEBRATE Slaughter of Jewish Family #savages

[ July 23, 2017 ]

Savage Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour PRAISES mass murder of Jewish family on Shabbat, incites to violence


Migrant Sex Criminal: I Hate Sweden, I’m Just Here to F*** Swedish Girls

Unabashed, unafraid, the language of the Islamic conquest. It’s not just this young jihadi. The North African team was sent home yesterday after molesting girls in Sweden at world youth football tournament. Reporting from the rape capital of the West. “Migrant Sex Criminal: I Hate Sweden, I’m Just Here to F*** Swedish Girls,” Breitbart London…

Arrested Smuggling Ebola into the USA

Amaros sent this with the following key observations, "the story says that this was not a dangerous shipment. True in the sense that these vials did not contain the virus per se (he had no access to that) but they contained the genetic codes for the virus, which is required for manufacture. The CBC reported…

Dick Cheney, call your office

The leftards will be taking crash courses. This takes super weaponry to a whole new level. Dr. Paul J. Werbos,  "sounds plausible. It reminds me a little of the Terminator III scenario, which (bad though the movie was) is worth thinking about". Ya think? Here is some of their previous work. A Heart Device Is…

Doomsday Thoughts

Our near future. Above is how I see the planet around the middle of the year 2020. A dead planet, with no biosphere, even no atmosphere, and covered with grey goo. I believe that world after world throughout the universe has been destroyed by science out of control and therefore there are no advanced aliens…

33,000 Exposed to Radiation, so far

Smells like we’ve embarked on a new era in WMD. A thousand little cuts. 33,000 BA passengers alerted over radiation The Telegraph hat tip Eric British Airways is trying to contact all 33,000 passengers who may have been exposed to radioactive traces that were found on two of its planes. Thousands of BA passengers were…

Super Weapons: The End of the World as we know It

Something for you to chew on while chewing on your Memorial Day ribs; In futures studies, a technological singularity represents an "event horizon" in the predictability of human technological development past which present models of the future cease to give reliable or accurate answers, following the creation of strong artificial intelligence or the amplification of human…

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