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[ August 20, 2017 ]

Google Working with Alt-Left Smear Groups to Snuff Out Conservative Websites

[ August 20, 2017 ]

The Brazilian Visionary Who Sounded Warnings About Islam in the 1940s

[ August 20, 2017 ]

“Neo-Nazism has become the trigger for a kind of Jewish blindfold”

[ August 20, 2017 ]

Imam Masterminded Barcelona Jihad Attack

[ August 20, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslima who screamed “I’m going to kill everybody” and attacked non-Muslims with golf club...

[ August 20, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim cleric says Muslims have cleaner bathrooms, are more polite and smell better than...

[ August 20, 2017 ]

Iran: Parliament chants “Death to America” while voting to increase military budget by $800 MILLION

[ August 19, 2017 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: The Brothers

[ August 19, 2017 ]

PAYPAL Suspends Jihad Watch After ProPublica Hit Piece Against Anti-Jihad News Sites #BoycottPaypal

[ August 19, 2017 ]

VIDEO: FACEBOOK LIVE Pamela Geller on Death of Free Speech in America


U.S. Hits Refugee Cap Months Early: How America’s Muslim Population is Shaping the Nation

As the United States hits its maximum number of refugees allowed for 2017, it’s important to look at how these numbers impact America both today and in the coming years.

How NYU and the Guggenheim are selling out to Sharia law

More selling out to the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth from the leftist elites in academia and the arts. Abu Dhabi enforces brutal sharia punishments — on westerners. What are NYU and the Guggenheim doing there? They can feign ignorance, but we aren’t buying it. The million-dollar payoffs  Abu…


MSN Shilling Hard for Sharia Finance

The MSN is “advertorializing” for sharia finance. “Get a better rate with a Sharia savings account,” shouts this MSN article in no less than three headlines and sub heads. Oh yes, let’s enrich jihadist fundraising, and while we are at it, let’s starve whole business sectors like pork, tobacco, alcohol and some forms of entertainment….


Jizya: Minneapolis Uses Taxpayer Dollars so that Muslim businesses follow Sharia law

What happened to the separation of mosque and state? Why are infidel taxpayer dollars (jizya) being used for a religious purpose (financial or not)? Further, it's a ruse. They are charging interest on these loans, but repackaging them sans the term interest. Puhleeze. This is more adherence to Islamic supremacism, imposing Islam on the secular…


AIG/Sharia Bailout Unconstitutional: Appeal Before Federal Court

The government should not have bailed out AIG because the insurance giant sold financial products specifically tailored to Islamic principles. AFLC Attorneys to Argue Before Federal Appellate Court that AIG Bailout Was Unconstitutional The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has announced that it will hear oral argument in Cincinnati, Ohio on April…

Breaking News: AIG Sharia Case Must Go Forward

Specifically, at the time of the government bailout (September – December 2008), AIG was (and still is) the world leader in promoting Shariah-compliant insurance products. Shariah is Islamic law, and it is the identical legal doctrine that demands capital punishment for apostasy and blasphemy and provides the legal and political mandates for global jihad followed…

Fighting USG Shariah Finance: The AIG Credit Facility Agreement Trust is Illegal

The federal government is opposing a Michigan man's request to take the deposition of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in a lawsuit that challenges the bailout of American International Group Inc. A lawsuit was filed in 2008 on religious grounds, claiming the government should not have bailed out AIG because the insurance giant sold financial products…

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